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From Mobile to Desktop: How to Play Subway Surfers on your PC

Subway Surfers is a popular endless running game that has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. With its colorful graphics, exciting gameplay, and addictive challenges, it’s no wonder that millions of people have downloaded this game on their smartphones and tablets. However, what if you want to experience the thrill of Subway Surfers on a larger screen? Fortunately, there is a way to play Subway Surfers on your PC. In this article, we will guide you through the process of downloading and playing Subway Surfers on your computer.

Downloading an Android Emulator

To play Subway Surfers on your PC, you will need to install an Android emulator. An Android emulator is a software that allows you to run Android applications on your computer. There are several options available in the market, but one of the most popular and reliable emulators is BlueStacks.

To download BlueStacks, simply visit their official website and click on the download button. The installation file will be saved to your computer’s hard drive.

Installing BlueStacks

Once the download is complete, locate the installation file and double-click on it to start the installation process. Follow the instructions provided by the installer and choose your preferred settings.

After completing the installation process, launch BlueStacks from your desktop or start menu. You will be prompted to sign in with your Google account or create a new one if you don’t have an account already.

Searching for Subway Surfers

With BlueStacks up and running, it’s time to search for Subway Surfers in the Google Play Store. Open BlueStacks’ app store by clicking on its icon located on the home screen or in the app drawer.

Once inside the app store, click on the search bar at the top right corner of the screen and type “Subway Surfers”. Hit enter or click on the search button to initiate the search.

Installing and Playing Subway Surfers

After searching for Subway Surfers, you will be presented with a list of results. Click on the official Subway Surfers game to open its store page.

On the store page, click on the “Install” button to begin downloading and installing Subway Surfers on your PC.

Once the installation is complete, you can launch Subway Surfers from BlueStacks’ home screen or app drawer. The game will start, and you can now enjoy playing it on your PC using either your keyboard or mouse.

Thanks to Android emulators like BlueStacks, it is now possible to play mobile games like Subway Surfers on your PC. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily download and install Subway Surfers on your computer and enjoy all the fun and excitement of this popular game on a larger screen. So why wait? Start running, jumping, and surfing through subway tunnels right from your desktop.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


essay on mobile addiction

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Essay on Mobile Addiction in English for Children and Students

Table of Contents

Mobile addiction essay: Everyone these days is hooked to his/her mobile phone. While we may dismiss this as a common behaviour in the current times, the truth is that it has deep behavioural and social impacts. Mobile addiction is a real problem and a cause of great concern. It impacts our health, relationships as well as work. People suffering from mobile addiction suffer from nomophobia which is the fear of being without or unable to use your mobile phone for some reason or the other.

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Long and Short Essay on Mobile Addiction in English

Here are long and short essay on mobile addiction to help you with the topic in your exam or other competitions.

These mobile addiction essay have been written in simple language to convey the facts on mobile addiction.

After going through the essay you would be able to know what is mobile phone addiction, signs and symptoms of mobile phone addiction; impacts/effects of mobile phone addiction and treatment of mobile phone addiction etc.

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Short Essay on Mobile Addiction 200 words

Mobile phones offer the freedom to instantly connect with just about anyone around the world. They enable us to find any information we require and are a great source of entertainment. While this invention was aimed at empowering us, sadly it is turning out to be something that is overpowering us. Most mobile users these days are suffering from mobile addiction.

One can do so much on a mobile phone. Our mobile phones enable us to indulge in gaming, gambling and online shopping. They connect us with people around the world, allow us to watch movies, click pictures, listen to music, surf the internet and enjoy various other activities. It is hard not to get addicted to this power house of entertainment.

However, it is essential not to fall prey to it. This is because its repercussions could be damaging. Mobile addiction causes several serious problems such as headache, weakened eyesight, sleep disorders, depression, social isolation, stress, aggressive behaviour, financial problems, ruined relationships and no or low professional growth.

Mobile phones have been created for our convenience. We must limit their usage to take charge of our lives. If you feel, you are getting addicted to your mobile phone then look for ways to get rid of it. You should also take it as your responsibility to help your loved ones get rid of this addiction.

