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Physical Appearance,

descriptive essay about a person physical appearance

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The lonely good company of books summary.

Throughout my life I haven’t learned too much about literature. It wasn’t until high school I thought highly of literature, in a sense I would have to be literate in order to succeed. As I proceed through life I realize how important literature is, not only to myself but to others. In “The Lonely Good Company of Books”, Richard Rodriguez explains how his parents did not read to him, and how he became literate. I could relate to Richard’s situation because I wasn’t read to much either. Though reading and writing is a necessity and students should learn literature at a young age, it can also be entertaining and create imagination. A growing problem in society is the inability to be literate at a young age.…

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest and skinniest of them all? The average woman sees 400 to 600 advertisements per day, and by the time she is 17 years old, she has received over 250,000 commercial messages through the media (Body Image and Advertising). By the mid-1950s, television had become an established part of the furniture in the majority of American homes (Petley). The media has a powerful influence on teenager’s body image through print, electronic, and television advertisements.…

This assignment the writer had to pick a commercial or advertisement that appealed to adolescents. The commercial that was chosen was a Calvin Kline Jeans commercial.…

Personal Appearance

The US Army is a professional organization which prides itself on being the best, brightest, and strongest military in the world. With that reputation comes a very high level of expectation from its joining members. Every soldier is an ambassador for the US Army, responsible for upholding its image at all times and all places. Therefore maintaining a professional appearance is vital to maintaining that image.…

Regis University Personal Statement

I moved to Colorado when I was about 4 or 5 when my Mother married this wonderful man who raised me to be the man I am today. It may sound strange but I loved the idea of growing up in two states because it gave me the wonderful oppurtunity to see the Great Rockies of Colorado and the Great Plaines of Illinois. When I was younger I moved between the states about every 2 or 3 years so half my education is in Illinois while the other half was in Colorado. Growing up in Colorado I had some incredible times like My brothers and I would spend hours in the summer digging in the back yard trying to see if we could actually get to China (never did) , while in the winters we would spend hours in the front yard building Igloos and slides when it snowed about 4ft. In Illinois the summers were equally amazing we would spend the days swimming at the local pool while we would spend the nights outside of U.S. cellular stadium, when the White Sox were good, a couple blocks down watching the fireworks go off either after a home run or at the end of the game. The winters in Illinois were brutally cold but that still didn't stop us from playing some hardcore tackle football at the High School or sledding down some insanely steep hills. These childhood memories will just keep getting fonder and fonder with time.…

For most people in order to feel good they must look good, however for some people looking good doesn’t cut it they have to be perfect. In our minds every one of us has an idealized body image which comes from “a mixture of ideas and feeling about one’s physical appearance…linked to self esteem and emotional stability” (Maggie 2). Factors that influence ones self- perceptions are the 21st century media, peers, and family basically our main social surroundings.…

Comparison Of Sherman Alexie's Superman And Me

Sherman Alexie’s, “Superman and Me” helped me remember how I developed my passion for reading as a child. From the moment I was able to read, I cherished this form of media. While other children my age viewed reading as a chore or a burden, I read for the endless possibilities it provided my imagination. Reading gives an individual the opportunity to learn new information, while creating new thoughts. My parents worked multiple jobs to provide my sisters and me with what they considered necessary for us. Given out circumstances, we found other means of entertainment. When we did not have luxuries such as cable, my sisters and I would have to find other ways to keep ourselves entertained. When we weren’t riding our bikes around the block, we would collect old books from our friends and…

Final Project:: Personal Narrative

and my environment. The infancy stage of my life was filled with glory and gloom as parents…

Cynthia Kadohata 's book, Kira-Kira, is a story about an American-Japanese family during the mid-1950 's who struggle to save money to buy a home. The story begins in Iowa where the family lives and owns a small Asian grocery store. The parents are American born, educated in Japan and still hold some Japanese traditional qualities. Conflict is introduced when they move to Georgia to work in a poultry factory after their family store fails to be profitable. Additional conflict is added later in the story when the oldest daughter develops a terminal illness. Through the story readers learn about the conditions of living in American during this time period. It accurately reflects prejudice towards Japanese-Americans and other cultures, describes horrible factory working conditions, and demonstrates how communities-families pulled together to cope and improve their situations.…

