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Is Buying Essays Online Safe or Legit? Tips not to get Caught

Is it Safe to Buy Essays Online

Is it Safe to Buy Essays Online

Getting assignments done online is on the rise despite the concerns about whether it is safe to buy essays online to do so. While more students are hiring ghostwriters there is some fear they can get caught getting such essay help.

To solve this fear, this guide will give you the tips to make the process of buying papers online safe and cheat-proof. You will discover how safe it is to buy essay writing services from the best writers.

While we offer the best service to cheaply buy an essay online , I think it is better to guide you on how to do it right.

buy essays online safe

A recent report alleges that at least one in three students has used these services. Therefore, students want to know if it is safe to buy essays online and if they can seek essay help.

This has been very concerning to the authorities, and measures are underway to discourage online essay writing platforms. This makes it challenging since most students do not know the right process. Read our guide on how to buy essays online and learn more about getting things right.

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Is it Safe to Buy Essays Online?

It is safe to buy essays online if they are written from scratch by professional writers. Such safety depends on where you bought the essay and your intended use. It is safe and legit of you bought it from an expert ghostwriter. However, purchasing papers from public databases are not safe and risks being caught using essay writing services.

When you get essays from companies that resell pre-written essays, then you are not safe because these papers are highly plagiarized. They are copied from other sources and are resold to many people online.

Such essays bought on public databases will definitely get detected by Turnitin as plagiarized. As mentioned in our review on whether Turnitin can flag essays bought online , we illustrated that such papers will be flagged for plagiarism.

How to Safely Buy Essays Online

1. keep your privacy to yourself.

Most students understand the need to make their user accounts anonymous. However, many go on to make the mistake of sharing subtle details about where they learn.

How to safely buy essays online. These are the tips to buy a college essay without being caught

This is understandable as most assignments come with instructions that may be specific to one’s learning institution.

This makes it easy for third parties to trace orders back to the students.

2. Never Reveal your school

You should never mention personal details about your school or the courses you are taking in conversations with your writers.

At the same time, you need to always check all the documents you share with the company and blot out any references to your school, lecturer, and any other personal details that may be traced back to you.

3. Avoid public networks and the Internet

Everything you do on the internet leaves a digital footprint. Anyone with the will and resources to find you can do so by tracking your communications with the essay writing company. This should be concerning, considering the attention that the authorities are giving to this issue.

Fortunately, there are many ways to keep all your online activities private. Using a VPN is one of the simplest of these ways.

It will mask your IP address so that it cannot be traced back to your personal computer and other gadgets. You can even mask your location to appear as if you are on another continent!

Is Paying Someone to Write Your Essays Illegal?

Presently, it is not illegal to pay someone to write your essay; however, the ethics of it will vary, looking at what help was given to you by the other person. I say presently since countries are looking at passing laws against the so-called contract cheating.

It is safe and legal to Pay Someone to write your Essays

Despite the laws or regulations, it is, and it will be really difficult for the authorities of universities to catch students who buy essays for their assignments.

This is usually more when someone else writes the whole essay for you; however, the principle holds

In the real sense of things, going to someone to help you depends on the type of help you get. You get value if you get good papers.

It is a good habit to have someone else go through your work often to correct your grammatical errors, redundancies, and spelling mistakes. This kind of online writing help is one that is worthy of taking advantage of.

Let your paper be written by a Team

This avoids plagiarism and ensures checks to guarantee a quality and ORIGINAL paper

Can You Be Caught Using an Essay Writing Service?

Essentially, you cannot be caught using essay writing services if you have an expert essay writer do your work, you own the paper, and you go through it. You also have to edit the paper to include your names not only on the title page but also in the authorship section of the file details. That way, you will customize the paper as your and cannot be detected as a bought paper

However, it may be a violation of the guidelines on the side of the person who requested the essay. In some cases, it is referred to as academically dishonest.