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Essay on Mobile Addiction 300 words – Signs and Symptoms

Mobile addiction is a growing concern. It is easy to get addicted to mobile phones but hard to overcome it. Numerous people around the world are addicted to their mobile phones. The behaviour pattern of mobile addicts is more or less the same. There are certain signs and symptoms that clearly show that a person is addicted to his/ her mobile phone.

Signs and Symptoms of Mobile Addiction

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of people suffering from mobile addiction:

  • Display Withdrawal Symptoms: Mobile phone addicts get anxious and angry if their mobile phone battery gets low or dies. They also display anxiety and appear extremely restless, on misplacing their mobile phone. They are almost on the verge of getting a panic attack in such a situation.
  • Hallucinate: Some mobile phone addicts even hear their mobile phone ring or vibrate even when it’s actually not the situation.
  • Prefer Connecting With People Online: Mobile addicts prefer connecting with people online rather than talking to those, they are surrounded with. They will be on their phone continually even during social gatherings, family dinners or outing with friends.
  • Check Mobile Phone Frequently: Mobile addicts check their mobile phones almost every minute even if there is nothing important to do. They simply scroll through the apps to check notifications or view who is online and indulge in other such useless activities on their mobile. They are so addicted to their mobile phones that they do not hesitate checking them even while driving, taking shower and in the middle of an important meeting.
  • Lose Sense of Time: Another sign of mobile addiction is a lost sense of time. A person who is addicted to mobile phone loses complete sense of time. He is often late to work and delays important tasks giving priority to his mobile phone.

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People addicted to mobile phones show all or some of the above mentioned symptoms. It is important to take these signs seriously and help your loved ones suffering from mobile addiction.

Essay on Solutions for Mobile Addiction 400 words

How to Get Away/Overcome from Mobile Addiction

It would not be wrong to say that humans have become a slave of the technology. We have particularly grown addicted to our mobile phones. Most people in the current times suffer from severe mobile addiction. It is as if their world revolves around their mobile phones and they cannot do without it even for an hour. It is important to overcome this addiction in order to lead a healthy, wealthy and peaceful life.

Here is how you can overcome mobile addiction:

As is the case with other types of addictions, you cannot overcome mobile addiction unless you do not want to seriously give up on it. Once, you determine, you wish to get over mobile addiction, you can do so by following the below mentioned tips:

  • Set Time for Mobile Use

Restrict your mobile usage by setting the number of hours you aim to spend on mobile each day. Assign a fixed amount of time for each activity such as social media, texting, gaming or watching videos. There are apps that help you calculate the time you spend on different apps. Use these apps to work this out.

  • Indulge in Other Activities

Involve yourself in activities such as painting, dancing, playing indoor/outdoor games, completing household tasks and the likes to stay occupied. This will lower your urge to check your cell phone frequently.

Help From Loved Ones

Your loved ones always have your back and will be happy to help you get rid of mobile addiction. Spend time talking to your parents, playing with your kid or helping your spouse with work rather than trying to connect with an unknown person online. You will soon notice how much more fun these activities are. Likewise, you may call your friends over to your place and indulge in various fun activities to get your mind off the mobile as you try to get rid of this addiction.

Professional Help

If you aren’t able to cope up with mobile addiction on your own and do not think your loved ones can help you much either then it is time to seek professional help. There are therapists who specialise in mobile addiction therapy. They offer individual as well as group therapy to help get rid of this addiction.

Mobile addiction can ruin our life if it is not stopped on time. Getting rid of this habit may be difficult but it is not impossible. With some effort and support from the loved ones, you can overcome this problem over the time. If this does not help, you should not hesitate to seek professional help.

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Essay on Impact of Mobile Addiction 500 words

Our mobile phone is meant to ease things for us. It helps us connect with our near and dear ones almost instantly. Communicating with our relatives and friends living in distant lands has become extremely easy with the introduction of mobile phones. A mobile phone with a high speed internet connection serves numerous purposes.

It helps us order food, shop online, look for just about any information online, read e-books, enjoy gaming and what not. But alas, while a mobile phone should be a value addition to our lives, it is turning out to be something that is degrading it. Mobile phones are becoming more and more addictive with the introduction of newer applications each day. Mobile addiction is taking a toll on our lives.

Impact of Mobile Addiction

More than half of the mobile users around the world are addicted to their mobile phones. Mobile addiction is impacting us on different levels.

