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ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY Definition Organization Supporting our ideas Refuting opposing arguments Language

by Marie Indah Alfinnur

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Trystan S Goetze

A sample handout on writing argumentative essays and avoiding plagiarism. Prepared for a course on computer ethics.

Writing Argumentative Essays

Bayu Ramadhan

2019, REiLA: Journal of Research and Innovation in Language

Writing is very important for everyone to share their ideas, experiences and their thoughts into the written form. This present study tries to figure out and explore the university students in writing argumentative essay. Therefore, this present conducted a survey research to 21 students who produced 21 argumentative essay from English department in Universitas Lancang Kuning. The survey analyzed the Content, Organization, Vocabulary, Grammar, Mechanics In order to answer the research question. The result of the research showed that the students’ ability in argumentative essay was good regarding on the result of the test. This analysis of this present study found that the students’ ability in argumentative essay was categorized in very good level (96,55). This is means that these 21 students can go further on their academic journey regarding English when it needs an argumentative essay in written form.

Writing Argumentative Essay: How Far they can go?

1990, RELC Journal

A Genre Description of the Argumentative Essay

Ursula Wingate

2012, Journal of English for Academic Purposes

‘Argument!’ helping students understand what essay writing is about

Dimitar Resov

Abstract The purpose of this essay is to explore and highlight the didactical tasks to be used in teaching reading and writing skills to ESL students in the lower or upper secondary schools students. It proposes a suitable technique for development and implementation of writing skills that will make it easy for students to understand and master the use of English as the second language. The task also involves active interaction with the students during the teaching sessions as they are guided through the course. One such approach is the use of argumentative essays to increase active participation in the class activity. This will also enable the students to think widely and as they aim to express their ideas and be understood by other people. The paper has been categorically divided into five key stages that highlight and explain the process of teaching writing to students in ESL.

Argumentative essay - teaching how to write

Anshari Syafar

Proceedings of the First Indonesian Communication Forum of Teacher Training and Education Faculty Leaders International Conference on Education 2017 (ICE 2017)

Developing Argumentative Essay Writing Test

Riyen Permata

Writing is an important skill to be mastered by students especially at university since they are required to produce an academic paper. This article aimed to find out students’ ability in developing the paragraphs of argumentative essay. The data were taken from the argumentative essays written by the third year students. Based on the analysis results, this study reveals that the students’ ability in developing the paragraphs of argumentative essay is categorized as fair (62.5%). The most frequent problem the students had in developing the paragraphs of argumentative essay was related to the use of evidence. The students did not add sufficient sources to support they arguments. Then, most of the students did not have a thesis statement in their essay. This study concludes that students should improve their ability in developing the paragraphs of argumentative essay.

Students ’ Ability in Developing the Paragraphs of Argumentative Essay

Mustapha ibrahim garba

Argumentation quality of essay writing

Sofie Abbott

Do white performers (eg. Eminem, Vanilla Ice) have a moral right to perform hip-hop? The question of who to perform which music is a form of control of who and how best to give to the audience the best of the art form giving them (the audience) a heart thrilling and mind blowing treat. But the question of who has the right to perform which music (hip-hop for instance) is a sensitive issue that could ignite an unending debate of who should be considered the founders or who has the monopoly of a universally accepted and performed art, music.

Argumentative Essay Sample

Abdul Rosyid

Journal of English Teaching and Linguistics Studies (JET Li)

Writing is one of the most important skills that have to be mastered in the art of language learning. In the university level, EFL students have essay writing subject that requires them to write many types of essay, among those being the argumentative essay. In writing an essay, they need to be able to develop their own original ideas, despite the fact that some of them still consider this a difficult task. This research is aimed to highlight set of difficulties encountered by students that are assigned to develop ideas whilst writing argumentative essay. This research was conducted at Pakuan University and involved 23 students as participant of this study. Qualitative method and descriptive analysis are applied in conducting this research. To gain the research data, three research instruments were used, they are: documentation, questionnaire and interview. Documentation instrument was used to analyze students’ work of argumentative essay. The questionnaire was administered to all p...