Can you be caught using essay writing service?

But is it really dishonesty? Maybe it is, depending on how you present the paper at school.

If someone else writes the whole essay and does the research for you, and you only put your name on it, then that is academic dishonesty.

For example, if your honors thesis is read by four people, each of them will make suggestions that will bring changes to the final paper.

On the other hand, someone writing the entire essay for you is a different game altogether, and it’s not a good idea.

Going about claiming someone else’s work as yours ends badly.

However, in the case of a commercial essay that you submit to a newsletter or a magazine or you are posting on a certain website, then the best you can do is to give appropriate credit.

How to buy essays online without getting caught

To buy essays online without getting caught, you need to read and understand the paper, customize it, and change the authorship of the file. Be sure to present the paper as yours. What is wrong is to claim someone else’s essay as your own. When you buy a paper online, make sure it is original, and you own the copyright to it.

Simply put, it is safe to buy essays online if you get the ownership of the work that the homework help service gives out.

This is a fundamental rule, and it is true in business, in school, in life, and in science. However, you need to know that if you submit an essay that you got some assistance with, it is not illegal. It depends on how you want to organize your time and your priorities.

Considering these reasons, it is logical for college students, especially those who study and work, to need help. These students aspire to graduate; hence, it is not wrong for them to receive assistance.

Getting a degree takes much effort, time, and dedication. Therefore, get your essays from a graduate, too. For example, when buying a TOK essay , it is good to hire a writer who is a graduate OF that type of essay or assignment.

Therefore, do not be afraid to request help when you need it the most. In most countries, it’s not illegal to pay someone to write your essay for you; however, it is considered unethical.

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Are Custom Essay Writing Services Legal?

Writing services face a lot of opposition from institutions and authorities as they think that they engage in plagiarism. In the United Kingdom, there is a parliament anti-essay petition that sought to discourage the advertising of essay mills.

Plagiarism is a slippery concept, it is the close imitation or unauthorized use of someone else’s expressions, language, and ideas, and has legal consequences in the appearance of limitation of liability and necessary copyright protection for economic loss.

An excess of ethical considerations emerges out of essay writing businesses, both for the students and the writers involved. Although plagiarism is not a criminal offense, it contravenes professional rules and academic regulations.

In this case, any failure to comply with them can lead to serious consequences, such as loss of reputation, breaches of contract, and students being excluded.

The process of looking for the best essay writing services is not an easy task, particularly for students who have not sought this sort of service before and are not familiar with the characteristics to check out on every website they engage with.

The question of whether essay writing services are legal points to the university systems. It is rather absurd to assume that all students are cheating than to acknowledge the possibly systemic problems going on in the system of education.

Hence, alarmists are proposing the blocking of URLs, banning websites, and various other censorships that came upon fraudulent legal grounds.

Questions of the legality of writing services are essentially debatable; it is virtually impossible to pass a law that will prevent an individual from buying an essay since it is not viewed as a crime being committed. The main issue is not in the legality of the practice, rather, is it moral?

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Does Paying for Essays Work?

A new tendency of custom and bespoke essay writing is happening in the higher education system. This trend invites every stakeholder involved to endeavor to understand the modalities and dynamics involved.

All in all, 16% of students admitted to buying essays online or contract cheating. This makes it a concern for everyone to know if it is really safe to buy essays online.

To begin with, the cost of tuition is rising very fast across universities and high schools. To avoid excess fee arrears and debts in their careers, students choose to work after their classes to take care of these rising costs; hence, these work schedules have no room for study time.

buy essays online safe

Professors say that 80% of their students use freelance writing services, and with such a foundation, they will require help in catching up with the requirements for their present level of study. 

This idea of paying someone to write an essay opens up broad issues in our culture and the education system since the students are looking for a problem–solving service to assist in this moral dilemma.