Why Reading Is Important To Me Essay

This is a story about how I became the reader, I am today. Starting with the two people I love the most is my parents, then is when every make believe thing is real like the gingerbread man, and now finally is the person who made me want to read all day every day, the person who doesn't want to put a book down, I wanted to be just like Miss.King , but sports, homework, school, and much more so right now I and a 5 because reading takes time and I don't have all the time in the world to read, other thing come first. Now let me tell you about me reading history.…

Vietnam War Lessons

Now the question is, which one describes me? And, how? This is a tricky one! I feel that…

Personal Narrative-Day Life: The Southern Woman

I grew up in a very small town, so small it only had one traffic light and was a 25 minute drive to anywhere in any direction we went.…

Creamer, Anita. “Reality TV Meets Plastic Surgery: An Ugly Shame.” Signs of Life in the U.S.A. 5th ed. Eds. Sonia Massik and Jack Solomon. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins, 2006. 229-31. Print.…

The nonfiction article, "Here's to Looking at You: Is Body Image Being Taken Too Seriously?" by Annie Rispin, is about the struggles of body image of both women and men in college and how current media plays a large part in the issue. Rispin suggests that the pressure college students have to look affects them, especially in our culture of cell phones and media.…

Female Body Image

Growing up I always wanted to be my own person, from choosing what clothes I wore, to trying to wear my mother's make up. As I started growing older, everything changed, I looked up at the TV one day and saw skinny models looking radiant down the runway. I remember telling myself "I want to be just like them." They were everywhere, on magazines, TV, and billboards. I have never been a size 0 but after seeing that all the girls on the media were so skinny and "perfect" my goal became to look just like them so I could get the same attention they got. It seemed that in order to get attention and acceptance you needed to look a certain way. As an adult now, I have witnessed the tragic effect that appearances on the media have on people. They try…


Description Of My Physical Body

Body image has changed throughout the years.

Body image has changed throughout the years. The feeling that you have to have this perfect body has grown. Body image is an issue in today’s society especially through the media outlets.

Standards of Beauty Depicted in Magazines Essays

Body image is an important concept in many adolescent and young adult minds. To have a positive body image is to know that you are beautiful. To be beautiful is to reach the standards of beauty in society. However, society is constantly changing those standards as time goes by. Many young men and women strive to reach the positive, even if it means their health, money, and mind. They have the media, such as magazines to thank for these wonderful standards.

Media 's Influence On Body Image

A body image is a subjective combination of all the thoughts, emotions, and judgments that an individual may perceive about his or her own body. Each individual has a unique perception of his or her own body. This image is strongly influenced and often times skewed due to the increasing pressure created from outside, societal factors. With a world that is continuously creating new forms of social media and entertainment, individuals are constantly exposed to images that supposedly define bodily perfection and are then expected to resemble these images in order to fit in and/or please society. The expectations that have been put in place by society has created unwanted pressure on individuals who feel as if they need to resemble these images to get society’s approval.

College Essay On My Identity

As for myself, body image is very important to my identity. Physical identity is a big thing to me because; I have always had the tendency to be hard on myself; due to the lack of self-confidence, which I mentioned my boyfriend has helped immensely with. I always find myself taking the extra steps to make sure I look my best, keep my hair blonde, having my nails cleaned up, wearing my nice clothes, and doing my makeup. There is something about those few things that make me feel better about

The Physical Image : Social Media And Body Image

What is body image? From Sophia Greene’s ‘Body Image: Perceptions, Interpretations, and Attitudes’, body image is “the mental picture we have in our minds of the size, shape, and form of our bodies and out feeling concerning these characteristics and one’s body parts.” So, let break this down a bit. It all comes down to the mental picture we have of ourselves? But when the media is constantly throwing images out there of what “beauty” is, is it just our mental picture of ourselves that determines our body image? Is it all the other physical pictures around us shaping what we should look like? Out subconscious sees everything around us and is a part of determining that feeling concerning the characteristics of our body.

Personal Narrative: My Body Dysmorphia

I’m very concerned about how I look and how people, especially online, perceive me. My appearance has always been an important part of my identity I’ve consistently held the belief that I must look my best, no matter what. Undoubtedly, this was the result of years upon years of bullying, but I assumed that my body dysmorphia had improved. It actually hasn’t at all. I’m very concerned about how I look and how people, especially online, perceive me. My appearance has always been an important part of my identity I’ve consistently held the belief that I must look my best, no matter what. Undoubtedly, this was the result of years upon years of bullying, but I assumed that my body dysmorphia had improved. It actually hasn’t at

Body Image Book Report

1. Body image (how you think you look to other people) is an important part of your self-concept and self-esteem. This is especially true during adolescence. Because of the rapid changes taking place, many adolescents are dissatisfied with their bodies. Think back to high school. How did you feel about your body? How do you think these early adolescent feelings have affected how you feel about yourself now?

