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Self-Portrait Essay: Examples and How to Write a Portrait

The picture contains a definition of a portrait essay.

A portrait essay presents a personality to the readers. It usually focuses on the aspects of life that are the most exciting or unique.

It comprises two types of papers: a self-portrait essay and a portrait of another person. This article explains how to write these assignments with utmost efficiency. You will find the best tips, ideas, and samples to describe yourself or someone else as precisely as possible.

👧 Self-Portrait Essay

A self-portrait essay is a piece of writing that describes the author’s looks and personal qualities . It uses evocative images and characteristic details to show why this person stands out from the crowd. As a rule, it is a descriptive or reflective essay. Still, it can be argumentative if you want to contradict someone else’s opinion about you.

How to Write a Self-Portrait

Below you’ll find several ideas for a self-portrait essay. These are just general guidelines. If you need a creative and well-formulated topic, you are welcome to use our topic-generating tool .

The picture contains a list of self-portrait essay ideas.

  • Start the introduction with an introduction. We are not talking about “Hi, my name is Cathy,” although this variant is also possible in some contexts. Tell about your family and where you live. Do not just list facts as if you are answering a questionnaire. Make up a background story.
  • Imagine yourself a book character . How would you describe yourself if you wrote a book about your life ? This approach can make your self-portrait essay more poetic and literary. Replace the epithets that can describe many people (straight nose, thin lips, high forehead) with metaphors (a nose as straight as an arrow, paper-thin lips, expansive forehead). It will make your essay more memorable.
  • Speak about objects & stories. Appearance is only a tiny part of your personality . Your life consists of items you like, people you love, and stories you create. That’s what you readers will enjoy reading!
  • Conclude with your hopes for the future. Do not reiterate what you said before, even if you cannot imagine anything new. Write how you would like to develop your skills or become a better professional in the future. Make your essay open-ended, as any human life is.

Self-Portrait Essay Example

Who am I? What kind of person am I? What do I like? What do I want to become? In this essay, I will describe my appearance and how it reflects my inner world. Looking in the mirror, I see a slender but slightly skinny girl. I have an oval face, a small straight nose, and sparkling eyes. It is the eyes that make my friends and acquaintances look at my face. They are profound, although they add playfulness to my face. In cloudy weather, they acquire a dark steel shade. When it is sunny, they brighten up. In general, I have kind gray eyes. As my friends say, it seems that they “laugh.” That’s what I am all about. I am kind, cheerful, moderately strict, and responsive. I have a high forehead, hidden behind curtain bangs, and beautiful thick eyebrows of the correct shape hidden under the bangs. But this is not a gift from nature. I had to work on the form of the eyebrows on my own. My lips are not thin, but not full either. Behind them, there are snow-white teeth. The hair is straight, although I always wanted to have curls. It is wheat-colored and reaches the shoulders. I am a purposeful person, so I always set tasks that I immediately try to accomplish. But I never stop in my development. I raise the bar even higher and confidently put the next goal. It is essential for me to be the best in everything, so I have to work harder. Most likely, this is my drawback, but this quality fuels me to keep on growing. I would like to become firm, successful, and self-confident.

👨‍🎨️ Descriptive Portrait Essay

A descriptive essay about a person is a genre that analyzes the individual features and human qualities of a given person. People have so many different sides that there is a broad array of possibilities in this genre. Write of someone you know well enough (to have sufficient material).

Essay About a Person: Ideas

Below you’ll find six great ideas for an essay about a person.

  • Describe appearance . First impressions are the most lasting . Your readers will get your message better if you give them a “picture.” It will play the role of a whiteboard where you’ll attack all the other traits.
  • Link appearance to personality traits . But looks are not everything. They are the top of the iceberg. Show your reader why you paid attention to those characteristics and which conclusions you made.
  • Mention their manners . It is optional but quite exciting to track. We are not stable, and our manners reflect those emotional shifts. Describe how the person behaves in stressful situations .
  • Spot the emotions they raise in you . This part will make a perfect conclusion. Share your feelings with the readers to build empathy.
  • Balance between being concise and informative . Avoid overwhelming your reader with irrelevant details. If the described person is someone you know well, it may be challenging to point out what is worth mentioning and what is not.
  • Learn how to describe from professionals . If you wish to learn how to write, you should read a lot. In particular, you should read works of the same genre. Write down the metaphors and epithets your favorite author uses in their character descriptions.

