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Seth Landman

10 of the Best Father/Son Duos in Sports History

father son essay

Over the past couple of years — especially recently, with his Los Angeles Lakers eliminated from the playoffs — LeBron James has been pretty open with the media about his desire to play with his son, Bronny, before he retires from the National Basketball Association (NBA). Fathers and sons appearing in the same professional sports league isn’t unheard of — as you’ll see if you read on! — but it is pretty rare. Even more rare is when they get to play together . 

LeBron’s combination of greatness and longevity makes this kind of thing possible. He’s still great at age 37 after 19 seasons of professional basketball, and he’s not really showing any signs of slowing down. Bronny will play his senior season of high school hoops at Sierra Canyon in Los Angeles next season, and then he’ll likely attend one year of college before he’s eligible for the 2024 NBA Draft. Personally, I’m not going to be the one who bets against LeBron’s ability to play three more NBA seasons.

Of course, it’s not necessarily a given that Bronny will make it to the NBA. He’s currently ranked 40th in the class of 2023 on ESPN’s recruiting rankings . If he makes it, he likely won’t get to choose his team, but LeBron will probably still have enough sway to get where he needs to be to make the dream a reality. And then they’ll join the rest of the great father/son duos in sports history. For now, let’s look at some of the others. 

Bobby and Brett Hull

father son essay

Back in 2017, when the National Hockey League (NHL) honored the 100 greatest players in the league’s history, there was only one father/son duo that made the list: Bobby and Brett Hull. That makes them the rare duo on this list; both men were considered historically great in the context of their sport. 

Despite the fact that Bobby played seven seasons in the ‘70s outside of the NHL in the World Hockey Association (WHA), both Bobby and his son Brett — who played in the NHL from 1986 until 2006 — are among the top 20 goal scorers in NHL history . In fact, they are the only father/son duo to each score 600 goals in a career and 50 goals in a single season — a feat that exemplifies both their greatness and their longevity in the sport. 

Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr.

father son essay

On a special day in August of 1990, the Griffeys became the first father and son to play together on the same team in the history of Major League Baseball (MLB). This may not seem so impressive at first, but there are lots of reasons why it’s such a rare phenomenon. The simplest? It requires a lot of longevity. Ken Griffey Sr. played in over 2000 MLB games over 19 seasons, which meant he stuck around long enough to be there when his phenom son made it to the big leagues.

But while Sr. was a good player in his own right — with a .296 batting average, over 150 home runs and 200 stolen bases — it was Jr. who would go on to be one of the greatest baseball players ever. Despite struggling with injuries at points in his career, Ken Griffey Jr. was one of the greatest two-way players the game has ever seen, making spectacular plays in the outfield and smashing 630 home runs — good for 7th all time . 

Rick and Brent Barry

father son essay

NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry actually had many sons who played in the NBA. Jon played over 800 games over the course of 14 NBA seasons. Drew had a cup of coffee with the Atlanta Hawks and Seattle Supersonics in the late ‘90s, but never played a full season. Canyon played last season for the Iowa Wolves of the NBA G-League. But it was Brent who came closest to matching at least a little bit of his father’s greatness.

Rick, if you didn’t know, was an all-time great scorer who averaged over 30 points per game for the 1975 NBA Championship-winning Golden State Warriors. He was also the best free throw shooter ever — at 89.3% for his career — until Steve Nash, Stephen Curry and others passed him in recent years. Not to mention, Rick’s famous, under-handed free throw form has long been a hot topic of debate . 

Brent, like his brother Jon, played 14 seasons, but had the privilege of being a key player on two championship teams: the 2005 and 2007 San Antonio Spurs. Brent, who was nicknamed “Bones” due to his skinny build, also has the distinction of having participated in both the NBA’s dunk contest and 3-point shootout at NBA All-Star Weekend. (To put it in perspective, other NBA greats who’ve accomplished this feat include Michael Jordan and Damian Lillard.) In fact, Brent won the dunk contest in 1996 with an almost-from-the-foul-line dunk that shocked the crowd. 

Mario and Michael Andretti

father son essay

In the world of auto racing, there aren’t many families with more impressive resumes than the Andrettis. Mario began stock car racing in the U.S. in the ‘60s, winning the Daytona 500 in 1967. He didn’t stop there. He ended up shifting to IndyCar racing and then Formula One, and he kept winning no matter where he raced. He’s the only driver to win Driver of the Year in three decades (1967, 1974 and 1984), and he’s the only driver to win the Daytona 500, the Indy 500, and the Formula One world title. 

His son Michael did not have quite the career his father had, but was successful nonetheless. He won the 1991 IndyCar World Series and 42 race victories — 4th all time, but second in his family to Mario’s 52. Since Michael retired, his Andretti Autosport team has kept winning, too — they’ve won four IndyCar Series championships and five Indy 500s. 

Tim Hardaway Sr. and Tim Hardaway Jr. 

father son essay

Tim Hardaway Sr. was one of the most exciting basketball players of his era. A tough-nosed point guard who played with a ton of flash, he averaged right around 18 points and eight assists per game over his 14 years in the NBA. He’ll be inducted into the NBA’s Hall of Fame this September, finally, and that’s great. Still, for me, he’ll always be most famous for his signature killer crossover move, the UTEP Two-Step (named after his alma mater, the University of Texas El Paso).

His son, Tim Jr., had a stellar college career at Michigan, where he started in the Final Four during his junior year. His NBA career hasn’t been quite as good as his father’s, but he’s still made a name for himself with a silky smooth jump shot and his ability to play off the ball alongside his great teammate, Luka Dončić. He’ll never match his father’s 7,000 career assists, but it’s not out of the question that he’ll catch up to dad’s 15,000 career points.

Dell, Stephen and Seth Curry

father son essay

Dell Curry — one of the greatest NBA shooters of all time — seems to have been able to teach the skill pretty well. His sons Seth and Steph have somehow both surpassed Dell’s career percentages of 40% on 3-pointers and 84% on free throws. Dell mostly came off the bench over the course of his career, starting fewer than 10% of his games, and that’s pretty similar to Seth, who has carved out a nice career for himself as a spot-up shooter like dad.

Steph, on the other hand, is something else entirely. He’s currently shooting for his fourth NBA title in this year’s NBA Finals, but whatever the result, he’s already considered one of the 20 best basketball players ever. He also probably gets the distinction of being the greatest shooter ever. He’s first in free throw percentage at 90.8%, but even more impressive might be the fact that he’s 12th in 3-point percentage at 42.8% despite the fact that he frequently shoots contested shots from further away than just about anyone. 

Genetics isn’t everything, but the Curry family’s shooting — Seth is actually third all time in 3-point percentage at 43.9% — is absolutely one of the most unique things we’ve ever seen in sports. 

Clay Matthews Jr. and Clay Matthews III

father son essay

You’re going to need a family tree in hand if you want to really track the lineage of the Matthews football family. It begins with Clay Matthews Sr., who began playing for the San Francisco 49ers in 1950, and it continues to this day — Clay Matthews III still hasn’t officially announced his retirement, though he hasn’t played since 2019. 

