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Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone by Victoria

Victoriaof Escondido's entry into Varsity Tutor's January 2016 scholarship contest

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone by Victoria - January 2016 Scholarship Essay

This year I have made the resolution to push myself to new-unknown boundaries. Last year, for the year of 2015, I made the resolution to do a couple things that were out of my comfort zone. I did, and it made the year one of the greatest yet. This year, I want to do even more than just a few- I want to constantly push at those comfort zones. As of now, I already study, maintain great grades, and am not afraid to ask a teacher for help. So saying “I will study more” will not help me become a better a student. In fact, you will hear my mom complaining, “Why can’t you be more like a teenager?” (I do go out a lot with friends, my mom just chooses to ignore that fact.) Getting out my comfort zone, however, will help me discover more and more about myself as person- making me a better student. Last year, my major choice that went out of my comfort zone was choosing to give up basketball to do an aerospace engineering internship (my future career choice) and pick up robotics at my school. This was a huge decision for me since I knew I was guaranteed to have basketball season to go well. The whole internship and robotics- not so much. I ended up taking the largest leaps out of my comfort zone with this choice- becoming ones of the best choices I have ever made. I love going to work every day. I love all the robotics members who have become my family. While I may not get such an opportunity to go so far out my comfort zone for the rest of my senior year, new opportunities will definitely present itself in college. One of the boundaries I want to push when I go off to college is who I spend my time with. I have purposely chosen colleges away from friends and family so that I will be on my own. This will force me to have to go out and meet new people. Partially due to the small size of high school but also because of comfort, I tend to stick with the friends I am most comfortable with. When I go off to college I want that to change because in the end it will make me a better student and person. In college, I am going to take every opportunity I can, even if I am very uncomfortable with it since it is new, and use it to learn more about myself. This year, as a resolution, I want to take last year’s resolution even further. I want to use it as the year where I tried even more things than I did the previous year. For me, this year will be the year when I can leave everything I thought I knew about me and actually start finding who I really am.

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cait's random rambles

some stuff that makes me happy and some thoughts

This I Believe: Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

-I believe in stepping out of the comfort zone.

For a short period of time, but what felt like an eternity, I felt like if I spoke to anyone new, I might die. My chest got tight, my head felt light, and no more than 3 words left my mouth at a time. New people and unknown situations were terrifying. My social anxiety had complete control over me, and I had no idea how to break out of the box that it put me in. I was completely and utterly stuck. I wanted new friends and didn’t know how to make them, I wanted to do activities but was scared of the unknown, and I wanted to be someone different than who I was, but felt confined by my inability to speak in new situations: by my crippling anxiety.

My dad’s advice would always be “join new clubs, talk to new people, step out of your comfort zone; you’re just nervous.” And though he didn’t fully grasp what anxiety was and that you don’t just ‘get over it’ and that you’re not “just nervous,” his advice ended up working.

I wasn’t an entirely new person overnight, or ever, really. I had to do a lot to alleviate my anxieties over the next 5 years. But I listened to my dad. Definitely not because I wanted to, but because I wanted a well-rounded list of activities for my college application, because I knew I wasn’t getting far with what I had. I wanted nothing more than to have my choice of schools, and I ended up with just that. But, if I hadn’t decided to work hard at my activity list by stepping out of my comfort zone, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today.

I didn’t purposely listen to my dad’s advice, and I’d never tell him, even now, that his advice wasn’t bad, but I started joining clubs and trying to get involved with more activities. I started with student council, because it was easy and one of my friends was already in it. I became friends with people I’ve always wanted to talk to. I gave speeches in front of the entire school. I ran for student government positions and won both years that I ran. I had tons of friends and decided the goings on of the student body. I became a person that everyone, even upperclassmen, knew because of my involvement. I became a varsity athlete. I went from the shy girl who couldn’t speak and became one of the most involved people in my high school. I got accepted into schools, like Penn State, with less impressive grades than those of people who got rejected simply because of my activity list. I became a different person. I was involved, I was happy, I made friends, and I felt like I had broken out of the glass box that I had been in for three years prior.

I don’t necessarily believe that joining clubs is a cure-all for anxiety. In fact, I believe the opposite. I think that if you believe you have anxiety, you should see a psychiatrist to be diagnosed and discuss medication options. What I do  believe, however, is that overcoming nervousness or just starting yourself on a path to becoming more outgoing, even if you don’t get scared by new people or unknown situations, can be easily accomplished or set in motion by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Go to the event you are nervous to go to, talk to that person you’re scared of but want to be better friends with, take the class you’re unfamiliar to, try the food you’ve never tried: STEP OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE. You will open yourself up to a new world and become a new person when you stop playing it safe and begin stepping into the unknown. You will find yourself and you will realize that you can do anything that you want to if you just try it.