Body Outlaws

This source is going to be used specifically to show how body image varies from each individual to the next due to other factors such as those mentioned above. When discussing body image a one size fits all definition and experienced is assigned , but this source will show that no two experiences are the same. The examples in this novel will also be used to show that these differences need to be taken in consideration when starting to find out what method works to help an individual create a more positive body

Body Image By Andrea M. Bradbury 's ' The Lit Class '

Body image by definition is an individual 's concept of his or her own body. It’s how they see themselves and think others see them as well. Everyone has a body image where it is good or bad but more and more we are seeing body image issues lead into disorders. Our body images are often influenced by the people we care about, people we aspire to be and people we want to impress. All too often the people we want to be are photoshopped, thin and “beautiful” and utterly unattainable. And the people we want to impress are the bullies that tell us we will never be good enough for them. I think stopping the problem of Body image issues needs to start at home when your children are young.

Informative Speech On Eating Disorders

"Body image is the perception that a person has of their physical self and the thoughts and feelings that result from that perception.” The American society has been broadcasting a certain type of body,

Media Representation Of Body Image

I agree with how the media depicts the body image because it is just a tool that was created by humans. It is always improving every day, every hour to convey to users with the desire as real as possible. It only does follows the idea or purpose of an individual or group of people, such as it describes in detail outside and inside the body image to serve the medical or entertainment industries. On the user side, we only select, track what is considered to be a good and match for us.

Body Image And How It Effects Health Essay

Body image may be viewed as the way people see themselves and even imagine how they make look based off how they may feel about themselves. Yet it could also be viewed as the way other people see you. Body image, in medicine and psychology refers to a person 's emotional attitudes, beliefs and views of their own body (Positive and Negative Body Image). According to Positive and Negative Body Image, a negative body image develops when a person feels his or her body does not amount up to family, social, or media standards. Many people feel as if they don’t measure up to the belief of others. People who have accepted the way they look often feel good about their image and would be considered to have a positive body image. One’s appearance may not be measure up to how their family expects it to be or how it is perceived to be in the media, but once people learn accept and be proud of the way they look they’ll be better off in the long run. When a person is measured against the standards of the beauty seen frequently in the media and it doesn’t compare to how they feel about themselves it become discouraging. Having said that, long-lasting negative body image can affect both your mental and physical health which could lead to eating disorders down the road.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (OCD)

“Body image” states to the mental picture that you have of the way you appearance.

Media and Body Image Essay example

  • 7 Works Cited

Often, people of all ages, race, and gender catch themselves gazing into mirrors for hours, blaming themselves for the way they look, not realizing that the media is actually the one to blame for many people’s body image. Body image is the way people see themselves, or how they assume other people see them. It is not likely to see a plus sized model in a magazine or a model on the runway with blemishes on her face. A person’s negative perception of their own body is not because they think it is wrong to look and be healthy; it is because the media is telling them that being a size 2 with flawless skin is healthy and beautiful.

Cosmetic Surgery - Beauty Or Beast?

According to, body image is defined as “an intellectual or idealized image of what one 's body is or should be

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Rhetoric 102

Wednesday, october 10, 2007.

  • Physical appearance paragraphs


This eighteen year old Africa American plus size female is tall with a height ranging from 5’8 – 5’10 with butter colored completion. Her hair is placed messy into a pony tail with old worn kinky twist braids in shades of brown both light and dark. She has light brown hazel net eyes but she always wear her bold black prescription glasses with white stripes on the legs of the frame accented by small rhinestones. She has four piecing, two in each ear. She always wears four small stud ear rings. Across her hairline and on her right nostril there are small moles. There are also many skin tags scarred across her cheeks. Placed on her throat is a black dime size mole that represents her birthmark. Most of the time this person is wearing black, hoodies and zip up jackets are her favorite. You will always find a black case on the right side of her hip that holds her cellular device.

I am six feet tall and I weigh 170 pounds. I have brown eyes with hair to match. My hair is short and I often wear a hat. I am tall and slender with a built body. I have large feet and hands with long fingers. With my hairless baby face I have a boyish charm. My confident stride portrays a confident attitude.