Administrators and scholars must search for the effects of paid papers on ethics, the quality of the instructions given by teachers, and plagiarism. However, you can avoid cheating by paraphrasing and easily bypass that hurdle.

Paying for Essays Online is Common, which Makes it Safe

As a student, you have to think about the consequences of using essay pay services and the logic behind your choices. Within the academic realm, buying essays has become all the more conventional.

It is widely known that most actors, athletes, politicians, and even business individuals normally contract underrated ghostwriters to write their memoirs.

These forces have turned the education system into an industry of connecting sellers and buyers to exchange money for goods for profit-making. The logic, therefore, shows that a student who pays a good price will get the grade that the price earns.

At the same time, cheating and plagiarism have been in existence for many generations but in different forms.

Previously, students could ask their fellow students to write their essays for them; alternatively, they would submit a paper that had already been written by someone else.

As technology advanced, students started copying and pasting content from websites to their papers and submitting them as their own. As this problem increased, professors became aware of it, and special software was developed that can detect this sort of plagiarism.

Moreover, paying for essays has its advantages, like the writing services are quite affordable and easily available; professionals write these essays, hence answering the question: does paying for essays work? Yes, it does.

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Why are Some Websites not Safe to Buy Essays from?

Many students wonder how safe is it to use online essay writing services. Well, I will discuss this subject deeply so you can judge for yourself if you can trust essay writing sites or not before making the decision. First and foremost, I have to say that essay writing works and that most paper writing services are trustworthy.

However, in some cases, essay writing services are bad and are not worth your money and time. Let me take you through a few examples.

  • Non-compliance with the terms of the contract.

Some paper writing services resell papers after a while that had already been given to a previous customer. This trend often happens, especially when there is a particular major topic that the students have requested to be written on.

  • Poor customer support, service, and no refund of money

One of the worst experiences a student can face with paper writing services is troublesome customer service. Some websites don’t respond on time, and others don’t give a refund; some of them will not allow revisions in case the customer is not satisfied and complains about an issue.

  • Paid YouTube influencers encouraging sub-par assays to the students

The trending investigation by BBC recently exposed thousands of videos advancing certain companies’ writing services by employing YouTube influencers.

According to BBC’s findings, these companies were using famous internet personalities to advance their writing services, which do not meet the A+ grade promised to their clients.

  • The quality of the essay you pay for is below average

Getting poor quality essays from the writing services is an occurrence that happens quite often; for example, you request an exact writing tone and style for your essay, and what they submit to you is completely off the subject.

Where can I Safely buy Essays Online?

Yes, you can. As a university student, you have so many things of importance to do every day. Naturally, you choose to let the professionals from essay writing services give you some help.

But how do you find the best companies? The best idea is one that has been used already: apply to a website with good ratings. How do you do this? And how do you know the really good ones?

All you have to do is find a dependable review of UK or US writing services. Luckily for you ill give you a guide to essay writing services and the best companies where you can buy essays online.

Why we are the Best Website to buy Essays from Safely

We have completed thousands and thousands of academic assignments, which gives us experience. We have a modern website design that saves you time while giving you a good user experience.

Most of our writers have Ph.D. and MA holders, and you can expect nothing less than 100% original, high-quality academic papers 24/7. The following are more of our features.

Best Website to Safely Buy Essays

  • Our pricing policies are the best.
  • Safe system
  • Convenient order terms
  • Easy ordering
  • Top number of orders completed
  • Expert writers
  • Great match of the quality and price per page
  • Supportive staff
  • The website’s interface is modern
  • Email updates
  • The biggest selection of academic papers

If you are looking for highly-rated writing services, do not hesitate to approach and order your services from us. With appropriate information and proper research of legitimate essay writing services, you will be safe buying essays online.

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Over the past few years, getting papers online has been the trend instead of carrying the burden of the work. Learning institutions in the West have been voicing concerns regarding the increase in the number of students soliciting the services of content mill websites.

