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Ethan Frome

Edith wharton.

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Mini Essays

How does Wharton use symbolism to reinforce plot development in Ethan Frome ?

The course of events in Ethan Frome is punctuated by a series of obvious symbolic devices, each of which serves to illustrate the development of the relationships among Ethan, Mattie, and Zeena. First, we encounter the connection between Mattie and the color red—she wears a red scarf to the dance and a red ribbon in her hair for her dinner alone with Ethan. In both cases, the color symbolizes her vitality and attractiveness in contrast with Zeena’s cold demeanor. It also symbolizes her temptation of Ethan toward sexual transgression. The cat that disrupts Ethan and Mattie’s meal and breaks Zeena’s favorite dish symbolizes the wife’s dominating spiritual presence in the Frome household, and how she comes between her husband and her cousin in their budding romance. Finally, Ethan and Mattie’s climactic sled ride symbolizes the careening, out-of-control course that Ethan embraces when he sets prudence aside and gives in to Mattie’s impulsive death wish. The sled ride is also symbolic of his more general approach to life—he relinquishes responsibility and agency and surrenders to momentum.

Thus, each of Ethan’s and Mattie’s three critical scenes together—outside the church, alone at home, and on the sledding hill—is marked by patent symbolism on Wharton’s part. Because by interpreting the symbols we add meaning to Ethan and Mattie’s interaction that neither of the characters perceives, Wharton’s use of symbolism creates dramatic irony. Along with the narrator’s use of foreshadowing, the dramatic irony created through symbolism adds to the sense of inevitable doom that surrounds the novel’s events.

Is Ethan a strong person? Why or why not?

When the narrator first comes to Starkfield, he is struck by the “careless powerful look” that Ethan Frome possesses in spite of his maimed body. Clearly, Ethan possesses great physical strength, which coexists with a strong, well-formed conscience—he is undeniably a good person. Nevertheless, he seems to lack inner strength; his story stands as an illustration of the way that a person can be mastered by, rather than a master of, circumstances. He fails to realize any of his desires, and although one can hardly blame him for it, one feels that Ethan must nevertheless bear some responsibility—for allowing Zeena’s illness to crush his desire to leave Starkfield, and then for never daring to break with convention and with his wife in the name of his romantic passions. The only proactive deed he undertakes is the final sled ride. Yet even this has been pushed on him by Mattie—and suicide represents what is ultimately only a continued passivity. Unable to face the consequences of any actual decision, Ethan lets Mattie make a choice for him; and although his is the deed that seals that choice, it is a choice to end all choices.

Discuss the relationship between the physical environment of Starkfield and the nature of the characters’ inner states.

Not only does bleak, oppressive cold shape Starkfield’s physical landscape; it penetrates the characters’ psychic landscapes as well. Early on, the narrator uses a metaphor of a city under siege to describe Starkfield in winter, comparing the freezing, snowy weather to a besieging army, and the inhabitants of Starkfield to a “starved garrison.” This metaphor establishes the theme of how Starkfield’s icy climate oppresses human lives. Just as the village’s spirit is crushed by the six months of ice and snow, so Ethan’s personal spirit is crushed—an old man describes Ethan as having “been in Starkfield too many winters.” Ethan’s home comes to seem like a prison that constricts him.

Wharton emphasizes that Ethan yearns to escape Starkfield. Before Zeena’s illness, he had planned to sell his farm, move to a larger town, and find work as an engineer. But he never escapes, and the reader has the sense that the oppressive spirit of the endless winters, along with his poverty and Zeena’s illness, seem to have settled over his heart, pinning him to one place. Mattie, with her high spirits and red trimmings—which contrast sharply with the deathly whiteness of Starkfield—appears to offer Ethan a way out, but in the end she, too, succumbs to the aura of the landscape. By the end of the novel, we see her sitting in the Frome farmhouse during a blizzard, complaining bitterly about the cold.

Ethan Frome (SparkNotes Literature Guide)

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Critical Essays Themes in Ethan Frome

Major themes in Ethan Frome include silence, isolation, illusion, and the consequences that are the result of living according to the rules of society. Wharton relies on personal experiences to relate her thematic messages. Throughout her life as a writer, Wharton would schedule the time that she wrote around social engagements and she did not readily discuss her writing. As a result, she was familiar with silence and isolation. The rules of society did not condone a woman who was a member of the upper class working, much less as a professional writer. Societal rules also frowned upon divorce. Wharton lived in a loveless marriage for years before she took a risk and divorced Teddy Wharton, her husband for almost thirty years.

