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Free Era of Technology Essay Sample

Technology can be defined as the utilization of methodological know-how in the search for solutions to day to day problems. A lot of resources have been committed to inquiries and improvement of effective methods of handling tasks. Technology is an amorphous word given the fact that it is applicable in all sectors of life. Generally, advancement in technology affects not only human beings but also animals and the entire environment. On the mention of current technology, we think of the celebrated impact it has brought to the lives of human beings without regard to the laziness which comes alongside it.

This paper describes the era whereby technology is the order of the day. It seeks to explore the latest trends in technology as well as their impact. Technology has evolved over time since the formation of the earth. Man has always wanted to devise means of improving the living conditions.  Different eras have seen the technology evolve, from the ancient Paleolithic era beyond 1,000 B.C. through to the emerging technologies of the 21 st Century.

The latest focus on the technology is in Information and Communication. The earlier man was inefficient because of less technological possibilities. Absence of computers and underdeveloped transport system characterized this era. Lifestyle has since completely changed because of technological innovations. Daily exercise formed an obvious part of the regular physical exercise.  The transfer of information has undergone a major revolution with the presence of internet. With just a click, information is able to move through miles. Since information forms an integral part of development, its availability has inspired development in various parts of the world. The spread of technology from one region to others can be identified as another factor through which development has been realized in the entire world. No one could ever think of communicating with a person distance away without having to write and deliver a letter. The might of cellular technology has brought about the ability to pass information through wireless media. Communication applications available through internet provides tremendous pace in long-distance communication.

There has been high dependence on technology of late. A lot of efforts are being dedicated to the replacement of human intellect by the computers. Introduction of robots and computer aided processing like CNC machining has provided a way of edging out human brains. It is also worth mentioning that the emerging technologies have been able to tap from artificial intelligence as applied in various fields.

Undoubtedly, changes in technology have far reaching impacts on the social aspects of society. Many people were displaced as a result of industrial revolution thereby resulting in settlements around the factories. Traders on the other side benefited much from merchandise generated from displaced population. Lifestyles changed considerably with the middle class who were working hard to meet the needs of their families. Long working hours, poor conditions and insecurity characterized the lives of peasant workers in this era of industrial revolution.

Advancements in technology are not evenly distributed in the society. Those with sufficient economic power are in a better position of utilizing relevant technology towards accumulation of more wealth. The undesirable line has thus been drawn between the haves and the have-nots. It is also important to note that war and territorial conflicts have fueled the technology and innovation. Sophisticated weapons are continually being improved by major economies in a bid to protect their international supremacy. "Nations make war the same way they make wealth," Cebrowski and Garstka wrote. Cebrowski was a Navy captain while Garstka was an Air Force captain in the United States Army.

As at now, the use of technology has also been detrimental to the society. It has become a rare privilege to occupy land. Everyone must work extra hard so as to meet the basic needs. The focus of many organizations has been the use of technology in fostering the supply of food and clothing. This has resulted in spirited research in biotechnology which has given birth to genetically modified organisms. The dangerous side of genetic modification is that there if no mechanism of retrieving the organism after being availed to the environment. For instance, aquatic organisms that have been genetically modified are able to grow ten times faster than the normal ones. The water resources are being destroyed since the unfair modification advantage will see the normal organisms get extinct.

 On the other hand, crops that are genetically modified depend so much on pesticides which adulterate organic seeds. It will not be possible to harvest the seeds and use them for planting meaning that the farming communities are going to incur an extra cost in procurement of certified and viable seeds. It is totally unfair for the greedy organizations that want to have a sole monopoly over our wellbeing and at the same time have a total disregard to the irrevocable injuries done to the society.  

Internet as it is now, allows for free exchange of information. There is no government who has stepped in to put regulations on the use of internet. It thus provides an enabling environment for computer criminals and hackers. These attributes of internet has brought about revolution technologically in this new era of information. The corporations which has adapted to the use of advancements in technology have realized unprecedented profits, while those which maintained status quo are being edged out of business. Consumers are bound to benefit a lot from e-commerce because the efficiency resulting from the indirect contact with the traders. Contact details of companies are readily available from search engines. From then on, the two can start trading without further ado. National boundaries are dissolved by the internet bringing about conversion of the world in to a global village.  There is an emerging race in the world bound by the internet. In his article, Howard terms this as a virtual community.

 Technological change is totally inevitable. If you cannot be part of the revolutionary tide, then it is going to sweep your feet. Business may be done without reliance on the internet and an elaborate communication channel backed by information technology. But if the business is to compete equally with others, it must embrace the use of resent technologies by developing their websites and having email addresses.