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  • Leaving My Comfort Zone

Leaving My Comfort Zone MAG

Favorite Quote: Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. -RFK

Bravery wasn’t a word I heard often growing up. My parents protected me, their only child, by teaching me that safety was the priority of everything I did. Well, that message sank in a little too deep. As a toddler I glared at strangers and avoided sports or games that involved taking risks. No skating for me since I feared falling. No jumping off swings or I may crack my skull open.

But more than physical pain, I feared embarrassment. Expressing my opinions felt too dangerous, since my thoughts might not be validated. Talking to a stranger was perilous because I could be ignored. Images of my chagrined and incompetent self filled my head every time I spoke to a crowd. Whether it was a physical risk or an emotional one, I avoided them at all cost. I spent the first eight years of my life in a fluffy, warm, and safe place called the Comfort Zone. In that lovely space, I avoided trying new things, meeting new people, and dealing with embarrassment. Yup, my Comfort Zone gave me security, but it robbed me of many other things. Not taking any chances prevented me from pursuing what I loved.

The first time I fell in love I was six years old. That was when I saw my first play. Seeing actors a couple meters away made me feel included and captivated. My eyes followed their every move, as I breathed the story they presented. Each smile, each laugh, each line of script seemed directed at me. In those moments, I saw something rare – passion.

Those actors became the characters they performed. I realized acting is more than entertainment. It is a journey where actors communicate with playwrights from countless times and places, building empathy through connections with the playwrights’ creations. And as the character and actor become one, they share the journey by performing to an audience. I yearned to experience that journey myself. Deep down, I knew I wanted to act.

Too shy and scared to try anything new at the time, I remained a spectator for two more years. The mere idea of performing onstage sent me into a panic. As a kid who couldn’t talk in front of more than three people or ever raise her hand in class, being onstage in front of hundreds terrified me. But when a group of friends shove you into the gym to audition for a play, you can’t really say no.

Every year, my elementary school hosted a theatre company to organize a performance. Almost our entire school would audition, so two of my friends pushed me to go with them. I was scared to death, but at the same time, I was secretly glad to be there. I stood in that gym full of kids, waiting to be called. This was as far from my Comfort Zone as I had ventured in my eight years of life. My hands trembled. My head started to hurt, and my stomach felt like a tub of acidic snakes. I couldn’t do it. It didn’t matter. I was ready to spring out of the claustrophobic gym, but a tall, smiling woman motioned me over. In that second, I decided to walk to her instead of out the door. What made me change my mind? Love. I loved theatre enough to take a risk.

The two directors greeted me and started to describe the main role of the show, Cinderella. The more I listened to how strong, kind, and beautiful this character should be, the more I felt a connection with her. I imagined how a girl like Cinderella would feel and how I could relate to her hardships and pains. I wanted to be strong like her. I wanted to be kind like her. And when the lines slipped out of my mouth, I realized that I became Cinderella. No longer was I a shy fourth grader – I was a beautiful girl destined for happiness. I loved the feeling of bringing a character to life. During the audition, I was flooded with a confidence I had never felt before.

Waiting for the results, I felt self-doubt and shyness slam back into me like an explosion. I told myself that I would be happy with any role. All I wanted to do was perform, and if I had to perform as a tree, I would do so willingly.

The directors started announcing the roles. First, they announced the forest animals. I squeezed my hands, praying my name would be called. Ten names were announced, but not mine. Next, the names of who would play the lords and ladies were called. Again, I was disappointed. At that point, I had given up. I wasn’t good enough. Silently, I sat in regret and sadness as more roles were shouted out. I felt steamy tears bubble up in my eyes, so I looked down at my feet.

A knee nudged my leg, and I looked at my friend. She smiled like it was her birthday and squeezed me in a tight hug. I was confused. I looked up and saw every pair of eyes in the gym looking back at me. The same tall lady smiled and motioned me forward. I was handed the script for Cinderella. I had been so trapped in my little world of sadness that I hadn’t even heard my name. But I had landed a role – in fact, I had been given the main role.