Throughout the novel Wharton focuses on silence as a major theme. In the introduction, the author describes her characters as "granite outcroppings . . . half emerged from the soil, and scarcely more articulate." Each of the three major characters is encased in his/her own silence. Ethan, a quiet man by nature, returns to Starkfield following the death of his father to run the family farm and sawmill. Because he is too busy working to make small talk with the villagers and his sick mother stops speaking, Ethan becomes imprisoned in a "mortal silence." He experiences a brief reprieve when Zeena arrives to care for his mother; but after his mother's death and his subsequent marriage to Zeena, Zeena falls silent also. Communication between the couple is minimal and superficial. After Mattie's arrival, Zeena forces a smothering silence on her also with her "fault-finding (that is) of the silent kind." Ethan is able to share his passion for the wonders of nature with Mattie; however, when conversation takes a turn towards intimacy, silence returns and all Ethan can say is, "Come along." The characters are unable to communicate with each other to dispel their own loneliness. It isn't until Zeena forces Mattie to leave the Frome household that Ethan and Mattie express their feelings for each other. They abandon rational thought as they attempt to commit suicide and enter a silent hell in which the only verbal communication to be heard is Zeena and Mattie's complaining.

Isolation, another major theme in the novel, is not self-imposed before the tragedy that befalls Mattie and Ethan, but is enforced upon them by outside circumstances. Ethan tried to escape the isolation of Starkfield and his father's farm by going off to the technological college at Worcester. He began to cultivate his own social traits and to overcome his reticence; however, his father's death forced him to give up college and return to the farm and his ill mother. After his marriage to Zeena, Ethan is imprisoned by the farm, millwork, and caring for Zeena. He is physically isolated from the world at large and is also cut off from the possibility of any human fellowship that life in a village might afford.

Mattie and Zeena are isolated characters also. Mattie is isolated by the deaths of both parents and the ill will of most of her relatives. She moves to the Fromes', an unfamiliar farmhouse and, except for church socials, is cut off from contact with human beings other than the Fromes. Because Zeena is consumed by her many illnesses, she rarely leaves the farmhouse, and only speaks to Ethan and Mattie when voicing her complaints or demands. Because the attempted escape from isolation by Ethan and Mattie fails tragically, Ethan, Mattie, and Zeena are left to spend their lives in an isolation even more complete than that from which they tried to flee.

Illusion, a false interpretation or perception, is an important theme in the novel. Illusion affords each of the three main characters a means of escape from the reality of the silent and isolated lives they lead. Ethan would " . . . imagine that peace reigned in his house" when Zeena stopped watching Mattie so closely after her arrival. He wants to believe that Mattie's smiles and certain gestures are just for him. Ethan dreams of being with Mattie always; in fact, "he was never so happy with her (Mattie) as when he abandoned himself to these dreams." The night that Zeena went to Bettsbridge, Ethan imagines them (Mattie and himself) sitting "on each side of the stove, like a married couple." When Zeena insists that Mattie leave their household, Ethan tries to convince himself that Zeena will change her mind. His illusion about running away with Mattie fizzles when he faces reality — he can not afford one ticket, much less two.

Mattie dreams of spending her life with Ethan. Ironically, her illusion becomes a reality. She does spend her life with Ethan, but as an invalid cared for by Zeena, not as Ethan's wife, as she had imagined.

Zeena's illusions are unhealthy. Her hypochondria enables her to escape into self-pity and self-indulgence. The smash-up forces her to abandon her illusions of withdrawing from all her household responsibilities through the device of a hired housekeeper.

The imprisonment experienced by an individual living according to the rules of society is a major theme in Ethan Frome . The message that Wharton conveys through Ethan is that when people fear they are violating the rules of society, they risk becoming enslaved by those rules. Ethan doesn't leave his wife because he feels bound by his marriage vows. He dreams about being married to Mattie; however, even as he writes his goodbye letter to Zeena, and subsequently talks to Mrs. Hale, his conscience does not allow him to follow through with his wishes. Instead, the rules of society rule his life and he remains entrapped in a loveless marriage.