Despite all these marvelous results of information technology revolution, there are negative impacts too. Thinking that the technological application has been a boon to humanity is a narrow focused approach. The presence of internet has given a lee way to unethical practices summarized as internet crimes. When the young are exposed to the internet in their formative ages, they are going to develop an addiction. The internet also lacks restriction because it is an open forum.  It is evident also that the dreaded effects of global warming are as a result of technological revolution of the 20 th century and beyond.

 The world is richer at an expense of environmental degradation. Automation and mechanization of industrial and farming processes have pushed people away from physical work to the simple machines control. There is unprecedented rise on the number of white collar professionals. Majority are involved in the management rather than on the actual production. As a matter of fact there are technology has taking big strides and has seen more counting the maize than those farming them.

In conclusion, innovations in different fields have led to improved technology. There is no clear cut between a technical know-how on areas of specialization to the other. An optimum utilization of technology is the one that allows for intertwining of various discoveries. Technology can be summarized as a root of growth of current society and it is manipulating the world population just as Roman Caesars thought of.

technology era essay

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Era of Technology

Technology essay introduction.

As the world becomes more and more interconnected, technology has began to be considered as a convenient and useful tool for communication between individuals, a situation that has facilitated participation in some of the engagements that were challenging sometimes. In fact, technology has, among other things, provided the type of social interaction that has, indeed, bridged the gap between different cultures and ideologies. The today’s world is an era of technology, and this technology is constantly changing. Over one hundred and fifty years ago, the conduct of business operations was quite different from the current ones. Currently, significantly less time is being spent on data processing, information retrieval, cataloguing, and evaluating the business statistics. Additionally, enquiries related to catalogue items and processing of purchase transactions have been automated, reducing or eliminating human intervention. This has helped save resources for a strategic use. Technology is, actually, transforming every aspect of our lives including medicine, art, and education (Bereiter 15).

The Benefits of Technology

Some aspects of technology have become so common that they are taken for granted. For instance, before the technology behind electricity had evolved, it was challenging to engage in various activities after nightfall. Moreover, the lack of electricity was a great derailment to other practices that requires machines, some of which wouldn’t have been powered by fossil fuels. These machines include computers, television and radio sets. Evolution of technology can, therefore, be regarded as a lee way or a facilitator of advancement in the present world. The advancements in Information Technology (IT) have elevated lifestyle and made business activities run faster, easier, and efficient than when, say, computers were absent. Technology has, indeed, eliminated difficulties and offered ways to exploit possibilities (Scardamalia 12).

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Advancement in IT has brought wide ranging benefits, especially in education. The term IT encompasses several fields: Information Systems, Computer Networking, and Designing Software. The prior society had none of this at their disposal. With regard to education, technology has facilitated learning in various environments, and students with different learning capacities have been able to interact and further their knowledge in mathematics and sciences. Emergent learning technologies have reshaped the educational system. The technology capacity to come up with symbolic representations has transformed the way students and educators conceptualize knowledge. The incorporation of technology in learning institutions was prompted by the evolution of cognitive psychology. Over the years, these technologies have been utilized in the creation of enhanced avenues of learning, a situation which has resolved the challenge of teaching in a pluralistic school environment (Department of Education 20).

The advent of technologies such as personal computers has ushered a transformation in life. Proponents of such technologies predict that they will enable individuals to construct and test tentative insights into complex systems. The evolution of technology is presumed to have the capacity to alter the relationships between individuals and societies that consider it difficult to interact with one another. For instance, with regard to education, it is hoped that teachers will turn into interdisciplinary enablers of learners’ creativity. Educators do, indeed, have the ability to create a legitimate space for experimentation with the intention of guiding learning toward the intended results (Khosrowpour 45).

In the field of medicine, technology, and especially Information Technology has been a major contributor to medical success. Doctors have been able to acquire data using machines like computerized axial tomography and the magnetic resonance imaging. Medical practitioners have been able to provide enhanced services due to the three dimensional images of the internal structure of bodies that medical technologies have provided. These images are useful in creating a framework of the patient’s problem, a situation that helps in providing enhanced treatment (Papert 15).

At the present, almost every organization has established some connection with the IT industry. Some have even gone further to incorporate such latest technologies as cloud computing. These developments have been hugely beneficial as consumers have been enabled to conduct their purchases over the internet. It is called the online shopping. Currently, shopping has gone digital, and this has been very efficient. On their part, retailers have been able to acquire new methods of doing their shopping, extend it, and advancing retail exploration. From the 3D augmented reality to another one like the Kinect-based browsing, the business arena has surged with technologically driven platforms that have made shopping much more interactive and personalized than before (Khosrowpour 36).

