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Argumentative Essay: Homework

Favorite Quote: "Better things will come your way"

Every student in the world has stressed over their homework, some have even cried. I know I have, plenty of times. Homework this, homework that, it’s not like we haven’t been at school for eight hours doing work or anything. School itself is already stressful enough, and having homework at home, which is a place to relax, is too much for an individual. Some people argue that it helps the students get more practice with what they’re learning at school; some say that it stresses kids out too much. Homework was invented by Robert Nevilis in 1905. He was a teacher who thought students needed more practice at home. Ever since, homework has been important to every teacher and school. Educators say that it enhances the student’s ability to understand the subject better, but it does more than that. Studies have shown that homework can lead to stress and depression. Students have to deal with being in school for eight hours, then having to go home and work on more stuff from school is very overwhelming. Every person likes to be relaxed after a long, stressful day, but some students cant because they have too much homework. Homework doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get better at something or even get better grades. Sometimes it might even make it all worse. It can make an individual feel stupid when they don’t fully understand a subject. Every student has their own personal problems, which could be from bullying, going through a tough break up, to family problems. The school board of education needs to keep in consideration that we as students have a personal life outside of school. We already have enough things to worry about, and homework just makes it a lot harder for us. Homework can go either way, it can be a positive thing, but it can also be a student’s worst nightmare. Students who are taking more than one AP class or honor classes know how hard it is to keep up good grades without being stressed. Sometimes a student has many upcoming tests they have to study for, or even projects, and that is something really stressful to deal with. That has happened to every student at some point. For example, mid-term of this school year, I had an upcoming test for formal geometry, for AP Spanish, I had to do a project for World History and take two quizzes on Edmodo for Chemistry, plus all of my homework from other classes all in one week. I would go to sleep at 2 the earliest to try and finish all of my work, and I didn’t procrastinate, so just imagine how late I would’ve gone to bed at if I had procrastinated. Society thinks that babies need a lot of sleep. What most people don’t know is that teenagers need as much sleep as babies do. Studies have shown that when teenagers hit puberty, which is usually between middle school and high school, they need to sleep at least 9 hours. With all the homework that is giving at school, most teenagers don’t even get 6 hours of sleep. Doing homework till about 12/ 1 in the morning and having to wake up early as well can make a student feel tired and weak. I’m not saying that every student has this problem, but I’m pretty sure more than three-fourths have gone through this at some point. Going to sleep late for a student is one of the hardest things to deal with as well. Having to wake up early in the morning and get ready to face school again is not something easy to do, especially if you’re like me who does not enjoy waking up in the early morning. I would be so tired at school, I would fall asleep in class, and when I would wake up, I’d be lost on what we were learning. Even after school, I’d be so tired from being at school, I just wanted to go home and take a nap. But I couldn’t. I had to clean my room, wash the dishes, clean downstairs and upstairs, and had to help my mom cook dinner. Then after dinner, I would have to clean up the kitchen once again, help my mom with whatever she needed and go do my homework. Being a student and a person is not something easy to do, at least not for me anyways. As a teenager, all you want to do is have fun, explore this adventurous world, but homework and grades are always there to stop you. Society is always encouraging teenagers to be active, but what they don’t realize is that students cant because of all their homework. They need to understand that we as students have a lot of things to deal with outside of school. I understand that teachers want their students to succeed with the subject but homework overwhelms students, which wears them out. Once a student’s reaches that point, they will not care about doing their homework and will lag at school which will cause them to get really bad grades, or worst case scenario, it will lead them to drop out. On the other hand, I understand why homework is so important. It may help you get better at something, gives you a little more practice. If you don’t understand something, taking it home and working on it there might help you understand it. Maybe after a long day at school, your mind can finally focus on one subject, which enhances your ability to understand it. Maybe if the most important classes were the only ones to give you homework, life would be easier. Since pressure on teenagers has increased in the last few years, students who don’t do their homework are most likely the ones to cheat. With all the stress around students, having good grades is more important than actually getting an education. This generation of kids worry more about passing and getting good grades than actually understanding the subject and getting an education. Teachers might say that they leave their students a little bit of homework, but what they don’t realize is that some students have up to 7 other classes and teachers to worry about. Sure, they might leave you a small worksheet, or even just to study vocab, but that adds on to the other ton of homework you have for your other classes. Us as students don’t get long breaks. We get 2 days off for a whole week to relax, but guess what again; we have homework on our free days. A suggestion I have for the school board is the following: if a student personally thinks they don’t need homework, they shouldn’t get homework. But on the other hand, if a student wants more practice at home, they can take some homework. It could count as extra credit, depending on the teacher, but if you didn’t turn any homework in, it wouldn’t harm your grade. If a student does not understand the homework, we don’t have a personal teacher or tutor there to help us. In my opinion, it is more stressing trying to do your homework without any help, especially if you don’t completely understand it. It is also very hard to get help online, and not all students have internet access at home due to economic issues. Also, if you’re getting help online, it is harder to focus and you don’t get that one on one interaction with an instructor. Overall, yes, I do believe homework might be good in some cases, but if you look at the factors and consequences, homework is more stressful than helpful. Once you become a student, you will forever be a student rather than a teenager. If you add all the hours you’re at school and the hours you spend doing homework or studying, you spent ¾ of your day doing school work. Educators needs to understand that students have a life outside of school.