  • Impulsive and Aggressive Behaviour

People addicted to mobile phones are known to show impulsive and aggressive behaviour. They keep checking their mobile phone every few minutes and cannot do without it. New messages and notifications give them a high. Lack of these can make them angry and depressed.

Anger and aggression is particularly seen among those who spend most time playing violent games on their mobile.

  • Decreased Attention Span

People addicted to cell phones aren’t able to concentrate on work for long. Too much screen time impacts the brain adversely and decreases the ability to focus. Besides, mobile addicts have a continuous urge to check their cell phones. Thus, they cannot focus on the work in hand.

  • Poor Eyesight and Headache

Mobile addicts often complain of headache. They develop migraine issues over the time. Viewing the screen for a long time also hurts the eyes and affects the eyesight.

  • Sleep Disorders and Depression

Mobile addicts use their mobile phones until late at night and often develop sleep disorders. The impact of sleep disorders is known to all. It can hamper our work and impact our health badly. Mobile addicts often cut ties from the real world. They are mostly busy connecting with people online, gaming and watching videos. Lack of human contact is the first step to moving towards depression.

  • Brain Cancer

Studies reveal that people who talk on their mobile phone for several of hours a day have a high chance of developing brain cancer. This is because mobile phones emit radio waves that damage the brain cells. However, many scientists and medical practitioners do not agree with this finding.

Continual use of mobile phones also impacts our nervous system adversely.

Phubbing is the term used to refer to the habit of constantly checking your mobile even when you are surrounded by people. Mobile addicts develop this habit and it is not good for their personal relationships. As they try to connect with people online, they distance themselves from their loved ones who crave their love and attention. Mobile addicts thus suffer from severe relationship issues.

As much as we neglect it, mobile addiction has become a big problem today. It is hampering our professional life and ruining our personal relationships. Mobile phones are causing more harm than good. People experiencing the problem of mobile addiction must make an effort to get rid of it and return to the real world.

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Long Essay on Mobile Addiction 600 words – A Common Problem

Mobile addiction is growing by the day. With the introduction of newer and more attractive apps, people are spending more and more time on their mobile phones rather than concentrating on their real life. People have become delusional. They have created a new world for themselves with their mobile phones being central to their lives. It is sad to see how mobile addiction is robbing people of their real lives.

You may have heard about hydrophobia, acrophobia and claustrophobia but have you heard of nomophobia? This is a new kind of fear that is seen in huge number of humans. Nomophobia is “no mobile phone, phobia”. It is the fear of being without one’s mobile phone. It may seem funny to some, but it is an actual fear that grips more than half of the mobile users across the globe. The human race has grown so addicted to their mobile phones that they have developed this new type of fear. The problem is serious and needs attention.

People suffering from nomophobia show the following signs:

  • They get easily angered or irritated when they cannot access their phone.
  • They panic when they do not find their mobile phone.
  • They take their mobile phone everywhere they go including the washroom, dining table and other places where it should not be used.
  • They stress when the battery is low.
  • They check their mobile phones almost every minute.
  • They avoid places that do not have Wi-Fi connections.

Mobile Addiction among Teens

A mobile phone serves as an escape from the problems of real life. People of every age group suffer from mobile addiction. However, teenagers are most likely to develop this addiction.

Teenagers are in that phase of their life where they are discovering and exploring new things. They have numerous questions and their mobile phones have the answers. A mobile phone with an internet connection can answer almost any question they have.

They also have a lot to share but are often hesitant to talk about the same with their parents or teachers. This is because most parents these days are so engrossed in their work that they do not have time to talk to or listen to their kids. Secondly, many things they may want to discuss may be rather embarrassing. Their mobile phones can connect them with numerous people around the world. They make online friends and comfortably share their feelings with them.

Teenagers also like to brag about any new development in their life as it makes them feel superior to others. It is a way to gain popularity in school/ college and win over more friends. Their mobile phones enable them to do so by way of social media platforms.

Teens addicted to mobile phones are the worst. They cannot concentrate on their studies. Mobile addiction bars their ability to focus and lowers their ability to grasp things. Those addicted to mobile phones also have a higher risk of developing habits such as smoking, drinking and taking drugs. They also grow socially awkward as they are constantly on their mobile phone. So, their future is at stake.