How to Write a Portrait

We have prepared for you a mini guide on how to write a portrait of a person. Just follow these 8 simple steps:

  • Collect information about a person . It is crucial to write about a person you know well, like a close friend, a classmate, or a family member. Consider conducting an interview with this person or talking with other people who know this individual to gain more insights and observations.
  • Create a thesis and an outline . Choose interesting details, anecdotes, unique features, or qualities of your chosen person that are worth describing in your essay. Organize all the information logically in an outline to make writing easier. Also, create a thesis statement, which must include the person you write about and your purpose for describing them.
  • Start with a physical description . At this stage, you need to be as specific as possible. Try to describe not only the appearance of the person but add details about their smell, voice, etc.
  • Describe the behavior . Focus on what makes this person unique — their laugh, a manner of talking, a way of moving, etc.
  • Demonstrate your character’s reputation . To do so, show how your described person makes others feel, treats others, and contributes to the world.
  • Show your character’s environment and belongings . A person’s environment and belongings can reveal much about their personality, interests, and values. So, include details about what things are important to your described individual and whether their environment looks tidy, cluttered, dirty, etc.
  • Write about their manner of speech . Describe the person’s choice of words and intonation to reflect their education level, confidence or fear, and unique worldview.
  • Conclude by summarizing unique qualities . In your last paragraph, summarize what makes your described person unique. Add a concluding sentence conveying the final impression they have made on you.

Descriptive Portrait Essay Example

My best friend is a person who deserves a separate book. She had a complicated but interesting life. She is the third child in a large family and wants to become a nurse. I will dedicate this essay to her features and personal qualities to show that you can be a good person despite anything. Mary’s appearance is unremarkable and even plain. She is tall and plump, and her gestures are indecisive. The girl seems to be shy, but she becomes very confident when her family or values are harmed. One could see a strict line between her eyebrows. It marks her inner strength and decisiveness. The look of her grey eyes is attentive and benevolent. It helps her win the interlocutor in an argument. By the way, communication skills are the strongest part of her character. She is open and cheerful but sometimes too impulsive. The way she speaks and behaves comforts me, like a cold winter evening in front of a fireplace. She is kind and caring, and always does her best to make any interaction pleasurable. Still, when someone acts with hypocrisy, she prefers to break up with such a person. It is hard for Mary to give people a second chance. This feature has its drawbacks, but it also makes her friends’ circle tight and reliable. Mary wants to become a nursery teacher because she loves children. At the moment, she is studying for that, and I am sure she will succeed. This girl has taught me that people can combine mutually exclusive features in themselves and remain to be nice friends and intelligent specialists.

We hope we’ve inspired you to write your portrait essay. If you have already written your text and want it to be read aloud, you are welcome to use our text-to-speech tool .

❓ Portrait Essay FAQ

How to write a portrait essay.

1. Make a list of the most remarkable facial features and character traits of the person in question. 2. Relate the above to their character. 3. Group your findings into categories. 4. Dedicate one main body paragraph to each category.

How to Start a Portrait Essay?

Any essay should start with background information. In the case of a portrait essay, you could mention how you got to know the person or what your first impression was. Or, you can give general information about their family and work. Finish your introduction with a thesis statement, informing the reader of the purpose of your writing.

How to Write a Self-portrait Essay?

1. Sit in front of the mirror and think about which of your features differ you from other people. 2. Write the main body, dedicating each paragraph to a different aspect of your appearance. 3. Write the introduction about what kind of person you are and how you came to the place where you are now. 4. Write the conclusion about your future intentions.

How Do You Write a Character Portrait Essay?

