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5+ Narrative Writing Examples & Samples in PDF | DOC

narrative writing examples

Personal Narrative Writing

personal narrative writing1

Medical Narrative Sample

medical narrative sample

What Is Narrative Writing?

Purpose of narrative writing, interactive narrative sample.

interactive narrative sample

Reflective Writing

reflective writing

Teaching Narrative Example

teaching narrative example2

Free Narrative Writing

free narrative writing1

How to Compose a Narrative Essay

  • Choose a topic. Pick one which can easily be narrated. Your topic should not only interest you, but also your readers. An interesting topic will be the foundation of an interesting story.
  • Create an outline of the plot. This will help you in organizing the sequence of events in your story.
  • Be consistent. Decide whether to use the third person or first person point of view in your composition. Also be mindful of the tense you use.
  • Carefully describe the elements of the story. Describe the characters, setting, events, and other elements of the story in full detail.
  • Avoid over-describing details. This goes especially to movements. Carefully narrate the elements of your story, but do not overdo it.
  • Mind your word choice. Strong words create strong sentences, which usually interests readers. Still, keep your language simple and clear.
  • Proofread your composition. Or let a friend do it. But make sure you polish your composition before publishing (if you plan to).

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