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The Concept of Human Suffering Depicted by Edith Wharton in Ethan Frome

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The Examples of Manipulative Behavior in Ethan Frome

Fate and determination in ethan frome, the understanding of innocence in ethan frome.

September 1911

Edith Wharton

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Ethan Frome essay 4 Pages 929 Words

             Frustration is an unavoidable feeling that can be caused by many things. Everybody feels frustration at least once in a while, however in Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome, Ethan Frome is frustrated most of his life. Ethan is a victim of frustration due to his residence in Starkfield, his wife Zeena, and his physical condition after the accident.              Ethan Frome lives in Starkfield, Massachusettes. He has lived there his whole life fifty-two years. Starkfield has nothing to offer, the climate is wintery half of the year which makes the farming season short. Most people living in Starkfield are not very intelligent or skilled. This is because most of the smart people move away from Starkfield. Ethan had the potential to get out of Starkfield however he had to stay to take care of his family. As Harmon Gow told the narrator "Somebody had to stay and take care of the folks. There warn't anybody but Ethan. Fust his father-then his mother-then his wife." (Wharton 3) It is frustrating for Ethan to be living in Starkfield with no real future ahead of him. The frustration is greater because he had the potential to move away from Starkfield and make a future for himself. He had even began a higher education at college in Worcester however, his father's death put a premature end to his studies.              Zenobia Frome is Ethan's cold hearted wife. The only reason Ethan married her is so he would not be alone, this incorrect reason for marriage is clearly evident in their relationship. Conversation is seldom and when the two talk it is an unemotional pragmatic conversation not intended for any enjoyment "He and Zeena had not exchanged a word after the door of their room had closed on them." Zeena is the primary cause of Ethan's frustration. Zeena's main goal in life is to torture Ethan. Zeena brought Mattie into the house just to torture Ethan. Zeena knows that ther              ...

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Ethan Frome Essay

Theme of reality in ethan frome.

Edith Wharton, author of the novel Ethan Frome, speaks through her narrator to tell the ironically realistic tale of a poor, wishful New England farmer, who quickly realizes that his desire for happiness is futile. Ethan Frome’s acquaintances in town describe him as a man who has lived in the small town of Starkfield, Massachusetts for “too many winters,” yet Ethan is only fifty-two years old (Wharton 10). As the narrator relates the “tale of unremitting isolation, loneliness, intellectual starvation, and mental despair,” it is obvious that Ethan’s suffering is something “neither poverty nor physical suffering could have put there” (Faust 817; Wharton 13). The misery from which Ethan suffers is the heartbreak over the unaccomplished dreams of his past. In Edith Wharton’s novel Ethan Frome, the author examines the effects of reality on the fulfillment of the dreams of the characters and the narrator through social conventions, isolation, and fatalism.

Compare and Contrast of Zeena and Mattie Essay

So, it can be seen that Zeena and Mattie do have common feelings for Ethan Frome. She probably has resentment and dislike for Ethan From and even herself since it was her idea to crash the sleigh into the oak tree. Also, since her youthfulness was cut short because of an accident and there was no everlasting love that followed it.

Ethan Frome Tragedy

Frome’s suffering brought about by forces beyond his control. Included in these forces are the weather and time of year, leaving for college and having to come back, and falling in love. The winter weather influnces Ethan to marry Zeena.Due to the seasonal weather, Ethan makes a poor choice in marrying Zeena. “After the funeral, when he saw her [Zeena] preparing to go away, he was seized with unreasoning dread of being left alone on the farm and before he knew what he was doing he had asked her to stay there with him. He had often thought since that it would not have happened if his mother had died in spring instead of winter” (44). This quote substantiates Ethan’s regret in marrying Zeena. He believes he wouldn’t have made that same decision had it been spring time. Another force beyond Ethan’s control is seen in the introduction, it is about Ethan being forced to come home on page 5 ““Somebody had to stay and care for the folks. There warn’t ever anybody but Ethan. Fust his father – then his mother.””(25). This quote relates to when Ethan was forced from college and back to the