Everyone has their own unique physical appearance. The best way I would describe my appearance would be based on my height and body frame. I am about 5’4” and about 120 pounds. I have my Dad’s chin, neck and brown eyes and everything else I get from my mom. I have a small frame and curry blonde hair. Although, I am already taller than my mom I have no hope in getting much taller considering no one in my family is that tall.

There are many ways you can descibe a person. The way I would describe my self Is that im short and slender. My height is 5'3, and I weigh about 110. I have a dark complection, and brown eyes just like my dad. My hair is also brown, which I get from both parents. There are many physical apperarances I have that relate to both my parents. But more people say that I look more like my dad and act like my mom. These are just a few descriptions of what I look like.

My physical features are very unique. I have natural long blonde hair with a dull scar on the left side on my hairline. Luckily, its invisible to the naked eye. My eyes are hazel, with long curly eye lashes. On my face along with my freckles under my left eye I have a red, bubble, and nasty scar that everyone can see. Worst of all I it has a story behind it that will stay with me for the rest of my life. My teeth are straight thanks to the braces I had on for three years. Lip that if you looked close enough the have tiny scars which I have to look at everyday. Even though you maybe not be able to see it I look in the mirror every morning and I feel that all I can see. My neck as equally long as a giraffes, only if had long thin legs too. Instead I have short chubby legs that are not very impressive. I have long arms and fingers. My right hand has two scars where the doctor burned me. You may ask who are you describing? This is me Angela May Shamus.

I am a Caucasian female, 5’7, eighteen years old. I have medium brown hair which is usually straightened. If it is not straightened it is pulled into a bun with a headband. I have hazel colored eyes and a bright friendly smile. On a normal day, I would wear jeans, flip flops and a comfortable shirt. I am always laughing and having a good idea.

The best way to describe myself is a very quiet and shy person. i like to speak my mind but that only happen if i have a lot of confidence at that moment. Im tall, about 5'8", and its easy to notice me in a crowd because of my height. its very had to decribe myself you would have to see for yourself.

I am a 18 year old male, asian american from filipino decents. I have black, spikey hair and brown eyes. My skin is tanned colored. I'm short and slender built. Both of my ears are pierced. I wear casual and sometimes preppy clothes. I love wearing basketball shoes.

If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am about 5’7 with shoulder length hair. My hair is black with brown highlights. I have brown eyes. I wear glasses and have a beauty mark on the left side of my month. I’m brown skin and skinny. But not the Mary Kate and Ashley skinny. I have frequeckels on both my hands. Have a birth mark on my upper thigh. I have a Tyra Banks forehead and when I am dressed up I look like Ciara.

Physical Description of Myself To describe myself you could say many things besides being white. Three things you can say to describe me are elongated, athletic, and young. First of all I would describe myself as young, due to my baby looking face when shaved. This feature describes me as a young man; this is one of my main features. To describe myself as tall I am a little over six feet in height with a longer lower body. Another feature that describes me is my athletic build from playing various sports. My lower body has wider legs and feet of a hockey player, while my upper body has long arms of a basketball player. I play both of these sports and they give me the build of an athlete and show my elongated features.

A Physical Description of Me A physical description of me is very simple. I am an African American girl with soulful dark brown eyes that wears glasses. I am 5’5 with pretty brown skin. My personality is very unique. Some say I am very different, because of the way I look at life. I am a dressy person that loves jewelry, and loves clothes that are stylish for my self. I can say that I love who I am and I love how I look. I think me a very fantastic person inside and out.

I am an African American female about 5'8 or 5'9. I am huskey, brown skin,have brownish, red zillions. I have litte moles all over my face, with brown eyes. Round circular face with dark spots on both left and right cheeks due to car accident. I have two piercings in both ears.On my right foot i have a tattoo of a cherry blossom and on my left leg i have another tattoo of a rose with my granny's name and birthdate.

I am a 5'4" caucasion female with a estimated weight of 120 pounds at the current age of 18. I have red hair and freckles, which my parents always told me where kisses from the angels. My eyes are origionally a grey/blue. Now I cheated a little and have eyes that are now bluer than the ocean thanks to technology. I have a couple piercings, 4 in each ear, my navel and also my nose. I had braces for 9 years, so my teeth are as close to perfect as you can get. That's a little bit about how I look.

I am 6 foot 1 and have a very slim figure. I have blonde hair and blue eye. On my right forearm I have a tattoo.