Parents must ensure that they do not give smart phones to their teenage kids. It is time for them to concentrate on their studies and explore their interest in other useful activities. They should explore the world the right way and not by means of a mobile phone.

Mobile addiction is more serious than what we think. We must help our loved ones going through this problem. We can help them by talking to them about this problem without being judgemental. Express empathy and be open to their negative reactions. It is difficult to cope up with this problem, but the support from family and friends, can be really helpful in overcoming mobile addiction.

FAQs on Mobile Addiction

What are the symptoms of mobile addiction.

Symptoms include excessive screen time, feeling anxious without the phone, neglecting responsibilities, and constantly checking the phone even without notifications.

How does phone addiction affect your brain?

Phone addiction can reduce attention span, increase stress levels, disrupt sleep, and even alter brain areas linked to decision-making and emotional processing.

How can I reduce my phone usage?

To reduce phone usage, set screen time limits, use grayscale mode, keep phones out of the bedroom, designate tech-free times, and prioritize face-to-face interactions.

What are the bad effects of mobile phones?

Excessive mobile use can lead to eye strain, disrupted sleep, increased stress, decreased face-to-face social interaction, and physical ailments like text neck.

What is the healthy screen time?

Healthy screen time varies by age. For adults, it's advisable to limit recreational screen time to 2 hours daily, while ensuring regular breaks.

Is mobile addiction a serious problem?

Yes, mobile addiction is a growing concern as it can negatively impact mental and physical health, relationships, and overall well-being.

What is the main cause of mobile addiction?

The main cause is the instant gratification phones provide through social media, games, and constant connectivity, which can trigger dopamine release, reinforcing the habit.

What is mobile phone addiction?

Mobile phone addiction is an over-reliance on smartphones, leading to excessive screen time and the inability to reduce usage despite its negative consequences.

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An essay on cell phone addiction.

Summary of teens think they are addicted to smartphones by kelly wallace.

“Half of Teens Think They’re Addicted to Their Smartphones”, written by Kelly Wallace is an article displaying statistics and personal experiences that prove a large number of today’s teenagers and parents are attached to their handheld devices. The article, by Wallace from CNN, was submitted on May 3, 2016, only a few short months ago.

Iphone Addiction Symptoms

John claims that more and more people, especially teens, are addicted to smartphones, and that such thing has led to a lot of physical and psychological effects among this people. People who are addicted to their phone can lose their mind when they are awy from their phones.

A Rhetorical Analysis Of How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds By Nicholas Carr

Is your smartphone like your closest companion and friend ; I can say mine’s is! Smartphones are new and addictive in the world. According to the article “How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds” by Nicholas Carr cellular devices have become addictive and seized our brain functionality. In “How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds” by Nicholas Carr, the author uses rhetorical devices such as strong diction, supporting data, and cites studies to strengthen his opinion of the captivity that smartphones possess over our brains.

Effects of Technology on Social Relationships Essay

  • 6 Works Cited

As much as I regret to admit it, I’m attached to my phone. I’m constantly reaching into my pocket to check the time, make sure I haven’t gotten a new update, or to send a message. I do this even when I’m not talking to anyone! It’s become an addiction, having to make sure I’m not missing anything, and I'm not the only one who has this problem. Seventy-five percent of the world population has a cell phone, and that number will only increase. With the creation of new technology portions of life have become easier. Technology has changed the way we go through life. It’s made talking to people easier, as well as keeping up with the lives of others. However, the effects have affected the aspects of our lives that don’t include technology.

The Things I Carry: Broadway Musical Avenue Q

We all carry a smartphone. We have what some might call an addiction for them. They are convenient in certain classes and easy to use. They are also our own escape. We can easily talk to

Technology Addiction Essay

When people think of addictions, usually, drugs and chemical substances come to mind. A frequent trend observed in today’s age is not being able to go anywhere without one’s digital device and being addicted to that device, especially one’s cell phone. Adopting a cell phone separation anxiety, is a type of behavioral addiction that is seen more and more today. On average, people are spending about three hours on their phones each day. Alter states, “‘Behavioral addictions are really widespread now...risen with the adoption of newer more addictive social networking platforms, tablets and smartphones’” (Dreifus). As new technologies that cater to people’s wants increase, addiction to these technologies will increase as well. People become so attached to their phones that they will perhaps get distracted from their current situation. In the article “Hooked On Our Smartphones”, the author Jane E. Brody talked about how sometimes commuters or drivers put themselves in a dangerous position when they pay more attention to their phone instead of what surrounds them. The almost