Ethan Frome Literary Analysis

That makes him stand between what he want and what he need and all he wants, just to stop at thinking. And Ethan's thoughts become his biggest barrier to reaching happiness. Ethan loves Mattie. Ethan dreams about the happiness of him and Mattie. We know that when Ethan says, "I guess we'll never let you go, Matt," he whispered, as though even the dead, lovers once, must conspire with him to keep her; and brushing by the graves, he thought: "We'll always go on living here together, and someday she'll lie there beside me.". But there is no way that comes true when he becomes passive in front of Zeena. When Zeena figures out what is wrong in her family, and try to indirectly force Mattie to leave the farm, Ethan is passive with his feeble reasoning cannot protect Mattie. Then, Ethan plans to flee with Mattie. But once again, another thought comes up to Ethan's mind as an excuse for his passivity, and make him flinch. The narrator states, " If he gave the farm and mill to Zeena what would be left him to start his own life with? Once in the West he was sure of picking up work—he would not have feared to try his chance alone. But with Mattie depending on him the case was different. And what of Zeena's fate? Farm and mill were mortgaged to the limit of their value, and even if she found a purchaser—in itself an unlikely chance—it was doubtful if she could clear a thousand

Examples Of Temptations In Ethan Frome

In the book Ethan Frome, the characters are caught between what is right and wrong. Mattie has a torn desire to be with her sister’s husband and Ethan does not stop her because he feels the same way. The theme for the book is duty and desire. Ethan has a desire towards Mattie because she does not complain and is thought of as

A Minor Character Serves as Foil to Major Character in Ehtan Frome by Edith Wharton

Secondly, Ethan Frome has had many failures within his life such as his marriage to Zeena. One may ask how is Zeena and Ethan’s marriage a failure? Ethan only marries Zeena after she could not nurse his mother back to health and she ends up passing away. When Ethan mother dies, Ethan is in a sullen mood or funk and in turn

Analysis Of Self-Sacrifice Stinks In Ethan Frome

For at least the young Ethan Frome, his desire to make others happy is a defining feature of his personality. The seemingly contented man introduced to readers contrasts with the unfortunate description of his education: “his father’s death, and the misfortunes following it, had put a premature end to Ethan’s studies…” (14). Even in his youth, Ethan prioritizes the needs and wants of others over his own. While dropping out of school was inevitable once the funds stopped flowing, his decision not to sell the family farm and remain in Starkfield is the most socially acceptable thing to do. With the whole town of Starkfield watching, Ethan accepted his duties as a son and eventual husband. These obligations corned Ethan, so much so that he was not able to elope with Mattie. Although Ethan despises his wife, his concern for her is demonstrated when he thinks: “and what of Zeena’s fate? could she keep the farm going?” Even when he’s about to leave her, Ethan is still worried about her prospects and position in society. In this respect, Zeena personifies all inhibitors of dreams: time, money, education and ability. Ethan’s failure to get away from Zeena is indicative of his resignation to fate.

Ethan Frome Tragic Hero Essay

Ethan marries Zeena and falls in love with Mattie as a direct response to his neediness for care and company. As well, Ethan also finds it a necessity to be accepted by Starkfield, which compels him to live with Zeena and finally stops him from escaping with Mattie. Ethan’s desire for love and acceptance could have been the outcome of a neglected childhood. He had been caring for his parents from a young age, as Harmon Gow tells the narrator, “Sickness and trouble: that’s what Ethan’s had his plate full up with, ever since the very first helping”(6). Ethan spent most of his life caring for others and possibly lacked love from his own sick parents, which may be the reason for his neediness for society to be both proud of him and others to give him the care, which he had to give up from an early age, taking care of his parents. As many studies show, the young need love and affection in order to help with their self-esteem and it is a vital aspect of one’s mental health. Seeing the outcome of Ethan, a lack of care for the young, may cause detrimental effects on ones life as he or she grows

Ethan Frome: List of Quotes explained Essay

This quote is found on page 59, in chapter four, when Zeena was going to leave the house when Ethan?s mother died.

Zeena in Ethan Frome Essay

Zeena was taking care of Ethan’s mother and he fell “in love” with her while she was taking care of his mother. It is said that “Her efficiency shamed and dazzled him. She seemed to posses by instinct all the household wisdom that his long apprenticeship had not instilled in him” (29). Ethan proposed to Zeena because he didn’t want to be alone, it is said in the novel that “He was seized with an unreasoning dread of being left alone on the farm, and before he knew what he was doing he had asked her to stay there with him” (29). It is unclear whether Zeena possessed a love for Ethan as Ethan claimed to of have for her. In the end of the novel Mattie is looked at as the annoying one, and he starts to care for Zeena because she is not the one inept to do household chores.