Probably the best player in the family was Clay Jr.’s brother, Bruce, who made 14 Pro Bowls in 19 seasons as an NFL offensive lineman. Clay Jr. played mostly for the Cleveland Browns, and made four Pro Bowls in his own right. Clay III, though, was the best player in the recent generation. He’s the Green Bay Packers all-time leader in sacks, and holds the distinction of being the only member of the Matthews family to win a Super Bowl, which he did in 2011 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Archie, Peyton and Eli Manning

father son essay

Peyton Manning is, without a doubt, one of the greatest football players ever, but his brother Eli and his dad Archie weren’t so bad either. Archie kicked things off winning SEC Player of the Year at Ole Miss in 1969, and then had a career a little longer than a decade in which he managed to get selected to two Pro Bowls.

Archie’s sons definitely outdid him. Eli was never one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL during his career, but he did manage to win a couple of Super Bowls for the New York Giants. Both of Eli’s Super Bowl wins came against Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. 

Like Eli, Peyton won two Super Bowls — 2006 for the Indianapolis Colts and 2015 for the Denver Broncos — but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Peyton holds so many NFL passing records it’s hard to know where to start. In 2013 he set the records for most touchdown passes in a season (55) and most passing yards in a season (5,477). His most impressive feat, however, was winning five MVP awards, which is two more than any other NFL player has ever won.

Bobby and Barry Bonds

father son essay

Bobby Bonds was one of the great baseball players of the ‘70s during his career with the San Francisco Giants. In lots of ways, he was ahead of his time in terms of his combination of power and speed. He was the first player to have 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases in a season, and he did that five times between 1969 and 1978 (narrowly missing on a few other occasions as well). At the end of his career, he was the first player since fellow San Francisco Giants star Willie Mays to have 300 home runs and 300 stolen bases in his career.

Somehow, Bobby’s son Barry ended up being even better than his father. Actually, he might have been the best player ever, though he’s still not in the Hall of Fame due to his role in the steroids scandal that rocked baseball over the past few decades. Still, Barry took his father’s records one step further, putting together a season with over 40 home runs and 40 steals in 1996. Most impressively, Barry is baseball’s all-time leader in both home runs (762) and walks (2,558). It’s unlikely those records will fall any time soon.

Gordie and Mark Howe

father son essay

One of the rare father/son duos to actually get to play together on the same team, Gordie and Mark Howe were hockey legends. Gordie — a.k.a. “Mr. Hockey” — played professional hockey for 32 seasons. I promise that’s not a typo. He played 26 NHL seasons and six seasons in the WHA. When he retired from the NHL, he was the all-time leader in goals, assists, and of course total points (records that ended up being broken by Wayne “The Great One” Gretsky).

Gordie finally got to play with his sons Mark and Marty for the Houston Aeros of the WHL from 1973 until 1977. Mark went on to have a 16-year NHL career of his own after playing with his dad. He was one of the great defensemen of his era, and ended up getting inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2011. 


father son essay

The Relationship Between Father and Son

The relationship between a father and son is one of the most potent and influential bonds that exist in society (Gosse, Edmund n.p). This relationship is unique, as it is both nurturing and demanding, often requiring a delicate balance of love, respect, and discipline. It is a relationship that has the potential to shape and define a person’s life, either positively or negatively. Therefore The father-son relationship is a complex and multi-faceted bond that can have positive and negative effects on the development of a son’s character and outlook on life. To understand the relationship between a father and son, this essay will explore the importance of a strong father-son relationship, the role of a father in a son’s life, the impact of a poor father-son relationship, Ways to foster a positive father-son relationship, and The importance of communication in a father-son relationship.

Importance of a strong father-son relationship

A strong father-son relationship is essential for a boy’s development into a healthy, well-adjusted adult. A father’s influence in a young boy’s life is imperative in helping him to develop a strong sense of self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-discipline. It can also help him learn how to express and manage his emotions, solve problems, and interact with others. When a father is present in a boy’s life, he can help to provide him with guidance and support (Pitsoane, E. M., & Gasa, pg 10750). He can help provide a safe and secure environment where the boy can explore and learn. A father can also help to instill values, such as honesty and respect, in the boy. He can also help to teach the boy the importance of hard work and responsibility. A father-son relationship can also provide the boy with a sense of security. When a father is present and involved in a boy’s life, the boy knows that he is loved and accepted for who he is. He feels safe, secure, and valued. A boy who feels secure and valued is likelier to have healthy relationships with others and make better life decisions. A father-son relationship can also provide a boy with a role model. A father can show a boy what it looks like to be a responsible, caring, and respected man. He can help instill integrity, respect, and compassion in the boy. He can also help to set an example of how to treat others with kindness and respect. Also, a father-son relationship can provide a boy with great emotional support. Fathers can help to provide comfort and reassurance in times of distress. They can also provide guidance and advice in times of uncertainty; therefore, a robust father-son relationship is essential for a boy’s development into a healthy, well-adjusted adult. Fathers can provide guidance and support, instill values, provide a sense of security, serve as role models, and provide emotional support.

the role of a father in a son’s life

The relationship between a father and son goes far beyond the love and affection of a typical parent-child relationship. It is the cornerstone of a boy’s development and his future success. The role of a father in a son’s life can be divided into three distinct stages: the provider, the mentor, and the friend. As a provider, a father is the primary source of financial stability, protection, and security for his son. He works to ensure that his son has enough food, clothing, and shelter to survive and thrive. This is especially important during the early years of a son’s life (Lamb, pg 23). A father’s financial provision allows his son access to education, health care, and recreational activities. As a mentor, the father serves as a role model and teacher. He guides his son through some of the most challenging times of life. He teaches him values, morals, and life lessons that will help him succeed in the future. He provides support and advice to his son during times of crisis and encourages him to make wise decisions. Also, as a friend, the father is someone his son can rely on and look up to. He can be a confidante, a shoulder to cry on, and a source of strength during tough times. He is a constant source of unconditional love and acceptance. He teaches his son how to love, laugh, and live life to the fullest. Therefore, the role of a father in a son’s life is invaluable. He is a provider, a mentor, and a friend. He is the foundation on which a son’s future success and provides financial stability, guidance, and emotional support throughout the different stages of his son’s life. A father’s love and devotion are irreplaceable and will last a lifetime.

the impact of a poor father-son relationship

The father-son relationship is one of the most important relationships a person will ever have. Unfortunately, there are many households where a poor father-son relationship exists. This can have an extreme impact on both the father and son and the family (Caldwell, Cleopatra Howard, et al. pg 650). One of the most immediate effects of a poor father-son relationship is damaging the son’s self-esteem. When a father cannot provide the necessary love, understanding, and guidance, the son may have difficulty feeling confident and secure. This lack of confidence can cause the son to struggle academically, socially, and professionally. The son may also become distant and withdrawn, preventing him from forming meaningful relationships with others. In addition to the effects on the son, the father may also suffer from a poor father-son relationship. A father may feel guilty or ashamed for not being able to provide the necessary support and guidance his son needs. This guilt can lead to depression and other forms of mental illness. The father may also become distant and withdrawn, preventing him from forming meaningful relationships with others. A poor father-son relationship can also affect the entire family. Without a solid father-son bond, the son may be unable to form relationships with his siblings, cousins, and other family members. This can lead to tension within the family and even cause the son to become estranged. A poor father-son relationship can have a lasting impact on the son’s future. Without a solid father-son bond, the son may struggle to find his identity, make wise decisions, and set goals for the future. Without guidance from a father, the son may make decisions that could negatively impact his future. Therefore, a poor father-son relationship can have a devastating impact on both the father and son. It can adversely affect the son’s self-esteem, the father’s mental health, and the entire family.

