My Experience With Art Essay

my personal experience in art essay 150 words

Show More “My Experiences With Art” I believe art is all around us, whether it is something we see, or something we hear. Art has always been something very important to me. I’m not sure where my love of art began but it has always been something that is fun to me. I love art a lot and I believe I have a very artistic philosophy towards life. When it comes to my life, I live very carefree and “in the moment”. I live very passionately. I believe art is this way too. Many times when creating art things become unplanned. Life is this way too. Our lives are our own works of art, becoming what we create it to be. I am fortunate to have had positive experiences in my art classes. I have always had art classes, even in pre-k. I have learned that art is …show more content… I have been in numerous productions playing many different kinds of characters. I’ve always been casted into plays, been in theater camps and always been in the drama club. It is so fun to play with different characters, personalities and be performing in front of others. The techniques I got in these types of programs I shared with the children I would teach at church and help organize productions for days like Mother’s day, Father’s day, Christmas and etc. I believe that when I become a teacher I will still incorporate not only drama but all the arts in my classes. It is so fun. Visual arts captivate me too. It is composed of so many things. It can be painting, drawing, photography, design. I love creating and appreciating other people’s art. Though I wouldn’t call myself an artist, people usually always love what I create. I even remember when I was in kindergarten, a girl in class was about to steal a sculpture I made out of clay. People. I may not be especially skilled at drawing but I think I make things aesthetically beautiful whether it is with makeup, fashion, a painting or decorating a room. My experiences have helped me have a positive view on art because they have been fun experiences. Performing or creating have been very fun for me. Art has made me into a person that really loves the aesthetics. I am fond of every type of art. Art is a medium for expressing yourself and that is why I love it so much. You get to create anything you want, and that to me is

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Since art is so subjective, it’s nice to see everyone’s opinions and critiques of a piece of my work. The tranquility that drawing and painting gives leaves me with is reflection of what I can see in the future. It leaves my mind with a blank slate that can be open to new interpretations of more imaginative ideas. Since everything now can be seen as shapes, it gives me a newfound love and appreciation for artists of every type. Music, drawing, theater, all have hours of production that gives a beautiful final product, much like I do with my own art.…

Engaging In A Fine Arts Education

Engaging in fine arts is an essential part of school; fine arts allow you to express yourself in many ways possible. Some may ask what a fine art is or what is classified as a fine art. Fine arts education is a comprising rich array of disciplines including dance, music, theatre, media arts, literature, design, and visual arts, and is provided in many school systems as core or elective classes. Students in fine art classes are allowed to be free for a period of time and focus on something engaging while improving strengths and skills. Components of an arts education can help rewire the brain, shaping and unleashing its bottled potential.…

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On the corner of 8th and F street lies the grand Smithsonian American Art museum, it stands three stories high with impeccable architecture inside and out, withholding some of the most antique and modern works of American art. For some locals, the most iconic places in Washington, D.C are the White House, the National Mall,or the United States Capitol. However, I myself, believe the most iconic place in Washington, D.C is the galleries within every Smithsonian museum. It was there in the Smithsonian American Art Museum that I found the calling that has stirred my ambitions throughout my high school career. I discovered my eye for art and my ability to understand the aesthetics involved with creating a masterpiece within those white gallery walls.…

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I want people to know that art is not only a hobby, but also a great…

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Art has been a therapeutic outlet for me since I was very young. I was intrigued by the ability to create from my imagination or translate what I observe and put it onto a canvas or paper. As a young, female with an eating disorder, art has let me channel any negative thoughts or emotions into art pieces that reflect what I am afraid to express verbally. If I ever felt like the voice of the eating disorder was blaring, I would grab a pencil or a paintbrush and channel it into a tangible form of release onto a physical, exterior surface. The daily struggle of living with an eating disorder has also influenced my style artistically.…

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Art Appreciation Research Paper

Throughout this course I have gained more of an appreciation for artwork and the artists that create them. I have also gained an appreciation for the people that try to define what art is in general or more specifically what makes good art. We have read great thinkers and their philosophies on this, and the fact that even people of such great intelligence can disagree on the subject proves how challenging it can be. By reading the opinions of these great thinkers, and by discussing their thought with our class, I feel I am in a much better place as to define what makes good art myself. I define art as anything created by someone that inspires another to appreciation.…

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Essay on Art


500 Words Essay On Art

Each morning we see the sunshine outside and relax while some draw it to feel relaxed. Thus, you see that art is everywhere and anywhere if we look closely. In other words, everything in life is artwork. The essay on art will help us go through the importance of art and its meaning for a better understanding.

essay on art

What is Art?

