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Eating Healthy on Oprah Winfrey’s Diet

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential people in the world. Her diet has been widely discussed and followed by many people. In this article, we will explore how to eat healthy on Oprah Winfrey’s diet.

The Basics of Oprah’s Diet

Oprah’s diet focuses on eating whole, unprocessed foods. She recommends avoiding processed foods and sugary drinks and instead focusing on eating fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. She also recommends limiting red meat and dairy products. Oprah also emphasizes the importance of portion control and mindful eating.

Making Healthy Choices

When following Oprah’s diet, it is important to make healthy choices when it comes to food. Choose whole grains over refined grains, opt for lean proteins like fish or chicken instead of red meat, and choose healthy fats like olive oil or avocado over butter or lard. When it comes to snacks, try to choose fruits or vegetables instead of processed snacks like chips or cookies.

Incorporating Exercise

In addition to making healthy food choices, it is important to incorporate exercise into your routine when following Oprah’s diet. Exercise can help you reach your weight loss goals as well as improve your overall health and wellbeing. Try to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day such as walking, jogging, swimming, or biking.

Following Oprah’s diet can be a great way to eat healthy and lose weight. By focusing on eating whole foods, making healthy food choices, and incorporating exercise into your routine you can achieve your health goals in no time.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


healthy diet summary essay

Healthy Diet Essay

Consuming a healthy diet throughout a person’s life helps prevent malnutrition in all its forms, as well as a range of diet-related non-communicable diseases and conditions. But the increased consumption of processed food, rapid urbanisation and changing lifestyles have led to a shift in dietary patterns. People now consume fast food and do not eat enough fibre-rich fruits, vegetables and whole grains. So, to help students understand the importance of a healthy diet, we have provided a “Healthy Diet” essay.

Students can also go through the list of CBSE Essays on different topics. It will help them to improve their writing skills and also increase their scores on the English exam. Moreover, they can participate in different essay writing competitions which are conducted at the school level.

500+ Words Healthy Diet Essay

A healthy diet consists of simple, natural and/or well-cooked foods which promote health and protect us from diseases. It keeps our organ systems functioning well. The diet that we consume is decided by our socio-cultural norms, lifestyle patterns and the type of activities we are engaged in. A healthy diet includes nutrition, nutrients, food groups, a balanced diet and special dietary requirements.

Balanced Diet

A diet that contains all the essential nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins in the proportion required for the normal growth and development of the body is called a balanced diet. The important components of a balanced diet are cereals, pulses, milk, fruits and vegetables, fats and oil. A balanced diet constitutes a healthy diet. Thus, we all should try to follow a balanced diet.

Role of Nutrients

Nutrients that we obtain through food have vital effects on physical growth and development. It also helps in maintaining normal body function, physical activity and health. Nutritious food is thus needed to sustain life and activity. A healthy diet must provide all essential nutrients in the required amounts. Requirements for essential nutrients vary with age, gender, physiological status and physical activity. Dietary intakes lower or higher than the body requirements can lead to undernutrition or overnutrition, respectively.

Eating too little food during certain significant periods of life such as infancy, childhood, adolescence, pregnancy and lactation and eating too much at any age can lead to harmful consequences. An adequate diet, providing all nutrients, is needed throughout our lives. Eating a variety of foods from each food group is crucial for supplying the individual with all the essential nutrients that the body needs, including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.

Special Dietary Requirements

The amount of food or nutrients required by a person in a day depends upon the need for energy. These needs are directly related to age and physical activity. During the rapid growth years, i.e. 12–22 years for boys and 12–18 years for girls, there is a gradual increase in daily food requirements. But as we grow old, our daily need for energy decreases. The amount of energy required by people engaged in low, moderate or high levels of physical activity differs. A sports person always needs to consume more calories than a non-sports person. Similarly, the dietary needs of a woman during pregnancy and lactation are higher.

Before we eat, we should think about what goes on our plate, cup, or bowl. Foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and lean protein foods should be part of our diet. These contain the nutrients that we need to maintain a heart-healthy eating plan. Eating a healthy diet will keep our body fit, healthy and free from all kinds of diseases. With a healthy body and mind, we can enjoy our life and can achieve whatever we want in our life.