To start, I have hazel eyes and they are actually pretty big along with my lips. I am Italian so I have olive colored skin. My height is 5’1’’ and I am short compared to a lot of people but I am average weight. I have dark brown hair, which goes good with my complexion. My ears are pierced in two places and I have a new piercing also, and it is called a Monroe, which is right above my lip. I am an average looking person.

I am really short about 4'11 i think may be 5 feet and about 95 pounds and i use a wheelchair to get around campus and people say i have very pretty eyes

I'm and eighteen year old young woman. I'm a little bit curvy, but is getting fit, and will be in awesome shape by the time she gets deployed in the Air Force. I have Blond hair, and yes it's natural I was born that way, but now a days I do color it from time to time. I'm on the shorter side around 5"4ish. My sense of style doesn't stick to one trend, I like to pick and choose from everything. I have very pale skin for the most part, right now is the tannest I think I've been in a while, outside of summer. Since it is a morning class and it tends to be colder this time of day you might find me wearing long sleeves or a sweatshirt. My eyes are blue, green and gray depending on my mood, and what I'm wearing that day. I have a pretty straight nose, ski slopes they call them. Sometimes I wear my glasses, which are black rimmed with purple in the inside. I have my left eyebrow pierced, sometimes I wear my hair over it. My hands are really small, I like to call them carnie hands. My aura is really relaxed, chilled, and I'm actually really outgoing. This class doesn't really bring out my loud side yet, I'm not sure why. You probably don't see me on campus too much because I come here for class Monday-Friday but I'm a commuter so I get and out.

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. See the link below for more info. #appearance

I am 14 years old. I am a girl.i am tall 5'3"feet and weigh eyes clour is hare is shorts.i am in class 10

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Physical Appearance and Personality

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descriptive essay about a person physical appearance

Human Physical Appearance

How many times have you formed an impression of someone even before you got to know him or her well? How many times you felt bad because you were judged? Why do people misjudge? It is because, we’re human. We all misjudge all the time. It is easy to misjudge people based on outward appearances. People nowadays are judgmental; they’re basing their behavior towards others through physical appearance. Though appearances people create their own stereotypes and misjudge the other person.

In conclusion, everyone has either been misjudged or judged at least once in his/her lifetime. Misjudging someone can be very unfair to others and in some cases you never know when other people are going through the same thing as you had gone through at some point of your life. Nobody should judge a person by their appearance. When people misjudge other people, they don’t give them the chance to experience a good and healthy life without being hurt by what others say and think. Lastly, nobody wants anyone o misjudge other in any kind of way.

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Free Physical Appearance Essay Sample

Physical appearance has been given a lot of priority in our society today. People are judged primarily on the way they look and this has impacted a lot on the way people perceive beauty. Beauty has been said to be in the eyes of the beholder but the society has clear views on what beautiful is. There are set looks that are termed beautiful and falling short of these guidelines makes one feel like they are not beautiful. The society has come up with a particular look for women; they have to be tall and skinny with flawless skin to be beautiful. Men on the other hand have to have a six pack on their bodies and popping muscles to be termed handsome. It goes against the saying that a very small percentage of the population can have this kind of looks. Thus the majority is left out of the beauty bubble.

The halo effect is a well known cognitive bias where by certain characteristics of a person are used to make an opinion of the person. It has been said that all the beautiful people have an easy way out of situations in that they are more likely to become successful and have all the things they may want to have in life. This is based on the notion that the beautiful people are also intelligent, more creative and happier than those who are not beautiful. The halo effect puts a lot of pressure on those people who do not directly fall in the bracket of being termed beautiful. They put a lot of emphasis on wearing the most expensive dresses and shoes in order to fit in the society. Many people buy expensive accessories as a way of finding a balance to get them closer to looking beautiful. The pressure even prompts some people to undergo surgeries in the name of correcting and changing their looks to have them look beautiful. Judging people based on their looks or appearance is unfair since it is a non work related attribute. Everyone should be given an equal and fair chance to present what they have at the work place. Being beautiful and does not necessarily equals to having the best brains or skills necessary to excel at the work place. In most cases, the people with the best looks are short of the required qualifications and qualities because they are used to having things done in their favor. It would be a great loss to a company to ignore the unattractive jobseeker with the right qualities.