For as long as humanity has existed, art has been part of our lives. For many years, people have been creating and enjoying art.  It expresses emotions or expression of life. It is one such creation that enables interpretation of any kind.

It is a skill that applies to music, painting, poetry, dance and more. Moreover, nature is no less than art. For instance, if nature creates something unique, it is also art. Artists use their artwork for passing along their feelings.

Thus, art and artists bring value to society and have been doing so throughout history. Art gives us an innovative way to view the world or society around us. Most important thing is that it lets us interpret it on our own individual experiences and associations.

Art is similar to live which has many definitions and examples. What is constant is that art is not perfect or does not revolve around perfection. It is something that continues growing and developing to express emotions, thoughts and human capacities.

Importance of Art

Art comes in many different forms which include audios, visuals and more. Audios comprise songs, music, poems and more whereas visuals include painting, photography, movies and more.

You will notice that we consume a lot of audio art in the form of music, songs and more. It is because they help us to relax our mind. Moreover, it also has the ability to change our mood and brighten it up.

After that, it also motivates us and strengthens our emotions. Poetries are audio arts that help the author express their feelings in writings. We also have music that requires musical instruments to create a piece of art.

Other than that, visual arts help artists communicate with the viewer. It also allows the viewer to interpret the art in their own way. Thus, it invokes a variety of emotions among us. Thus, you see how essential art is for humankind.

Without art, the world would be a dull place. Take the recent pandemic, for example, it was not the sports or news which kept us entertained but the artists. Their work of arts in the form of shows, songs, music and more added meaning to our boring lives.

Therefore, art adds happiness and colours to our lives and save us from the boring monotony of daily life.

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Conclusion of the Essay on Art

All in all, art is universal and can be found everywhere. It is not only for people who exercise work art but for those who consume it. If there were no art, we wouldn’t have been able to see the beauty in things. In other words, art helps us feel relaxed and forget about our problems.

FAQ of Essay on Art

Question 1: How can art help us?

Answer 1: Art can help us in a lot of ways. It can stimulate the release of dopamine in your bodies. This will in turn lower the feelings of depression and increase the feeling of confidence. Moreover, it makes us feel better about ourselves.

Question 2: What is the importance of art?

Answer 2: Art is essential as it covers all the developmental domains in child development. Moreover, it helps in physical development and enhancing gross and motor skills. For example, playing with dough can fine-tune your muscle control in your fingers.


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Essay on Personal Experience In Art

Students are often asked to write an essay on Personal Experience In Art in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on Personal Experience In Art

What is art.

Art is like a language that lets people express feelings without speaking. It can be drawing, painting, or making things. Everyone can enjoy art, and it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old.

My First Painting

I remember picking up a brush as a child and making my first painting. It was a picture of my house with a big sun. I felt proud and happy to create something from my mind.

Learning From Art

Making art taught me patience because it takes time to finish a piece. I also learned to see beauty in small things like the colors of leaves or the shape of clouds.

Sharing My Art

When I show my art to friends and family, it feels good. They tell me what they think, and sometimes they see stories in my pictures that I didn’t even know were there.

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250 Words Essay on Personal Experience In Art

My journey with art.

Art has been a part of my life since I was a little kid. I remember picking up crayons and scribbling on walls, which made my mom upset but also proud. As I grew, my love for art grew too. I started using pencils and paints to make pictures that showed my feelings and thoughts.

Learning from Mistakes

When I first tried to draw a person, it didn’t look right. The arms were too long, and the face was funny. But I didn’t give up. Each mistake taught me something new. I learned that making mistakes is okay because it helps you get better.