Essay on The Negative Affects of Cell Phone Use

  • 11 Works Cited

With 87 percent of American adults owning a cell phone (Jerpi, 2013), it becomes obvious that cell phones have become a staple device in today’s society. Although cell phones offer convenience, they arguably come with negative affects. Cell Phones have become one of the fastest emerging technologies (Campbell, 2006). With 87 percent of American adults and teenagers owning a cell phone (Jerpi, 2013), it becomes obvious that cell phones have become a staple device in today’s society. Since the release of the first cell phone, they have immensely evolved and some would say, have become an essential to everyday life. Although cell phones offer convenience, they arguably come with negative and impactful effects on our social

Teenage Demographics

A study has shown the teenage demographic is now addicted to a new narcotic: smartphones. In Kelly Wallace’s article, “Half of Teens Think They’re Addicted to Their Smartphones,” it is becoming a worry to some parents that their teen is heavily addicted to their cell phones. Parents across the United States have opinions about the addiction. About more than half of parents that were surveyed believed that their child was addicted to their phones. Even though some parents may see it as an addiction, it may be a little less severe. In the article it states, “A 2011 review of 18 research studies found that Internet addiction might affect between zero and 26% of adolescents and college students in the United States, according to Common Sense Media.”

Summary Of Smartphone Addiction By Jessie Brown

In “Jessie Brown: Who Says Smartphone Addiction is bad thing? The case for constant connectivity” (Brown, 2012), Brown claims that the cellphone is not the problem, in fact, it is the person and how they choose to value their time while using smartphones.

Cell Phone Addiction Essay

The cell phone has become a centerpiece of everyday life as cell phones are evolving and have been increasing their functionalities. Today, we use them today for many others reasons than what cell phones were originally designed to do. People are using them so often that they are becoming dependent on their phones that they have even become addicted to them. Those who are addicted to their cell phones struggle to stay away from them for a certain period of time and become so indulged in all of the unique things they can provide. With cell phone addiction comes many problems or issues that can occur in an individual’s life. Cell phone addiction has lead to differences in people mentally, physically, and behaviorally.

The Problem with Cell Phones in Today's Society

Thesis: The usage of cell phones in modern day society has caused quite the problem for citizens in this generation by being a major distraction, causing addictions, and has sadly became the main resource of communication.

Technology has become a great benefit to us but many people have taken it too far. According to researcher and surveys taken all over the world shows that a large number of people may have become addicted to their technological devices and are not able to make it through a day without their cell phones or other technological devices. Many have concerns that people would rather use these devices than to have a face to face conversation. The addictions of technological devices are on the rise. Although these devices were meant to make our lives easier there have been many problems to arise ranging from health risk, relationship problems, classroom, church, and work interferences. Statistics show that cell

Cellular Devices Have Evolved Through The Ages

Cellular devices have evolved through the ages. The world twenty years ago simply had home phones in every household and a telephone booth at every street corner. The developing technology of cell phones has created a society in which nearly everyone today possesses their own individual phone. People may ask, is this rapid change creating a positive or negative impact on our society? Most Americans would respond quickly by saying “positive.” This is correct to a certain degree. Cell phones enhance communication and extend our connections. However, today’s research proves these ideas to be wrong, when overused. The use of cell phones can be a positive thing if they are used in the proper way, but sadly addiction is overflowing in the United States, causing us to have downfalls in face-to-face interaction, deaths in automobiles, and making us physically and mentally ill.

Essay On Cell Phone Addiction

What is the definition of addiction? It is the uncontrolled use of a habit-forming drug or uncontrolled and unhealthy behavior. It results from an illness triggered by brain changes that occur after using some drugs or after engaging in some extremely pleasurable activities (Kowalski). When most people first think of addiction, drugs or alcohol come to mind, a cell phone normally wouldn’t. People do not realize that cell phone addictions are around us daily. Since cell phones are such a norm in today’s society, it is not something that would cross your mind. When is there not a time when you walk into a restaurant or a cafeteria and every teenager or college student is looking down either texting or using social media on their cell phones? The answer, always. Cell phones take hold of us all the time and becoming this addiction that no one can let go of. Cell phones are not necessarily bad, but they are being used too much and it takes away from college students person to person interaction, academics, even affecting their health and much more.

