Is the Customer Always Right?

Introduction, the customer is always right.

In business, companies, managers, and employees strive to offer the best customer service because happy customers lead to more sales and higher profits. The “customer is always right” is a cliché statement that is used as a foundational philosophy for running successful businesses. It is an expression of how much companies value their customers as they are invaluable assets that are vital to the attainment of their goals. This phenomenon has existed for many centuries and has received widespread criticism and positive appraisals. Critics argue that it creates unhappy customers, and it gives undue advantage to undeserving customers. However, proponents believe that it is important because it is a crucial representation of positive business ethics and a commitment to provide products and services of high quality.

The proclamation is correct because customers make the business, it represents good business ethics, it promotes excellence in customer service, and it increases a business’s bottom line. The phrase was pioneered by two retailers, namely Gordon Selfridge, Marshall Field, and John Wanamaker. This came after the realization that the success of their stores was directly proportional to their customers’ degree of happiness. They believed that each business had the responsibility of addressing customer complaints seriously so that they could not feel deceived, manipulated, or cheated (Mendler, 2019). Some critics have faulted the slogan, arguing that some customers can be deceptive, dishonest, and unrealistic, thus hurting the business. In that regard, conducting thorough investigations into complaints is important.

An important reason why many companies uphold the mantra “the customer is always right” is because of their awareness of how invaluable customers are to their success. A firm that lacks customers is simply a group of people spending money, time, and energy to produce goods and services that have no consumers. The phenomenon has existed for a long time because the main goal of any business is to create customer satisfaction through quality products and services. Therefore, the major priority for any business should be the contentment of the consumer. Many businesses have crumbled because of customer dissatisfaction. In such cases, failure emanated from the loss of customers and decreased sales. Negative feedback or reviews from customers can erode the image or reputation of a business (Mendler, 2019). It is difficult for a company to recover from a destroyed image. For example, some companies spend billions of dollars on social responsibility programs in an effort to improve their images after scandals that push customers away.

Making customers the focus of a business is an example of positive business ethics. Attentive listening, quality services, timely feedback, and timely communication are actions that promote a business’ image and reputation. A customer should be treated with respect and compassion. A company that treats its clients well reaps several benefits that include loyalty, a positive image, and higher profits (Mendler, 2019). Satisfied customers are an asset to any company because they refer other people to the business. A goal that is common to all businesses is to grow their customer base. In today’s world of advanced technologies, satisfying customers is the key to growth and success because there are many platforms on which people share reviews of their experiences with different companies. Many shoppers read online reviews regarding certain products in order to make purchase decisions. It is beneficial for a business to have positive reviews because that would attract more people because of the excellent customer service and quality products they are likely to receive.

Believing that the customer is always right sets a high standard for customer service excellence. Research has established that the quality of customer experiences determines whether people remain loyal to a company or leave in search of better options (Mendler, 2019). Competitors capitalize on customer dissatisfaction to win new customers. Therefore, investing in customer satisfaction is less costly than losing them to other businesses. This could comprise creating loyalty programs to reward customers, offering discounts, and implementing after-sales services (Mendler, 2019). Excellence in customer service can be achieved in various ways. Examples include responding as quickly as possible, knowing customers through personalized interactions, taking responsibility for mistakes, fixing them, listening to customers, and thinking long term.

The “customer is always right” is a slogan that is common in the business world. It was pioneered by retailers Gordon Selfridge, Marshall Field, and John Wanamaker, who believed that their success was directly linked to customer happiness. The slogan promotes excellence in customer service, encourages the production of quality goods and services, and upholds positive business ethics. Customers are an important building block for businesses because they increase sales, increase customer numbers, and provide free marketing through the word of mouth. Satisfied customers refer their friends to businesses that provide excellent services and quality products. In addition, they write positive reviews online that are important in improving a company’s brand and reputation. Every business should make customer satisfaction their main goal because dissatisfied customers leave in search of better alternatives.

Mendler, A. (2019). Why the customer is always right. Forbes . Web.

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Is the Customer “Always Right”

Is The Customer “Always Right”? Abstract The customer is always right. It is the merchant’s wealth to safeguard the interests of customers. Many sellers think that some the customer is unreasonable and vulgar. Customer is always right for three reasons. First, the customer is always right is not the criterion of distinguished between right and wrong but is the criteria of the service work because the focus of the work is how to help customers make the right choices, and how to provide good service to customers. Next, understand the psychology of the customer can help employees easily cope with them.