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argumentative essay about homework

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Argumentative Essay on Homework

Every student in the world is stressed about their homework, and some even cry. I know I have, many times. This is homework; reading is, it’s not like we haven’t been in school for eight hours doing any work. The school itself is already under pressure, and doing homework, which is a place of relaxation, is beyond the reach of the individual. Some people argue that it helps students become more familiar with what they are learning at school; others say it dramatically affects children.

 Robert Nevilis founded homework in 1905. He was a teacher who thought that students needed more practice at home. From then on, reading was essential to all teachers and schools. Teachers claim that it improves a student’s ability to understand a subject better, but it does more than that. Homework has been linked to stress and depression in studies. Students have to be in school for eight hours; then they have to go home and work on other things from school is very difficult. Everyone likes to relax after a long, stressful day, but some students don’t because they have too much homework.

Homework does not necessarily mean that you will improve or get better grades. Sometimes it can make you worse. It can make a person feel stupid when he does not fully understand a subject. Every student has personal problems, ranging from bullying, difficult separation to family problems. The school board of education needs to realize that we students have a personal life outside of school.

Homework can go either way, it can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad dream for the student. Students who take more than one AP class or honors class know how difficult it is to maintain good marks without pressure. Sometimes a student has a lot of upcoming tests to study or projects, which is a very stressful thing to deal with. That has happened to all students at some point. For example, during the term of this school year, I had an upcoming official geometry test; for AP Spanish, I had to do a World History project and answer two questions about Edmodo Chemistry and all my homework from other classes. All in one week. I would go to bed at 2 am early to finish all my work, and I did not procrastinate, so think how late I would have gone to bed if I had postponed.

The public thinks that children need more sleep. What many do not know is that teenagers need more sleep as children. Studies have shown that when adolescents start puberty, which is usually between the middle and high school, they need to sleep for at least nine hours. Most teens do not even get 6 hours of sleep with all the homework done. Doing homework until 12/1 a.m. and getting up early can make a student feel tired and weak. I do not mean that every student has this problem, but I am sure that more than three-quarters have gone through this at some point.

Late sleep for a student is one of the hardest things to deal with. Getting up early and getting ready for school is not an easy task, especially if you are like me and do not enjoy getting up early. I was exhausted at school, fell asleep in the classroom, and when I woke up, I was utterly lost in what we were learning. Even after school, I was so tired from being in school that I wanted to go home and sleep. But I could not. I had to clean my room, wash the dishes, clean the floor, and help my mother cook dinner. After dinner, I would have to clean my kitchen again, help my mom with anything she needed and do my homework.

Being a student with someone is not easy, at least not for me anyway. As a teenager, you want to have fun, explore this fascinating world, but do your homework and marks. There is always a stop. The community always encourages young people to be diligent, but they do not realize that they do not know because of their homework. They need to understand that we have many things to do outside of school as students. I know that teachers want their students to succeed, but schoolwork that overwhelms students discourages them. Once a student has reached that point, they will be less interested in doing their homework and will be left behind, resulting in worse grades, or worse, leading to dropping out of school.

On the other hand, I understand why homework is so important. It may help you get better at something, giving you more practice. If you do not understand something, taking it home and working on it may help you know. Perhaps after a long day at school, your mind can gradually focus on a single lesson, enhancing your comprehension. Probably if the most important classes were the only ones giving you homework, life would be easier.

As pressure from teens has increased over the past few years, students who do not do their homework are more likely to cheat. So with all the stress around students, having good grades is more important than getting an education. This generation of children is more concerned with passing and getting better rates than understanding a subject and getting an education.