Students must have found the “Healthy Diet” essay useful for improving their essay writing skills. They can get the study material and the latest updates on CBSE/ICSE/State Board/Competitive Exams at BYJU’S.

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healthy diet summary essay

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Healthy Food Essay for Students and Children


500+ Words Essay on Healthy Food

Healthy food refers to food that contains the right amount of nutrients to keep our body fit. We need healthy food to keep ourselves fit.

Furthermore, healthy food is also very delicious as opposed to popular thinking. Nowadays, kids need to eat healthy food more than ever. We must encourage good eating habits so that our future generations will be healthy and fit.

Most importantly, the harmful effects of junk food and the positive impact of healthy food must be stressed upon. People should teach kids from an early age about the same.

Healthy Food Essay

Benefits of Healthy Food

Healthy food does not have merely one but numerous benefits. It helps us in various spheres of life. Healthy food does not only impact our physical health but mental health too.

When we intake healthy fruits and vegetables that are full of nutrients, we reduce the chances of diseases. For instance, green vegetables help us to maintain strength and vigor. In addition, certain healthy food items keep away long-term illnesses like diabetes and blood pressure.

Similarly, obesity is the biggest problems our country is facing now. People are falling prey to obesity faster than expected. However, this can still be controlled. Obese people usually indulge in a lot of junk food. The junk food contains sugar, salt fats and more which contribute to obesity. Healthy food can help you get rid of all this as it does not contain harmful things.

In addition, healthy food also helps you save money. It is much cheaper in comparison to junk food. Plus all that goes into the preparation of healthy food is also of low cost. Thus, you will be saving a great amount when you only consume healthy food.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Junk food vs Healthy Food

If we look at the scenario today, we see how the fast-food market is increasing at a rapid rate. With the onset of food delivery apps and more, people now like having junk food more. In addition, junk food is also tastier and easier to prepare.

However, just to satisfy our taste buds we are risking our health. You may feel more satisfied after having junk food but that is just the feeling of fullness and nothing else. Consumption of junk food leads to poor concentration. Moreover, you may also get digestive problems as junk food does not have fiber which helps indigestion.

Similarly, irregularity of blood sugar levels happens because of junk food. It is so because it contains fewer carbohydrates and protein . Also, junk food increases levels of cholesterol and triglyceride.

On the other hand, healthy food contains a plethora of nutrients. It not only keeps your body healthy but also your mind and soul. It increases our brain’s functionality. Plus, it enhances our immunity system . Intake of whole foods with minimum or no processing is the finest for one’s health.

In short, we must recognize that though junk food may seem more tempting and appealing, it comes with a great cost. A cost which is very hard to pay. Therefore, we all must have healthy foods and strive for a longer and healthier life.

FAQs on Healthy Food

Q.1 How does healthy food benefit us?

A.1 Healthy Benefit has a lot of benefits. It keeps us healthy and fit. Moreover, it keeps away diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and many more. Healthy food also helps in fighting obesity and heart diseases.

Q.2 Why is junk food harmful?

A.2 Junk food is very harmful to our bodies. It contains high amounts of sugar, salt, fats, oils and more which makes us unhealthy. It also causes a lot of problems like obesity and high blood pressure. Therefore, we must not have junk food more and encourage healthy eating habits.


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  • Healthy Food Essay


Essay on Healthy Food

Food is essential for our body for a number of reasons. It gives us the energy needed for working, playing and doing day-to-day activities. It helps us to grow, makes our bones and muscles stronger, repairs damaged body cells and boosts our immunity against external harmful elements like pathogens. Besides, food also gives us a kind of satisfaction that is integral to our mental wellbeing, but there are some foods that are not healthy. Only those food items that contain nutrients in a balanced proportion are generally considered as healthy. People of all ages must be aware of the benefits of eating healthy food because it ensures a reasonably disease-free, fit life for many years. 

Switching to a healthy diet doesn't have to be a one-size-fits-all approach. You don't have to be perfect, you don't have to eliminate all of your favourite foods and you don't have to make any drastic changes all at once—doing so frequently leads to straying or abandoning your new eating plan.