Such websites sell academic papers as well as students who use their services. As such, one has to wonder whether it is safe to buy an essay online. Well, it is safe if you get involved in the process and apply the above tips.

Watch this video to learn more on this.

YouTube video

Jessica Kasen is experienced in academic writing and academic assistance. She is well versed in academia and has a master’s degree in education. Kasen consults with us in helping students improve their grades. She also oversights the quality of work done by our writers.

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How to avoid plagiarism when buying an essay online.


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Working with an essay writing service can save you time as a student juggling a full workload. It can also assist you in the learning process. But for students who decide to buy essays online, plagiarism can be a huge concern. For instance, how can you be certain the paper you receive is original and not plagiarized? How can you rest assured that purchasing an essay online is safe?

These are all valid and important questions. This post will clarify how to be sure you receive a plagiarism-free paper, what you need to know to stay safe when you buy essay papers online, and how to use them to enhance your education experience.

How to Buy Essay Papers that are Plagiarism-Free

Do not copy stamp

If you are thinking about purchasing an essay online but are concerned about plagiarism, use these 6 steps as a guide to find and buy essay papers that are plagiarism-free, online.

1) Buy essay papers from a top-tier writing service

There are a few different benefits of working with top-rated essay writing service when you buy essay papers which can help you avoid plagiarism. Use these benefits as a checklist to qualify an essay service while you are searching. If the service does not include these features, consider continuing your search.

  • 1. Plagiarism-checked, original content. Nothing is more critical than being confident you are safe from plagiarized content. Top services will provide 100% custom-created, original writing. To ensure writing is original, and that a writer didn’t accidentally write something too similar to content published elsewhere, most top services run drafts through plagiarism-checking software before delivering them. Plagiarism is considered a serious offense which is why top writing services, such as Ultius, actually prohibit their writers from plagiarizing.
  • 2. Direct communications with your writer. Being able to communicate with your writer can help put your mind at ease if you are wanting to make sure your paper is top-quality, original writing. A top essay service will allow you to message your writer directly to make sure instructions are clear and your writer is comfortable researching and writing about your topic from scratch.
  • 3. Round-the-clock customer service. A high quality writing service will have customer service agents available 24/7 by phone and email. If you are concerned about the originality of your draft or have questions about plagiarism, contact the writing service’s customer service department.
  • 4. Higher quality drafts. Investing in professional services, as opposed to free online writing assistance, is completely worth it when it comes to your education. Top-rated writing services, like Ultius, hire and train only select, world-class writers who pass a rigorous hiring process. This means when you buy term papers from a top service, you will be connected with a writer that understands the severity of plagiarism and is also well-trained and efficient when it comes to creating high-level, original content matching your instructions.

Essay draft quality checklist.

2) Cite your sources correctly

As the saying goes, give credit where credit is due. One of the most important keys to avoiding plagiarism is to make sure sources are correctly cited. When you buy essay papers from a professional service, they will be correctly formatted and cited according to the citation style you selected in your order. Each citation style will require sources to be cited differently. Here is what you must know about citing, no matter what style you are using:

  • Paraphrased writing, ideas that are not yours, but are taken from another source and re-worded, must be cited using either an in-text citation, footnote or endnote, depending on the citation style.
  • Writing that is someone else’s, words that match other content verbatim, must be indicated with quotation marks and cited according to a particular style which may require in-text citations, footnotes, or endnotes.

Comparison of common citation styles.

If you have questions about how to properly cite a source, a high-quality writing service can assist with that as well.

3) Communicate with your writer

Support rep on the phone

When you buy essay papers online, be sure the service you use allows you to communicate directly with your writer through a messaging platform. As we mentioned, this can be a tremendous help to students wanting to make sure their writer understands all instructions. Also, messaging with your writer allows you to get a feel for the writer’s knowledge and comfort level with the topic.