Cause And Effects Of Smartphone Addiction

The smartphone is still a fairly new invention and is constantly being developed and improved. This device has integrated itself into our culture and is slowly becoming essential to our lives. The younger generation known as "Millennials" in the age range of 18-35 years old check their cell phones on average about 75.6 times a day (Soto et al., 2017). This number is exceptionally high when compared to the older generation who only check their phone around 23 times a day, according to the same research. This paper will cover cell phone addiction and its effects on the college students lifestyle. Addiction in this case is tied with the substance use criteria in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5). In the criteria it states that substance use is "a pathological pattern of behaviors related to use of the substance." Extremely high smartphone use can lead to these behaviors where dependency is an issue.

Cellphone Addiction Essay

essay on mobile addiction

Cellphone Addiction

infatuated their lives. One of the most widely used technology is the pocket-sized, personal computer, also known as the smartphone. Smartphones, or cellphones are in the hands of millions of people and there are those that seem attached to their phones twenty-four-seven. This attachment can be widely referred to as “cellphone addiction”, but the term, “addiction” has a negative connotation that is mainly used to describe substance addictions. Therefore, an excess of cellphone use that leads to an attachment or dependence can be accurately described as an obsession; cellphone obsession has contributed to conflicts…

The Negative Effects Of Cellphone And Social Media Addiction

Cellphone and Social Media addiction These years, the technology becomes more and more important, it became part of people 's life and bring us a lot of conveniences, but the rapid development of the technology have also made tons of problem. By the technology development, the social media apps got the chance to be popular, people start to use multiple apps to communicate with each other’s. The popularity of the cell phone and social media apps also bring some bad effect to the teenagers. There…

The Negative Consequences Of Cellphone Addiction

Technology has been advancing little by little. Every time it advances something new comes out. It has positive outcomes as well as negative outcomes. Cellphone addiction is destroying human interactions. We don’t’ communicate by talking anymore, we use technology to communicate. When technology wasn’t around, we would wait weeks to get a response from the person we wanted to talk to. “Remember when people communicated with Europe by letter and it took a couple of weeks to get a reply?”…

Annotated Bibliography On Cellphone Addiction

The article from CAPETIMES posted April 18, 2016 by: Ntando Makhubu, Cellphones addiction phobia increasing. This article is about how South Africa has been hit by a new wave of addiction in the instance, a failure to be separated from a smartphone. They use the word nomophobia stemmed from term, no mobile – phone phobia. It’s a psychological syndrome in which a person is afraid of being out of cell phone contact. In South Africa, a cell phone addiction has been labelled as an…

Michael Grothaus Cellphone Addiction Analysis

and agitated moment as he began to write about and experience for a week not having the most essential technology that everybody uses in their daily lives. The cellphone, Michael explains that he was having a hard time to even begin to write his daily article as he was getting distracted by his cell phone (something I do as well along with some other who may be reading this!). With this said, he goes for a whole week without his cell phone and explained through his article the experiences and…

Influence Of Technology: A Double-Edged Weapon

A Double-Edged Weapon Technology is the biggest influence in today’s society. Telephones, computers, and many other electronic devices are changing many person point of view. The easiest and most effective way to research any information is sitting in front of a computer or any electronic devices and just clicking a keyboard key. Technology is helping the world obtain a better and more comfortable lifestyle by adding faster communication. However, the over dependency on technology causes…

The Cause And Effects Of Addiction To The Internet

rapidly with the vast information available. Through internet, information can be accessible by everyone all over the world. As a result, People spend too much time in front of computers, cellphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Internet can be used for education, online shopping, paying bills, and many more things. Consequently, people are becoming addicted to the internet, which can have a serious impact on a person mentality and physically if used in excess. Internet addiction is very…

The Allegory Of The Cave

Internet Addiction The Internet was born later than other Medias such as television, radio, or cellphone, but nowadays it has played an indispensable role in our society and occupied the leading position among the means of providing information. It has become one of the giant steps for mankind. As Alvin Toffler said, “Our technological powers increase, but the side effects and potential hazards also escalate.” He was not wrong about that. The Internet not only brings benefits to our lives, but…