Ways to foster a positive father-son relationship

A strong, positive relationship between a father and son is essential for both the father and the son. A healthy father-son relationship helps a son to develop a strong sense of self-worth, independence, and loyalty. It also helps the father to create a strong bond between himself and his son and to share important life lessons. To foster a positive father-son relationship, fathers need to be involved in their son’s life. Fathers should be present in their sons’ lives, both physically and emotionally. They should be available to listen to their sons’ stories, answer their questions, and provide guidance and support. Fathers should also take the time to engage in activities with their sons and share their interests. It is also essential for fathers to show respect for their sons. Fathers should be patient with their sons and try to understand their perspective. They should also take the time to recognize and praise their sons’ accomplishments and support them in their endeavors. Fathers should also be open and honest with their sons. They should be willing to discuss complex topics and answer their sons’ questions honestly. Fathers should also make an effort to keep lines of communication open and create an environment in which their sons feel comfortable discussing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Additionally, fathers should be willing to compromise with their sons and compromise. They should be willing to listen to their sons’ ideas and come to mutually beneficial agreements. This will help create a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. Therefore, fathers need to show love and affection for their sons. Fathers should tell their sons that they love them and are proud of them. They should also show physical affection, such as hugs and kisses, to their sons.

The importance of communication in a father-son relationship

A father and son’s relationship is meaningful and can affect the son’s life. Communication is essential to this relationship and can help the father and son build a strong bond (Guilamo-Ramos et al., 2019). Good communication between the two can lead to mutual understanding and respect and help the son develop a sense of self-confidence, security, and trust. Good communication between a father and his son helps to create a sense of mutual understanding and respect. Fathers should respect their sons’ opinions and feelings, even if they do not necessarily agree with them. This can help the son feel valued and respected and encourage him to listen to his father’s advice. Also, fathers should express their feelings and opinions respectfully and explain if needed. Communication is also essential in helping a son develop self-confidence, security, and trust. When a father listens to his son, provides guidance, and expresses his feelings respectfully, the son will be more likely to feel secure in knowing his opinions and feelings are valued and respected. This can give the son the confidence to make decisions and express himself honestly and openly. Additionally, when a father is open and honest with his son, the son will be more likely to trust his father’s advice and guidance.

Gosse, Edmund. Father and son. Oxford University Press, USA, 2004.

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Caldwell, Cleopatra Howard, et al. “Enhancing adolescent health behaviors through strengthening non-resident father–son relationships: A model for intervention with African-American families.”  Health Education Research  19.6 (2004): 644-656.

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Importance Of Father Son Relationship

The parental relationship in life is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in shaping anyone’s life. A good father son relationship is key to a healthy upbringing. A father is tasked with being a good role model for his son and the son needs a fatherly figure to look up to. Without these parameters in place, a boy has no sense of the path to guide himself on and can end up going down a path that could potentially lead him into a life of confusion, turmoil, and unbalance. It is a father’s job to protect and guide his son. In order to successfully fulfill his role he must make sure that his son feels loved and cared for. The child must feel that he is prioritized above everything else in a father 's life. Every father inherently strives for their child to lead a successful and fulfilling life, but at the same time they subconsciously develop a need/hope for their child …show more content…

Once broken, these relationships become very hard to fix. These relationships can be seen similar to the properties of a small hand saw blade. A sawblade is a brittle disc that can be broken easily with just your fingers, but when it is utilized properly those fragile blades can cut through steel. However once broken repairing a saw blade becomes near impossible and can never be returned to its full potential. It is this problem that plagues both Okonkwo and Baba. They do not give enough care to the relationships that they have and end up causing damage that cannot be reversed. Their decisions not only affect them, but their children as well. It was this inability to comprehend the feelings of their children that sabotaged any chance of having a successful father son relationship. If you have no respect for someone and will not listen to what they have to say, how could you possibly expect for them to have respect for you and do the

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that a good father-son relationship is key to healthy upbringing. baba in the kite runner and okonkwo in things fall apart have conflicting relationships.
  • Analyzes how okonkwo's root conflict stems from his disapproval of his own father unoka.
  • Analyzes how the emotional detachment that baba feels towards amir prevents him from fulfilling his role as a fatherly figure.
  • Explains that expectations can be a blessing and curse. the relationship between father and son is delicate and needs to be nurtured with care.

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William Wilson's Father Cry

A child’s destiny crucially and heavily relies on the parental figures in their lives. Without such beacons of authority children in these broken homes easily feel partial, mislaid and typically turn out to be errant. The novel “Father Cry” by William Wilson, beautifully covers both the ideas of spiritual parental figures and physical parental figures. Analyzing several different subjects such as heartbreak, love, hope and many more, this book is able to holistically cover the general subject of parenthood. This is an amazing book with many things that one can learn from. Many ideas and topics in this book opened my eyes, pushing me to the verge of tears in some parts. That being said, one subject in particular that most impacted me was the

What is the Significance of Parent and Child Relationships to Sylvia-Amelia-Julia and Olivia in Kate Atkinson’s Case Histories and Dani in Jane El...

The father’s role in a child’s development has traditionally been underestimated. According to researchers Ross Parke and Kevin MacDonald and, authors of the article “Parent-Child Physical Play,” which appeared in the journal Sex Roles, fathers play an integral role in the emotional and social development of children. Father-child interaction tends to be more intense, and through their shared activities children learn how to express and control their emotions with their fathers. By working together, mothers and fathers help their children develop their skills across the spectrum.

I Wanted to Share My Father’s World

Although single parenthood is on the rise in homes today, children still often have a father role in their life. It does not matter who the part is filled by: a father, uncle, older brother, grandfather, etc...; in almost all cases, those relationships between the father (figure) and child have lasting impacts on the youth the rest of their lives. In “I Wanted to Share My Father’s World,” Jimmy Carter tells the audience no matter the situation with a father, hold onto every moment.

Role of Father Involvement

Throughout Exploring the Role of Father Involvement in the Relationship Between Day Care and Children’s Behavior the main focus is on social and developmental psychologies. The social psychology is examined by the behavior and responses of the children, while developmental psychology was examined by behavior after so much time with parents. The researchers were questioning weather or not the amount time a child spent with their father was related to their misbehavior in a school setting. The study they conducted gave mixed results in which left it possible that these behavioral problems could be blamed on the father and his involvement in the child’s life.

Interactions between Family Systems and Child Development

Healthy families foster environments of safety and relationships that are grounded on trust. One major factor in healthy family systems is positive parenting. Both Brooks (2014) and Feldman (2014) advocated the authoritative parenting as being the most beneficial for growing children. Generally within this style of parenting, Brooks noted that these types of parents provide emotional security and build up self-esteem in their children. Clear Rules are given, but they can be somewhat flexible and can come with explanations if the children would want to discuss the reasoning behind the rule (Brooks, 2013). Feldman explained that the environment that these parents create by parenting in this manner exudes warmth and support. Another factor in healthy family systems is that they lay the foundations for positive growth. Because open communication with the children is a common practice in this family life, the children are able to strengthen their communication and social skills (Brooks, 2013). Feldman supported that fact and added that with an environment that provides a strong sense of security, children are better able to make and maintain lasting relationships. With the safe, emotionally se...