Teachers may say they leave their little homework to their students, but they do not realize that some students have seven more classes and teachers need to worry about them. Sure, they may leave you a small worksheet or just read the words, but that adds another ton of homework you have to your other classes. We, as students, do not get long breaks. We get two days off a week to rest but guess what again, we have homework for our free days.

The suggestion I have for the school board is as follows: if a student thinks they do not need homework, they should not get it. But on the other hand, if a student wants to exercise more at home, he can do homework. Depending on the teacher, it can be counted as additional credit, but if you do not include any task, it will not hurt your grade.

  If a student does not understand the homework, we do not have a teacher or teacher to help us. In my opinion, it is very stressful to try to do your homework without help, especially if you do not fully understand it. It is also tough to get help online, and not all students have access to the internet at home because of economic problems. Also, when you get service online, it isn’t easy to concentrate, and you do not get that one at a time with the instructor.

  Yes, I believe that homework can be good in some cases, but reading is more stressful than helpful when you look at the features and the results. Once you become a student, you will always be a student rather than a teenager. If you add up all the hours you are in school and the hours you spend doing homework or studying, you spend ¾ your day doing homework. Teachers need to understand that students live outside the school.

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Argumentative Essay Homework

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Steven Furtick is not justified in building his multi-million-dollar home. His actions alone speak volumes about his inner guilt. Not to mention the many nondisclosure agreements he had members and volunteers sign, using the church to for his own personal gain and not living above reproach. Steven’s response to the reporters questioning him about this home was despicable.

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The Bethel School District had suspended the respondent, Matthew N. Fraser for the span of three school days as well as the school decided to revoke his name from a roster of potential speaking at special ceremonies such as graduation. The respondent’s parent reciprocated action by bringing their child’s infraction of his first Amendment right. This includes his freedom of speech.

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To begin, a study showed that “High-achieving high school students said too much homework leads to sleep deprivation and other health problems such as headaches, exhaustion, weight loss, and stomach problems” (“Homework – Top 3”). For example, homework can cause kids to have a breakdown. It also causes worry about finishing an assignment on time. In my personal experience, homework has led to me getting frustrated and stressed. Kids, explicitly teenagers, have enough problems going on in their lives.

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Governor Flaubus had the National Guard go to a school in Arkansas so blacks could not go to The Little Rock High School. In 1957 the Governor of Arkansas didn’t want to integrate a school so the president had to take action. Some people wanted segregation because of customs. The Little Rock High School of 1957 should have integrated their schools.

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Summary: Down With Homework

The school use to start at 9am and it gets over at 3pm and then there is a tutoring program which running from 5pm to 8pm. The homework isn’t to bad because sometimes the teachers make us do it during class time and working on the homework with friends as a team work use to be fun. In the article “Down With Homework” the author says “Overwhelms struggling kids and removes joy for high achievers” I disagree on this statement because homework is a part of confidence and helps us to improve in our daily basis studies and keeps us on track. The idea that overall about homework it helps children to learn better and give them a better understanding of what they are learning in the daily

The Negative Effects Of Homework

Homework should be eliminated because it can negatively impact mental health and because it can limit students time with family and activities. It is all too apparent that homework must be cut since it can adversely influence mental well-being. According to the article“Stanford Research Shows Pitfalls of Homework” by Clifton B. Parker,89% of students reported homework was a stressor. 56% of students considered homework as a primary source of stress.

Argumentative Essay: Should Schools Assign Homework?

The clock strikes 12:00 am and students are trying to finish their pile of homework due in the morning. Students are rushing to finish in order to get ready for the next day. Schools are assigning students a lot of homework, but the homework can do more harm than good. Negatively affect kids by sleep deprivation. Source of frustration and daily stress.

Homework Should Not Be Banned Essay

A professor at the University of Toronto, Lee Bartel, studied the effects of homework on children by testing data on over twenty-thousand students and concluded with results showing that homework does indeed have the effects of causing stress and anxiety. Research preformed by Stanford Graduate School of Education examined the different effects of homework on students' well-being and discovered that students that worked on homework for longer than three hours a night are negatively impacted. It proves in a rise in stress levels along with physical health problems. Since the students are constantly bombarded with work, they have no phase during the day towards hobbies for themselves to go pump up weights in the gym to relieve stress or to play sports and fix their health problems for example. Jason Sapan, a parent of a student in White Plains, says that “it by takes the joy out of kids who are exceptional, and overwhelms those who are struggling.”

Persuasive Essay: Why Students Shouldnt Have Homework?