I Tweet, Therefore I Am By Peggy Orenstein

How did we become so dependent on these gadgets? Some commentators on the growth of technology see this step as the beginning of a chilling new world in which we have uploaded everything we know quite out of our own heads, becoming fools in the bargain. Like those who feared the iron horse or the electric tooth brush, though (388). Wegner basically states in the quote above is that people let sources to the use of internet take over someone life. In a real-life example, I have addiction to the…

Comfort From Behind A Screen Analysis

I myself have shared my fair share of negative posts, a year ago my brother was in the middle of a trail facing 8 years in prison. I thought I was unable to even stomach the idea of sitting on the hard wooden bench watching my brother plead guilty to multiple charges which will land him in prison. So, I leaned onto my fellow siblings, I shared my story and my concerns; and I was surrounded by support and love. Through a small square device, my cellphone I had hundreds of people just like me…

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Smartphone Addiction Problem Statement Essay

Introduction, evaluation of solutions.

Recent progresses in Internet-based smartphones have created changes in the contemporary society. The smartphone has computing applications with advanced features of the Internet connectivity. It also has multimedia player, digital camera, GPS tracking systems, and video camera among other features.

Latest smartphones have high-resolution touch screens, browsers, and high-speed Internet accessibility. Smartphones have brought about convenience to users as well as addiction problems, which are similar to those experienced by Internet users (Greenfield, 1999). The fact that smartphones are mobile has aggravated the problem of addiction. Smartphone addiction causes both physical and psychosocial challenges among users.

A study by Leslie Perlow about the use of smartphones among 1,600 managers and professionals revealed varying degrees of usages (Davis, 2012). It showed that:

  • 70 percent checked their smartphones within the first hour after getting up
  • 56 percent checked their smartphones within one hour before going to bed
  • 48 percent checked their gadgets during weekends and nights
  • 51 percent did so during vacation
  • 44 percent would suffer anxiety if they lost their smartphones and failed to replace them within the week (Davis, 2012, p.1)

The latest use of the term addiction applies to Internet, gambling, behavioural problems, gaming, and smartphone usages. There are people who use their smartphones while driving or crossing roads, which may result into road accidents. Children show addiction to smartphone games while learners have concentration problems during lectures. Specific problems may include the following.

First, smartphone causes users to have daily life balance challenges. Users may find it hard to concentrate, keep appointments, or miss planned schedules. Some may experience blurred vision, dizziness, wrist pain, and sleeping problems.

Second, some scholars have noted that some smartphone users believe that friends from the cyberspace are important than real-life friends. Such people feel lost when they are unable to connect with their cyberspace friends.

Third, there is also uncontrolled use of smartphones. Users prefer to use their smartphones for references rather than consult their friends.

Finally, smartphone users who tried to withdraw from smartphone addictions experienced withdrawal challenges. For instance, Kwon and colleagues observed that smartphone users became “impatient, fretful, and intolerable without their smartphones” (Kwon et al., 2013).

Daily life balance challenges require users to enhance awareness of events in their immediate environments and concentrate on such events to increase concentration. Still, reduced usages shall eliminate physical challenges users experienced. Users should engage their real-life through social activities frequently than their cyberspace friends.

Uncontrolled use of smartphone requires users to review the need to respond to smartphone alerts, deactivate the alerts, and consult their colleagues rather than the phone because such actions can reduce anxiety. Withdrawal challenges require users to practice gradual withdrawal rather than abrupt in order to reduce cases of anxiety.

Enhanced awareness and concentration give users opportunities to restore balance in their daily lives and concentrate on important matters. This solution can be effective if users follow it. Reducing usages is a perfect solution to eliminating physical problems. Engaging real-life friends is effective solution to the belief that cyberspace friends are important than real-life friends.

Deactivating alerts and consulting friends is effective for reducing uncontrolled usages and anxiety. Gradual withdrawal can be effective way of reducing withdrawal challenges.

Smartphone addiction is a source of physical and psychosocial problems among users. Solutions to these problems include enhancing concentration, reducing usages, engaging in social activities with real-life friends, consulting colleagues, deactivating alerts and practising gradual withdrawal.

No scientific study has proved effectiveness of these solutions. However, they can be highly effective if users practice self-discipline.

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