Art as a Friend

On days when I felt alone or sad, art was like a friend. I could draw or paint, and it was like I was telling my secrets to the paper. It always made me feel better. Art doesn’t judge; it just listens and lets you be you.

The best part is sharing my art with others. When I show my drawings to my family or friends, and they smile, it feels amazing. It’s like sharing a piece of my heart with them. Sometimes they don’t understand what I made, but that’s okay because art means different things to different people.

Art is a special part of who I am. It’s my way to express myself, learn from mistakes, find comfort, and connect with others. For anyone wanting to try art, go for it! It doesn’t matter if you’re not perfect at first. What matters is that you’re having fun and being true to yourself.

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500 Words Essay on Personal Experience In Art

When I think about art, I remember the first time I held a paintbrush. My fingers were clumsy, and the paint ended up everywhere but on the paper. Despite the mess, I felt a rush of excitement. Art, for me, started as a playground, a place where I could be free and let my imagination run wild.

As a young student, you might find art classes fun because you can draw or paint whatever you like. You don’t have to worry about getting the answers right or wrong like in math or science. Art is about expressing what’s in your heart and mind.

Learning Through Colors and Shapes

I learned a lot by playing with colors and shapes. Sometimes, I would try to paint a tree, and it would look more like a green blob. But that was okay because every time I tried, I got a little better. I learned that light blue could look like the sky and that circles could turn into faces with just a few lines.

For you, learning through art can be like a game. You might discover that mixing red and yellow makes orange, or that by drawing a bunch of squares and triangles, you can make a castle.

Expressing Feelings

Art became my voice when I couldn’t find the right words. If I felt sad, I would use dark colors like blue or black. When I was happy, I would use bright colors like yellow or pink. It was like my feelings had a secret language, and only those who saw my art could understand it.

You too can use art to show your friends and family how you feel. Maybe you had a bad day and drawing a stormy sea can help you feel better. Or perhaps you’re excited about a holiday, so you draw a sunny beach with lots of colors.

Art in Everyday Life

As I grew older, I noticed art wasn’t just in paints and drawings. It was in the way my mom decorated our home, in the clothes people wore, and even in the cartoons I watched on TV. Art was everywhere, and it made the world a prettier and more interesting place.

You can find art all around you too. Look at the posters in your classroom, the pattern on your socks, or the cover of your favorite book. Someone created all those things using their art skills.

Sharing and Connecting

One of the best parts about creating art was sharing it with others. I would give my drawings to friends and family, and they would smile and put them on their fridge or walls. It felt good to make others happy with my art.

You can share your art too. Maybe you can make a birthday card for your friend or help decorate a banner for a school event. When you share your art, you connect with others in a special way.

Art has been a wonderful part of my life. It’s a way to learn, express myself, see beauty in the world, and connect with people. I believe that anyone, including you, can have these same experiences. So grab some paper and colors, and start your own art adventure. Who knows what amazing things you will create and discover!

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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my personal experience in art essay 150 words

Essay on Art as Experience

The term “art” can be defined as the conscious and effective use of individuals’ talents, such as skills and creative imagination to produce impressive aesthetic objects.  Since the development and growth of human society, individuals make attempts to enhance their live with various forms of art, e.g. architecture, painting, photography and sculpture. However, there is hardly anybody has used his/her imagination to reflect personal experience of being some form of art. Today, art reflect human experience and helps to explore spiritual subject matters. According to John Dewey, “experience occurs continuously, because the interaction of live creature and environing conditions is involved in the very process of living”(36).  The major goal of this paper is to reflect personal experience of some actions and art forms, including the experience of looking in the mirror for 15 minutes, the experience of being a painting, the experience of being a style of painting, the experience of a Miami photographer and the experience of viewing oneself in advertising. Different forms of experience, e.g. the experience of being a painting, a photograph and an advertisement, reflect different feelings because of certain differences between these images. The differences between images described in personal experiences reflect various values.

