argumentative article elc

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argumentative article elc

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3. Sections of the essay

Depending on the discipline and the assignment, the structure of the essay may vary. The following is a possible way to organize the essay.

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About this website

This website is an open access website to share our English Writing Requirement (General Education) writing support materials to support these courses

  • to support PolyU students’ literacy development within and across the disciplines
  • to support subject and language teachers to implement system-level measures for integrating literacy-sensitive pedagogies across the university

This platform provides access to generic genre guides representing typical university assignments as well as links to subjects offered by faculties with specific disciplinary genres and relevant support materials.

The materials can be retrieved by students by choosing the genres that interest them on the landing page. Each set of materials includes a genre guide, genre video, and a genre checklist. The genre guide and video are to summarize the genres in two different ways (i.e. textual and dynamic) to fit different learning styles. The genre checklist is for students to self-regulate their writing process. The genre guide and checklist include links to various ELC resources that can provide further explanation to language items (e.g. hedging and academic vocabulary).

The platform also acts as a one-stop-shop for writing resources for students, language teachers and subject leaders. Information about the English Writing Requirement policy can also be found on this platform. There are training materials for new colleagues joining the EWR Liaison Team.

argumentative article elc


  1. Tortoise missing since 2020 in Florida found, returned to owner

  2. Geodesic Sphere in Revit/Vasari Pt. 1

  3. City Hunter (Nicky Larson) Netflix dévoile les premières images de son film Live Action

  4. Union Films (1954)

  5. Quels sont les fruits les moins caloriques?

  6. 周星馳IG回應網友提問 親認掛住舊愛羅慧娟 最想同吳孟達講呢句|01娛樂|周星馳|羅慧娟|吳孟達


  1. What Is a Central Argument?

    A central argument is the cornerstone of any good paper. It is either what the writer wants to persuade the readers to think or the purpose of the essay. It can be summed up in one or two sentences, and should always be concise and straight...

  2. What Is a Strong or Weak Argument?

    A strong argument is a view that is supported by solid facts and reasoning, while a weak argument follows from poor reasoning and inaccurate information. Strong arguments must be supported by reputable sources or they risk being invalidated...

  3. What Is a Deliberative Argument?

    A deliberative argument addresses a controversial or contested issue or unsolved problem with the intent of moving others to agreement regarding the issue or problem being discussed.


    Apart from that, the author's argument is objective because he supported the facts with clear and strong evidence where most of the evidence came from research

  5. Argumentative Essay ELC231 copy

    Hello this is my elc essay. overall i got a for my essays. please hv a look tq elc231 integrated language skills evaluative commentary skills or knowledge:

  6. Argument Article Elc 231

    policies so that vaccination and immunisation are made compulsory. Malaysian Islamic Doctors Association (PERDIM) president, Datuk Dr Ahmad Shukri Ismail, said

  7. Argumentative Essay

    LECTURER'S NAME: DR. ALICE SHANTHI ... In conclusion, we agree that vaccination should be mandatory in our country because it can prevent the children

  8. ELC 231

    View ELC 231 - ARGUMENTATIVE ARTICLE.docx from ENGLISH ELC231 at Universiti Teknologi Mara. Throughout the world, marriage is considered to be a happy

  9. ELC 231

    ELC 231 - Article Outline - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.

  10. ELC 230 Writing Practice (Argumentative-Type Essay)

    Thanks! Thanks! Writing essay is a huge job. I have no idea how long it took to create this task. I never had enough time to write a simple text

  11. ELC231 Evaluative Commentary Assignment of an Argumentative

    ... argumentative article. ELC231 Evaluative Commentary Assignment of an Argumentative Article. 2.2K views · 2 years ago ...more. Try YouTube Kids.

  12. ELC 501

    ELC 501 - Argument Analysis. Number of times this content has been viewed 1,117 Button to like this content Button to share content Button to report this

  13. Sections of the essay

    Home » Argumentative Essay » Generic Argumentative Essay » Genre Guide with Video · About EWR · ELC · Writing · Reading · FAQs · Support · ELC · CAR. Generic

  14. I'm reading ELC 231

    37 Outstanding Essay Outline Templates (Argumentative, Narrative, Persuasive). Free essay Outline Templates are available on our website