The Crucial Roles of Fatherhood: Time, Modeling, and Nurturing

The way the father interact with the world; reacts to bad/good new, the way he treats people and the way he looks at the world guides the child to doing the same thing and reacting the same way. The way the fathers treat the child’s mother will be in turn how the child treats his partners in the future and the way the father treats his kids will be the way the child treats his future kids. Things like that are passed on by learning from their parents. By being a positive role model they are also serving as a guide to the outside world. They are teaching their kids how to maneuver their live in a positive

Parental Leave Policy

(Ed.). The role of the father in child development (fifth edition), pp. 551-557. New York:

The Roles of Parenting Style in The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

A parent’s parenting styles are as diverse as the world we live in today. Nowadays, parents only want what is best for their children and their parenting styles plays a crucial role in the development of children which will in the long run, not only effect the child’s childhood years, but later prolong into their adult life as well.

James Baldwin's Room Analysis

Child address similar themes of fathers wanting their son to have a family and be a man. This

The Collapse In Fatherhood In Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

good parenting abilities are vital to maintain a viable relationship with children. The value of a father in

Parent Child Observation Essay

This essay addresses seeks to evaluates diverse parenting approach by a parent-child observation. From observing developmentally appropriate and inappropriate interactions with the parent and child, I will learn how parents teach, guide, and influence their children. First, I will briefly describe basic Information of the child and parent that I have observed. Next I will discuss the parent experience with transitioning to Parenthood. Throughout the essay, I will be discussing the parenting goals and beliefs, parenting challenges and reflecting on parenting from the parent perspectives. Lastly, I will discussing my observation from the parent and child interactions.

The Four Types of Parenting Styles

Successful parenting may be judged by many different standards. Raising a child to be a respectful, mature, and independent adult requires a great deal of effort. There are several parenting styles, and not all lead a child to reaching their full potential. Overpowering sternness leads may lead to a rebellious child, while passive parenting may lead children to inept for the challenges of adulthood. Parenting requires more than teaching children submissiveness, or building of self-importance. Children learn best from a role model who is admirable. Parenting is a great opportunity to set the course of one’s entire life in the right direction.

The Role of the Father

The role of a father in his child’s life extends past the knowledge of far too many, and can oftentimes be eclipsed by the role of the mother. Although the mother’s role is essential and greatly valued in a child’s life and development, the father plays a significant role as well. No mother can fill the father’s place in a child’s heart, for fathers nurture and play differently than a mother. Several studies show that an attendant and highly involved father is critical, especially in the early stages of a child’s life. The absence of a father during this stage can lead to “impaired social and behavioral abilities in adults” (Robert, 2013). But what is the role of the father? This paper discusses the role of the expectant father, the birth experience for him, the transition into fatherhood, and the rise of single fathers.

The Importance of a Father Figure

A father is someone who protects, loves, supports and raises his children, whether they are biologically related or not. Every single person living on the Earth has a biological father. These biological fathers are supposed to take the responsibility of being a father because they did help bring a child into this world. One of the main responsibilities of a father is providing the child with the necessities of life, which include food, shelter, and clothes. Not only is a father responsible for the physical aspect but the emotional aspect as well. Children need to feel loved, cared for, and emotional support from their parents. A child needs to be reassured, so a father must show his affection, both physically and emotionally. A father needs to be involved in his children’s life. He needs to be a problem solver, playmate, provider, preparer, and he has to have principles. A father has to pr...

Why Is A Father Important Role

A father have a big impact of their child life because its nothing like having a father to get that man part of your life. Although some believe that fathers do not play an important role, Fathers are vital in their children’s lives. Some people believe fathers don’t play major role.

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Fathers Day

Father Son Relationship

It’s a common notion that a father and son relationship is quite a complex one and they are less comfortable in company of each other. But the key issue is those fathers and sons who have no interests in common find it hard to connect to each other. At times it’s that they feel a sense of competition with each other. It’s also their male tendencies that keeps them apart and in spite of both of them wanting to show their love are not able to do so.

One can develop a great sense of nurturing a father-son relationship by observing their mother and those around. Even a soured father son relationship can easily be mended with the help of a certain aphorism if followed in a disciplined way. Here are a few of the ideas to work upon for bolstering the bond between father and son.

It may be that we will not agree at once with the fact that a son learns most of the part of his being a father from his father and that’ s where the beauty of the father son relationship lies in. The son learns every small act of his by observing his father. Often we do not observe the fact that the son in a family gets the most influenced by his father however it is a truth.

Any and every relationship becomes a strong one if both the sides have something in common to share. At times for the lack of common interests it happens that both father and the son do not get enough of time to spend together and those results in their inability to explore each other. For any relationship it is apparent that the foremost aspect is of being able to know each other. And therefore, son and father must try to develop same type of interests.

A father should make it a point to learn things rough and active enough that their sons like during their young age. For instance wrestling in the backyard of the house will share the interest of both of you and will give more time to explore each other’s interests. A little touch in the wildness in the activities for sons is a way of exploring a strong bond.

Father Son Relationship

Take up small activities together; it may be as small as cooking in the kitchen and helping each other on the same. Or you may also take up a bigger business project together and work on it. For developing an everlasting bond begin the practice from the very young age of the son and make it a practice till you are together.

Listening develops a sense of confidence in one who is being listened! Also in the times of distress it frees the person from all the resentments from life and it makes people feel light. So, its’ quite important that, father and son both should actively listen to whatever the other has to say no matter how irrelevant the talk may be.

These are a few of the ides which will help father and son in fostering a strong bond of love with each other. Be gentle with each, be lovable to each other, listen to each other and most importantly keep at bay that ugly male ego coming in between beautifying the father son relationship.

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Relationship Between Father And His Son Essay

When the emperor was divine by julie otsuka.

Have you ever been separated from your dad for a while? We already know that the dad’s love cannot be compared with another thing in the world. The relationship between a father and his son is one of the most important things in life. In the novel “When the Emperor Was Divine” by Julie Otsuka shows the relationship assists in making a boy recognize the love of his father while he is in the internment camp for a long time. We may see through the third chapter as the father and his boy encourage their self-confidence to overcome their own experiences of being separated from each other. We are able to see how this relationship become strong and how it is linked for the boy’s feelings. Through this essay I would like to prove the importance of the father and his son, and how they illustrated this love in the novel “When the Emperor was Divine”.

Mother To Son Literary Devices

  • 2 Works Cited

     On the road of life, many trials arise that one must overcome to make his or her life feel complete. In Langston Hughes’s poem, “Mother to Son,” these trials are a subject of concern for one mother. Hughes’ “ability to project himself” is seen in his use of dialect, metaphors, and tone (Barksdale 3).