The devil effect is the bias on a person on the basis of a single attribute on the person. One may be in a work environment where they perform very well. The person may be the best in the department and have the best and brightest chances of growing in the career ladder. However, the supervisor may diminish these bright dreams by constantly giving a below par opinion of the person. This may be based on the fact that the supervisor does not like the person or that they do not like the way the person talks. This has had an impact on the development of some people in the work place (Rosenzeigh, 10). Supervisors and people in power should not judge other people on values that are out of the job bracket. No one is perfect and what appeals to one may not appeal to the other. It is thus only fair that every person learns to accept the other person just the way they are. If a colleague has a habit that is repulsive, it is better to talk to them about it rather than hate them based on that single habit. Personal opinions also should not be allowed to cloud the judgment of people. First impressions are not to be the sole decision making ways to like or dislike an individual.

The Devil Wears Prada is a perfect comedy drama film that clearly depicts the thin line between what is real and first impressions. He film follows the life and work experience of Andy, a common lady reporting to her high profile job as a junior personal assistant. Her employer is The Runway magazine which is an executive publishing company. Andy is set to work for the strict editor-in-chief, Miranda Priestly. When she walks into the offices for the interview, she gets disapproving stares from all the people she meets. This is because according to them, she is dressed in a rather shady manner. The company has put forth high standards of presentation for all its employees for which she does not fit. Andy almost misses out on the interview because the assistant judges her looks and almost ignores her. All the employees at Runway magazine don a similar look; they are all skinny, attractive and wear the latest clothes in the latest fashion in accessories. Andy clearly does not fit in and is quickly overlooked. In the beauty is good theory, it is stated that attractive people have a higher chance of getting hired than the unattractive people. In respect to this, Andrea is judged by the first impression based entirely on her looks and almost misses out on the internship position (Gladwell, 12).

The Devil Wears Prada also effectively depicts the devil effect. When Andy is hired, she still maintains her look and personality. However, when she comes late to work the very next day, Miranda is not amused. Miranda looks down on her and gives her the least kind of errands to run for her. Andy is supposed to get her coffee and is not sent to Miranda’s office. Her first mistake in the eyes of Miranda almost keeps her working below her potential. Andy does not have it any better since she fits in poorly in the work environment with her colleagues. She does not see eye to eye with her supervisor, Emily and this almost brings in tension in their office space. Emily remains the personal assistant while Andy’s continuous fumbling with her work leaves her picking after Miranda. Miranda dumps her coat and bag on Andy’s desk for her to pick every time she walks into the office. As much as Andy feels underutilized, there is little else she can do to change Miranda’s mind.

It is important that we all take some time to learn more about the people that we interact with. It would seem unfair if someone judged us by our looks or by the fact that we came in late to work one morning. The same way that we would like others to get to know us is the same way we all should take time to get to know them. Managers and supervisors should be educated on the effects the halo and the devil effects have on the workers. Awareness should be created especially at the work place to ensure that all the people are given fair and level working ground. Staff morale is lifted when they realize that the competitive grounds are equal for all of them without favor of one or two members (Rommetveit, 22). This is to maximize on quality and production from each and every member of staff. Once everyone understands that we cannot all be equal, then the better it would be to for colleagues to embrace each other and work as a team.

descriptive essay about a person physical appearance

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Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay About A Person

Caleb S.

Crafting an Authentic Portrait: A Guide to Writing a Descriptive Essay About a Person

Published on: Jan 19, 2023

Last updated on: Nov 15, 2023

Descriptive Essay About a Person

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Have you been assigned to write a descriptive essay about a person but don't know how to begin?

Writing a descriptive essay about someone can be an intimidating endeavor. It's hard to know where to start, what details to include, and how to capture the essence of the person in words.

This guide will provide you with the basic guidelines and tips to help you craft an effective, descriptive essay about a person. You'll get sample essays to get inspired by and easy tips to follow.

So let's dive in!

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Writing Tips for Descriptive Essay About a Person

Descriptive essays can be written on a range of themes. For instance you can write a descriptive essay about a place , food or even nature . It's common to write these essays about people, which paints a vivid picture of their appearance, personality, evoking a clear mental image for the reader.

Now that you've seen what a descriptive essay about a person looks like, you're ready to start crafting your own.

Here are some writing tips to help get you started:

Tips for Pre-Writing Phase

The prewriting phase is a crucial stage of the writing process, where you lay the foundation for a successful essay or document. Here are some tips for this stage:

  • Choose Your Subject

Before you start writing, take some time to think carefully about who you want to write about and why. Is it a family member, close friend, celebrity or public figure? What do you want to say about them? Who would be the ideal reader for this essay?