My experience of looking in the mirror for 15 minutes

            Studying my face in the mirror for at least fifteen minutes was not an easy task. I timed myself and managed to stare for the entire fifteen minutes. I studied myself with the same honesty as Rembrandt or Van Gogh did. I study myself candidly. For the last five minutes, I stroke several different intentional poses. My experience of looking in the mirror for 15 minutes is amazing. I see different facial expressions, which reflect my mood and my personality. When I smile, my facial expression is light and appealing to the audience. When I am sad, my facial expression is dark and gloomy. I can easily change my facial expression if I start thinking about something positive or negative. I can find some similarities in analysis of Rembrandt’s image, Van Gogh’s image and my own image. I have found that the experience of looking in the mirror for 15 minutes is a valuable tool to increase self-esteem because an individual has an opportunity to highly value one’s own personality.

My experience of being a painting

If I were a painting, I would be in several periods of art history, e.g. Postmodernism (1970- ) if my painting reflects positive mood, or Modernism (e.g. Abstract Expressionism, 1940-1960) if my painting reflects negative mood. These art historical periods reflect my changeable personality. Postmodernism can be viewed as a break from modernism. This art period has some features of modernism, but these features provide more positive views. The following aspects refer to Postmodernism: the individual’s position in the context, the increased role of aesthetic pluralism and meaning of art. My painting would imply culturally, politically and socially. First, my painting would reflect cultural context because culture plays an important role in art. Cultural attitudes toward a work of art explore an individual’s personality. On the other hand, cultural identity of the nation is formed by art. Besides, my painting would imply politically because I would include some political signs or symbols to make it more appealing to political viewed of the audience. Moreover, my painting would imply socially because each element in my painting must be focused on social acceptance. Abstract Expressionism is the highest form of Modernism. I believe that my painting can have some characteristics of Abstract Expressionism, if it is presented in a negative context, e.g. individuality, creativity, unconscious style of representation, the elements of visual formalism. These characteristics are focused on creating the feeling of pure abstraction.

Experience of being a style of painting

If I were a style of painting, I would be landscape. I believe that landscape is a unique style of painting because it reflects the beauty of nature. Landscapes demonstrate poetry in nature, placing emphasis on the intimate expression of various forms of nature. In some way, these forms reflect human emotions. I would be landscape of mountains and waterfall.  I believe that the landscape I would be should include many elements of nature in order to allow the viewer to enjoy the spiritual journey of bold imagination.  Being landscape means make the views feel the beauty of nature, and developing positive emotions and feelings.

Experience of being a photograph

If you were a photograph, it would be romantic style of photography that provides an idealized vision of photography. It would be some peaceful location, soft light colors, some storytelling context and impressive images. The lighting would be intense. It is known that “the intensity of the illumination within the light envelope determines how the final image will look” (Rand 94). The photograph would be impressive if some subjects need more light and can reflect light. Among the most talented photographers, Brian Smith would influence my image. Smith’s advice would help to make a really meaningful and adorable portrait. My photograph would imply culturally, politically and socially. First, it would reflect American culture. Besides, it would be meaningful from a political perspective. It would reflect some symbols of American politics to encourage the audience highly value the U.S. political system and its leaders. Moreover, my photograph would imply socially because it would be socially acceptable.

Experience of viewing myself in advertising

I can honestly view myself differently from how advertising presents how I should look.  I can identify what influences me emotionally. I can not only regulate my emotions, but also understand the feelings of other people. I am influenced emotionally by inequality, injustice, violence towards women and children, and violence towards animals.  In most cases, physical events have a strong influence on what I feel emotionally. For example, I hate racism and racial discrimination. I criticize those advertisements that have some hint of racism.

I can articulate what influences me in an advertisement. I can be influenced by the effectiveness of humor, beauty, strength, self-confidence, tolerance and endurance.  Advertisements have powerful effects on people. However, advertisements influence people without their full recognition that they are being influenced. I can separate what makes me feel good about myself from what advertising indicates should make me feel good about myself. Although I know that advertisement often influences people in undesirable ways, the positive advertisement is more effective than a negative one. I feel good about myself from positive effects of advertisements.  From a psychological point of view, my feelings are reflected in what advertising indicates should make me feel good about myself.