Why Students Shouldn’t Have Homework There are around 365 days in a year, and in a school year, there are around 180 days. From the beginning of the school year to the end, the most common thing that students least like, is homework. Coming home after a long day of school, then having responsibilities to do at home, not to mention some students have after school activities which take up around 2 hours if not more. Homework for students is a barrier that makes it difficult for them to have any kind of social life, or spend time with their family. There are many reasons why students shouldn’t have homework, during this essay people will learn why having homework isn’t helping the student, except making things more difficult for them.

Persuasive Essay: Why Homework Is Important For Students

Everyone goes to school, everyone has homework. Homework has been a topic of interest for a very long time. Many students think that homework is not beneficial. However, without homework people wouldn’t remember what they learned in class. Homework gives kids the chance to prove what they have learned.

Persuasive Essay For Students: No Homework For Students

Over recent years, the debate has gotten more attention as to whether students should have homework as homework has seemed to increase. Students having homework does not benefit them in their academic skills and should be abolished. In countries like Japan and Denmark, the students don’t have much homework, but exceed the United States on international tests. A lot of tests have proven that homework does not help improve a student’s performance of skills.

Importance Of Homework Essay

Above all, homework allows the students to gain responsibility, time-management, perseverance, and self-esteem. “The act of completing homework has benefits in terms of developing good habits in students.” This shows that, students are gaining many skills from homework. This also shows that, homework isn’t a waste of time and students do benefit from homework. “Homework also teaches students how to problem solve, think independently, and build an understanding and interest for the issues in our society.”

Persuasive Essay: Why Homework Should Not Be Necessary?

An average student would spend hours on schoolwork a day, which can be very stressful. A high school student will use half of their day around school relation. Almost all elementary to high school students will likely to agree that homework should not be assigned. The majority of students complain about homework yet teachers don’t usually understand why. While homework gives benefits to students, unnecessary homework should not be assigned due to the fact that there are enough school hours, it consumes time, and the development of poor health is encouraged.

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Argumentative Essay Homework

Why homework shouldn t work.

The debate on homework has come up once again because much research has shown that it’s not very effective. But first what is Homework? “At the beginning of the twentieth century the term homework… referred to labor done to pay in one’s home, and in particular to sewing and other manual work which filled the afternoons and evenings of many young children in large cities” (Homework Destroys Family Life). Homework was considered to be work the children did at home such as chores or actual job outside the home. Over time the term evolved when education became more important and child labor laws were passed to enforce children to focus on education instead of working. This debate is not anything new because this has come up in many centuries before.

Why We Shouldn T Have Homework

I believe, as a student, that homework is just a tool that teachers use to keep us busy. Being a student who has received homework for various years, I have found that homework causes me a lot of stress (Ethos). Homework causes kids to get very stressed out, it causes stress in their families, and studies show that it does not improve test scores. Harris Cooper, a worker at Duke University (Ethos), found out that, doing more than 60 to 90 minute of homework in middle school and more than 2 hours in high school is associated with much lower scores (Logos). This just shows that homework is a useless item that students are forced to do. Firstly, students have to wake up from seven until two o'clock everyday,

Homework: Why Our Kids Get Too Much Of A Bad Thing

Homework allows parents to become involved in their child’s education, and communicate more with their children regarding school (Plato). It is the link which allows parents to know what their child is learning at school. Homework is also a great method for reinforcing concepts learned in class. Sharon Stallings, principal of Signal High School in NJ says that “Homework is important because it’s an opportunity for students to review materials that are covered in the classroom. You need to practice in order to become proficient” (Akman). There is only so much time that teachers have in the classroom. Homework offers more practice that can’t be completed in class time so students can master the subject content. This practice at home is essential, because American students already spend much less time studying academic content when compared to students of other countries. A study by the National Education Commission on Time and Learning found that “students abroad are required to work on demanding subject matter at least twice as long as US students” (Marzano & Pickering, 2007). With that said, the fact that students in countries like Japan, Germany, and France outperform students in the US is not that surprising. Proponents of homework believe homework is one of the ways we can raise the quality and standard of American

Rodney Jones Argument Against Homework

“Homework is arguably the worst punishment inflicted upon the student body.” One would think this extreme statement would come from the 10-year boys and girls who complain to their parents about the homework they have to complete. However, Rodney Jones starts of his argument against homework using this statement. He argues that homework does not help children taking up all their time. Continuing, he explains how parents should extend child’s knowledge out of school instead of homework and in the end these assignments do not help students grade. However, in contrast of Jones’ beliefs homework indeed benefits children’s learning through the small amounts of extra practice it gives to help the students excel.