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Currently, home owners have had elevated shopping modes. The Toshiba ‘s TEC Hybrid Fitting System, as an example, has offered options, color variations, and other aspects for the shoppers to make their choices. Technology has been presenting several other opportunities, for example, in the beauty arena, the contemporary hair and make-ups are being facilitated by technology. Not so long ago, the InStyle introduced iPad applications in the market, and this has put to use an aggregated personal images and facial recognition software to that allow one to scheme the hairstyles and facial colors in a variety of ways. Shisedo has put in place video screens that have the ability to apply make-up on an individual, in what is commonly referred to as virtually applied make-ups. All that one has to do is to select a variety of make-ups as he or she desires (Papert 15).

With regard to online shopping, Me-tail assists users to visualize how an item is able to fit by applying photo-realistic 3D renditions for every person. This form of technology brings to light the essence of shopping. It brings forth the use of the social media mode. In the business world, technology has availed the idea of web conferencing, which is also known as video conferencing. Initially, geographical and time constraints limited interactions and the mode of doing business. Technology has availed an adventurous manner of engagement that is inexpensive and less tedious. Web conferencing offers business people new ways in doing business without having to travel. Individuals are able to communicate and make agreements in real-time. Virtual meetings are also being provided by the latest mobile phones which are enhanced to meet such needs. Moreover, people are able to manage spreadsheets, annotate similar PDF, or edit similar documents or manage similar PowerPoint. Web meeting has the attributes of offering instant messaging, where a person is able to send a message to many people. It allows recording, archiving, and replaying (Mezirow 12).

In the communication arena, technology has been widely seen in the emailing, social media, and mobile phones. The mobile phones have constantly enhanced communication to allow for varied features to be performed far beyond what was there initially. The social media has been used to offer promotion for products, businesses and other enterprises. Communication technologies have made it possible for different languages to be applied to and used in the communication devices.

The evolution of technology has made it possible to enhance the level of security in homes, towns, and cities. The modes currently being used does not require a person to stay up all night. The current use of cameras, UV light, finger and eye detection mechanisms have made security to go to another level. Indeed, the use of passwords is slowly getting overtaken by the upcoming technologies. These securities are, however, not fully effective as technology also facilitates the committal of crimes. Measures are, nevertheless, being put in place to completely do away with this vice (Orey 65).

In the transport sector, the continued advancement of the airplanes has brought forth air transport that incorporates large numbers of passengers, and being a faster mode of communication, more and more individuals are opting for the air travel. The railway transport has similarly not been left behind: electric railway transport has been making traveling efficient and cost effective. Information Technology has, indeed, enhanced civilization. The corporate world has become successful with the effective use of communication and Information Technology as it has been possible to tap the potential provided by the computer software and hardware. This brings into being the use of the internet to promote a business, to advance the business structure, and to transact the operations (Papert 15).

Essay about Technologies Conclusion

Technologies have enabled individuals to form collaborative teams that work alongside the traditional settings. These technologies have facilitated accountability during the reshaping of engagements as credible data is utilized in measuring results. Institutions have been co-opting the rewards of technologies in the expanded context of the society. Therefore, the advert of technologies has facilitated the flourishing of communities outside the limits of the traditional setting. For instance, the evolution of communication technologies has enabled schools to enhance their equity and reliability as centers for learning (Gardner 9).

In spite of their benefits, technologies have a number of drawbacks. For instance, an extra time is required for the training of personnel after the application of these technologies begin. Effective utilization of technologies necessitates the understanding of how human behavior is affected by technology. As such, individuals are required to undergo extra training so as to ensure effective integration of technology in the normal social environment. This makes the implementation of technology difficult and time consuming, a situation which has led to some of the stakeholders abandoning their implementation. Nevertheless, several indicators point out that their future implementation will be easy and cost effective (Gardner 6).

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  • Technology Essay


Essay on Technology

The word "technology" and its uses have immensely changed since the 20th century, and with time, it has continued to evolve ever since. We are living in a world driven by technology. The advancement of technology has played an important role in the development of human civilization, along with cultural changes. Technology provides innovative ways of doing work through various smart and innovative means. 

Electronic appliances, gadgets, faster modes of communication, and transport have added to the comfort factor in our lives. It has helped in improving the productivity of individuals and different business enterprises. Technology has brought a revolution in many operational fields. It has undoubtedly made a very important contribution to the progress that mankind has made over the years.

The Advancement of Technology:

Technology has reduced the effort and time and increased the efficiency of the production requirements in every field. It has made our lives easy, comfortable, healthy, and enjoyable. It has brought a revolution in transport and communication. The advancement of technology, along with science, has helped us to become self-reliant in all spheres of life. With the innovation of a particular technology, it becomes part of society and integral to human lives after a point in time.

Technology is Our Part of Life:

Technology has changed our day-to-day lives. Technology has brought the world closer and better connected. Those days have passed when only the rich could afford such luxuries. Because of the rise of globalisation and liberalisation, all luxuries are now within the reach of the average person. Today, an average middle-class family can afford a mobile phone, a television, a washing machine, a refrigerator, a computer, the Internet, etc. At the touch of a switch, a man can witness any event that is happening in far-off places.  