Richard Prince’s description of the Perfect Tense in Chapter 12 does not describe me, because I fall into Thomas Frank’s counterculture rebellion.  I believe that Thomas Frank’s study play an important role in revealing the existing links between advertising and the counterculture. It has been found that the possible consequence of the counterculture would be rebellious consumer behavior. According to Thomas Frank, cultural rebellion is associated with the counterculture. Counterculture attracts attention of many people today. I feel that I am a part of all of it. I believe that I feel myself somewhere in the context of cultural jamming. Culture jamming stands for the so-called politics of representation, which involves advertising in the context of artistic satire. I feel that I can act as culture jamming refiguring various product images in order to raise public awareness of existing problems (environmental problems, or unequal and unjust social practices). I do not fall on the “Advertising Horizon”.

Moreover, I feel capable of constructing an identity outside the parameters of the advertising market. Today the advertising market provides some parameters, which help to successfully read and value some objects, or services, or oneself.  In other words, it sets some limits on human appreciation of an object or service. These limits help to construct the so-called brand identity. I can use my personal attitudes, experience and knowledge to construct an identity that would not be a standard. My identity would not be focused on the parameters of the advertising market. I would create a new form of advertising. I can support this fact by the ability to express my own ideas and desires to achieve the established goals in advertising.

The cultural myths of individualism (the autonomous individual) or love of technology influence my self-image to a great extent. I accept individualism as the key cultural myth. I criticize collectivism because the effects of collectivism may be negative in establishing one’s own identity. I believe that personal self-realization is the basis of one’s own self-image. Besides, love of technology may influence my self-image, making it more appealing to the audience and more effective in interpretation. I completely agree that technology influences the way we think about ourselves, as well as the way others think about ourselves. I feel myself as being a victim of bipolar thinking. In some cases, I feel that bipolar thinking is caused by complex mental processes that may lead to emotional ride of extreme highs as well as deep depressive lows.

Thus, comparing my painting, photograph and advertisement, it is necessary to conclude that there are many differences between these images. These differences reflect the values we have studied all semester because the experience of viewing myself in advertising differs from the experience of being a photograph, or a style of painting, or painting. I feel that the most important information I learned in this class is how to develop the so-called visual literacy, or the ability to “read” and interpret the images that can be found in our information society. I have found that visual arts are important cultural element that the mass media use to obtain the power of representation.

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My Experience Of Art

Graffiti is not art essay.

Art. Art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” (google). That’s kind of a lot. Basically, art is anything created as a product of human creativity and imagination to portray a message, trigger an emotion, or just, look good. That being said, what isn’t art? Anything, from the mona lisa to the projects sitting around this room were made by human imagination and creativity to portray a message or just be beautiful. What if you were told, that all of the hard work that was put into those projects and paintings, was illegal? Not accepted by some people as art, and frowned upon.

John Sullivan's Mr. Lytle Essay

Artists try to portray their views of human ideas, cultures, and lifestyles through their art. Art is defined as “the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.” Each artist has their own style due to the fact each person sees everything in their own way.

Pin-Ups In Public Space: Sexual Harassment

Art, by definition, is works created by artists: paintings, sculptures, etc., that are created to be beautiful or to express important ideas or feelings (Merriam-Webster).

The Love Of Art : My Love For Art

I do not believe I have enough time so let me just tell you about myself now. I am not crazy, I would like to think my mind is abstract just like my artwork. It seems strange to people yet so beautifully magnificent to me. I spend my days in France painting my “illusions” as people like to call them. My love for art all started with my job at an international art dealing firm. I saw all the colors, mixes, blends and fell in a deep sensation of peace. I always needed some peace, my doctors say I’m bipolar, they are lying, I need peace; Art is my peace.