It is can make the seller better serving the customers and make customers to have a higher level of satisfaction. Finally, allowing guests to be picky, can improve the quality of companies and salespeople. The example of Apple and Nokia demonstrates that picky customers can make the seller better serving the customers and make customers to have a higher level of satisfaction. The survival and development of enterprises rely on the trust and support of the customer. Like Zhang (as cited in Gluckman, the last paraphrase 2012) said “we will always be wrong”. So we will do better!

Is The Customer “Always Right”? The customer is always right. Many people don’t think so, because when customers walk into a store, the clerk gives many different kinds of merchandise for them to choose from. However some customers will complain about the products. Some sellers think that some customers are picky and unreasonable. Nevertheless, no matter what kinds of the customers go into the store, regardless of the attitudes and tempers, they are "Gods", since they bring large amount of profit for the business. Therefore, customer is always right and I have three reasons.

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First of all, the customer is always right" is the goal of service work, not distinguishing between right and wrong. Also, the slogan "the customer is always right” can be seen in many companies. However many people do not understand it or misunderstand the original meaning of this slogan. “The customer is always right” is not to judge the rights and wrongs of the matter. It means that companies to do their utmost best to create a good environment for the customers make guests to enjoy quality service, and to ensure the quests feel they have received good value no matter when and where.

As Ray Miller (2012) stated, “It does not matter who is right and who is wrong”. For this sentence a customer may have his or her own ideas, and maybe these ideas are wrong or misguided. If pointed out that the customer is wrong, it will make things worse! Do not need to care about right and wrong with customers as a service industry. How to help customers make the right choices, and how to provide good service to customers that is the focus of service work. Secondly, understanding the psychology of the customer can help employees easily cope with them, but how do they cope when the customer is picky?

When customers walk into a store, the clerk take out the merchandise give him the choice, more than half of customers are very critical. Frequently, customers don’t want to buy something maybe have three reasons: show off own appreciative, looking for an excuse to demand for lower prices and thinking it’s too expensive, as a reason of do not buy it. Understanding these reasons, employees can more easily seel products. Actually, a salesman usually has three purposes: he or she hopes the transaction is successful, hopes customers come again, and hopes the customers to introduce other customers to the business, because a friendly staff.

Therefore, understanding customer psychology is a discipline. Serving customers as serving themselves, therefor they can provide a higher level of satisfaction. Finally, allowing guests to be picky, can improve the quality of companies and salespeople because many good advises from some customers. By contrast, Xiaoyao (2102) noted in “The difference between Apple and Nokia” that ten years ago, Nokia mobile phone sold was first place staler. With the advancement of technology people's requirements is also rising.

Because of the discerning of customers, Apple innovate their products to satisfy a client's needs. However, Nokia did not think that this is important. So, Apple exceeded Nokia less than a decade. Even though some vulgar and unreasonable customer think they always right, a simple philosophy said by Zhang (Gluckman, 2012): “we always think we are wrong and only take the customer’s need as right” can impel company carry on realistic reason of social activities is society advance and power that develop. In a highly competitive market, customers have a wide right of freedom choice and to purchase the commodity.

In fact, the customer also can fire anyone in the company, because they can spend money in other places that make customer like a boss. In my opinion, the customer is a consumer of goods and services and is the foundation source of enterprise. The survival and development of enterprises rely on the trust and support of the customer. Therefore, business should consider the issue from the customer’s point of view and it’s crucial to put customer’s satisfaction and their interests at first stage. Following this standard will improve sales and our profits.

In other words, there would be no profit if on customers bought products. Hence, taking care of the interests of the guests is to take care of the business own interests. As Zhang (Gluckman, 2012) said “we will always be wrong”. So we will do better! Reference Miller, R. (2012). Is the customer always right? Retrieved from http://www. thetrainingbank. com/article_is_the_customer_always_right. htm Gluckman, R. (2012). Every Customer Is Always Right. Forbes, 189(9), 38-40. Xiaoyao (2010,7). The difference between Apple and Nokia Retrieved from http://www. williamlong. info/archives/2236. html ----------------------- 1

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Is the Customer “Always Right”?