Difficulties in Developing Idea Encountered by Students in Writing Argumentative Essay


Aysha Sharif

Argumentative writing Literary works

Rudimar Dazzi

This paper presents an approach for grading essays based on the presence of one or more theses, arguments, and intervention proposals. The research was developed by means of the following steps: (i) corpus delimitation and annotation; (ii) features selection; (iii) extraction of the training corpus, and (iv) class balancing, training and testing. Our study shows that features related to argumentation mining can improve the automatic essay scoring performance compared to the set of usual features. The main contribution of this paper is to demonstrate that argument marking procedures to improve score prediction in essays classification can produce better results. Moreover, it remained clear that essays classification does not depends on the number of features but rather on the ability of creating meaningful features for a given

An Approach to Assess the Existence of a Proposed Intervention in Essay-argumentative Texts

Ilze Kacane , Oksana Kovzele

The contemporary age of information has initiated an in-depth research on the phenomenon of argumentation, markedly manifested in the field of journalism and political science. A verbal phrase interacting with a non-verbal communication directly and indirectly influences the development of the target-audience's thinking and standpoint system. Taking into account the socialization function of argumentation, the peculiarities of the process, during which the influence of the informant's opinion and personal thought on the information recipient is exerted, unfold in the diverse expression forms of argumentation art (speech, lecture, report, interview, dispute, polemics, discussion, dialogue etc.). Within the context of argumentation art mastery, the possibilities of approximating the opinions and minimizing disagreements are to be analyzed, as well as the risk of increasing the conflict between the disagreeing sides involved in argumentation is to be weighed up, in case manipulation has been used. The ability to argue and convincingly voice one's standpoint was already characteristic of ancient philosophers (Socrates, Plato, Seneca a.o.), but the artistic texts of various national literatures, too, have characters who actively participate in sharing their opinions and attitudes, debate on various socially important themes and existing values. The discussions of this kind often provide the basis for a philosophic essay in a dialogue form. In it, the person providing arguments expresses and defends one's own standpoint, enters into polemics with the recipient of arguments, thereby deleting the one-way scheme and transforming a passive participant of the communication process into an active one. Although essay is an inter-genre narrative having changeable contours and has been little studied by literary theory, yet the components of philosophy, history, rhetoric, criticism, biography, autobiography, journalism, psychology etc. are present in it. Unlike canonized literary genres, essay has a certain " minus-form " with a non-linear orientation of thoughts, anti-logic and heterogeneous content. This opens up for the author a greater opportunity to express his system of standpoints, thereby avoiding controversies and polemics, which often lead the sides involved in argumentation to a conflict, and advancing towards discussion and dialogue as forms of reconciliation and tolerance. The paper is concerned with the analysis of argumentation principles in dialogue-form essays of writers belonging to different epochs, which allows revealing the specificity and means of persuasion art in a literary discourse in a contrastive aspect.


P. David Pearson

Argumentation Across the Disciplines

Jayakaran Mukundan

Developing a content subscale to assess university students' argumentative essays

2014, Proceedings of the First Workshop on Argumentation Mining

Applying Argumentation Schemes for Essay Scoring


Writing is one of the productive skills for language learners. This study was conducted to design a unit for language students who were enrolled in the School of Foreign Languages in one of the most prestigious Turkish state universities located in Istanbul. These learners had been taught different academic essay types in this educational institution for which the researcher designed an instructional unit on “Argumentative Essay Writing”, which was highly needed for the learners taking English-mediuminstruction to pursue their academic studies. For the purpose of this study, one prep class was chosen to implement the designed unit so that the efficiency could be evaluated in the end. As for the data collection tools, interviews were arranged with three students in the class where the design was implemented. Three junior students in different departments who had previously had a prep school experience before they took their departmental courses in their faculties were also interviewe...

Designing an instructional unit on “argumentative essay” for prep year students: An action research in a state university in Turkey

Paula De Diego

Argumentative Essay

Norfaizah Abdul Jobar

2021, Studies in English language and education

The limitations of conducting collaborative argumentation when teaching argumentative essays in Malaysian secondary schools

Richard Andrews

2009, Argumentation

A Case Study of Argumentation at Undergraduate Level in History

Nur Cholila

this paper is about some examples of "how to argue/receive" the statement especially on IELTS preparation based on my experience

argumentative text

Dedi Turmudi

Premise: Journal of English Education

This study investigates the written test results of the Indonesian undergraduate students’ argumentative essay. For that reason, three research questions are made. 1). what is the level of achievement of the students in the argumentative essay quantitatively? 2). what aspects of an essay appear in respect to the argumentative essay generic structure as formulated? 3). how well did they use the rhetoric reputation and argument in their essay?. 27 handwriting' answer sheets of undergraduate English Department students enrolled at semester four of a state university in Indonesia were taken purposively. The data analysis uses a quantitative and qualitative approach. The results show that the students quantitatively achieved average score 76,74 which means good. All parts of generic structures were expressed in different quality. However; the organization of the essay is the lowest part compared to the other four parts respectively content, vocabulary, and language use seen from th...