Essay about Effects of Absent Fathers on Adolescents

The role of the father, a male figure in a child’s life is a very crucial role that has been diminishing over the years. An absent father can be defined in two ways; the father is physically not present, or the father is physically present, but emotionally present. To an adolescent, a father is an idolized figure, someone they look up to (Feud, 1921), thus when such a figure is an absent one, it can and will negatively affect a child’s development. Many of the problems we face in society today, such as crime and delinquency, poor academic achievement, divorce, drug use, early pregnancy and sexual activity can be attributed to fathers being absent during adolescent development (Popenoe, 1996; Whitehead, 1993). The percentage of

Descriptive Essay on Dad

Many people have ways of influencing others. Most people use words to affect other people. An amount of individuals would utilize their gift of persuasion to convince others of their causes or maybe arguments, while some use authority to force people to do as they are told. These several differences can apply to fathers as well. Not all fathers are similar when it comes to educating their children. Many are gentle, while some are more dominant. Randy T Caldwell, a somewhat young spirited middle aged man. Dark skinned with black Gucci frames to accommodate his big brown eyes. Standing 5’11, board shoulders, happy, loving, man of

Poem Analysis Of 'A Story' By Li-Young Lee

Family relations are complex, but none may be as difficult to navigate as the bond that exists between a father and his son. Even though the son becomes angry and displeased with his father, he is always able to come back to him, revealing the cyclic nature and the impacts of

Essay on Father and Son by Bernard McLaverty

Father and Son by Bernard McLaverty 'Father and Son' by Bernard McLaverty is a short story which is set in

The Role Of Fathers In Child Rearing

Family is the first contact an infant experiences and the environment child is raised determines their behaviors and social development. Father figures just like mother figures are important in raising and socializing children in becoming responsible people as they grow. Numerous researches to determine importance of fathers in early child development have been carried out and majority of them found out that just like mothers, the role fathers play in early childhood development including mental, psychological and physical development are crucial. The studies show that, children raised by single mothers are likely to have problems such as drug abuse, engagement in early sexual behaviors and other unsocial behaviors as compared to those raised by both parents. The paper will explore the role of fathers in child rearing, discussing strategies in raising children and exploring pros and cons of such strategies.

Each Mans Son Essay

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This story is about a young women named Molly Macneil and her young son Alan. They live in a town called Broughton which is located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Broughton is a small town where most of its male inhabitants work at the colliery. Molly is a very lonely women who has been taking on the role of a single mother for the last four years because her husband has been away. Her husband, Archie Macneil, is in the United States following his boxing career. Molly also feels she has to keep this a secret from Alan because she wants him to grow up to be a doctor not a boxer. She will only tell Alan that her father has gone to make money for them and will return when he is finished. She also tells him that his father is

Father-Son Relationships in the Oddysey Essay

"Be careful to leave your sons well instructed rather than rich, for the hopes of the instructed are better than the wealth of the ignorant." This quote, stated by Epictetus, is an ideal depiction of the importance of father-son relationships in Homer’s ancient Greek epic, The Odyssey. The protagonist of The Odyssey, Odysseus, fights among the other Greek heroes at Troy and struggles to return to his kingdom in Ithaca where his loyal wife, Penelope, and his loving son, Telemachus await. Telemachus is an infant when Odysseus leaves for Troy, leaving him alone with his concerned mother and her arrogant suitors. In father-son relationships, both fathers and sons provide and learn from each other while

Themes In Tim Winton's The Turning By Tim Winton

This highlights the realistic atmosphere prevailing as well as reflects the true meaning of relationship. The readers are exposed to the mother-son relationship. It can be seen that even if the narrator is a twenty-year old law student, he is still the little boy who needed his neck scrubbed from the point of view of the mother. Whatever good advice the son gives, it is not followed and instead he is given a lecture. This is a typical mother-son relationship which shows that no matter how much a child grows, he always remains a little kid for the mother. Moreover, the readers also notice the routine life of the narrator and his mother. The boy used to accompany his mother to work and help her which makes a four-hour job becomes two. There is solidarity, strong family bond and understanding between them because although he did not like his mother

Mother to Son Essay examples

Every mother would like to see her child succeed in life. The following passage from the poem, "Mother to Son", by Langston Hughes demonstrates the love and concern a mother has for her son. She teaches him using her own life as an example; her life as a climb up a staircase. The imagery from the advice given in the stanza is explicit and poignant:

Analysis Of Father Knows Best : Gender Roles

When I was growing up my sister and I used to always wonder why there are different kind of parents. Throughout, the world every parent has a different kind of attitude towards their children. Despite that father are always seems to be the strict ones with their children because most of the time mothers are the opposite, mothers seem to be the relax one, the one that you can talk about anything without being fear. In Father Knows Best, Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Anderson always knows what is best for their children. Although, the scene was a fairytale, nevertheless in the movie the couples had showed great example as a parent. In Father Knows Best the family have a good relationship with each other which truly define the real meaning of a happy household. Therefore, in this paper I will discuss how gender roles, and class from Father Knows Best conform to my personal family reality,

Father Son Relationship in "Reunion" Essay

As children we look up to our parents as role models, it is universal that we have the need to have them in our lives, to feel loved by them. They are the people who should be responsible for our upbringing and in molding the way we are to be as adults. The role of a parent is not just providing food and shelter but also providing a good example. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. There are parents who for one reason or another are not there for their children, parents who do not set the right example to their kids. In the story "Reunion" by John Cheever we see a perfect example of how a father does not step up to his role as a parent and the effect it has on his son. We see the need of

"Mother to Son" Analysis Essay

The speaker of the poem “Mother to Son,” by Langston Hughes is a mother who is giving advice to her son. Her life has been difficult and hard at times. As readers, we know this because the speaker talks about how life is a staircase and her staircase has had “tacks and splinters in it” (line 3-4). This means that her life has not been perfect and she had many challenges to deal with. Perhaps she was born into poverty, because the images in her poem reveal a ragged, old staircase, like you might find in a decrepit, old building. Further, the speaker’s accent reveals that the speaker was not well-educated when she was younger, such as when she says “I'se been a-climbin' on” (line 9) which is not proper English. Since

Why The Father Wound Matter : Consequences For Male Mental Health Essay

A father and son relationship is very important. It is the foundation for boys to become men. The article, “Why the Father Wound Matter: Consequences for Male Mental Health and the Father-Son Relationship”, by Eric D. Miller explains the concept of a father wound that can manifest in males due to a father neglecting or abusing them. Miller stresses that by becoming fathers’, men can overcome father wounds. He touches upon the idea of masculinity, and how it can be a factor to why there is sometimes a distant relationship between a father and a son. The “A Father’s Call: Father-Son Relationship Survival of Critical Life Transitions”, by Ivory Achebe Toldson and Ivory Lee Toldson explains the relationship between a father and a son from adolescent into adulthood. Lee who was the father describes his struggles through a divorce and how he stayed connected to his son no matter what occurred. Lee’s son Achehbe is also featured in the article and expresses the rough childhood he went through without his father being directly in his life. Together these two articles show that a father is essential to the raising of a boy because without one many form father wounds along with emotional problems.