In the next month, theatre transformed that shy fourth grader into a girl with confidence and a willingness to try new things. When I acted onstage as Cinderella, I felt relieved and free since Cinderella was so different from the timid little girl I was. For the first time, I felt happy with what I accomplished.

During the process of shedding my cocoon of self-doubt, I met new friends who encouraged me to be myself. As I spoke onstage, I would see my peers’ eyes light up in the audience and smile. Every time I saw that, I knew I loved acting. It made my life better.

Theatre showed me that I’m capable of making friends and having faith in myself. I realized if I could be free onstage, I can be free outside my Comfort Zone as well.

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college essay on comfort zone

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

college essay on comfort zone

If you told me I would be playing a sport called squash at 11 years old, I would call you crazy. But in seventh grade, I was at a new school 10 times bigger than my last one. I felt like a little fish in a big pond. I was quiet, withdrawn, and very introverted. A lot of the time, I stayed where I was comfortable.

During the first week of school, a group of people visited the school and they introduced themselves as Squashbusters. At that time, I’d only heard of Squash once before, but I didn’t really know what it was. Because the program combined the sport of squash with academic support, mentoring, and service opportunities, I decided to sign up. It’s been six years and this program has made a monumental difference in my life.

Being a part of SquashBusters is a program that really pushed me out of my shell to the point where I’ve grown accustomed to challenging myself. In SquashBusters, they tell us to push ourselves past our limits on the squash courts, but that mindset has transferred to other areas of my life as well. From team trips and tournaments to cringy karaoke moments and participating in eccentric traditions like our annual SquashBusters Olympics, my comfort zone has steadily grown larger. My peers brought out a side of me I didn’t even know existed. I haven’t transformed completely from introvert to extrovert, but I’ve become more social as the years go by.

At Hopkins, I want to do something similar. I want to try new things and embrace the campus traditions. Even though I will develop intellectually from the many academic classes and clubs/activities offered on campus, I feel as though a true community is birthed from exploring beyond what one’s used to. From traditions like Blue Jay Opening Day and the Spring Fair to the many world-changing clubs like the Amnesty International club and the Foreign Affairs Symposium, the different ways to be involved in the Hopkins community is limitless and invigorating and I can’t wait to be a part of the Hopkins family.

Admissions Committee Comments

Samuel’s essay is a reflection on pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone which is not only an important life lesson but also something that Hopkins students do every day. Our students push the boundaries of discovery, are faced with challenges in and out of the classroom, and pursue newfound passions. By growing accustomed to challenging himself, Samuel exemplifies these characteristics and is able to take the lessons he has learned on the squash court into other areas of his life. He shows that if given the opportunity, he would flourish on our campus given the variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities and that he is equipped with the tools to overcome whatever challenges he is faced with.

“My advice to students who are currently writing their essays is to remember that the first draft is rarely going to be good, so just write as much as you can even if it’s incomprehensible. Also give yourself a lot of time for revisions from peers, teachers, and even self revisions.” Samuel, Boston, Massachusetts

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college essay on comfort zone

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college essay on comfort zone

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college essay on comfort zone

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A Comfort Zone Analysis

college essay on comfort zone

Show More The mind is one of the most powerful weapons on earth. "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think." It has the ability to push you forward or hold you back. My mind was as cynical as a horror movie before I realized what it was doing to my future. Soon enough I realized that in order to reach my highest goals, I had to open my mind to what I called the 'impossible.' "A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there". For the greater part of my life, I stuck with what I was used to doing. I was afraid to try anything new because the circumstances were too scary to even consider. However, I knew that there was something different about my need to succeed. It was more than just a feeling but a burning desire within me. It haunted me day and night because I was not using the gifts that God had given me. Yes, the comfort zone keeps you safe, but it also prohibits your potential from reaching its highest extent. I knew I had the ability to accomplish anything that I desired. However, I needed to start by challenging myself to new things. "When you step out of your comfort zone, you are stepping into greatness." "Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts". I never realized how important it was to …show more content… once said, "A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its only dimensions." Your entire future is shaped by your mind, which has the full potential to take you anywhere you want to go in life. However, you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and think a little deeper. Only after you have opened your mind will the door to your greatest aspirations be revealed. Focus on where you want to go in life. Do not continue to stay in that comfort zone that keeps you in one place. Get up! Alter your mindset, stay away from the pessimist and choose a path that will lead you in the right direction. The new course you chart will undoubtedly change your

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Narrative Essay On Immigrant Life