Making a few tiny modifications at a time is a recommended approach. Maintaining modest goals will help you achieve more in the long run without feeling deprived or overwhelmed by a very drastic diet change. Consider a healthy diet as a series of tiny, accessible actions such as including a salad in your diet once a day. You can slowly add additional healthy options as your minor modifications become habitual.

Cultivating a positive relationship with food is also crucial. Rather than focusing on what you should avoid, consider what you may include on your plate that will benefit your health such as nuts for heart-healthy, predominant fat that reduces low-density lipoprotein levels called monounsaturated fatty acids(raspberries) for fibre and especially the substances that inhibit oxidation which we call antioxidants.

Why is Healthy Food Important?

Living a healthy lifestyle has immense payback. Over time, making smart eating choices lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease, certain malignancies, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and even anxiety and depression. Daily, you will have more energy, feel better and possibly even be in a better mood.

It all boils down to how long and how good your life is. According to several surveys, A healthy diet consists of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish. A higher diet of red or processed meats on the other hand doubled the chance of dying young.

Types of Healthy Food: 

Following are the various types of healthy foods and their respective nutritional value:

Cereals,potatoes,bread and other root vegetables- These are the main sources of carbohydrates. The calories obtained from them enable us to do work. 

Pulses, milk and milk products, eggs, bird meat, animal meat in limited quantities - these are great sources of protein. They build muscles and repair the damaged cells of our body, i.e., they are important for our immunity. 

Ghee, butter, nuts and dry fruits, edible oil used in restrained quantities- These are rich sources of good fat. They provide more energy to our body than carbohydrates but should be consumed in a smaller amount. 

Fresh fruits, vegetables and leafy vegetables, fish, egg, milk-these are good sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are essential for normal functioning of the body. Though they are needed in small amounts, nowadays, nutrition experts prescribe their higher consumption as they help to fight lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity and even cancer. 

Different types of healthy food when included in our daily diet in the right proportions along with water and roughage comprise a balanced diet. However, a balanced diet is not the same for all individuals considering many factors. It depends on a person’s age, gender, condition of the body-healthy or suffering from any disease and the type of work or physical activity a human  does.

Benefits of Eating Healthy

Healthy food intake nourishes both our physical and mental health and helps us stay active for many years. One who break downs this broad benefit into micro-benefits will see that eating healthy:

Helps us in weight management

Makes us agile and increases our productivity 

Decreases the risk of heart diseases, stroke, diabetes mellitus, poor bone density, and some cancers, etc. 

Helps in uplifting mood

Improves memory

Improves digestion and appetite

Improves sleep cycle

Healthy food habits are inculcated in children by their parents early on. These habits along with the right education and physical exercise lead to an overall development of an individual which ultimately becomes the greatest resource of a country.

What is Unhealthy Food or Junk Food?

To fully understand the prominence of healthy food in our diet, we must also be aware of unhealthy food, that is, the food that we must avoid eating. These are mainly junk food items which are low in nutritional value and contain an excessive amount of salt, sugar and fats which is not healthy for a human body.

Junk food is one of the unhealthy intakes in the present day scenario. It makes us more unfit than ever before. It is high time that one realised this and adopted a healthy food habit for a sustainable lifestyle.

Steps to improve Eating Habits:

Make a detailed plan; break down the timings; kind of food to be included in each meal and keep the plan weekly and avoid making the process dull and repetitive. 

Cook your food, minimise eating from outside. It helps keep the ingredients, quality and measurements in check as well as saves money.

Stock your kitchen with healthy snacks for your cravings rather than processed food so that your options are reduced to consuming unhealthy food.

Take the process slowly. You do not have to have a strict plan; ease yourself into a healthy mindset. Your mind and body will adjust gradually. Consistency is important. 

Track your eating habits to understand the intake of food, items, portions etc. This motivates you to see the progress over time and make changes according to your needs.

Myths About Healthy Food:

Carrots affect eyesight: According to historic times, during World War II, there was a popular belief that eating a lot of veggies would assist maintain the pilot's eyes in good repair. In actuality, the fighter pilot's eyesight was aided by advanced technology. However, the myth has persisted since then and many parents still use this narrative to get their children to eat more veggies. Carrots are high in vitamin A and make a terrific supplement to any healthy diet, but they don't usually help you see better.