1. Carefully read all the author’s descriptions of the character. 2. Link them to the plot as most characters reveal themselves gradually. 3. Think what impressed you the most about the character. 4. Write your opinion using the image the author created and your own imagination.

🔗 References

  • Descriptive Essays | Purdue Online Writing Lab
  • Descriptive Essay Examples – YourDictionary
  • How to Give a Description of a Character – wikiHow
  • How to Write About Yourself | Indeed.com
  • 7 Helpful Tips on How to Write a Memorable Personal Essay
  • Personal Essay Topics and Prompts – ThoughtCo

The Classroom | Empowering Students in Their College Journey

How to Write a Self-Portrait Essay

How to Create a Life Map

How to Create a Life Map

A self-portrait essay is a paper that describes you -- and what's important to you -- to your reader. Choosing what aspects of yourself you want to describe before you begin your essay will help you choose the most evocative images and events to include in your essay. Using specific images from your life will give your reader a physical image of who you are.

Reflect on Your Experiences

Before you begin writing your self-portrait essay, reflect on yourself. Think about the sort of personality you have, what types of people you get along with and your goals and aspirations. Once you've taken time to look at yourself, think about what aspects of yourself you want to focus on. To make your essay engaging, pick an area that challenges you. For instance, you might write about how you try to form new friendships despite your anxieties, or how you commit to your convictions even if it brings you into conflict with others. You can also explore what ideas -- religion, philosophy, ethics -- are important to you. Deciding on two or three aspects you wish to focus on will help you narrow down what you include in your writing.

Introduce Yourself

Begin writing your essay by introducing your reader to yourself. Describe where you live and your family, and provide a physical description of yourself. To make your introduction catchy and interesting, avoid listing these details as if you're just answering a series of questions. Working them into physical descriptions of your life can make this information more interesting. For instance, if you're 17, you might introduce your age by saying: "We moved into this squat brick house 15 years ago -- two years after I was born."

You can also use a picture of yourself -- a literal self-portrait -- as an image to begin your essay. Find a picture of yourself from your past, and describe what that picture shows about you. For instance, if your picture shows you when you were upset, you might say that you can remember being sad when you were a child, but you can't quite remember why. This can be an excellent way of bringing in your reader and beginning to discuss how you have or haven't changed over time.

Tell Your Stories

The body of your essay should explore the aspects of yourself you decided to write about. For each aspect, pick two or three events from your life and write a paragraph for each. If you want to show your determination, for instance, you might describe a time that you ran all the way to school when your bus didn't come. If you hold steadfast to your opinions, you could describe a long political argument you had with your family, and the mixture of pride and anger you felt afterward. These events will show your personality and give you the opportunity to describe physical locations and actions, which will make your self-portrait feel more real to your reader.

In addition to using events from your life to illustrate your personality, describe yourself using objects from your life. If you're an avid reader, spend part of your essay describing the large bookshelves in your room. If you're meticulous about your hobbies, use an image of a plant that you keep on your windowsill.

The conclusion paragraph of your essay should tie your paper together. It should draw on the aspects of your personality and the events in your life that you've described and ask where you're going in the future, or what you feel about yourself now that those events are in the past. Don't summarize or restate the items you've already described. Instead, tie them together or build on them. For instance, if you described making art in the past, talk about how you hope to rediscover your creativity. If you know you'll have to deal with ideas you don't agree with in the future, write how you think you'll handle them.

Alternatively, conclude your essay by restating the details from your introduction in a different light. By tying the beginning and end of your essay together, you will give a sense of completion to your reader. For instance, if you describe your house as "gloomy" in your introduction, but spend your paper talking about the fun you've had with your siblings, you might conclude your essay by saying: "Yes, it's a gloomy house, but we know how to make it shine."

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How to write an essay with a thesis statement.