Investigating the Indonesian Efl Students’ Argument in Argumentative Essay

Markwart Seume

What is an Argument - and Why?

George Newell

Teaching and Learning Argumentative Writing in High School English Language Arts Classrooms

Carole Sedgwick

Argumentation in second-language academic writing:: teacher and learner perspectives

zeynep BAŞCI

2022, International Journal of Contemporary Educational Research

The Role of Argumentative Writing in Teaching Controversial Issues: A Mixed Methods Research

Shazna Abu Bakar , Aysha Sharif


Abdelrahman A B D A L L A Salih

Students at the tertiary level need arguments because they are expected to use analytical and critical thinking skills. The present study is situated in an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) context in an Omani University and reports the experience of (N=46) undergraduate EFL writers in argumentative essays and persuasive posters. Using rhetorical strategies, and drawing on the principles of persuasive writing, the participants prepared posters and essays on two separate topics. Data were collected from the 46 participants' responses to a semi-structured online survey questionnaire. Analysis of the data obtained indicates that the participants preferred designing posters to writing persuasive essays while reporting varieties of rhetorical difficulties in building an argument for persuasion. The participants also perceived establishing evidence and facts as the most challenging element in persuasive writing and arousing the audience's feelings and emotions as the most challenging rhetorical appeal in posters. Some pedagogical implications were reported as well.

Investigating Rhetorical Aspects of Writing Argumentative Essays and Persuasive Posters: Students' Perspective

1998, Assessing Writing

Validation of a scheme for assessing argumentative writing of middle school students

Mohammad Nor Afandi Ibrahim

Argument constructions in argumentative essays by Malaysian tertiary students: a systemic functional approach

Faisal Faisal

Writing is a process that helps the students develop their ideas and logical thinking. Principally, to write means to try to produce a written message. Because of these facts, it is necessary for teachers and students to master it well as writing plays a very important role in many processes including teaching and learning proc-esses. However, in the real teaching and learning process, junior high students who have been accustomed to LKS (Student Worksheet) consider writing a boring activity. They have to just fill in the blanks, answer the ques-tions, and rearrange jumbled paragraphs in spite of writing their own ideas based on certain topics. This be-comes the drawbacks for them to get actively involved in writing activities. To overcome that, FRIEND standing for Fact, Reason, Point, Elaboration and Decision is considered help-ful to improve learners’ ability to develop an argumentative essay. FRIEND helps learners to write well-developed and properly organized essay since it prov...

FRIEND to develop an argumentative essay

Emma Febriyanti

2021, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education, Language, Literature, and Arts (ICELLA 2021)

Argumentation Skills: An Analysis on EFL Students’ Essays Based on Toulmin’s Model of Argument


2019, Revista Lusófona de Educação 45:125-142

Two fundamental critical thinking skills that students are expected to develop during their formal education are: the use of evidence for justifying their positions, and the consideration of objections or contrary opinions in their own reasoning. These skills, fully manifested in argumentative reasoning, have not been sufficiently addressed in higher education research. This exploratory case study sheds light on a specific type of argumentative reasoning particularly important for graduate students: the argument-based academic writing. A Ph.D. seminar course (22 lecture hours) was developed based on two main concepts of argumentation theory, namely argumentation schemes and the heuristic uses thereof, i.e. paraschemes. The course was delivered to seven first-year Ph.D. students at a public Portuguese University. The students' reasoning skills were assessed through their written drafts before and after the three-month course. The assessment method used was mixed (qualitative and quantitative). A significant change was observed in the increase of sound argumentation strategies and the decrease of the ungrounded ones in students' academic writing. The study concludes with recommendations for both the teaching of academic writing at a graduate level and the promotion of critical thinking skills.