Why There Should Be No Homework Essay

Sometimes our parents have no time to help us because they have their jobs. Then if we can’t get any help it’s going to be either a late grade or an F because we can’t get a good grade without a complete assignment. Our parents could also have a goodnight sleep without having to worry about us failing their classes because of homework. Teachers will also gain out of no homework because they don’t have to deal with grading messy handwriting and awful grammar. They don’t have to stay up however long it takes just to grade all the papers their students. It’s especially hard for middle school teachers and up because there are so many kids and so many different classes. Teachers can go anywhere they want if their lesson plan is finished for the next day if there is no homework. They won’t have to deal with angry kids, teens and yelling at them if they’re failing school because of homework. Homework is keeping everyone up.

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BRUNSWICK, OH- The ball glides down the alley striking the top pin causing them all to ripple down. Brunswick’s bowling team's season is coming to an end and for the seniors their jersey’s put to retirement. Some seniors will continue to play in college but for most their final game is almost here.

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Homework has been around for many years, and parents have had many questions and concerns about the impact it has on their children. Kate McReynolds states in her article Homework that, “In 1957, the Soviet launch of Sputnik challenged the intellectual and military might of the United States. The New York Times ran a series of articles describing the Soviet educational system as superior to the United States’ system. Congress passed the National Defense Education Act and America’s youngsters were charged with restoring the nation’s competitive edge” (2). This means that schools are under the pressure to make sure their students excel and work extremely hard. So by doing so, they assign homework, which will progress to other issues for the students.

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Inspire the Fire. For me, my favorite part of Northwestern is the students, and the life that they breathe into this campus, so for me, it is only fitting that the slogan would center around my favorite qualities I see in Northwestern students. The first part of the slogan, "inspire", is because Northwestern students inspire me in so many ways. They inspire me with their kindness, their wit, their integrity, and their ability to grow. Being in an environment with smart, driven, and thoughtful people have challenged me to be a better person. The second part of the slogan, "fire", refers to the passion Northwestern students carry. On a daily basis, I meet students working hard to make it on Broadway, perform ground-breaking research, and make impactful social change in their communities. While our interests may vary, every Northwestern student works hard to achieve their goals. “Inspire the Fire” embodies both of these qualities, and Northwestern would not be the school that it is without either quality.

8th Grade Argument Essay

With the eighth graders at the High School, this year teachers have more responsibility to enforce the rules. But some people think they are enforcing them too well.

Homework Myth Why Our Kids Get Too Much Of A Bad Thing

In The Battle 0ver Homework, Harris Cooper defines homework as, “tasks assigned to students by school teachers that are intended to be carried out during non-school hours” (27) Common homework assignments might include reading, writing, problems to solve, a school project, or other skills to be practiced. The purpose of homework is to assist in reinforcing what was taught in class. Sometimes the purpose is to gather extra information beyond what was taught that day. There are many teachers who don’t understand the meaning of homework and just give it as something to keep students busy. Homework should be given to students on a regular basis but only in reasonable amounts.

Does Homework Help America's Students?

Homework has been present in schools for decades; it’s been ingrained into our culture and lifestyle. In recent years, however, many have begun to take notice of the negative effects and unnecessary stress it’s putting on America’s students. The effectiveness and benefits of after-school work have not been questioned until now, when studies and polls have begun to show just how damaging it is. Will American schools ever make a change in homework culture, or will grades continue to

Synthesis Essay Homework

Throughout their school years,children say that they hate homework and that it’s pointless. Others will say, that this is definitely not the case. Students who actually spend time doing homework will better understand and execute class work more efficiently. Source C had mentioned that children who do not achieve much do more homework because they’re struggling. But, that struggling never goes away. Instead, children still struggle, but at this point, they don’t believe that homework is important. Source D had actually shown that high schoolers had higher grades when they spent more time doing work. They take the time to study and learn how to work through problems on their own, which helps them when taking tests. Multiple sources have stated

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Handicap students need to go outside to travel to their classes outside like going to trailer 1 and 2. Woodlynde School really needs to do something about this to help keep the handicap students happy and safe. This is why I been thinking about what will happen if it rains or if the weather is dangerous outside, those handicap students would need to walk through all of that to get to their classes. These students will be mad and angry about going all the way around the school to get to their classes, even the students that are pushing the students in wheelchairs outside to the classes would even be mad about walking through the terrible weather. But they know they are just helping a friend out. Even if the students in wheelchairs who moves around by themselves aren’t safe going downhill to get to their classes, it isn’t really safe.