Nancy G. Heller's Why A Painting Is Like A Pizza

The Oxford Dictionary intelligibly defines “art” in its’ millions of printed dictionaries distributed all over the world. Merriam-Webster also clearly defines “art”. If there are thousands of books, distributed widely throughout the world, that define art then why is defining art so controversial? Everyone has their own idea of what art is. But who is to say what art is or what it

Art History Personal Statement

As I continue through my third year of my Art History Major, I find not only my knowledge but also my mind expanding into a broader range of relevance to my career and life goals. Art History is the study of social, economic, religious and political components, which shape history through aesthetics. Studying the environment and events that influence the artworks produced throughout history has drawn me to the history of Christianity and its effects on First Nations peoples in Canada. I come from a multicultural family where I share Beaver Lake Cree heritage from my Father and Catholicism from my Mother. The contrast between these two belief systems has brought my interest to understand events that occur and have taken place to those who I have met, and also their ancestors.

Personal Narrative: Art Immitates Life

With so many outlets to find R&B that suits your taste, why settle for a flavor you don’t like?

My Visit To The De Young Museum

The Miriam-Webster dictionary has three definitions for the word art. The first is: something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings. The second is: works created by artists: paintings, sculptures, etc., that are created to be beautiful or to express important ideas or feelings. And the third is: the methods and skills used for painting, sculpting, drawing, etc. art can be anything you want it to be. In today’s society all forms of art are fully excepted and embraced by the people of the community. Although people have their preferences, I believe there is no such thing as bad art. Like the dictionary states, art can be anything that you use your imagination to create,

Meaningful Art Experience

For our article review I chose the article Creating Meaningful Art Experiences With Assistive Technology for Students with Physical, Visual, Severe, and Multiple disabilities. One of the authors is Mary Beth Coleman who is an assistant professor in the special education department at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. The other author is Elizabeth Stephanie Cramer who works as a clinical assistant professor and coordinator of art education at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. The article addresses the use of assistive technology in the art classroom and why it is necessary for students with disabilities. It is obvious upon reading the article that the authors thoroughly researched the subject which can be backed up by their references

Jean Michael Basquiat

Although, there should be no fixed definition of art as it is different for each person. People try too hard to find the definition and can sometimes forget to appreciate the effect that it has on their

How To Read My Class

Many of the students have a stronger handle of the English language and are truly passionate about (and skilled at) analyzing art. I, however, have a much more basic vocabulary, am not used to and not very passionate about analyzing art, and have a hard time focusing in class with the level of rigor and complexity of the course. However, I find the teacher to bring a calming and encouraging environment. I enjoyed having information written down on the board so I could visualize it and go back to it whenever I needed. Overall, the teacher does not make me feel pressured or uncomfortable, but rather encourages me to share the little I can contribute to the class discussions. Despite the difficulties, I am determined to succeed in this

Art Class Analysis

When I first arrived at Boston College, I learned and heard through my peers that taking an art class was something everyone did Junior or Senior year in order to fulfill the core. I had inferred that an art class was something “easier” than other classes that provided more traditional classroom academics. However, I found this to be strange as I never believed that an art class was easy; in fact I believe that an art class can be much more difficult than a class like English, Math, or History. With classes such as those, there are guidelines, structures, and rules you must follow in a strict way in order to do well. In Art however, these guidelines, rules, and structures are much more transparent and open to interpretation. In highschool,

Art Definition Essay

The definition of art is completely subjective meaning in layman’s terms that is in the eyes of the beholder. I have received an Associates of Arts degree so I am somewhat familiar with the different types of art that are associated with painting such as cubism, realism, pop art, and even fauvism. There are also other things that are considered as art such as music, dance, and poetry.

Art Essay 2

‘What I like so much about contemporary art now is its ambiguity, its uncertainty. It is precisely this quality that engages and unsettles us’ – Benjamin Genocchio, art critic.

Beauty In Art : The Definition Of Beauty?

Debate over the definition of art has developed for hundreds, if not thousands of years. People have spent millions of dollars and given years of their lives to the craft called art. However, there has not been an agreement on what the definition of art is because it tends to be a very vague concept incorporating many cultures and ideas. It has proven itself to be an effective tool in the human expression over the years preserving deep and personal feelings along with history. Art can be defined as the creation of beauty through expression with skillful use of creativity, design, and manipulation of the viewers’ emotions.


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