Also, when you work with a writer you trust, you are likely to receive a paper that meets or exceeds your expectations. Plus, when there is excellent communication between the writer and you as a client, the writer is likely to be even more invested in the work they are doing and provide a high level of service because they understand your specific needs and concerns. If you are wondering how to find and make sure the writer you work with is a true professional, check out this post about finding and working with professional essay writers .

4) Avoid free services

It can be very tempting to request free papers from online writing sites, especially when you are on a tight budget and a million options seem to populate a simple Google search. But unfortunately, many free writing services actually reuse and recycle content which is considered plagiarism. On the contrary, if you buy essay papers from a professional service, the investment you make goes toward compensating a skilled writer for their time and expertise in researching, citing, writing, and formatting original content.

5) Ask questions

Getting help on laptop

If in doubt, ask questions. If your questions are not answered by reading reviews, or by the service’s website, call customer service. If there is no customer service number, consider choosing a different site that provides assistance via phone. Here are some important questions to clarify and find answers to before you buy essay papers through any writing service:

  • 1. How does the writing service select and qualify writers?
  • 2. Does the essay service check drafts for plagiarism? How?
  • 3. How does the writing service proofread and edit each order?
  • 4. Will you be able to communicate with your writer?

Whether you are a graduate student needing custom writing assistance for a very specific topic or an undergraduate student wanting help creating a polished, perfect essay, it is important to find a plagiarism-free essay writing service that fits your specific needs.

6) Check your paper

If you are working with a top-rated writing service and are still concerned about plagiarism, you can always run your draft through plagiarism-detection software. For example, Copyscape is a plagiarism-detection software you can access online that makes checking your content easy by simply copy-pasting. If content comes up as similar, check to make sure you correctly cited it using quotations and a page number.

What you need to know to stay safe buying essays

Using computer with headphones

Even when taking all these plagiarism-precautions when you buy essays online, some students wonder if it is safe to buy essays online.

Simply stated, yes. Using essay writing services to assist you in the learning and writing process is safe.

Here is why, plus what you need to know if you buy essay writing services:

1) Respecting your privacy

Confidentiality is incredibly important to your academic career which is why top-tier writing services, including Ultius, take it so seriously. A breach in confidentiality would not only be costly to the student, but also to the writing services. This is why high quality writing services use industry-leading practices to ensure your information as a client is kept completely private.

In fact, sites such as Ultius actually hide clients’ identities from company employees and writers. The only time clients are required to disclose identifying information is during the payment process (for security purposes). And since a third party vendor is used to process payments, clients’ identifying information is still kept private from the writing team.

2) Using a purchased essay safely

Here are some safe ways to use purchased essay papers:

  • Buy essay papers to use as examples. Purchased essays can help tremendously in getting past writer’s block . This is especially helpful when an assignment’s instructions are complex or you can not decide what to write about. Seeing a well-organized example can help you understand assignment concepts and write your own words much more easily.
  • Purchase essays to help with citing and formatting. Citation styles can be tricky and sometimes hard to explain. Seeing an example paper cited in the exact style your paper needs to be written in can make it much easier to understand how to cite sources correctly.
  • Use purchased essay papers as research guides. Professional essay services can help demystify the research process, especially if you are looking for specific, recent, scholarly sources on an obscure topic.
  • Buy essays to assist in organizing and outlining. Sorting out ideas for an essay can be a daunting task if it is on a new topic, is a long paper, or if you are pressed for time. Essay services can help you create and work from an outline.

3) Finding a service you trust

Working on laptop at table

Ultimately, trust is the most important component of any working relationship.

When you trust the writing service and writer you work with, the process is much more helpful, easy, and enjoyable. Building trust starts by being able to communicate clearly over the phone with customer service and by being able to message your writer directly. Once you find a fit, it can be a huge time-saver, and a tremendous asset to your academic career.

If you are looking to buy essays, no plagiarism is acceptable so be sure to buy essay papers from a top-tier writing service.


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