Trapped in Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton Essay

Mattie and Ethan never follow their love due to Ethan's morals and the respect he has for his marriage to Zeena. He wants Zeena to be well and he takes care of her when she is ill. Frome’s feelings for Mattie never oscillate and he wants to be with this woman who is not his wife. Even though Ethan only had one night with Mattie alone, he cannot help but think of what he has done as he sits in the kitchen. Mattie presents minority, beauty, and good health- all of which Zeena does not possess. It seems he favors the more hip, young, and beautiful women than dull, boring, and unattractive women.

Ethan Frome Essays

When Mattie is to be sent away, Ethan and Mattie grow desperate looking for a way out of their impossible situation. They decide that it is better to die in a sledding accident together than live their lives apart. Ethan hesitates slightly, “But in a flash

Conflicts In Ethan Frome

In history, this marks a great change in innovations dealing with communication, manufacturing, and travel technologies. These advancements turn the American society into the progressive and modern era. Yet, opportunities for women remain limited, and education is still hard to come by, especially for those in the lower region of the financial ladder. For those like the characters in Ethan Frome, technology is advancing, but it is not playing a major role in everyday life. Also, in this time period, society severely judged a man who abandons his wife. This is the first reason Ethan decides to stay with Zeena. His second reason is his very strict code of ethics. Ethan knows the he could lie to the Hales to get the money he desperately needs to run away with Ethan. Due to his ethical codes and marriage vows, he knows the act would be very dishonorable and he decides to stay with his flawed

Ethan Frome Character Analysis

Ethan Frome by Elizabeth Wharton is a short novel describing the life and downfall of Ethan Frome, as told by the man himself to an intrigued narrator spending the winter in Starkfield, Massachusetts. Ethan Frome, like many other protagonists, is burdened with a fatal flaw; This imperfection, his love for his wife’s caregiver and niece Mattie, leads to the loss of his wife and a tragic accident leaving him scarred and lame.

Morality in Ethan Frome Essay examples

Although Frome can be held responsible for his moral inactivity, he can be considered a morally inadequate man in his present state. His inadequacy, however, was not a constant in life or a sudden occurrence-- it snowballed from his youth and finally solidified through the ‘smash-up’. His earlier experiences in a university and the joy it brought him was quickly interrupted after a year by his sickly parents. The unfortunate circumstance forces Ethan Frome to move back to the depressing Starkfield he had just escaped. His parents’ illnesses bring along Zenobia, who would be another future, unseen oppression along with Starkfield. For years, Ethan lives in depressing conditions that decline as time goes on. The chance to finally leave them behind, however, comes in Mattie, Zenobia’s cousin and maid. Ethan’s inability to act on this chance of escape finally seals his fate when Mattie is paralyzed and he is critically injured. Although jinxed with unfortunate circumstances, Ethan Frome’s life could have been bettered if one small step or action was taken by him for himself with the intention to create personal joy or pleasure.

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Free Essays on Wharton's Ethan Frome: Weakness of Character

Ethan Frome: Weakness of Character Ethan Frome, the main character in the book entitled Ethan Frome, by Edith Wharton, has many complex problems going on at the same time. His family has died and he has a wife that is continually sick, and the only form of happiness he has is from his wife's cousin Mattie. This, however, at times proves to be hard because of Ethan's wifes interference. Nothing seems to be going in Ethan's favor. One theme of the book is weakness of character; this is shown by Ethan’s marraige, his inability to stand up to his wife, and his involvement concerning the "accident." The first way weakness of charcter is shown in the book is through the marriage of Ethan and his wife. He married her because she had tried to help his mother recover from an illness, and once his mother died he could not bear the thought of living in the house alone. His wife was seven years his senior and always seemed to have some kind of illness. It seemed all she ever did was complain, and he resented this because it stifled his growing soul. Since his wife was continuously ill, and her cousin needed a place to stay, they took her in to help around the house. Ethan took an immediate propensity to her cousin, Mattie, because she brought a bright light upon his dismal day. He seemed to have found someone that cared for him, was always happy and could share his youth, unlike his sickly wife who always nagged him. He longed to be with Mattie, however he had loyalty to his wife. He did not have the courage to stand up to society and resolve the error that he commited by marrying his first wife. The second example of weakness of character was not being able to stand up to his wife. His wife claimed that a new doctor said that she was extremely sick, and needed more help around the house. She told him without any discussion that Mattie had to go. Ethan could not find the words to make her alter her decision. His wife also decided that Mattie had to leave the next day itself and Ethan could not do anything about it. It was stated in the book that his wife had the upper hand in the house by the line "Now she [his wife] had mastered him [Ethan] and he obeyed her.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how ethan frome, the main character in edith wharton's book, has complex problems going on at the same time.
  • Analyzes how charcter's weakness is shown through the marriage of ethan and his wife.
  • Analyzes how ethan's weakness was not being able to stand up to his wife. his wife decided that mattie had to leave the next day and he could not do anything about it.
  • Analyzes how ethan modified his and mattie's lives regarding the "accident" to make it look like an accidental death instead of suicide. instead of dying with his love, he had to live with the guilt from his wife.
  • Analyzes how ethan's three ways of marrying the wrong person, his inability to stand up to his wife, and incidents that come from the "accident" indicate the theme of weakness of character. everything he tried to do worked against his favor.