Evaluation and Promotion of Argumentative Reasoning Among University Students: The Case of Academic Writing

Marwito Wihadi

English Review: Journal of English Education

Expressing modality in Appraisal is cordially expected to be prevalent in argumentative writings in that writers in the Engagement System set up negotiation or alternative points of views. Three conveniently selected student-writers� hortatory argumentative essays in English in which they were course-instructed in an accredited language institution were linguistically analyzed as to pinpoint their aptness to employ particular modality, furthermore to discuss the feasible resource factors on their employment. It was found out that they were prone to be lack of commitment as they delivered their stances, therefore attempting the readers to be engaged in an argumentative discourse to construe the meanings. Subsequently, they had difficulty in manipulating epistemic and deontic modality, owning mundane syntactic constructions and imparting limited device ranges. Therefore, applicably explicit genre-based instructions are in the need, bearing in mind the factual functions of modality in ...

Preponderant Modality in Students� Engaging Argumentative Essays

Beth Innocenti

2023, Oxford Bibliographies


Beng Huat See

2016, British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioural Science

An Investigation into the Teaching and Learning of Argumentation in First Year Undergraduate Courses: A Pilot Study

English Umb

2018, International Journal of Language Education

Argumentative Features of International English Language Testing System (Ielts) Essays: A Rhetorical Analysis on Successful Exam Essays

David Airne

COMX 242.01: Argumentation

Paraskevi Sachinidou

2015, Scrutinizing Argumentation in Practice (Argumentation in Context). Frans, van Eemeren, Bart, Garssen (Eds). (pp.151-174). Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2015

ABSTRACT: Argumentation strategies constitute a crucial aspect of argumentation. The purpose of this paper is to explore the relations of the argumentative strategies observed in the writing of adolescents’ texts within language evaluation tests, to the elaboration of their theses and the evaluation of their argumentative competence. Despite the diversity of argumentative strategies employed, their standpoints are not fully elaborated and so their argumentative competence is diminished. These findings are important for the designing of argumentative teaching.

Argumentative strategies in adolescents’ school writing. One aspect of the evaluation of students’ written argumentative competence

Trinh Quoc Lap 000199

Enhancing Vietnamese Learners' Ability in Writing Argumentative Essays

Serpil Özdemir

The aim of this study is to view how argumentative text pattern teaching influences constituting argumentative essay elements. The study was performed according to one-group pre-test post-test design. The study was carried out in spring term of 2017-2018 academic year and it lasted for five weeks. 33 prospective teachers who took the course of Text Producing Techniques participated in the study. The data of study were collected through 132 argumentative essays which prospective teachers wrote and Argumentative Text Elements Rubric to evaluate these. The results of the research are as follows: Quite few students included argumentative essay elements before argumentative essay pattern teaching and none of the students wrote justification for counter argument. It was determined that 66,7% of the students didn't write data, 81,8% of them didn't write counter argument, 87,9% did not write justification for counter argument, 84,8% did not write rebuttal of counter argument and 48,5% did not write conclusion. At the third study, number of successful students increased on the basis of all elements. However, the majority of students have reached a partially successful level. At the post test, most of the students achieved successful level on the basis of all elements except refuting counter argument. Significant differences on behalf of the post-test were determined between pre-test and post-test scores at all of the argumentative essay elements.

The Effect of Argumentative Text Pattern Teaching on Success of Constituting Argumentative Text Elements

2011, English Language Teaching

Even though many writing scales have been developed, instructors, educational administrators or researchers may have to develop new scales to fit their specific testing situation. In so-doing, one of the initial steps to be taken is to determine the evaluative criteria on which the scale is supposed to be based. As a part of a project that was proposed to develop a genre-based writing scale, a survey was carried out to investigate Malaysian lecturers’ views on the evaluative criteria to be considered in evaluating argumentative essays. For this purpose, a group of English as a Second Language (ESL) lecturers (n=88) were administered a questionnaire. The subscales of organization, content and language skills were recommended by factor analysis. A fourth subscale, task fulfillment, was added as a result of the qualitative analysis of the data. The findings can be useful for language teaching or assessing purposes. ra ,c ??o?rvation with the causal-comparative study between treatment g...

Determining the Evaluative Criteria of an Argumentative Writing Scale

Emily Howell , Sarah Hunt-Barron , Rachel K Sanders , Dawn Hawkins

Beyond the " Plop " : Using Quotations Effectively in Argumentative Writing

2011, Reading Research …

Acquiring argumentative reading and writing practices reflects a key component of recent curricular reforms in schools and universities throughout the United States and the world as well as a major challenge to teachers of reading and writing in K-12 and college ...

Teaching and Learning Argumentative Reading and Writing: A Review of Research

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