Since the beginning of this states the immigrant presence was strong. The first group of immigrants to move here was Dutch they came here looking for beavers, but they settled because they saw potential in this land. Before Dutch move to here this was the home of Native American, the name they give to the land was Mannahatta (mean the land of many hills) but the Dutch named New Amsterdam. Nowadays New York is a big city full of immigrants, this people are from every corner of the world. People still seen potential in this place.…

Personal Narrative: Mindset Mentor

I know now that not everyone must go through it the hard way. It’s not necessary to live in a constant feeling of pressure and stress and let the work rule your life. I want to help you to wake up to a new life before you hit the wall! You can do life completely differently, without compromising anything in your life and still be successful. And this is not to say that life will not continue having its ups and downs.…

Carol Dweck Biography

Carol Dweck, Professor of psychology at Standford University discovered the Mindset. Dweck has done numerous studies on the fixed and growth mindset. I will be focusing on the growth mindset, and how having this type of mindset has helped me navigate through life. The Growth mindset is when someone knows the more they try the stronger they will become mentally. not giving up and having an optimistic attitude towards challenges and using what they have learned in previous experience to assist with the task at hand.…

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Intrinsic Motivation In The Book Drive By Daniel Pink

Motivation 3.0 is a term used by author, Daniel Pink in his book Drive. It is the notion of intrinsic motivation. Doing something because it is interesting or simply just for the enjoyment of it. He also talks about something called Type I behavior which is the characteristics of people who are more intrinsically motivated. They are more autonomous generally giving them the ability to have greater self-esteem and lead much happier, healthier, stress-free lives.…

Getting Out Of The Comfort Zone

It seems like we’re always saying we want to get out of our comfort zones, take a bite out of life, challenge and change ourselves. But we rarely ever do. It’s one of those finicky things that sounds great in theory but, in practice, is actually very difficult. Think about it: Getting out of your comfort zone implies tearing your world apart for the sake of new experiences.…

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Kurt Lewins Model For Change Essay Example

Example of essay on wired for wealth book report, sources of my own money scripts, free change theory to a reflective or current personal/ professional experience essay example.

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Free Job Description For Change Leadership Agents: Essay Example

Free essay on reflection on diversity, reflection on diversity, example of essay on the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime, workplace stress essay sample, good essay about understanding haptics, proxemics, and the fair pay act, introduction.

As the business world is getting more complex, it is imperative that businesses should learn different ways of verbal and non-verbal communication so that their messages are properly interpreted. There is a growing importance of learning non-verbal communication because people come from different cultures and their upbringing determines their comfort level. Therefore, this research aims at highlighting the importance for HR managers to learn about haptics (touching) and proxemics (maintenance of space/distance). In addition to this, strategies for training employees in haptics and proxemics are also discussed in this paper.

Body of the Paper

Gender bias essay, good essay on unhappiness seems to be loneliness, english 1100, write by example of this my first weeks as a new university student essay, introduction p.3.

Body: My first weeks as a new university student pp.4-67 Conclusion p.8

References and Bibliography pp.9-10

Learn to craft essays on risk taker with this example, are ceo best board members seniority within a company essays examples, are ceo best board members seniority within a company, my comments essay example, free essay on leadership scenarios, human beings essay samples, complete name of professor, program: ba(hons) business studies with marketing essays example, registration number:, developing self-awareness essay samples, summary of the critical incident, alienation in the modern world essay examples, study abroad essay examples, free essay on informational interview, institutional affiliation, free essay on reflect and describe how transition theory can be used to prepare you for your evolving, critical thinking: how transition theory can be used to prepare you for your evolving practice as a graduate nurse, example of essay on soup kitchen observation, what i observed.

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Leaving Your Comfort Zone - Essay Example

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

  • Subject: Social science
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Extract of sample "Leaving Your Comfort Zone"

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Usefulness of comfort theory, the gospel of john's view of the role of the holy spirit, typical day in the life of middle class family, peculiarities of research process in race and gender, the preference and practice of consuming comfort foods, reading discussion on club dead, the characteristics of esfp, hearing problems and deafness.

college essay on comfort zone



College Admissions Essay: Comfort Zone

My experience of my life.