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Importance of Father Son Relationshps

In: English and Literature

30 November 2010 The Importance of a Father – Son Relationship The relationship between a father and a son can be expressed as perhaps the most important relationship that a man endures in his lifetime. This is the relationship that influences a man and all other relationships that a man has throughout his life. A strong father figure is important for a man to be able to mature into a man of strong character and a respectable citizen. In Arthur Millers, “Death of a Salesman”, the relationship between Willy and Biff is the example of a father and son relationship that is presented. Not having a strong father figure himself, Willy struggles with his character and that ultimately leads to a rift in his relationship with Biff and his neglect of Happy. Strong fathers play important roles in the lives of their sons and this is seen not only in literature, but also throughout history and in the world today. In “Death of a Salesman”, Willy’s non-existent relationship with his father and ideas of an American dream and what Willy wishes out of life, cause mass amounts of friction between him and his sons. It is evident in not only, “Death of a Salesman”, but in real life examples how having a strong father figure is important in fully developing into a man. Willy’s father left when he was young, and Willy describes this moment as, “…well, Dad left when I was such a baby and I never had a chance to talk to him and I still feel—kind of temporary about myself.” (Pg. 51) With that statement an inference can be made that Willy longed for a relationship with his father. His choice of words that he felt, “kind of temporary about myself” showed that something was amiss in Willy’s life and what he felt about himself. Not having his father around, Willy heard everything he knew about his father from his older brother Ben. Willy constantly has day dreams in which he remembers earlier parts of his life and has conversations with those that are not actually there. These delusions seem to become more frequent showing the diminished state of Willy’s psyche. Since Willy’s father abandoned him at such an early stage, all that Willy seems to know about his father come from Ben’s recollections. In one of Willy’s episodes where he imagines a previous meeting with Ben, they talk of their father and Ben describes their father by stating, “Father was a very great and a very wild-hearted man. We would start in Boston, and he’d toss the whole family into the wagon…and all the Western states. And we’d stop in towns and sell the flutes that he’d made on the way. Great inventor, Father. With one gadget he made more in a week than a man like you could make in a lifetime.” (Pg. 49) This imagery and statement by Ben show that the boys had a great respect for their father and for what he did. Willy’s father was a very good inventor at making his flutes and not only that but he was a great salesman as well. The idea that his father was such a spending salesman might have had a strong role in Willy selecting the same profession as well. Willy also seems to have trouble himself being a solid role model for his children. This is evident when he asks Ben to describe their father to his boys, “No, Ben! Please tell about Dad. I want my boys to hear. I want them to know the kind of stock they spring from. All I remember is a man with a big beard, and I was in Mamma’s lap, sitting around a fire, and some kind of high music.” (Pg. 48) Not having had a father figure himself to look up to, Willy makes certain mistakes that diminish his character. The main reason for tension between Biff and Willy come from the fact that Biff witnessed firsthand an incident of Willy’s infidelity. Biff went to call on Willy when he was away on one of his trips and there Willy ordered the woman he was with to hide in the bathroom and not to say a word while Willy saw who was at the door. Biff barged in when they began talking the woman made noise and Biff realized what had happened. This episode is what shatters Biff and causes him to lose respect for his father and to give up on the dreams his father had for him. Another example that father figures are important in a man’s life can be seen in the world of sports. There are many prominent male athletes who have been raised by a single mother and have not had the opportunity of being raised by a strong father figure or a strong male. These athletes go on to make mistakes that are uncommon amongst other males. These mistakes are not limited to athletes; they may happen to other less prominent figures but the athletes are the ones whose stories come to light and are seen in the eyes of the public. A prominent figure in the world of sports and specifically in basketball is Lebron James. This offseason James was a free agent for the very first time in his career, meaning he could choose to either stay with his hometown team the Cavaliers where he is revered as a hero or go elsewhere. James did not let on what his decision was going to be and waited until it was absolutely imperative that he make a choice. James decided to make his decision on television in a two hour long show that he named “The Decision”, James’ justification for having this show was that he was donating all the commercial proceeds to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. This false pretense of having a charity event seemed like an event to give himself more popularity and to make himself feel important. The setting and the manner in which James decided to let the world know his decision seemed immature, and he chose to leave the team that reveres and praises him to a team to play with his friends. James was raised by his mother alone and has not had a prominent father figure his whole life, he surrounded himself with his friends and they were the ones that guided him into behaving in such a way. There was an assortment of views on James and his decision and in the manner that it was executed, most of which was that James acted poorly and was immature in his acts. If James had a prominent father figure, all of this could have been avoided and he could have made his decision in a manner that was mature and respectful to the city of Cleveland and still played for whomever he chose. Another prominent sports figure is Michael Vick who plays for the National Football League (NFL). A few years ago Vick was the most electrifying talent on the football field and was the highest paid athlete in the NFL. At the peak of his fame, Vick became part of a huge scandal which showed that he was in the middle of a dog fighting ring. Vick was sentenced to nearly two years in Federal imprisonment and then two months spent at a halfway house. Vick’s mother was the one that supported him and his three siblings because the children were born out of wedlock. Vick’s mother and father did in fact get married later on but Vick’s father worked long hours and was not really there to guide Michael and in his development as a man. When Michael was initially sent to prison Tony Dungy, a famous coach for the NFL went to visit Vick and provided him with the guidance and wisdom that Vick did not have growing up. Dungy continued to mentor Vick throughout his sentence and even when he was eventually released. Recently Vick has returned to the NFL and is having the best season he ever had. He has transformed himself from a careless and lazy player into one who dedicated whole days to studying game film and practicing as long as it takes to prepare for the opponent he is going to face. Vick has finally realized his potential and having a strong father figure in the form of Tony Dungy, Vick has transformed himself as an athlete and as a man. Having an important father figure is not absolutely necessary for success; however it does ensure that you are able to develop tremendously as a man. Willy not having a prominent father figure in his life caused him to not be able to relate as well as he would like to his two sons and be the father figure that they needed to properly mature. Even in the modern world it is a reality that having a prominent father figure is important to aid in the development of a man and to ensure that he is able to make wise decisions and not commit foolish immature mistakes.

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Essay On Father Son Relationship

Nature vs. nurture in medicine walk by richard wagamese.

Not everyone has the luxury to have a traditional father and maternal figure. This book tells us the struggles of a

Enrique's Journey Essay

In this book specifically, the separation of children from their mothers. From the moment their mothers say goodbye, children consider their mothers to be, “larger than life,” (7). In their mothers’ absence, children long for their care and support. This highlights the importance of a mother’s role in a child’s life. Even in more developed countries, some children suffer psychologically while growing up due to the absence of a mother-figure, or any other parental figure.

Essay On My Virtual Child

With research, it has become apparent that there is a correspondence between mothers and children on the basis that attachment. Attachment depends on the reaction from mothers to her child’s emotional cues. (Feldman, 2012, Chapter

Parental Abandonment In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Parenting is often judged yet rarely understood. One could be the ultimate parent AND the ultimate failure, all at the same time. The guilt of corrupting someone who is your responsibility deteriorates a parent over time. It is universally accepted that as we grow older we become a mirror image of our parents. Their values become our own, just as their parents’ became theirs.

Essay On Father Son Relationship In Night

Understanding the relationship between father and son can be very difficult, and sometimes it is hard to describe. In the novel Night, by Elie Wiesel, the author uses many examples like imagery, tone, and foreshadowing to understand what a father/son relationship is like and to help the reader understand. Some examples given were when Elie watched his father get whipped, seen his father break down and cry for the very first time, and staying with his father through all the suffering. A father and his son's relationship can never be broken, not even by death.