Fat-Free Food : Health foods continue to dominate grocery store shelves but it's always a good idea to look beyond the label before buying. This is especially true when it comes to "fat-free," "low-fat," and "non-fat" foods. It's generally true that anything with less fat is preferable for some dairy and meat items. 

Lower fat alternatives in packaged and processed foods contain other dangerous additives as fat substitutes. Manufacturers compensate for the loss of fat in packaged cookies, for example, by adding other undesirable elements like sugar.

Protein shakes: Pre-made smoothie beverages and protein powder mixes which typically claim to contain less sugar than milkshakes, slushies and diet sodas are likely to be the popular choice among customers because of the above mentioned reason. They both have the same amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners. 

However, this is not true of all pre-made protein shakes and smoothies. Many of them, particularly the plant-based mixtures, are still nutritious additions to a balanced diet. Check the nutrition label to be sure there are no added sugars or artificially sweetened mixtures.

Organic food is better: Foods that are grown organically are better for you. Nutritionists labelling a product as organic doesn't mean it's superior to non-organic foods. It's a popular misperception that organic produce is nutritionally superior to non-organic produce. Organic produce has the same caloric and nutritional value as non-organic produce since it is grown and prepared according to federal rules.


FAQs on Healthy Food Essay

1) Is sugar unhealthy?

Sugar is considered to be harmful for a healthy diet. Since it tastes so good in many foods, humans tend to increase it’s intake. It is also hidden in foods you wouldn't expect. It makes body organs fat, depresses well-being and also leads to heart diseases. However, to maintain a healthy diet, it is necessary to distinguish between natural and added sugars. Sugars are carbs that provide an essential source of energy and nourishment, nevertheless, sugar is often added to many popular dishes, which is when sugar becomes unhealthy. Natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables are regarded as healthy when consumed in moderation. Still added sugars give little nutritional benefit and contribute considerably to weight gain, compromising your healthy diet. As a result, it's critical to double-check the label.

2) What is Omega 3?

Omega-3 is the superfood of the fat group, which is particularly useful for various conditions, since the term "superfood" was coined. Omega-3 fatty acid is a medicine used in treating  nutritional deficiencies. It is one of the essential nutrients with good antioxidant properties. Depression, memory loss, heart problems, joint and skin disorders and general improvement of physical and mental health and wellness are among them. Omega-3 which is abundant in fish-based diets is considered a necessary fatty acid for good health.

Importance of Balanced Diet in a Healthy Lifestyle

Importance of Balanced Diet in a healthy lifestyle | Narayana Health

The importance of a balanced diet can’t be emphasized enough for a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can be attained by maintaining a balanced diet and keeping into consideration to meet all the essential nutrients required by the body. A proper meal plan helps to attain ideal body weight and reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes , cardiovascular and other types of cancer .

What is a balanced diet? 

But what exactly is a balanced diet? In simple words, it’s a diet that offers the nutrients to help your body function properly. The importance of diet lies in the intake of the right amount of calories. Your body gets the right nutrition when you consume a wide variety of food rich in calories such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and proteins. 

Calories are an indicator of the energy content in the food. Once you intake the food, the calories are consumed when you walk, think, or breathe. On average, a person may require about 2000 calories a day to maintain their body weight. Generally, a person’s calories may depend on their gender, age, and physical activity. Moreover, men need more calories than women. Again, people who are more into exercising require more calories in comparison to people who don’t. It’s also important to remember that the source of calories is equally important as the amount. Stuffing your food with empty calories, i.e. those that don’t contain any nutritional value doesn’t help in any way. Empty calories can be found in foods such as: 

  • Energy drinks

Importance of a Balanced Diet

Eating a healthy diet is all about feeling great, having more energy, improving your health, and boosting your mood. Good nutrition, physical activity, and healthy body weight are essential parts of a person’s overall health and well-being.

There’s no questioning the importance of healthy food in your life. Unless you maintain a proper diet for a healthy body, you may be prone to diseases, infection, or even exhaustion. The importance of nutritious food for children especially needs to be highlighted since otherwise they may end up being prone to several growth and developmental problems. Some of the most common health problems that arise from lack of a balanced diet are heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes . 

Being physically active manages many health problems and improves mental health  by reducing stress, depression, and pain. Regular exercise helps to prevent metabolic syndrome, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis , and anxiety.