  • Napa Valley College: Self Portrait (Description) Essay
  • Teen Ink: Self Portrait

Jon Zamboni began writing professionally in 2010. He has previously written for The Spiritual Herald, an urban health care and religious issues newspaper based in New York City, and online music magazine eBurban. Zamboni has a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies from Wesleyan University.

example of self portrait essay

Home » Writers-House Blog » Self-Portrait Essays: Writing Tips

Self-Portrait Essays: Writing Tips

Self-portrait essays are aimed to describe the author. When writing a self-portrait essay, you should think of your audience and find the best approaches to describe yourself to its members. Use evocative images and specific details to make your description more vivid and engaging. Writing consultants from Writers-house.com service wrote this quick guide to help you write an outstanding self-portrait essay.

Think of Your Experiences

First, take your time and reflect on yourself. Think about your personality, your aspirations, and goals. What people you like to see around yourself? What you’d like to achieve in the future? We recommend that you choose a relatively challenging area to make your essay more engaging. For example, if you suffer from anxiety, you can describe how you overcome it to build relationships with other people. You may write about how you keep standing your ground despite the pressure from others. You may also write about your ethical, philosophical, or religious views. The main thing is to clearly define the focus of your essay.

Describe Yourself

You should begin your essay with an introduction. You need to introduce yourself and to provide a general description that will allow your readers to quickly learn the most important things about you. However, avoid simply listing the details about yourself because you don’t want the introduction to be boring. For example, if you want to say that you’re 16 years old, you can tell your readers how you and your parents moved to a new place 13 years ago, when you were three years old.

A good approach is to take a picture of yourself or take a look at your old pictures and describe what this picture can tell about you. For example, if you look happy on this picture, tell your readers about that day and why you were happy. A picture from the past is also a great opportunity to discuss how you’ve changed over time.

Tell Your Story

The main part of your essay must provide your readers with insights into the chosen area of yourself. When writing about some aspects of your life, make sure to illustrate them with specific events. Devote one body paragraph to one aspect, and provide some opinions. For example, you may mention a political argument with your family or explain what do you think about the overall quality of life in the town where you were born. You should show your personality and illustrate it with such details as events, locations, etc.

We recommend that you don’t use an opportunity to make your self-description more vivid by describing objects that surround your everyday life. For example, describe your room or tell your readers something about your hobbies and passions.

The Conclusion

The last paragraph of your essay should wrap it up and tie together all the pieces of information about yourself, creating a complete image. The conclusion is a great place to tell your readers what you think about your life now, and what you’re going to do in the future. We recommend that you don’t restate any information that you’ve already mentioned in the body of your essay. Don’t write a summary. Instead, provide a new perspective. Writing about your goals and plans is a great solution.

We also recommend that you conclude the essay by considering things you’ve been addressing in the introduction in a different light. If your introduction and conclusion are connected to each other, your essay will create a sense of completion. Make sure that different sections of your essay are logically connected to each other and your story is consistent.

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How to Write About Yourself in a College Essay | Examples

Published on September 21, 2021 by Kirsten Courault . Revised on May 31, 2023.

An insightful college admissions essay requires deep self-reflection, authenticity, and a balance between confidence and vulnerability. Your essay shouldn’t just be a resume of your experiences; colleges are looking for a story that demonstrates your most important values and qualities.

To write about your achievements and qualities without sounding arrogant, use specific stories to illustrate them. You can also write about challenges you’ve faced or mistakes you’ve made to show vulnerability and personal growth.

Table of contents

Start with self-reflection, how to write about challenges and mistakes, how to write about your achievements and qualities, how to write about a cliché experience, other interesting articles, frequently asked questions about college application essays.

Before you start writing, spend some time reflecting to identify your values and qualities. You should do a comprehensive brainstorming session, but here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What are three words your friends or family would use to describe you, and why would they choose them?
  • Whom do you admire most and why?
  • What are the top five things you are thankful for?
  • What has inspired your hobbies or future goals?
  • What are you most proud of? Ashamed of?

As you self-reflect, consider how your values and goals reflect your prospective university’s program and culture, and brainstorm stories that demonstrate the fit between the two.

Prevent plagiarism. Run a free check.

Writing about difficult experiences can be an effective way to show authenticity and create an emotional connection to the reader, but choose carefully which details to share, and aim to demonstrate how the experience helped you learn and grow.