Analysis Of Societal Expectations In Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

In a child's formative years, their parents are often time the most influential and important person in their lives. Children quickly pick up traits and life lessons taught, unknowingly, from their parents. These often times

Father To Death Row Essay

The data from Beck and Jones (2008) study showed “The most prevalent theme was the children’s discussion of the importance of having their parent in their

Mad Shadows Character Analysis

The role of a mother is crucial in shaping the foundation of the household. In the novella, Mad Shadows by Marie-Claire Blais, two women, Isabelle-Marie and Louise play the important role of the ironic mother as they shape Patrice. Whilst both Isabelle-Marie and Louise play the role of the ironic mother, they essentially destroy Patrice physically, mentally, and emotionally. Isabelle Marie physically tortures him whilst Louise continuously favors him destroying him mentally. However, as Patrice begins to show his ugly side, both of the women choose to neglect him therefore emotionally destroying him.

Sacrifice In Toni Morrison's Beloved

Parenting has been a long practice that desires and demands unconditional sacrifices. Sacrifice is something that makes motherhood worthwhile. The mother-child relation- ship can be a standout amongst the most convoluted, and fulfilling, of all connections. Women are fuel by self-sacrifice and guilt - but everyone is the better for it. Their youngsters, who feel adored; whatever is left of us, who are saved disagreeable expe- riences with adolescents raised without affection or warmth; and mothers most impor- tantly.

Rhetorical Analysis Of Overprotective Parents

Becoming a parent is a task that cannot be taken lightly. It is a task filled with frustration, responsibilities and dedication, but is also filled with joy and satisfaction. From children learning how to behave to them going out with friends, rules, standards and expectations are set mostly by their parents. Parents make most of their children’s decision in the first couple of years from behalf from what they eat for breakfast from setting their curfew as they get older. As children began grow, they began to make their own choices and learn to deal with the consequence of their mistakes.

The Role Of Family Roles In Ovid's Metamorphoses

As a child we watch our parents and we learn from them. We learn how to cook, how to clean, how to raise children, how to do right from wrong, how to work, how to do things we don't want to, how to be happy, how to have fun, and many more things.

Bad Parents Raise Bad Children

Bad Parents Raise Bad Children W.E.B. Du Bois said that “children learn more from what you are than what you teach”. Society always takes pride solely in the way a child has been raised by its parents. Children do not misbehave because they feel like misbehaving, but because something vital is missing in that child’s nurturing. Many parents allow their young to deviate from what is morally right or equal and their authority and choose violence over all odds as a solution for anger. Firstly, the consequence of ill nurturing can be the outcome of long-term mental health issues because of the child being prone to violence, anger, and stress.

Essay On Parent Teacher Relationships

EFFECTS OF PARENTS AND TEACHERS INTRACTION ON DELOPMENT OF EARLY CHILDHOOD STUDENTS IN MIANWALI 1.1 Introduction: The importance of good parent-teacher relationships has been well documented. Research has shown that parent involvement in education benefits not only the child but also the parents and teachers (Eldridge, 2001). The function of a good parent-teacher relationship is much more than just like a vehicle for status reports from teacher to parents on a child’s performance.

Father Son Relationship

Amir’s relationship with his father is a complex one. On a hand, Amir admires his father and is proud to have as his father. On another hand, he hates his father because he feels like he is incapable of amounting to (meeting up with/ rising to/ fulfilling) his father’s expectations. Amir said: “Most days, I worship Baba with an intensity approaching the religious. Butright then, I wished I could open my veins and drain his cursed blood from my body.”

The Importance Of The Family

The mother provided the mental and emotional, which are immensely important for the child’s mental and emotional growth and considered the heart of the family. The father, on the other hand, is the head and the strong man of the family. Parents have the basic responsibility of keeping the family intact. In a perfect world, all children lived in happy homes with two loving, doting parents who are comfortable both financially and emotionally.

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father son essay

Show More Relationships between a father and a son can vary depending upon how the father acts in significance to the child. The child’s future behavior is determined by the father’s actions raising him from a young child. The father should act as a positive role model for his children in order for them to grow up with a bright future, although it could also have a negative effect towards them. The connection between the two will have a serious impact on each other’s lives in a way that would either turn into a good or bad relationship throughout their lives. The novel, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe , expresses the influential connection between father and son relationships that may alter the bonds within the characters as the story goes on. Not everyone has a perfect relationship with their parents due to conflicting misunderstandings from one another and can be in relation to the novel by the actions and behaviors the characters project. A boy looks up to his father as his first role model when he begins to grow up and wanting to be just like his dad (Aubrey). Some would continue …show more content… The child will not always meet the dad’s expectations in life, however he can only learn from what he’s been taught and the morals he has discovered on his own. The father’s actions and behaviors will impact his own son’s beliefs which he can either take into consideration or ignore entirely. When the son has now become a father figure to his own son, the child can sometimes resemble the grandfather in which the dad was trying to avoid by teaching his son to be anything like his own father. In every relationship there will always be misunderstandings between the two individuals. Communication is essential to understanding each other’s thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Without it issues will arise in the relationship which can create an imbalance connection from which the parent and child has originally built

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Things Fall Apart Foreshadowing Analysis

In his novel, “Things Fall Apart”, Chinua Achebe includes a passage about a boy being led unknowingly to his death. In this passage, Achebe builds tension by using foreshadowing, as well as language and diction. He uses this tension to show how traumatic this event was, especially because of the terror of a child who felt betrayed by his family, because of another characters importance of self-image over family. Achebe first builds tension by the use of foreshadowing, in order to show the father-son relationship between Ikemefuna, the boy who is led to his death, and Okonkwo, the man who kills him. When Ogbuefi Ezeudu tells Okonkwo about the plans for Ikemefuna’s murder, he advises him “That boy calls you father.…

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The Rake: A Few Scenes For Children's Relationship With Children

Parenting of Parents “Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.” by Mathew Jacobson. Positive parent-child relationships provide the foundation for children’s learning and to maintain that parents should have a good understanding between them. “My Father’s Life” by Raymond Carver and “The Rake: A Few Scenes From My Childhood” by David Mamet both author’s briefly discussed their parent’s relationship with each other and with their children. According to me that was not a healthy relationship in both stories, I strongly disagree with that kind of behavior with children and between husband and wife.…

Dysfunctional Relationships In Song Of Solomon By Toni Morrison

Each and everyday the interactions we have with people mold us to be the person we are today. Interactions influence our personality, and the paths we chose in life. Relationships such as parents, relatives, and even ex-girlfriends, can have the most profound impact on our lives. It has been proven that parents play an important role in the emotional development for children. In Song of Solomon, Toni Morrison uses the relationship between Ruth, Hagar, Pilate, and Milkman to demonstrate how the women influence our lives greatly.…

'An Example Of A Father In Elie Wiesel's Night'

Night Essay #4: Father Fatima Solano 5th pd. Many people perceive their parents as a role model and a guardian. In addition, a son looks at his father as a hero and the biggest example in their life. However, when a father is overcome by sickness, sadness, and hunger, the relationship between a father and son starts to deteriorate.…

Analysis Of Under The Influence By Scott Russell Sanders

The father-son relationship has flourished from the ancient times of cave fathers who taught their sons how to hunt, to the modern day dads who teach their sons how to play golf. A good father is one who can teach his son how to grow into a mature young man. Some fathers do this in unconditional ways; however, if the father is able to teach his son how to be a man, he has done his job. One writer who dives deep into this father son relationship is Scott Russell Sanders.…