What falls under a balanced diet? 

A balanced diet includes some specific healthy food groups under it: 

  • Vegetables such as leafy greens, starchy vegetables, legumes like beans and peas, red and orange vegetables, and others like eggplant
  • Fruits that include whole fruits, fresh or frozen fruits but not canned ones dipped in syrup
  • Grains such as whole grains and refined grains. For example, quinoa, oats, brown rice, barley, and buckwheat
  • Protein such as lean beef and pork, chicken, fish, beans, peas, and legumes 
  • Dairy products such as low-fat milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, and soy milk 

Must Read : Why a Balanced Life Is Essential for Heart Health

A wide variety for the selection of food choices should be from each of five food groups in the specific amounts recommended. These food sources from each food group provide a similar amount of key micro and macro-nutrients to meet the body requirements.

A balanced diet typically contains 50 to 60 percent carbohydrates, 12 to 20 percent protein, and 30 percent fat. All the organs and tissues need proper nutrition to work effectively by consuming the right amount of nutrients and calories to maintain an ideal weight. The overall health and well-being of a person are dependent on good nutrition, physical exercise, and healthy body weight .

A proper meal pattern is a complete combination of food ingredients, food items and quantities required for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner for each specific age group. All you need is protein for your muscle mass and blood cells which brings oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.

The body requires quality carbohydrates, lean protein, essential fats and fluids accompanied by regular exercise in maintaining physical health and well-being.

These are effective in preventing excess weight gain or in maintaining weight loss but healthier lifestyles are also associated with improved sleep and mood. Physical activity particularly improves brain-related function and outcomes.

As with physical activity, making small changes in your diet can go a long way to attain the ideal body weight. Consuming the right kind of carbohydrates is important. Many people rely on the simple carbs found in sweets and processed foods.

Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of natural fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that your body needs to function properly. They’re also low in calories and fat. Unsaturated fats may help reduce inflammation and provide calories.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle

It’s not just a balanced diet that’s enough but also healthy practices of eating. Some of them which you can follow are: 

  • Eat-in smaller portions – You can do this by eating in small bowls to trick your brain into thinking it to be larger portions. 
  • Take time to eat – Not rushing your meals in between other work but taking the time to nourish your meals can send signals to your brain that you’ve had enough food necessary for functioning. 
  • Cut down on snacks – Unhealthy snacks are a strict no as they hamper your hunger. Switching to healthy bite-sized food can help. 
  • Curb emotional eating – Binge eating can be extremely harmful. Using it to relieve yourself from stress, sadness, or anxiety may affect your health. Instead, you can use healthier alternatives to beat negative emotions. 

Ms. Parmeet Kaur is Dietician at Narayana Superspeciality Hospital in Gurugram


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English Summary

Essay on Healthy food in English

Food is what we eat to have the energy to work. Food can be of two types- healthy and unhealthy food.

Unhealthy food is junk food like burgers, pizza or chips. This food tastes good because a lot of oil and spices are in it but we get many diseases because of it. This food is harmful to our body because we get lazy and inactive. Our heart also stops working properly if we eat such unhealthy food regularly.

On the other hand, healthy food is that in which there is a high number of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are very important to live a healthy life because it keeps our body fit. They also provide nutrients. Some of the nutrients are iron, calcium, fibre, etc. Our bodies do not get developed properly if we do not eat healthy food. Healthy food also saves us from many diseases and also helps us to heal from any injury.

Healthy food is important both for our body and mind. We must eat vegetables and fruits in a large amount because they provide all the nutrients to us. Green vegetables have iron and fruits like peaches, banana has potassium and strawberries. Oranges keep our teeth healthy. We must also drink milk daily because it has calcium which makes our bones strong.

People who eat healthy food remain fit in their old age and live longer. We must remember that health is wealth. Nature gives us healthy food. Food made at home is always healthy. For a balance of our mind and body, we need healthy food regularly.

Table of Contents

Question on healthy food

Why healthy food is important.

Healthy food is important both for our body and mind. We must eat vegetables and fruits in a large amount because they provide all the nutrients to us. Green vegetables have iron and fruits like peaches, banana has potassium and strawberries. Oranges keep our teeth healthy.

What is healthy food essay?