Be vulnerable

It’s not necessary to have a tragic story or a huge confession. But you should openly share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to evoke an emotional response from the reader. Even a cliché or mundane topic can be made interesting with honest reflection. This honesty is a preface to self-reflection and insight in the essay’s conclusion.

Don’t overshare

With difficult topics, you shouldn’t focus too much on negative aspects. Instead, use your challenging circumstances as a brief introduction to how you responded positively.

Share what you have learned

It’s okay to include your failure or mistakes in your essay if you include a lesson learned. After telling a descriptive, honest story, you should explain what you learned and how you applied it to your life.

While it’s good to sell your strengths, you also don’t want to come across as arrogant. Instead of just stating your extracurricular activities, achievements, or personal qualities, aim to discreetly incorporate them into your story.

Brag indirectly

Mention your extracurricular activities or awards in passing, not outright, to avoid sounding like you’re bragging from a resume.

Use stories to prove your qualities

Even if you don’t have any impressive academic achievements or extracurriculars, you can still demonstrate your academic or personal character. But you should use personal examples to provide proof. In other words, show evidence of your character instead of just telling.

Many high school students write about common topics such as sports, volunteer work, or their family. Your essay topic doesn’t have to be groundbreaking, but do try to include unexpected personal details and your authentic voice to make your essay stand out .

To find an original angle, try these techniques:

  • Focus on a specific moment, and describe the scene using your five senses.
  • Mention objects that have special significance to you.
  • Instead of following a common story arc, include a surprising twist or insight.

Your unique voice can shed new perspective on a common human experience while also revealing your personality. When read out loud, the essay should sound like you are talking.

If you want to know more about academic writing , effective communication , or parts of speech , make sure to check out some of our other articles with explanations and examples.

Academic writing

  • Writing process
  • Transition words
  • Passive voice
  • Paraphrasing


  • How to end an email
  • Ms, mrs, miss
  • How to start an email
  • I hope this email finds you well
  • Hope you are doing well

 Parts of speech

  • Personal pronouns
  • Conjunctions

First, spend time reflecting on your core values and character . You can start with these questions:

However, you should do a comprehensive brainstorming session to fully understand your values. Also consider how your values and goals match your prospective university’s program and culture. Then, brainstorm stories that illustrate the fit between the two.

When writing about yourself , including difficult experiences or failures can be a great way to show vulnerability and authenticity, but be careful not to overshare, and focus on showing how you matured from the experience.

Through specific stories, you can weave your achievements and qualities into your essay so that it doesn’t seem like you’re bragging from a resume.

Include specific, personal details and use your authentic voice to shed a new perspective on a common human experience.

Cite this Scribbr article

If you want to cite this source, you can copy and paste the citation or click the “Cite this Scribbr article” button to automatically add the citation to our free Citation Generator.

Courault, K. (2023, May 31). How to Write About Yourself in a College Essay | Examples. Scribbr. Retrieved February 22, 2024, from https://www.scribbr.com/college-essay/write-about-yourself/

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Kirsten Courault

Kirsten Courault

Other students also liked, style and tone tips for your college essay | examples, what do colleges look for in an essay | examples & tips, how to make your college essay stand out | tips & examples.

example of self portrait essay

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example of self portrait essay

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Self Portrait Essay Introduction

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Self Portrait Essay Introduction

A self-portrait essay is an opportunity to dive deep into one’s own self-psyche and explore the various facets of their personality, experiences, and emotions. It is a form of autobiographical writing that allows individuals to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences through their own unique lens. In this type of essay, the writer becomes both the subject and the author, painting a vivid picture of themselves for the reader.

A self-portrait essay is not only a means of self-expression but also a powerful tool for self-discovery, reflection, and growth. In this essay, one will explore the various aspects of their personality, experiences, and emotions, and present an introduction of themselves to the reader to gain a deeper understanding of who they are as an individual. 

Individuals can refer to this blog, to know and understand how to write a self-portrait essay introduction. 

This Blog Includes:

How to write a self-portrait essay introduction , points to include in your self-portrait essay, self portrait sample.