For the majority of my life, I had been shy, even though it didn’t seem like it most of the time, I was scared to death when I met new people. I know that it sounds extremely trivial, but I feel that when you first meet someone, you’re ultimately giving them their first impression of yourself and that is a lot of pressure. It seemed almost certain that I would lead a life of being a social wallflower until March 2017, more specifically, March 28th, 2017. This day was and still is important to me because I learned how to be confident, and through my experience, it taught me something that I will hold onto forever. Prior to this day, I was an extremely introverted person and rarely went out of my way to make friends. As a volunteer at day

College Admissions Essay: How Loneliness Changed My Life

As the year progressed, I found people who shared common interests as me and people who did not. Regardless, I made myself associate with them and it worked for my benefit. You may never know when you need a favor or just someone to talk to for that matter. Saying hello to a person can change so much which may sound really cheesy but its true! If I had never had the courage to join in on a strangers’ conversation then they would never have become my best friends. I had witnessed the Butterfly Effect. As I grew more comfortable with talking to others, my personality bloomed into something that I am proud of. I was excited to do things that others were not. If there was a spirit day, I would go all out. If it was someone’s birthday, I would try my hardest to get them a gift they would enjoy. If I saw someone going through internal turmoil, I would lend them my ears so that they could release their stress. Once, I was browsing Instagram through boredom and a girl had posted a picture of herself with the caption that said “I have nothing to live for.” I commented on the picture saying that she was gorgeous and she replied with “so what.” That reply hit me

College Admissions Essay: How Shyness Changed My Life

From a shy kitten to a gracious swan, that’s the story of my life. Despite all those complications I faced, I can now easily give public speeches and converse with anyone. Nevertheless, overcoming my social anxiety required a large amount of self-motivation and courage.

Creative Writing: Social Isolation

You had great difficulty expressing yourself properly, leading to your current predicament: social isolation. You often made a conscious effort to avoid conversation in case your voice refused to respond or you stumble upon your words or if you sounded utterly stupid, but you put the same amount of effort to make sure you could hide your loneliness with plastered smiles and the "I’m fine" lie you repeat endlessly.

Reflective Writing : My Personal Employability Skills

I was able to make friends easily by applying my interpersonal skills amongst others. This included joining societies as well as, using my communication skills during my seminar group work discussions, where I demonstrated my teamwork skills by co-operating with others during a shared task. Working with others is a vital skill, as I did not only collaborate with them, but learn from them by listening to their thoughts, as we all had diverse ideas and perspectives. This point leads back to my anxiety of interacting within a new environment, which allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and, associate with people from different backgrounds.

Personal Narrative: American Quarter Horse Youth Association Director

As a little girl I was always the one who would hide behind her father’s leg. At the dinner table I would be quiet so I would never be brought into the conversation. The older I got, the more I came out of my shell. I still could never break free, though. It wasn’t until I became involved in organizations, that I was able to interact with people and take initiative.

Explain Why Colleges Need To Be Prepared For Living Outside Their Comfort Zone

Students willing to step outside their comfort zone will be able to handle adversity and change better than others. This is an important aspect for individual growth.  Taking risks, trying new things and facing challenges  will help us in all aspects of life.  Colleges need to equip students with the skills they need to face these challenges.  Graduates need to be prepared for living outside their comfort zone.

Personal Narrative: My First Softball Team

Social anxiety latches on to its victims and sucks all hope and motivation for self improvement and success to the point where it seems that any and all attempts to overcome it are out of reach. What once was a crippling disadvantage, is now what I have to thank for becoming my true self. It took four years to be able manage the sense of trepidation and overwhelming panic when going about day-to-day activities such as asking questions in class or even having a conversation with any acquaintances; however, I would not change anything that I have experienced.

Mananaging Social Anxiety Disorder

The concept of fear dated back as far as 400 BC. During this time, Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician described the overly shy person as “someone who loves darkness as life and thinks every man observes him”. When fear is persistent and exaggerated, it results to tension and stress and consequently, anxiety.

Personal Narrative: Corner Health Center Theatre Troupe

Honestly for most of my life I've never been the most outgoing person in the world. I suppose a stranger would've called me reserved, but I knew that deep down inside that I had the ability to not be “that shy girl”.In time it did turn out I did have that I did have the ability not to be so quiet but it did take me quite a while; one experience in particular did in a way force me to come out of my shell.