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The customer service personnel should be in a position to acknowledge their clients and pay attention well to whatever they say and put into practice active listening. They should also give a chance to the customers to respond to the services the company offers perhaps through the enterprise’s website. For any company to prosper, good customer relation is paramount in building a loyal

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Why do I say the customer? Because it is apparent that in modern times more and more businesses alienate the customer and only focus on profit. Take for example the success of Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, who had one philosophy, “Buy low, sell cheap, high volume, fast turn” (Packer, 101).  Walton figured out that people were cheap and he exploited that knowledge to raise his riches. Wal-Mart grew exponentially fast and lost management over its roots, what once started as a business for people in need with perhaps great customer service is now known for driving smaller stores out of business with terrible customer service.

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When I first started working at the Warren Theatre I heard the same thing at every staff meeting. “The customer is always right.” Most people question if the phrase is true or not and I believe it has its rights and wrongs. Everything has its pros and cons and for this phrase to make a point the customers must always be right; however, I am here to tell you that if someone tells you this statement they are wrong.

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Thirdly, to know and understand the situation and condition of customers is significantly important for seller. When customers buy something which is not on the shopping list, the decision might seems like that it is completely depends on one’s thought, but it is not. The decision is depends on the customer’s surrounding condition like a smelling. For example, Malcom Gladwell points

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Most customers preferred to deal with companies that offers much of attention for them. According to Kleindl (2002) businesses should learn to gain customers trust. Companies can build effective relationship with their customers by using internet.

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* Customers – Customers is external stakeholders for all organization or firm. Without any customers a company cannot be process. Customers have power to choose their necessary service and products. Seller and marketing cannot force customer to purchase product and service. Example, insurance customers have many choices when they need to purchase insurance. That mean consumers can buy insurance in different company like Tesco Bank, Lloyd Bank, HSBC and other company.

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Essay on “The Customer is Always Right”

Whether you are communicating with a customer service representative in person or over the phone, the term “the customer is always right,” has lost its meaning. It once served as the guiding principle for dealing with customer inquiries and complaints. Though it did not literally mean the customer was right and the company was wrong, it kept civil the interaction between company representatives and consumers of goods and services by compelling the representatives to see the issue from the customer’s perspective.

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Is The Customer Always Right? [What It Means + Why It Matters]

Alana Chinn (she/her)

Published: February 24, 2023

Is the customer always right?

customer on the phone trying to tease out if the customer is always right at a business

If you’ve worked in a customer-facing role, I’m sure you’ve heard and experienced this notion first hand. And you likely know that the truth is, the customer isn’t always right.

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But that doesn’t mean this phrase doesn’t hold any merit. Let’s discuss how the ‘customer is always right’ philosophy should (and shouldn’t) factor into your customer service strategy.

Continue reading or jump ahead:

Origin of ‘The Customer Is Always Right’

3 reasons why the customer is always right, how to maintain a customer-first mentality.

The short answer is no, but it’s important to remember that customer satisfaction is your ultimate goal. The phrase ‘the customer is always right’ shouldn’t imply that the customer is never wrong. Instead, your business should use this philosophy to ensure that the customer — and their needs — are always your first priority.

What does ‘the customer is always right’ mean?

While ‘always right’ usually translates to ‘never wrong’, this isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to customer service.

Customers aren’t going to be right in every situation. But they are entitled to having support and service teams do everything in their power (within reason) to satisfy their needs .

Here’s some more perspective on this age old question.

This concept originated in 1893 and was first adopted by retailers who believed that business success relied on customer happiness. It was later introduced in the hospitality industry where it became the early standard for customer service.

Who came up with ‘the customer is always right’?

Marshall Field first introduced the concept when he founded Chicago's first department store, Marshall Field’s, in 1893.

Overseas, Henry Gordon Selfridge followed suit when he opened the first department store in London.

Almost 100 years later, César Ritz introduced the motto to the hospitality industry when he founded The Ritz Carlton Hotels.

His mantra was "Le client n'a jamais tort," which means the customer is never wrong.

essay customer is always right

In all cases, these pioneers instructed their employees to give priority to customer satisfaction, no questions asked.

Although it was a novel idea at the time, their strategy worked. Customers were not used to being treated with that level of care, and they flocked to both these businesses in response.

Subscribing to the mindset that the customer is always right means that businesses shouldn't spend time questioning the legitimacy of customer complaints .

Instead, employees focus their energy on troubleshooting issues, and delighting customers with solutions.

  • The customer always has the right to have their voice heard.
  • The customer always deserves to have their issues resolved.
  • The customer always has the privilege to feel empowered.