Literary Conflict In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

The backbone of any piece of writing is the type of literary conflict that revolves within it. To truly understand the inner workings of any piece, one must be familiar with the four main types of conflict: Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Society, and Man vs. Self. Many literary works include more than one of these forms of conflict, including Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. However, it can be said that Man vs. Man is the most prevalent of these forms within this work. The Man vs. Man conflict form in Things Fall Apart covers the relationship between the main character, Okonkwo, and his first son, Nwoye.…

Theme Of Parental Relationships In Things Fall Apart

Fathers and sons worldwide have had power struggles and brawls over the superiority of themselves since the beginning of time. Mothers and daughters, more loving and gentle, have been seen as more level-headed and open to new things for eons. Nothing since has changed. Written by Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart explores these types of parental relationships and their differences in a culture. In Things Fall Apart, the relationships between the parents and their children play an integral role in the actions of the characters, and the culture as a whole.…

Personal Narrative: My Father Figure

A father figure is a vital role in a child’s life. Some people are fortunate to have a positive role model in their lifetime. Father figures teach us about self-discipline, emotional needs, trustworthiness, independence, ethics, hard labor, etc. Unfortunately, not everyone has positive experiences with their fathers. Negative father figures display characteristics of hypocrisy, deceit, betrayal, and anger.…

Morality In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

In our world, people travel different journeys based on the situations they may find themselves in and so is it in the novel, Things Fall Apart (1958), written by Chinua Achebe. Achebe is a Nigerian, born in 1930; he also writes short stories, essays and children’s books by which we wins honorary awards and fellowship. While growing up, parents expects children to make better lives for themselves than they (parents) live, however, this novel has such twist to it as the protagonist (Okonkwo), father did not live a good life so that his son could follow. His dad Unoka lives a shameful life that causes his son to work extremely hard to make a good name for himself. Achebe’s work focuses on a cultural background of people in Africa who work tirelessly…

Literary Analysis Of Reunion And Powder By John Cheever

“Reunion” and “Powder” Literary Analysis and Comparison and Contrast Essay John Cheever in his short story “Reunion” shows the re-encounter between father and son in New York City after three years. On the other hand, Tobias Wolff in his short story “Powder” illustrates a father and son having a day together after skiing. While both stories “Reunion” and “Powder” reflect a common point of view and a father, son and mother as characters, the stories show a different father and son relationship. In the story “Reunion”, the central characters are the son, Charlie, and the father, not named in the story.…

Theme Of Culture In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

Culture is what keeps people in a certain areas connected and is used to make a sustainable society to live in. Although the main goal of a culture is to unite the people some fall sort and still have separation between the people. In the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, A Nigerian village named the Ibo village is described very well but Achebe does not shy away from showing the reader how the villages culture and traditions divide the people more than unite them. Some of the villages ideas only separates the people rather than unite them which cause the culture to ultimately fall in the end.…

Should Parents Be Held Responsible For Children's Crimes

Brianna Smith Professor Bellinger English 1101 12 February 2018 Should Parents Be Held Responsible for the Crimes of their Children? A child is a young human being that is under the age of majority or under the age puberty and they seek the guidance of an adult such as a parent or a legal guardian. A parent is a mother, father, or legal guardian that is responsible for parenting or guiding a child in the right direction.…

Fault In Our Stars Relationships

The Fault In Our Stars- Parental Relationship Development The article “Parent and Child” states “The relationship between parent and child is of fundamental importance to U.S. society, because it preserves the safety and provides for the nurture of dependent individuals.” Parents are an important part of a child’s life and growth, and often a child’s relationship with their parents changes as they grow and change. The book The Fault In Our Stars, written by John Green, is a perfect example of this.…

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Father-Son Relationship in the Odyssey by Homer Essay

Introduction, the relationship, works cited.

In Homer’s most famous epic poem, “The Odyssey” there is certain facts that are obvious to the reader about the nature of a father – son relationship. For instance, that the structure and the organization of the Greeks was patriarchal (Caldwell 40). The men were highly respected especially those that were strong and courageous. Their sons were mostly prized too if they exhibited their father’s achievements and skills.

In Odyssey therefore, it is expected that the relationship of Odysseus and Telemachus is as admiring as it is; the father is proud of his son, who is courageous and the son is proud of his father who has earned a reputation as a warrior who defended his territory bravely.

However, it is surprisingly that distance earned the father – son affection. A son must earn his father’s respect and it is by leaving home and fighting his own battles that a son is able to achieve this. Through distance, a son and a father establish their share of beliefs and values but not through direct contact

In the Odyssey , the father and the son spend most of their time apart and it is through distance that they developed admiration and love for each other. The physical distance between the father and the son is vital and cements their relationship. The father created the distance by being far from home for twenty years.

His son then decided to go on a journey and look for him. It is through this journey that Telemachus is able to prove his worth. Blazina says that there is unique bond between Odysseus and his son Telemachus “desired to connect all along” (285) and the distance strengthens this bond and proves their achievements.

Telemachus went and faced the king when he was enquiring on his father’s whereabouts as explained in the most important quotes from the Odyssey, “to see lord Menelaus…There face-to-face [to] implore father’s whereabouts” (Homer 52).

There is also the connection of emotion when the father and the son meet, “salt tears rose from the wells of longing in both men…./So helpless they cried pouring out tears” (Homer 268). The distance allowed the father and the son to develop a strong bond and feelings towards each other.

In respect to the distance that existed between the father and the son, Telemachus discovered his father in him. Through Telemachus victory, Odysseus saw himself in his son. There are some secrets, not pronounced in fathers that appear in their sons. The father is similar to his son and the vice versa is true. Some aspects and values that fathers and sons share define them.

These values are in The Odysseys by Homer to help shape father- son relationship. According to Homer there are characteristics, “that a son must be willing to do anything for his father, whether it is avenging him or keeping a secret for him (49).” Through these believes and values, the father and son establishes a solid relationship where every one looks after the other.

With this sense of responsibility to look after one another, the sons will always avenge their fathers from any humiliation. When Telemachus went enquiring from the king about his father the king told him of Orestes and what he did to the man who murdered his father. Nestor says, “… you’ve heard of Agamemnon – how he came… how Aigisthos waited to destroy him…paid a bitter price for it in the end… that is a good thing…a son behind him… (Homer 41).

According to Homer every man should have a son that would avenge for him when he his gone. A son should look at his father as his greatest father and uphold him in his highest esteem. The father on the other hand should protect his son from any harm. Odysseus would do anything to protect his son from any danger. He was gone for twenty years but when he returned Odysseus made sure that he protected his son.

He attacked all the suitors who disturbed his son saying, “You yellow dogs, you thought I’d never make it/you took my house to plunder…You dared bid for my wife while I was still alive…Your last hour has come. You die in blood” (Homer 410) He made sure that he put them to death because that what they deserved for disturbing his son.

In conclusion, the relationship between a father and his son is strong bond that cannot be broken. It is usually internal as expressed in the Odyssey. It is stipulated clearly that a father will go to any limits to protect his son and with the same measure; a son will protect his father.

However, the quality of this relationship is determined through the distance between the two. As aforementioned, a worth of a man develops by fighting and winning own battles. Odysseus won his battle just like Telemachus and each saw himself through the lenses of victory of the other and their relationship grew stronger every day.

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Homer. The Odyssey . Trans. W. H. D. Rouse. New York: Signet Classics, 1999.

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