Should Kids Get Rid Of Homework

In many American households, homework is the main cause of stress. Some people think that America is not so well and adding more homework will fix that problem. A study by Indiana University found that students who do more homework tend to get higher scores on standardized tests” (“Do Kids Need Homework?”). “Plus, part of growing up is learning to balance outside activities and the demands of schoolwork” (“Should Parents Help Kids With Homework?). Teachers have their reasons as well. “Teachers say homework is important in the learning process and can help kids develop study and organizational skills. They say kids need to practice what they've learned in school so that the material sticks in their brain” (Strauss). “Having too much homework

Should Homework In School Systems Be Stopped?

Students, parents, teachers, administrators and other interested parties all seem to have strong and different feelings towards homework. Students complain that they have too much homework to complete outside of the hours they already attended classes. Students feel that they have personal lives to live and blow off homework while some parents and teachers believe that homework is the key to passing classes and preparation for college. This leads to teachers feeling pressured to push their students to succeed and this can easily get carried away. Parents and school systems still often discuss the topic of homework today. Should homework in school systems be stopped?

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Essay on Is Homework Necessary

Is Homework Necessary

We all are well aware of the word Homework. Every day we spend three to four hours at home after school hours completing our homework. It is like a great tension in our minds until it gets completed. Parents are also involved fully or partially with children in getting their homework completed. Some students love doing homework and many others hate getting homework. If we talk about the opinion of students and parents on this topic we find a great variation in their opinions. I think it is an important and interesting topic to be discussed.

Short and Long Essay on Is Homework Necessary in English

I will be enlightening you with the details of the topic in form of a short and long essay and hope it might be helpful for students in getting an idea of writing an essay on this topic.

10 Lines Essay on Is Homework Necessary (100 – 120 Words)

1) Students hate homework but they are an integral part of our education.

2) Homework is important to make students study at home.

3) It helps students to revise what they have learned in school.

4) It is good for increasing the thinking and learning ability of students.

5) Homework is given for practice and practice is necessary for learning.

6) Through homework, a teacher can evaluate the performance of students.

7) Homework helps you to memorize things for a longer time.

8) It generates time management skills among the students.

9) Students can suffer mental stress and pressurized due to over workload.

10) Overburdening students with homework can restrict their participation in other activities.

Homework is the Way to Practice and more Learning – Short Essay (300 Words)


Homework is essential work for the students in school life. Every day students get some work like learning the question answers, filling the worksheets; complete the exercises, etc. as the homework of the day. Homework is appreciated by some students while many of them do not love doing homework.

Excessive Homework is not Beneficial for Students

Homework is necessary for the students as it aids in learning. It enhances the problem-solving and thinking skills of the students. Moreover, it helps the students in doing the regular revision of the things taught in the classroom. The most important thing is that the homework given to the students should not be too much. An excessive amount of homework given to the students causes frustration and stress in the students.

Smart Homework – The Way of making Homework Interesting for Students

Mostly the students do not like doing homework as it appears as a burden to them. This basically depends upon the type of homework given to the students. The homework becomes really boring if they are lengthy. The interest and efficiency of doing homework in students are increased if the homework is converted into smart homework. The act of adding creativity to the homework makes the homework to be interesting for the students. They will love to do the work instead of escaping from doing the homework.

Homework in Covid-19 Pandemic

The mode of education has shifted from offline to online mode during the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything is to be done from home only. Earlier the students used to go to schools for attending classes and completed their homework at home. At present, it is very dull and boring to attend online classes and then do homework after finishing classes.

Yes, homework is necessary for students because it gives us the opportunity for more practice, thus more learning. The introduction of technology and creativity has helped in making homework interesting as well as easy for the students.

Is Homework Necessary for Students – Long Essay (1000 Words)

Student life is a life full of struggles. We have no option other than to work hard to get a good score. Homework is also an essential activity in every student’s life. It is given to the students by their teachers after every school day is over. We know that every one of us is not interested in doing homework. We need to discuss and know that what is the need for homework and are they really important for students?

What is Homework?

Homework is the task given to the students that have to be done after school hours. It basically requires time depending upon the quantity of work given and the number of subjects. It can be in form of written exercises, projects, assignments, etc. The completion of this task of students also involves the time and help of their parents. It is a good way of learning and should not be taken as a burden.