Healthy food which contain balanced nutrition. Balance diet and exercise are important for a healthy life.

What are 5 benefits of healthy eating?

Reduced cancer risk, Diabetes management, Better mood, Improved memory and Strong bones and teeth.

Diet Paragraph

healthy diet summary essay

Show More Health and Diet Being healthy and having daily nutritious food is beneficial to your body in numerous of ways. The human body is an amazing aspect, and needs to be taken care of correctly. Being healthy does take discipline when you have fast foods and different types of restaurants at every corner but the outcome may shock you. As there are many ways you can harm your body there are a great amount of ways that you can nurture you body as well. A few important keys to becoming healthy is to diet, exercise, and being positive. You could start off by looking at a food table, you would be able to see that at the bottom of the table is the breads and rice. The breads you can take to about 6-11 servings a day, above the breads are fruits and vegetables. …show more content… The protein which are the meats build and repair tissues, that is how your hair and nails grow. Carbohydrates play both roles in your body , they are soluble and insoluble fibers, they help by keeping out the bad cholesterol from entering your bloodstream and helps prevent constipation. You can start of your days with baked oatmeal and a few fruits added or on the side. For your snack in between breakfast and lunch would be peanuts or some fruit also. Lunch time a salad with protein such as chicken would be perfect with no dressing, then comes another snack that could be rice cakes or veggies which ever you would prefer. Dinner some fish with vegetables on the side and to finish off the day with your last snack a string cheese. There are five foods that people think are healthy but really aren’t one of them is whole wheat bread. Whole wheat actually is really heavy and carries as much carbs just as regular white bread would. Anytime of red food, such as red meats, tomatoes , cherries , they are good but wouldn’t be the best choice to eat. Fruit juice such as orange juice, because of the amount of oranges put into making the juice is equivalent to the amount as you would eat and it would just be considered as over eating. Another would be granola bars, they are high in carbs, sugar, and fat so it is best to stay away. Also with sports drinks, they carry way to much sugar that your body doesn’t need. Last organic junk food which would be like muffins, pizza, and chips, if they say the word organic it is best not to buy or eat them because it is just unwanted fat added to your

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Unhealthy Eating Speech

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A simple grocery plan for a person could include buying one pound of 93% lean ground turkey, an eight ounce bag of spinach, a few bags of frozen vegetables, a box of strawberries and other fruits, a dozen eggs, steel-cut oats, and a loaf of twelve-grain bread. A person wanting to lose weight should plan their meals out and prepare their meals at the beginning of each week, calculating the calories of each meal for each day. An example meal for somebody who wants to lose weight could be four ounces of chicken, one cup of spinach, a handful of almonds, one tablespoon of olive oil, and a half cup of brown rice. Planning out meals and preparing them at the beginning of each week makes losing weight infinitely…

Essay On Nutrition Problems

Eating healthy is important to everyone in order to have a greater level of life with less possibilities of diseases. Plus it makes you feel better with more energy and potential throughout the day. Some may ask ”What does eating healthy really mean?” Eating healthy means that you have to consume a diverse selection of foods which give you the right nutrients that make you feel healthy, helps to feel good, and have great energy in a regular basis. The nutrients that should be mainly consumed to be “eating healthy” are vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and fat which people tend to take it as a danger to our…

Persuasive Essay About Weight Loss Plan

Eat half of the vegetables, � of the proteins, and 1/3 of carbohydrates as compared with your afternoon meal. You can cook some brown rice and grilled chicken or grilled fish with some spices and less oil. If you want to eat some vegetarian diet, you can also eat vegetables, beans, or lentils in your main course. Kidney beans, and pinto beans would make a great dinner for you. You can eat a fresh fruit once you finish with your…

Healthy Lifestyle Paragraph

Many people think that it is best to stick to diet in such a very healthy way, like if you have decided to be a vegetarian or fruitarian (a group of people whom only consume fruits to survive). However, a very strict healthy diet that continues for quiet a long time might be bad eventually, as our body does not receive a qualified nutrient. As Claudia Odermatt, who is a nutritionist, says, ”Balance is the key word to staying healthy.” In order to be balanced in a diet, we have to vary our diet. Incorporate all different kinds of healthy food such as meat with pasta or vegetables with grains.…

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