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Ethan Frome Essay

“Winter lies too long in country towns; hangs on until it is stale and shabby, old and sullen” (“Brainy Quotes” 1). In Edith Wharton’s framed novel, Ethan Frome, the main protagonist encounters “lost opportunity, failed romance, and disappointed dreams” with a regretful ending (Lilburn 1). Ethan Frome lives in the isolated fictional town of Starkfield, Massachusetts with his irritable spouse, Zenobia Frome. Ever since marriage, Zenobia, also referred to as Zeena, revolves around her illness. Furthermore, she is prone to silence, rage, and querulously shouting. Ethan has dreams of leaving Starkfield and selling his plantation, however he views caring for his wife as a duty and main priority. One day, Zeena’s cousin, Mattie Silver, comes to assist the Frome’s with their daily tasks. Immediately, Mattie’s attractive and youthful energy resuscitates Ethan’s outlook on life. She brings a light to Starkfield and instantaneously steals Ethan’s heart; although, Ethan’s quiet demeanor and lack of expression causing his affection to be surreptitious. As Zeena’s health worsens, she becomes fearful and wishes to seek advice from a doctor in a town called Bettsbridge giving Ethan and Mattie privacy for one night. Unfortunately, the night turns out to be a disastrous and uncomfortable evening. Neither Ethan nor Mattie speaks a word regarding their love for one another. Additionally, during their dinner, the pet cat leaps on the table and sends a pickle dish straight to the floor crashing into pieces. To make matters worse, the pickle dish is a favored wedding gift that is cherished by Zeena. Later, Zeena discovers it is broken and it sends her anger over the edge. Furious, Zeena demands for a more efficient “hired girl” to complete the tasks ar...

Failure In Ethan Frome

The main theme of the book Ethan Frome is failure. It is shown in three ways throughout the story: Ethan's marriage, him not being able to stand up to Zeena, and his involvement in the "smash up".

Free Essays on Wharton's Ethan Frome: Responsibilities

Ethan Frome is the main character of Edith Wharton’s tragic novel. Ethan lives the bitterness of his youth’s lost opportunities, and dissatisfaction with his joyless life and empty marriage. Throughout the story Ethan is trapped by social limits and obligations to his wife. He lives an unhappy life with many responsibilities and little freedom. Ethan Frome studied science in college for a year and probably would have succeeded as an engineer or physicist had he not been summoned home to run the family farm and mill. Ethan quickly ended his schooling and went to run the family farm and mill because he feels it is his responsibility. He marries Zeena after the death of his mother, in an unsuccessful attempt to escape silence, isolation, and loneliness. Ethan also feels the responsibility to marry Zeena as a way to compensate her for giving up part of her life to nurse his mother. After marring Zeena he forgets his hope of every continuing his education and he is now forced to remain married to someone he does not truly love.

Trapped in Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton

Many people oppose society due to the surroundings that they face and the obstacles that they encounter. Set in the bleak winter landscape of New England, Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton is the story of a poor, lonely man, his wife Zeena, and her cousin Mattie Silver. Ethan the protagonist in this novel, faces many challenges and fights to be with the one he really loves. Frome was trapped from the beginning ever since Mattie Silver came to live with him and his wife. He soon came to fall in love with her, and out of love with his own wife. He was basically trapped in the instances of his life, society’s affect on the relationship, love, poverty, illness, disability, and life.