Need of Homework

It has been rightly said that ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. In the same way, homework also leads us towards success. Nothing is possible without firm determination and incessant effort. The things we learn in school remains in our mind for a short period of time. Whatever we learn in class if it is not practiced daily will easily be washed off from our minds. In order to remember all the facts and get good scores in exams, we need to revise the things that are taught during school hours. Homework is the best method of getting through the topic taught in the class, understand and remind it well. Homework can be said as a practice that a student has to do daily after school hours and surely it will lead to success if done in the right way.

Pros and Cons of Homework

Students are assigned a pile of tasks to be completed at home and bring it the very next day. It requires the involvement of time and effort of the students to complete their homework. Let’s see some points about positive and negative aspects of homework given to students.

  • Revision of whatever Studied – It is the best way of revising whatever is taught in the class. It may happen that we do not understand the chapter well during the class hours but while doing our homework we understand the topic. Revision of the taught points helps in memorizing them well.
  • Good Practice for Examination – It is wiser to study easily every day rather than learning it as a whole in one day. When we complete our homework we get an opportunity to go through the taught topics daily once again. This makes us understand well and remind most of our chapters timely. It relieves us of the burden during exams. We get rid of the fear of studying all during the examination. It also helps us in getting good scores in exams.
  • Enhances our Understanding Power – Getting homework daily and completing it makes us go through the taught topics more than one time. Homework involves both reading and writing skills in completing the tasks assigned. In this way, we can understand the topic in a much better way thus it helps in getting the clear concept of the chapters.
  • Help Teachers in Evaluating Students – The teacher can evaluate student’s performances by giving them assignments, projects, raising questions, quizzes, etc. These all are different forms of homework. In this way, they get to know about the students, their capabilities, and how much they know about whatever is taught and what they have learned. They also get to know about the families of the students by giving them assignments related to the family.
  • Learns Time Management – Homework helps in the progress of the students. It makes a student analyze their time and manage it in a better way. They have to manage their time to complete the homework, play games, spend time with family and get a sound sleep. In this way, they learn how to manage their time in an effective way.
  • Enhance Cognitive Skills – Homework helps in improving the thinking, memorizing, and problem-solving skills of the students and also makes them responsible.
  • Excessive Homework Pressure – Excessive homework are equivalent to a burden on students as it hinders the overall growth of the students. A student might have a lot of stress because of lengthy homework and thus the health will be adversely affected.
  • Hinders the Time for Other Activities – Too much homework will not provide sufficient time to students for other activities. The students should be provided a little homework that can be completed in less time and easy to be done.

A Smart Way of giving Homework

  • Good and Easy Homework – The students must be given creative and easy homework as they would enjoy completing it. Homework given to the students must not be too difficult and also not much easy. It should be filled with curiosity and involve the use of multiple intelligences and learning methods.
  • Homework on Alternate Days – It is not necessary that everyday homework must be given to the students. Teachers can give homework on alternate days. This will reduce the work pressure and students will be taking more interest in completing the given task.

Is Homework Necessary for Students?

Homework is the best way to initiate the habit of self-study in us. Whatever we learn in our classes is not sufficient for us but requires few hours of self-study for understanding that matter. Initially, we hate homework but realize its value as we grow up and reach higher classes. It fosters our communication with our parents and teachers as they are helping us in completing and correcting our homework. I must say that in my opinion homework is essential for every student. The basic issue lies in excessive homework that becomes a burden for students and thus must be optimized.

There are many advantages of homework for students in comparison to the disadvantages. The homework should be less that can be completed fast. Excessive homework requires a lot of time. It is not healthy to work and study all time.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Ans . An American educational reformer and politician Horace Mann invented the concept of homework.

Ans . Homework makes the students responsible and capable of working independently.

Ans . Finland is the nation where students do not get homework.

Ans . Regular studies without any physical activities give a lot of stress that leads to depression in students.

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Argumentative Essay About Homework