Want to write a descriptive essay on other topics? Check out 100+ descriptive essay topics !

  • Brainstorm Ideas

Once you've chosen the subject, take some time to brainstorm ideas. Think about their physical appearance, personality traits, hobbies, likes and dislikes, goals and dreams. Make notes of what comes to mind so that you can refer back to them during the writing process.

  • Describe Physical Features

Once you have your ideas in place, start by describing the person's physical features. Give a detailed description of their facial features, body type, clothing style and other elements that make up their overall appearance.

  • List Personality Traits

Now, move on to listing the person's character traits. Talk about how they act in different situations and what makes them unique as a person. Describe their different personality traits, how they think and how others perceive them.

  • Explore Their Interests

Next, focus on their interests and hobbies. Talk about what they like to do for fun, how they spend their free time, or any other activities that make them unique. Here, you may also include their achievements or other important events in their lives.

Tips for Writing Phase

As you transition from the prewriting phase to the actual writing stage, these tips will help you navigate the writing process more effectively:

  • Follow Your Outline

Now that you've brainstormed and outlined your essay, it's time to start writing. Stick to the points that you have listed in your outline or notes. Don't get too distracted with other aspects of the person that are not related to your topic.

Getting started on your essay? Check out this in-depth guide on how to create a descriptive essay outline !

  • Be Specific

When writing about a person, it's important to be as specific and concise as possible. Don't use general statements or cliches; instead, focus on giving the reader a vivid image of who this person is by using concrete examples and tangible details.

  • Show Don't Tell

Weave stories into your essay to give it more depth and make it come alive. Instead of just saying that the person is generous, tell a story about how they donated their time to help out in a charity event. This helps the reader paint a clearer picture of who this person really is.

  • Draw Conclusions

Once you've written the essay, it's time to draw some conclusions . What have you learned about this person from the essay? What makes them special? How would you sum up the overall portrait of this person?

Tips for Editing/Revising Phase

The editing and revising phase is where you refine and polish your work. Here are some tips to help you make your content clearer, more coherent, and error-free:

  • Check Your Facts

Before you submit your essay, make sure that all of the details that you have provided are accurate. Double-check any facts or dates to ensure accuracy.

  • Check Grammar and Clarity

Make sure to review your essay for any grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. Read through it several times to check for clarity and readability. This will help make sure that your essay is as polished and professional as possible.

  • Get a Second Opinion

Getting another opinion on your essay is always a good idea. Ask an expert essay writer to read it over and give you honest feedback. They will be able to point out any mistakes or areas where the essay could use some improvement.

These are just some basic tips to help get you started with writing a descriptive essay about someone. Allow yourself to be creative and write from the heart. With some practice and patience, you'll be able to create an essay that truly captures who this person is.

Descriptive Essay About a Person Examples

A descriptive essay is an essay where you describe something in detail. A descriptive essay relies on facts and information to describe a subject as it is.

A descriptive essay about a person is often written to describe a particular person. It can be about a person you admire , an acquaintance, family member like mother , friend, or even a celebrity.

Here are some examples to give you a better idea. Download and read them for free.

Descriptive Essay About a Person PDF

Descriptive Essay About a Person Example PDF

Descriptive Essay About a Person You Admire

Descriptive Essay About a Person You Love

Descriptive Essay About a Person Who Changed My Life

Descriptive Essay About a Famous Person

Need more examples? Check out these descriptive essay examples on other topics as well!

Do you need more help writing your descriptive essay? No worries, we're here to help you out! is a professional essay writing service that specializes in helping students write essays.

Our team of expert descriptive essay writers will work with you to craft a perfect essay. We also offer a range of other services, including editing and proofreading, so that your essay is as high-quality and error-free as possible.

Contact us today and let our descriptive essay writing service can help you create a winning essay.

Caleb S. (Literature, Marketing)

Caleb S. has been providing writing services for over five years and has a Masters degree from Oxford University. He is an expert in his craft and takes great pride in helping students achieve their academic goals. Caleb is a dedicated professional who always puts his clients first.

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Descriptive Essay About a Person

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How to Write a Descriptive Paragraph

How to Write a Descriptive Paragraph

Writing a descriptive paragraph can be a fun and rewarding task, as it allows you to use your creativity and descriptive language skills to paint a vivid picture in the reader’s mind. Whether you’re describing a person, place, or thing, the key to how to write a descriptive paragraph is to use sensory details and descriptive words to bring the subject to life. 