Growing Up Within A Tight-Knit Family

Growing up within a somewhat tight-knit family, I tend to keep my distance when it comes to large crowds. The feeling of my chest being compressed into any social interaction with someone I wasn't comfortable with needed to be over thought and rehearsed for my mind before I even attempted speaking. My off days ranged from not being able to give a presentation in class to over thinking the basic action of raising my hand to ask a teacher a question. However, I am the complete opposite with my family and close group of friends, since they are people I have gained an obvious closer relationship to rather than someone I just met. However, in the back of my mind I would always believe I had the potential to speak and gain the confidence to change

My Writing Assignment

Growing up an introvert was hard; I would always be the kid who sat in the back and kept her head down waiting for class to end trying to skip out on having to share. Everything about speaking to groups of people was slightly terrifying for me. Whether it was reading my answers out loud in class or even presenting a project to a crowded room it would cause me to have anxiety. I was always like this until my senior year of high school. Senior year truly helped me break out of my shell.

Sasha Hollens And Shaun Maynard Analysis

When I started reception at Challa Gardens Primary school, that’s when I began to differentiate from the other kids my age. I always had a different way of looking at things, I held a lot of empathy for everyone even those who didn’t have anything to be empathetic about and even at such a young age, I would overthink everything. About half way through reception I came to the realization that I didn’t really have friends. I hang around people but looking back at it now, they always seemed annoyed by my presences. This is when my anxiety began to creep in, my fear of rejection. Which also caused my social anxiety because I fear getting close to

Comfort Zone Journal

Throughout many of my journal entries I express the fear of going outside of my comfort zone. This fear I have is the reason why I am not vey social able or outgoing. In many of my reflections I also express the fact that I’m afraid of other people and how they will judge me. Last week in class we learned about how adolescence believe in an imaginary audience. I don’t think I ever really grew out of believing in an imaginary audience. I still constantly think I am the center of people’s attention and not in a good way.

Essay on Personality Analysis

  • 3 Works Cited

As I have gotten older, some of the introversion has faded to a certain extent, but it is still present. Through my job as a Special Education Teacher, I have had to overcome a majority of my introversion so I can effectively do my job. On any given day, I will have to speak to not only my students but also the office staff, coworkers, and possibly some of the children’s parents. Conversation goes both ways, so to be successful at my job; I would have to be willing to be open and communicate with others more. I also have to realize that I need to make the first step sometimes. Not everyone is going to come to me; there are times I am going to have to go to others.

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Essay About Comfort Zone

Analysis of chris mccandless in into the wild, by jon krakauer.

With this he has a greater appreciation for the world around him since he is not distracted by law school, money and new cars. “My days were more exciting when I was penniless and had to forage around for my next meal.” (Krakauer, 33). While we focus on growing our net worth exponentially and admiring the beauty of the overpriced watches that we one day hope to have, we fail to appreciate something so simple as the sunset or the stars. From such appreciation, we can discover legitimate happiness.

How Does Chris Mccandless Learn From Into The Wild

The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experience” (Krakauer 57). People need to live a life outside of their comfort zone because joy in life comes from new experiences and adventure. We learn from Chris that we need to escape our comfort zone.

Analysis Of Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

The satisfaction he obtains from overcoming these challenges supports the view that fulfillment comes from actively facing life's challenges rather than choosing a comfortable, risk-free lifestyle. In addition, Honnold's thoughts on pleasure and comfort further show the importance of the value of an examined life. He asserts, "Anyone can be happy and cozy. Nothing good happens in the world by being happy and cozy.

Pacific Oaks College Application Essay

Additionally, the online format has granted me the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of students from all around the world, fostering a global perspective and enhancing my cultural awareness. These aspects have undoubtedly reduced the stress associated with traditional institutions and provided me with a sense of autonomy over my

Gilman Scholarship

There is an old Moorish proverb that reads, “He who does not travel, does not know the value of man.” That quote resonates deep within me because I have a yearning to use my education to empower those in need. In order to do so, I need to see and experience the world outside of the one I am accustomed to. Curiosity is one of the traits that define the person that I am; because of this trait I always ask questions about the world around me and the people I meet. This is one of the driving forces behind my desire to venture outside of the United States to learn a new language and culture.

Ignorance In Kingsolver's The Poisonwood Bible

Ultimately, the human heart seeks comfort and familiarity. The great unknown strips away this feeling of safety, leading to a vulnerability that draws the true nature of a person into the harshness of reality. Unfamiliar environments, newly met strangers, the imminent and all-too-unpredictable future--these things generally incite feelings of insecurity and anxiety; for some, panic accompanies the thought of not having control. Some avoid matters of fear altogether, opting for a life softened with intentional ignorance. It is the fatal tendency of mankind to manipulate their troubles into trivial tasks that can easily be ignored and eventually forgotten, or at the very least, left to the side.