Writing an introduction for a self-portrait essay can be an interesting and reflective exercise. Here are some steps you can follow to write a successful self-portrait essay:

  • Brainstorm: Start by brainstorming about yourself. Think about your personality, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and how they have shaped you as a person. Jot down notes and ideas that come to your mind.
  • Introduction: Start your essay with a catchy introduction that sets the tone for your essay. You can use a quote, an anecdote, or a question to engage the reader.
  • Personal background: Provide some background information about yourself, including where you grew up, your family, and any significant events that have influenced your life.
  • Personal qualities: Describe your personality traits, including your strengths and weaknesses. Discuss how these traits have impacted your life and relationships.
  • Accomplishments: Write about your accomplishments, both big and small. Talk about what you have achieved and what you are proud of.
  • Challenges: Discuss the challenges you have faced in your life and how you have overcome them. This can be a powerful way to show your resilience and strength.
  • Goals: Talk about your goals, both short-term and long-term. Explain what motivates you and what you hope to achieve in the future.

Conclude your essay by summarizing your main points and leaving the reader with a final thought or reflection.

Also Read: How to Handle Tough Interview Questions with Ease

When writing a self-portrait essay, there are several things you can mention to provide a comprehensive and insightful depiction of yourself. Here are some ideas:

  • Personal Identity: You can start by mentioning your name, age, place of birth, family background, and any other significant details about your upbringing that have contributed to your identity. Discuss your relationships with family, friends, and significant others, and how they have impacted your life.
  • Personality Traits: Describe your personality, including your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, your values, and your beliefs.
  • Education and Career: Mention your academic qualifications, any degrees or certifications earned, and your current or past profession.
  • Hobbies and Interests: Mention any hobbies, sports, or activities you enjoy, and how they have influenced your life.
  • Accomplishments: Highlight your achievements, both personal and professional, that you are most proud of.
  • Examples of Overcoming Obstacles: Discuss any challenges or obstacles you have faced in life, and how you overcame them with the help of examples. Do not forget to add what you learned from them. 
  • Goals and Aspirations: Mention your short-term and long-term goals, and what you hope to achieve in life.

In the end, you can also share any unique experiences in your life. Share your experiences related to travel, volunteer work, or other notable events.

Also Read: How To Ace Your Self Introduction in Interview!

Here is a sample that you can refer to while writing a self-portrait essay introduction yourself: 

The self-portrait essay can be started by mentioning your name, native place, family background, and education, along with many other details.

A self-portrait essay is an opportunity to express yourself as an individual and introduce the reader to your various facets including your interests, native place, education or belongingness.

For more interesting blogs, check the links given below in the table.

For the latest blogs on Interview Preparation, Careers, and more, follow the Leverage Edu website and YouTube channel .

' src=

Aditi Gupta

A bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication graduate, I am an enthusiastic writer. I love to write about impactful content which can help others. I love to binge watch and listen to music during my free time.

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example of self portrait essay

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Portrait Essay Example

Look through this Portrait Essay Example created by BookWormLab!

Compare ready samples with your papers and improve them

Want us to make a unique Creative Writing Examples for you?

How can I go about writing a portrait essay? In order to write a portrait essay, we must understand the meaning of a portrait. A portrait is a painting, a photograph, sculpture or any other artistic rendition of a person, in which the face and its expression is the main area of interest. A portrait custom essay could be easily written about how to paint or photograph a portrait. Also a portrait essay could be written about how to make a sculpture of a person.

Self Portrait Essay Writing

Since everyone may know the basic meaning of a portrait, a general portrait essay can be written very easily. But if we have to go deeper into what a portrait means to the artist, and what the artist is trying to bring out, then a portrait essay can be written on every portrait! For example, an entire essay could be written just about the Mona Lisa painting. Likewise, if you take sculptures by Michelangelo, you can write a portrait essay about each of his sculptures. Each portrait makes for an excellent portrait essay if carefully considered. Every portrait that exists, no matter how good or bad it may be to behold, it till carries a lot of meaning with it.