When you think of ‘the customer is always right’, don’t think of it in the context of ‘customers can do no wrong.’

Here are three reasons why this phrase should hold true.

essay customer is always right

1. The customer always has the right to have their voice heard.

Customers want to feel like you’re actively listening to their pain points and concerns. That’s why even the angriest of customers deserve to feel seen and heard by a business.

You should always give your customer the platform to share their opinions — both the positive and the negative. Customer feedback surveys are a great way to make this happen.

2. The customer always deserves to have their issues resolved.

Your job is to provide a seamless experience for your customers. If there’s too much friction throughout the customer journey , those customers are more likely to churn .

You should always strive to resolve customer issues quickly and effectively. Customer journey mapping can help you proactively mitigate these issues along the way.

3. The customer always has the privilege to feel empowered.

Empowered customers are happy customers. Happy customers are loyal customers. And loyal customers are most likely to stick around and promote your business to others.

You should always create an environment where customers feel comfortable using your products on their own. Knowledge bases and FAQs are two solid places to start.

The “customer is always right” way of thinking is all about the customer-first mentality.

Here are a few ways you can lead with this mindset at your business.

essay customer is always right

Set customers up for success.

Customer interactions shouldn’t revolve around who is right and who is wrong.

Instead, reps should center the conversation around guiding customers down the best path to success and showing them allyship.

In practice, this looks like:

  • Sympathizing with customer pain points.
  • Redirecting the conversation towards more achievable solutions.
  • Acknowledging the customer's frustrations.
  • Reaffirming that you're on their team.
  • Offering up something you can solve.

For example: "I understand that you're not seeing the results you want here — I know that can be really frustrating. However, I really think we should consider X as an alternative solution."

Realign customer expectations.

Customers can sometimes have unrealistic expectations about how a product works. 

These misunderstandings can lead them to become frustrated because they feel like your product isn’t meeting their needs.

It’s important to make sure the customer has full knowledge about how a product is intended to operate and how they can make it work for them.

  • Zooming out on the goal to ensure everyone's working together.
  • Helping customers understand what they need to change to ensure their expectations are met.

For example: “It looks like you’re having trouble with our analytics tool. Can you clarify what you’re hoping to gain? Then we can figure out where the disconnect may be.”

Build a customer-centric culture.

Even if a customer is technically not correct, maintaining a customer-centric culture is crucial.

There are going to be times when the customer isn’t right, but it’s still important to understand where they are coming from.

  • Aligning with them during customer calls.
  • Provide insight and concrete action items you can take together.
  • Putting their needs first regardless of right or wrong.

For example: “I understand you’re frustrated about this issue, and it’s not your fault. It’s us against the issue — let’s start with X so we can tackle this together.”

Be as straightforward as possible.

Dissatisfaction can sometimes stem from confusion.

A customer may not understand how to use a product, and their confusion can lead them to believe that it’s malfunctioning.

Situations like this require extreme clarity.

  • Confirming whether or not the customer understands what’s going wrong.
  • Taking the time to provide in-depth insights for the customer.
  • Sharing helpful information and resources for further education.

For example: "I found this topic confusing at first, too, but this article was really helpful for me. If that doesn’t help, I have a couple of other resources we can try."

Understand that customer experiences can vary.

Every customer has a right to voice their thoughts, ideas, and opinions about whatever is frustrating them.

And in most cases, the customer has one idea based on their individual experience that is very real to them. It’s important to acknowledge that.

  • Recognizing that each customer experience is real and valid.
  • Actively listening to the specific issue or situation at hand.
  • Not directly comparing one customer’s journey to another.

For example: “I see where you’re coming from, and you’re making some really good points. It sounds like X might make the most sense for you moving forward.”

The Bottom Line

There will always be a never-ending debate over the ‘customer is always right’ strategy. But it's a balance between taking time to understand customers’ issues and providing them with solutions that will bring the most success.

What was true for early retail pioneers is still true now: customer retention revolves around solving customer issues, even if they aren't always right.