Fantasy is an Escape from Fear in Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome

Everyone, at some time in life, will experience fear. But, often fantasies are created in one's mind to escape that fear. Ethan Frome uses his fantasy as an escape to the entrapment of his marriage and the fear of public condemnation.

Refugee Asylum Seekers in Australia

There have been three main waves of asylum seekers in Australia’s history with the first wave being motivated by the Indochinese crisis and the second comprising of asylum seekers mainly from South China and Cambodia (McK...

Essay About Asylum Seekers

We Are Being Swamped: Less than 16,000 (15,800) people claim asylum in Australia each year. While this may seem like a lot, Australia receives less than two percent of the total asylum claims made globally.

The Theme Of Isolation In Ethan Frome By Edith Wharton

In the book “Ethan Frome” by Edith Wharton, Ethan, the main character in the book, experiences many episodes of isolation persuading him to escape from and cope with them with outlets of hope, only leading to a life of permanent isolation. The story depicts a classic ironic switch of roles and a triangle of unusual “love.” With many people coming and going, Ethan looks to rely on someone to relieve his isolation and communicate with, only setting him up for trouble.

How Did The Hippy And Wether?

In this essay i am going to talk about what influences and events brought about this significant cultural change and the thoughts and beliefs of the Hippy and wether or not the ideal is socially acceptable or even still around today.

Persuasive Essay On Refugees

Asylum seeker issue is a complex and continuing struggle between the heart and the head. It will continue to haunt us as long as Australia shines to be an oasis of space, peace and prosperity in a global sea of overcrowding and escalating suffering.

Death, A Personified Representation Of Death

In both ‘The Pardoner’s Tale’ and Doctor Faustus, the Seven Deadly Sins are used to corrupt certain characters which eventu...

Control Process Analysis

Effective control process in an organization would help in gathering information about the process and the employees, this can further help the management whilst taking important decisions in terms of establishing standards to meet standards, measuring the actual performance, as well as comparing performance with the standards. It can further help the companies in achieving their optimum goals so that they can take corrective actions as and when required. The process controls in place and guide and provide the company with the required regulations of the company’s activities. Which can lead to the performance of the company, hence it will also help the organization in terms of monitoring and responding.

Organizational Control

Controlling is the fourth management function and its purpose is straightforward- to make sure that actual performance meets or surpasses objectives. It is well used for decision making and problem solving. Effective control depends on other management functions and it gives feedback to them. These functions are planning, organizing and leading. Planning sets directions and allocates resources. Organizing puts people and material resources together in working combinations. Leading motivates people to use these resources in the best way. Basically, the function of controlling is to make sure that the right things happen in a right time and in the right way.Control helps that overall directions of individuals and groups are consistent with short-range and long-range organizational plans. Also, it helps to ensure that objectives and accomplishments are coherent with one another throughout an organization. Moreover, it helps maintaining fulfillment with essential organizational rules and policies. Good example where we can see role of control is in helping to protect individual rights to become equivalent with employment opportunities at work. The control process practiced by managers includes four steps: 1) establish objectives and standards 2) measure actual performance 3) compare results with objectives and standards and 4) take actions if necessary1. The controlling process starts with establishing performance objectives and standards which means that the controlling process begins with planning. Performance objectives should be defined and associated with specific measurement standards for determining how well they are accomplished. Standards are the targets of performance. The next step of the control process would be measur...

The Significant Factors To Building Brand Awareness

Lastly, brand awareness is a crucial consideration. And It may be thought of as a consumers’ ability to find a brand within a group in adequate detail to make a purchase. It is important to remember that adequate detail does not always need identification of the brand name. Often “brand awareness is no more than a visual image of the package that stimulates a response to the brand.” Moreover, recall of the name is not necessarily required because brand awareness in which can try via brand recognition. According to Emma Macdonald and Byron Sharp (2003), suggested, when a brand is recognized at point of purchase, its brand awareness does not need brand recall. This is a major point in the consideration of brand awareness as the most important communication objective. In fact, the difference is misunderstood by marketing and advertising managers. The difficulty is to relate to the essential difference between recognition and recall, that is extremely important to advertising strategy. Brand recognition and brand recall are two separate types of brand awareness. The difference depends upon the communication effect that occurs primarily in the consumers’ memory.

Essay On The Control Process

...ll those helps managers to know if the process control is working or not, while the control process is contributing to successful of the current strategy.

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