Joyas Volardores Brian Doyle Analysis

Life should be lived to its fullest potential. There are so many joyful experiences in life as well as many sad ones. In Brian Doyle’s Joyas Volardores, Doyle explains that humans instinctively attempt to block themselves from pain. But, he says that this is not how we should live.

Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 7 P1

Health and social care: Unit 7 (P1) Equality and diversity Introduction Farleigh Residential care home is available to the elderly and also it’s a part time day centre for adults with disabilities. Its purpose is to care for needs of adults with learning disabilities and also for the elderly. What is equality? Equality is the idea that everyone has equal rights and every individual is entitled to equality.

Beside Oneself Judith Butler Analysis

What may seem bearable to one person may seem unbearable to another. It is up to the person to decide for himself. She then begins by posing the question, "what makes our life bearable?”, and “what makes other’s lives bearable?", referring to them as the "questions of the human" (114). This deciding what makes life bearable is an ambiguous concept. To me personally, the question of what makes my own life bearable is the fact knowing that I have a close-knit group of family and friends that are always there to support me in anything I do.

Powerful Motivational Speech Rhetorical Analysis

Summary of the Powerful Motivational Speech “COMFORT ZONE - Powerful Motivational Speech, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiAalrujjyA” video, is an enlightening one as it relates to motivating people. While reviewing and listening to the speech it had a great effect on me. Why is this speech so effective? For years, I have found myself just staying where I was most comfortable never wanting to venture out and become uncomfortable.

College Admissions Essay: My Life As A Third Culture Kid

This is the only way of life I know, getting somewhere, unpacking, starting to settle down only to pick things up back again to start a new journey. This way of life has given me the tools and skills necessary to view things through a different lens, to be acceptant of others cultures and traditions and open to different thoughts and ideas. Upon living all over the map I am filled with the desire to learn, experience and continue to steep out of my comfort zone. I tend to study at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville to continue to extend my horizons

Why I Want To Study Economics Essay

Rather than other universities around the world, I wish to apply for Keio University in Japan because PEARL provides a welcoming atmosphere for foreign students. As an international student, attending Keio University is a good opportunity to meet other international students and learn more about Asia. Having been to numerous international schools, I value the experience of meeting different people. I believe it’s a chance to learn about different cultures and develop into a well-rounded person as well.

Essay On Being Normal

Today, our society is filled with various cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles. Despite differences, everyone wants to be accepted by others in their community, but what has to be done in order to be accepted is not clearly defined. Being accepted could mean wearing the right clothes, being involved in the right clubs or groups, or simply being a kind or generous individual. People should just be normal. As stated in the book Remix, “the label ‘normal’ is loaded with a range of cultural assumptions”

Essay On Sense Of Belonging

A sense of belonging is a factor that contributes to academic achievement in secondary school students. This section of the essay will attempt to, through research, attempt to find out to what extent a sense of belonging contributes to academic achievement. As stated in the introduction, a sense of belonging can be defined as feeling to be a part of something, for example a group or a school environment. In an educational environment, this means the school, including the classrooms and social circles.

Personal Narrative Essay: My Favorite Place In The World

As I stepped out onto the field, my gaze drifted upward. The sky was speckled with millions of tiny, glittering stars. We were so isolated out here that even the Milky Way was visible. I had never seen it in person before. That’s just one of those things that only happens at camp, the most magical place I know.

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Leaving your comfort zone.

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            Leaving your comfort zone can be an awkward feeling, it's almost like a feeling of being distraught. The few times I left my comfort zone it nearly ended badly, but in the end it was one of the best decision I've made. I have left my comfort zone hundreds of times. The few times it went wrong, but the times it did go wrong the only thing you can do is get back up, and try again. The most I remember about leaving my comfort zone is when I first rode a bike by myself, or when my parents gave me keys to the car and I had to drive on the highway, and the one I remember the most is when I ate squid that one time That is one of the weirdest foods I've ever eaten.              The first time I rode a bike it was special for me. I was always scared of falling and getting hurt because I knew the floor hurt. Training wheels saved me so many times from falling over, and I love them for that. When I had first ridden a bike my dad helped me by pushing, and then he let go. I remember the first time he let go I fell over almost instantly. To this day I'm grateful he taught me, because how bad would I look in front of my friends if I didn't know how to ride a bike. After that moment I knew if my mom or dad was around me helping me I would have no problem leaving my comfort zone.              When I got my permit my dad made me drive home. Let's remember this is my first time driving a car, and it was probably the scariest moment of my life. The constant watching of what everyone is doing around me struck fear into me, because I knew if something were to happen I don't know how to respond. Driving on the highway is so easy after you have done it for a while, but beginners get really scared. The reason I got scared is because I have never gone to such speeds before, and during traffic there is so many other cars around you to worry about that it creates a lot of stress. The only reason I knew I could do it is because I had my dad there to help me through it.