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Customer Is Always Right

essay customer is always right

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Meet regularly with employees to talk about improving the service. Solicit ideas from employees-they are the ones who deal with customers in most cases. Flag Law that what the client most attention, reliability, speed and efficiency value. They love being treated as individuals and being referred to by name. • Phrases that will make customers happy Customer service principles are all very well, but you need to put these principles into practice with everything you do and say. There are some "magic words" Customers want to hear from you and your employees. Make sure all your employees understand the importance of these key phrases: • "How can I help?" Customers want an opportunity to explain in detail what they want and need. Often, business owners feel the desire or duty guess what customers need instead of listening carefully first. By asking how you can help, and start a dialogue on the positive side (I "help", not "sell"). Using the open-ended question, you can invite discussion. • "I can solve this problem." Most of the customers and the customers, especially business-to-business, are looking to buy solutions. They appreciate direct answers in a language they

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Mkt 421 Week 3 Data Collection

What our company needs is an increase in customer lifetime value. We can do this by building long term relationships, creating strong brand loyalty, using the right incentives to attract new clients and incentivizing current customers to retain them and offering superior customer service. To build strong term relationships the company has to stop thinking short term, but focus on long term lasting customer relationships. We have to be honest; although our main job is to sell we should not treat our customer as pay cheques.

Nt1330 Unit 9

Unit 9, Lesson 9: Digital Business Cards and Brochures 54.12— Define data mining. 54.13— Identify basic tools and techniques of data mining. 54.14— Explain the use of data mining in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 54.15—Identify ethical issues of data mining. Lesson Intro Reading 9.9: Activity 9.9: ____________________________________________________________________________ Unit 9, Lesson 10: Digital Business Cards and Brochures 55.01—Publicize e-commerce site through non-Internet means such as mail, press release, broadcast media, print media, and specialty advertising.

Managed Care Case Study

How do they make sure that the services they provide are effective? How sure they that the staff members are are satisfied working in the company? If not what is being to make sure that the performance of the staff members improves? Concerning the organization is the financial company stable and at some point will it go through bankruptcy. What are they doing to make sure that the customers will keep coming back?

Nt1330 Unit 2 Health And Social Care

- working with working staff to set up strategies, models and frameworks. - Setting client administration measures & assuring that the current standards satisfy the customers & helps retaining them. • Coordinating with the workers themselves can help effectively in setting appropriate models for the procedures & systems because they are the ones who interact directly with raw materials and producing the products, so they would know better if anything in manufacturing needs improvement or so. • It is important to satisfy the current customers in different possible ways in order to retain them which eventually leads in attracting more customers as well.

Summary Of Ice To The Eskimos By John Spoelestra

111). The main reason why this is one of my favorite aspects of this book is that it encourages “reasonable down-selling” (Spoelestra, 1997, p. 112). I think that too often salespeople try to only upsell customers, and that can end in a bad experience for the customer, or not sale for the organization at all. I believe that if all salespeople abide by this rule, then organizations will be more successful, as customers will actually be purchasing something they actually want and will enjoy, which increases the chance that they will be a repeat

Case Study Of METRO Cash & Carry

The sector is witnessing a radical change as traditional retail markets are replacing with new formats such as discounts stores, departmental stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets etc. In this competitive environment the retailers are more forced to concentrate towards Customer service & their satisfaction. In retail stores, the customer service is includes like counter service, billing the products, offer explanation to customers, providing them coupons, explain the product

The Food Terminal Case Study

The teams processing the information for the customers for the service provided were contacted by the customers to assist them in making payments. Knowledge The knowledge about the buying criteria of the consumer and that there was greater opportunity for the differentiation strategy implemented based on the quality and the services offered for customers. Mike was also able to establish the fact that his relationship was not too smooth with the managers of the

How To Win Friends And Influence People By Dale Carnegie

Being an active listener allows the salesperson to know their customer’s point of view, and attend to the needs and wants of their customer. The third part of the book consists of twelve principles to win people to your way of thinking. A principle in particular that I intend to apply more often in life and in the workplace is being sympathetic with other person’s ideas and desires. Too often I ignore or disregard others opinions or ideas, when I should encourage them and see things from their point of view. According to Carnegie, to be successful in life and in my career, I need to show more respect for others

Salespeople: Primary Roles

Salespeople create value for their firms’ customers by advocating and communicating the customers’ needs, desires, concerns, and preferences back to the company and find solutions (Tanner and Raymond, 2010). Also, since the salespeople are experts in regards to their products, they can best advise the customer as to which product is the best fit for them or adapt offerings to fit. In this way, salespeople create value that would not have

Essay On Self Checkout

Self-checkout is one of the quickest and efficient machines invented. They are getting more popular in stores as the days go on. These machines may seem like a good investment but in reality they are not. Automation in stores are costing people their jobs. Automation first started to come about in the 1930’s to about 1947.