Portrait Character Essay Papers

Sometimes, an artist creates a self-image of himself. These images are called self portraits. When an artist creates a self portrait, usually there is a lot of meaning attached to it. A portrait essay explaining the nature of the portrait and the circumstances in which he created the portrait, would make an excellent portrait essay.

One could even write about the origin of self portraits, and what they meant to each civilisation in the portrait essays. In some cases, some people write articles like a portrait of the artist as a young man essays, which may talk about the life of the artist, with the main topic being his self portrait. Some good titles of essays of the modern era worth mentioning, include “portrait of the essay as a warm body” and “portrait of a teacher essay”. Portrait Essay Sample:

Example Portrait Essay

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Writing a lot of Self-Portrait papers is an inherent part of present-day studying, be it in high-school, college, or university. If you can do that on your own, that's just awesome; yet, other learners might not be that fortunate, as Self-Portrait writing can be quite troublesome. The catalog of free sample Self-Portrait papers introduced below was formed in order to help embattled students rise up to the challenge.

On the one hand, Self-Portrait essays we present here distinctly demonstrate how a really well-written academic paper should be developed. On the other hand, upon your demand and for an affordable cost, an expert essay helper with the relevant academic background can put together a high-quality paper model on Self-Portrait from scratch.

Frida Kahlo: Example Research Paper By An Expert Writer To Follow

Queer designs on the works of warhol, rauschenberg, and rivers: free sample essay to follow, art history. comparing strengths and weaknesses of moma and metropolitan surrealist collections essays examples.


Good Artwork Discussion Essay Example

Good essay about chuck close: a portrait in progress, good example of book review on emperor of china: self-portrait of k’ang-his.

Emperor of China: Self-Portrait of K’ang-Hsi

Art & Architecture Academic Research Paper

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Free Research Paper On Frida Kahlo: Painter, Rebel, And A Woman

After the century in which Vincent van Gogh lived, the early twentieth century was a period of continuous change in politics, economy, and society. The revolutionized printing press liberated the people’s minds from the curtains of naiveté and transformed the society into a modernized culture where freedom of expression is highly valued. Frida Kahlo was a female Mexican artist who often noted through her expressive self-portraits which are characterized by her solid and thick eyebrows similar to a man. Her paintings reflect the pain, her dreams, and her life hidden from the public view.

The Life and Works of Frida Kahlo

Example Of Object Analysis Essay

http://www.getty.edu/art/gettyguide/artObjectDetails?artobj=344716 Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn Dutch, about 1628 Oil on copper 8 3/4 x 6 3/4 in. 2013.60

Free Critical Thinking On The Self Portrait

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Part I. Stylistic

Pinder Reading Book Review Examples

Beth grabowski and jina valentine critical thinking example.

A response to the artworks


The contemporary artworks of 21st century have come far ahead of usual pencil, paint brush and charcoal artworks. Now, there are countless instances of digital artworks as well as mixed media art incorporating innovative ideas and state-of-the-art technologies. This short essay analysis aims at illuminating the similar array of artworks- by artists Beth Grabowski and Jina Valentine. The response for their artworks in term of artistic quotient has been given here.


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Damien hirst end game 2000-2004 glass stainless steel human skeletons and medical essay sample, a comparison of john henry sylvesters portrait of te pehi kupe and essay.

Te Pehi Kupe's "Self Portrait."

Critical Thinking On Communication

1. The Elder Sister

This is a painting made by a French painter, William Bouguereau in 1869. The medium employed is Oil on canvas. It is 51 ¼ x 38 ¼ inches in dimension and found at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. It was presented as gift b an Anonymous Lady in memory of her father.


It portrays a young girl, staring fixedly at the beholder while affectionately embracing an infant on her thigh, gifted with an almost mysteriously enticing beauty. William Bouguereau was the typical thriving scholastic painter. His canvases were in great demand by European and American investors mutually, and his reputation has been reawakened lately.

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A Portrait Of My Self Identity

  • Category: Sociology , Philosophy
  • Topic: Individual Identity , Personal Identity , Self Identity

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