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They develop a sense of security where they are and therefore decide to stay within that comfort zone. ... This is his comfort zone. ... He even asks, "You have no fear of going home before your usual hour?- to the younger waiter, implying that he is afraid to leave his comfort zone. ... In his comfort zone. ...

  • Word Count: 1100
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college essay on comfort zone

In a response to Oprah Winfrey's online poll concerning stepping out of your comfort zone, more than 6800 responses included that they felt "like prisoners of their own comfort zone". ... Stepping out of your comfort zone opens up a whole new world. ... But before we just go busting out of our shells, we must examine the idea of leaving one's comfort zone and put it up to the Rotary Four-Way Test. ... Stepping out of your comfort zone gives allows for so many opportunities to come your way. ... Finally, we must examine if stepping out of your comfort zone will be beneficial to all co...

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3. Argumentative Essay - The Spirit of Genius

college essay on comfort zone

Unconsciously, we are always looking to remain within our "comfort zone." ... This does not mean that staying within our comfort zone is wrong. However, if you ever want to exceed your expectations and get to have amazing results, without a doubt that you will have to expand your comfort zone. ... The comfort zone is the set of limits that hold us back. ... The spirit of genius is always knocking on our doors and it's up to each individual to leave its comfort zone and let those new experiences, new challenges and struggles take possession of their lives. ...

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4. Journey to Travel Home

When explorers travel for business, leisure, or permanent relocation, they often leave behind a place of comfort, one with which they have become familiar. This place is where travelers often call home-their comfort zone. ... Travel makes us connect with things we leave behind in ways we would never have connected if we remained in our comfort zones instead. ... For some, home is less static as it consists of a group of people, family or friends, who add to the satisfaction of being there although sometimes these people may be a part of the journey and in those cases home has somewhat moved wi...

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5. College Acceptance Essay

I wanted to raise the white flag and just go home and be in the comfort of my family. ... My father always told me that part of becoming a man and a useful citizen in society involves a lot of getting out of your comfort zone and absolutely jumping out of it in order to tackle life head on. ... This was most certainly way out of my comfort zone. ... The experiences and skills gained in the service were second to none, but I believe I am ready to leave it all behind to join the civilian world and become a valuable citizen. ... The decision to separate and go to college was not an easy decision ...

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6. TV Show - How I Met Your Mother

college essay on comfort zone

"How I Met Your Mother" (HIMYM) is a television series following a man, Ted Mosby, and his friends through their late 20s in New York City. ... As blogger Erin Ryan wrote "Because of its relentless dated cultural and political references, How I Met Your Mother will likely be remembered by future TV nerds as one of the most quintessentially of-the-moment shows"(2014). ... This expectation was not met, the mother's character development was pushed to the side leaving viewers unsatisfied. ... Instead of ending the show with a final lesson or a happy ending of all the couples on a front ...

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7. My Night

My smile won't fade away because this is my euphoria; this is my comfort zone. ... It has little significance to the fact that this smile still won't leave my face, no matter how many times I've been pushed or how many times my Converse sneakers have been stepped on. ... The blaring ring in your ears doesn't go away for at least 24 hours, but I don't mind it. ...

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8. Searching for a Path

college essay on comfort zone

We become contained in a comfort zone that we rarely, if ever, stray from. The few times that we do are when trust is given to someone else and we in turn lengthen the limits of our comfort zones. ... I was shown this when I watched Good Will Hunting and it made me realize that not every person is the same and that some people are worth trusting if they can give your life more direction. ... This scene is one of many that prove this is a great movie to me because I know that if I were Will, nothing would make me think about my life more than my best friend hoping that I had the guts to leav...

  • Word Count: 983

9. Splinter

college essay on comfort zone

It through me into a public speaking contest which was way out of my comfort zone. ... In 4-H you learn more than just about your project. ... Splinters in your lives can also have devastating effects. ... Will you live in a world of regret and leave whatever is blocking you alone or will you pull it out and take advantage of what 4-H and life offers us. ... Whatever you do don't ignore the problem cause it will only leave you filling unsatisfied and full of regret. ...

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