Advantages Of Uniqlo

Competitive Advantage Customer Loyalty • Brand Image:  Uniqlo has built up brand awareness through advertising and marketing. Uniqlo eventually got its message “high quality, fashionable pieces in lots of colour at reasonable prices” across. • Positioning:  Uniqlo has positioned itself as the world’s only LifeWear Brand. LifeWear is comfortable everyday clothes for a better life as a result of its high quality, fashionable and affordable characteristics. (Refer to Figure 1) • Unique Merchandise: 

Why Do Students Should Learn Foreign Language Essay

INTRODUCTION Attention grabber: What do you feel when someone comes to you and asking a question in the different language from your language, and you are not understand the particular question and did not answered the question as well? Of course you are feeling like you are still did not have much knowledge than other people. Tie to audience: I am sure that, some of us said that “it will be beneficial when I learn another language?”

Relationship Between Hospitality And Tourism Industry

Customer loyalty is one of the most important and critical factors for a company's success. Customer loyalty happens when customers have a great experience, and it leads to many benefits: loyal customers return for future business, refer friends and family to a business, and spread positive comments about a company through word-of-mouth advertising. With social media and the ease of rating companies. There are several factors that can influence customer loyalty. First the place and product, which means how easy is it for customer to access the place, Second is promotion There are many ways to promote the business, from pricing specials to free gift with purchase.

Four Building Blocks Of Competitive Advantage

Customers will be a loyal customer if their opinions and needs are met by a company. I believe this is the most important building block. I have worked as a manager of a retail card and gift store in Wantagh for the past five years. Throughout my five years, I take great pride in the customers that shop with us. If there is something that I can do to help my customers or order them a certain product, I don’t hesitate.

Ritz Carlton Business Analysis

Specify organisational standards of customer service So the customer segment of the Ritz-Carlton is a wealthy clientele who has very high expectations since they use to get upscale products because they are ready to pay more to have more. Therefore, the differentiation of the Ritz-Carlton is made on an efficient and effective customer service. As we know the needs are general but the wants are specific, so the companies have to make the difference so as to become the customer’s wants. For example, customers will need to book an hotel room but some customers will want to book an Ritz-Carlton hotel room.

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  • 6 band Some people think that people should be allowed to use as much fresh water as they want, while others believe that the use of water should be controlled by government. Fresh water is one of the best valuable resources on earth, today an increasing number of water have been used both in personal and industry. So there are conflicting views on whether people can use water as they want or use water controlled by government. Advocates of free water using argue that fr ...
  • 5.5 band some people think we have many choices. do you agree? Nowdays, many people feel that we have too many selections that we can choose from them. I tataly agree with this opinion due to some reasons that I am going to explain them in next paragraphs. the first reason why I agree we have internet and we can select from many choices that it is our favorite ...
  • The limits of my language are the limits of my world. Ludwig Wittgenstein
  • 6 band As global trade increases, many good, even some daily goods, are exported to another country, which includes long-distance transport during shipping. Do you think its benefits outweigh its drawbacks? With the improvement of globalization, it is true that international business becomes a common phenomenon in contemporary society. This trend not only allows people to purchase items from overseas easily but also promotes the development of the economy. In my opinion, I believe that the changes brin ...
  • 6.5 band The best way to motivate employees is to increase their salary. Are there other ways to encourage employees to work better? All companies recognise the importance of motivating their staff to work efficiently. Some think that increasing salaries is the most effective incentive; however, there are other methods worth considering. In my opinion, the best way to motivate employees is the one that works long-term. In genera ...
  • You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once. Czech Proverb
  • 6 band Increasing petrol prices is the best way to protect the environment? It is clear that the world is facing many environmental problems. Some people suggest that the optimal way to solve these problems is raising the prices of petrol. In my opinion, this measure is ineffective and there are much better ways to protect the environment. First of all, making fuel more ex ...
  • 6 band With the pressure on todays young people succssed academically some people believe that non academic subjects need to be avoid from the carriculum discuss the subject and give your opinion What young people should study in the school is prolonged subject of debate since long time. However, it is extremely difficult find a accurate answer for the question. Some individuals agree that including non academic topic always helpful for the students, on the other hand, many people say that i ...
  • Do you know what a foreign accent is? It’s a sign of bravery. Amy Chua


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