What is a Descriptive Paragraph?

A descriptive paragraph or essay is characterized by the use of Adjectives. It tells how something looks, feels, smells, tastes, and/or sounds. A good description is a word picture; the reader can imagine the object, place, or person in their mind. When describing a person, you should speak about that person’s physical appearance and personality.

  • What does s/he look like? (physically)
  • How does s/he dress?
  • What does s/he look like? (personality)
  • What attracts you to that person?
  •  What do you like most about them?

To describe a person, you need to talk about their:

Physical appearance : the way they look like

  • Height : tall, short, medium height…
  • Build : frail, slim, thin, skinny, stocky, plump, fat, chubby, large, heavy, well-built, fit…
  • Age : young, teenager, middle-aged, elderly…
  • Face : round, oval, wrinkled, furrowed, dimpled, sun-tanned, fair-skinned, baby-faced, chiseled…
  • Eyes : big, round, blue, hazel, small, piggy, narrow, bloodshot…
  • Hair : bald; straight, curly, spiky, wavy, black…
  • Clothes : casual, shabby, bright, tidy, untidy, messy…

Personality : their psychological traits or attitudes

Intelligent, witty, clever, gifted, brainy…

Shy, timid, introverted, extroverted, optimistic, pessimistic, sensitive, sensible, relaxed, tense…

Compassionate, considerate, courteous, generous, exuberant, practical…

Sociable, quarrelsome, argumentative, logical, rational, easy-going, even-tempered, honest, trustworthy, reliable, sincere…

Tips to help you write a descriptive paragraph

  • Choose a subject that you find exciting and can describe in detail.
  • Begin by introducing the subject and setting the scene. This will give the reader a general understanding of what you’re describing.
  • Use sensory details and descriptive words to help the reader visualize the subject. For example, if you’re describing a person, you might use words like “warm,” “generous,” and “kind.” If you’re describing a place, you might use words like “bustling,” “picturesque,” and “charming.”
  • Use vivid verbs and adjectives to bring the description to life and make it more interesting for the reader. For example, instead of saying, “The sky was blue,” you might say, “The sky was a brilliant, cerulean blue.”
  • Avoid cliches and try to use original language to describe your subject.
  • End the paragraph with a conclusion that ties everything together and reinforces the overall image you were trying to create. This will help the reader remember the subject and the details you included in the paragraph.

An Example of a Descriptive Paragraph (Describing a Person)

(Topic Sentence)  Bob is my best friend at school.  (Supporting Sentences: Physical Appearance)  I’ve known him since primary school. He is a tall person with a strong body. He has a round face with brown eyes. His hair is black and curly. Though young, he looks older than his age because of some wrinkles on his face. He also has dimples on his cheeks which makes him look handsome. Bob usually wears casual clothes. He is not keen on brands and fashion.  (Supporting Sentences: Personality) As for his personality, Bob is a shy and introverted person. He does not like being around people. He is a brainy guy. We call him the geek because of his love for IT. Not to mention that he is an honest and trustworthy person.  (Concluding Sentence)  To sum up, Bob is one of the people I admire most.

Example of a Descriptive Paragraph (2)

When I was two or three years old, I lived in a house with a strange atmosphere. I do not remember anything about the house except the stairway. It was dark, squeaking, and relatively narrow, and its steps were a little high for me to climb up. From the bottom of the stairway, it seemed like an endless climb to the top. Beyond the darkness at the top of the stairway was an elegant, middle-aged woman leaning against the wall. I had to pass her every time I went to my room, for my room was the first room beyond the stairs on the second floor. The woman wore a beautiful dress with a subtle pattern and a tinge of blue, and her peaceful eyes stared at me every time I went up the stairs. As I carefully climbed up the last step, her eyes became fixed on me. She didn’t talk, nor did she move. She just stood there and watched me climb up the stairs. One day I touched her, but she did not react. Her face did not change expression, nor did she even blink. She just kept staring at me with her glittering eyes. Later, we moved out of the house, and I never saw her again. Now I know that the woman was a dummy. My aunt, who lived in the house, used it for her dress.


How to Write an Expository Essay

How to Write an Expository Essay 2023 Guide

Writing - Capitalization Checklist2

Capitalization Checklist

Independent and dependent clauses

Independent and dependent clauses

thank you . i like how you wrote the paragraph.

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