argumentative essay about homework

Show More There are so many reasons people are pro homework. People say “it helps them become smarter or helps them on test,” But there is a lack of evidence where it actually supports their claims, that it helps students at all especially at such a young age. with Alfie Khon “The positive effects of homework are largely mythical.”(Khon). It also seems that homework is being forced onto younger students more often than the older ones. I remember getting tons of homework in Elementary school, and not having the time to play outside, the stress, and my parents struggling to help me on problems I didn’t know. The lack of evidence supporting that homework helps is really shocking to me. Homework is an act of faith by the teacher that the student …show more content… So if the material on the test wasn’t on the homework the students will likely get the question or questions wrong if it wasn’t covered on the homework. If teachers can’t cover everything in the seven hour window they have to teach these students then that’s on them and they should cover it the following day in class instead of assigning homework. Elementary students shouldn’t have homework it doesn’t teach kids to take an initiative and make learning their own thing. Homework is all about the directions and not about the initiative. If they don’t take that initiative how do parents and teachers expect them to learn to make learning their own and to have fun learning. I say that responsibility falls on the teacher to show students. We can follow directions our whole life, but never take the initiative to be original and follow our own paths. Also everyone learns differently and at their own pace so giving everyone the same assignment instead of focusing on each students weaknesses is another problem with homework students face. It could come easy to one student and be to difficult to another which isn’t fair to …show more content… Which means no family time because when homework is done its bedtime, and every kid that age should have time with their family and friends it’s an important part of growing up. There is also the fact about the stress placed on these students and their parents. When a child needs help with homework they ask their parents or teacher. They can’t ask their teacher from home or their parents if they are at work. The argument of “why can’t they ask the teacher during class for help?”. Many students are afraid to ask a question because they think it’s a stupid question, and that the other students will make fun of them. Chances are the parents won’t remember the material on the homework because they have been out of school for so long, which adds to the stress they already have from work and whatever else they do during the day. This can also lead to bad grades or wrong teaching by parents if they don’t know the homework. “Maybe students are right to complain about too much homework. A Stanford researcher has found that students in high-achieving communities who spend

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Getting Over the Fear of Asking Questions A plethora of students face many difficulties in many of their classes whether it be not having a friend in that class or not understanding an assignment. They do not however want to raise their hand. Failure to ask questions is one of the most common issues of why a student is failing an assignment. Pretending to know the assignment or asking a friend that is in just as much confusion as a person are in is bound to add to a person’s bottomless pit of confusion. That student may begin to blame the teacher.…

Homework Should Be Banned Essay

Time that can be better spent is with family and having fun participating in extracurricular activities. Eliminating homework allows students the reward of free time and the invaluable time spent with family. Homework creates unnecessary stress and strain for parents and students alike. Also, homework allows teachers to pawn off their own teaching responsibilities to students and parents with hours of homework. Homework is not beneficial and it should be banned for students Kindergarten thru 8th…

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Statement of Teaching Philosophy 1. Conceptualization of Learning My teaching philosophy has come from my own personal experience with education. Many, many years of learning, teaching and understanding the importance of education. Therefore my mission as an educators is as follows. I am here to promote learning in a positive form.…

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Should parents be held accountable for the actions of their children? Hearing about what is happening in schools all across the country, being a parent they should talk to their children more about the outcome of something bad happening, maybe not as many young teenagers would go partying, do drugs or bully someone to the point of death. Communicating with your child is probably the biggest outcome of how he or she acts. Teaching them to respect the feelings of others and having them vent their frustrations and anger are all within the parent’s realm of authority (Coconi). It is a parent’s responsibility to recognize their child’s behaviors and rectify them before an innocent or weaker child is hurt (Coconi).…

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I currently work as an Interventionist. I provide small group interventions to at risk elementary students. The teacher leadership program has added purpose to my profession as an educator. I’ve learned to use data and records on students as powerful resources to plan effective lessons. Data lets me learn strengthens and weaknesses of the students.…

Argumentative Essay: Should There Be Less Homework?

With all of the stress that is already coming from school, homework only emphasizes that. There should be less homework because it takes up students time, causes a lot of stress, and causes many personal and social problems. A primary reason that students have less free time is that teachers assign an excessive amount of homework. Some students have said “Homework is all I have time for; there’s never…

Importance Of Homework Essay

It can consolidate the knowledge that students have already studied, train students' creativity, and develop students' intelligence. Moreover, it is very essential to require some homework in the teaching process. Butler (1987) states, “Homework is the time students spend outside the classroom in assigned activities to practice, reinforce or apply newly-acquired skills and knowledge and to learn necessary skills of independent study” (p.17). Most homework assigned by teachers is for practice and preparation purposes because instructional homework may be assigned to help students. Parents often have questions about why homework is assigned, how beneficial it is, and how they may best help their child complete homework.…

Argumentative Essay: Why Homework Is Important?

If you asked me two years ago if I thought homework posed as a benefit I would say absolutely not. After graduating elementary school almost four years ago and starting to get real homework, I would disagree. Although it's not my favorite hobby, it remains very valuable in my life and will continue as a part of my life for quite a while. I believe homework exceeds in benefits and can help you on tests, help you learn to manage time and assume more self discipline and can even influence others. To begin, homework grants awards because it helps you on tests.…

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