Benefits of Technology in All Fields: 

We cannot escape technology; it has improved the quality of life and brought about revolutions in various fields of modern-day society, be it communication, transportation, education, healthcare, and many more. Let us learn about it.

Technology in Communication:

With the advent of technology in communication, which includes telephones, fax machines, cellular phones, the Internet, multimedia, and email, communication has become much faster and easier. It has transformed and influenced relationships in many ways. We no longer need to rely on sending physical letters and waiting for several days for a response. Technology has made communication so simple that you can connect with anyone from anywhere by calling them via mobile phone or messaging them using different messaging apps that are easy to download.

Innovation in communication technology has had an immense influence on social life. Human socialising has become easier by using social networking sites, dating, and even matrimonial services available on mobile applications and websites.

Today, the Internet is used for shopping, paying utility bills, credit card bills, admission fees, e-commerce, and online banking. In the world of marketing, many companies are marketing and selling their products and creating brands over the internet. 

In the field of travel, cities, towns, states, and countries are using the web to post detailed tourist and event information. Travellers across the globe can easily find information on tourism, sightseeing, places to stay, weather, maps, timings for events, transportation schedules, and buy tickets to various tourist spots and destinations.

Technology in the Office or Workplace:

Technology has increased efficiency and flexibility in the workspace. Technology has made it easy to work remotely, which has increased the productivity of the employees. External and internal communication has become faster through emails and apps. Automation has saved time, and there is also a reduction in redundancy in tasks. Robots are now being used to manufacture products that consistently deliver the same product without defect until the robot itself fails. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology are innovations that are being deployed across industries to reap benefits.

Technology has wiped out the manual way of storing files. Now files are stored in the cloud, which can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. With technology, companies can make quick decisions, act faster towards solutions, and remain adaptable. Technology has optimised the usage of resources and connected businesses worldwide. For example, if the customer is based in America, he can have the services delivered from India. They can communicate with each other in an instant. Every company uses business technology like virtual meeting tools, corporate social networks, tablets, and smart customer relationship management applications that accelerate the fast movement of data and information.

Technology in Education:

Technology is making the education industry improve over time. With technology, students and parents have a variety of learning tools at their fingertips. Teachers can coordinate with classrooms across the world and share their ideas and resources online. Students can get immediate access to an abundance of good information on the Internet. Teachers and students can access plenty of resources available on the web and utilise them for their project work, research, etc. Online learning has changed our perception of education. 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a paradigm shift using technology where school-going kids continued their studies from home and schools facilitated imparting education by their teachers online from home. Students have learned and used 21st-century skills and tools, like virtual classrooms, AR (Augmented Reality), robots, etc. All these have increased communication and collaboration significantly. 

Technology in Banking:

Technology and banking are now inseparable. Technology has boosted digital transformation in how the banking industry works and has vastly improved banking services for their customers across the globe.

Technology has made banking operations very sophisticated and has reduced errors to almost nil, which were somewhat prevalent with manual human activities. Banks are adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase their efficiency and profits. With the emergence of Internet banking, self-service tools have replaced the traditional methods of banking. 

You can now access your money, handle transactions like paying bills, money transfers, and online purchases from merchants, and monitor your bank statements anytime and from anywhere in the world. Technology has made banking more secure and safe. You do not need to carry cash in your pocket or wallet; the payments can be made digitally using e-wallets. Mobile banking, banking apps, and cybersecurity are changing the face of the banking industry.

Manufacturing and Production Industry Automation:

At present, manufacturing industries are using all the latest technologies, ranging from big data analytics to artificial intelligence. Big data, ARVR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality), and IoT (Internet of Things) are the biggest manufacturing industry players. Automation has increased the level of productivity in various fields. It has reduced labour costs, increased efficiency, and reduced the cost of production.

For example, 3D printing is used to design and develop prototypes in the automobile industry. Repetitive work is being done easily with the help of robots without any waste of time. This has also reduced the cost of the products. 

Technology in the Healthcare Industry:

Technological advancements in the healthcare industry have not only improved our personal quality of life and longevity; they have also improved the lives of many medical professionals and students who are training to become medical experts. It has allowed much faster access to the medical records of each patient. 

The Internet has drastically transformed patients' and doctors’ relationships. Everyone can stay up to date on the latest medical discoveries, share treatment information, and offer one another support when dealing with medical issues. Modern technology has allowed us to contact doctors from the comfort of our homes. There are many sites and apps through which we can contact doctors and get medical help. 

Breakthrough innovations in surgery, artificial organs, brain implants, and networked sensors are examples of transformative developments in the healthcare industry. Hospitals use different tools and applications to perform their administrative tasks, using digital marketing to promote their services.

Technology in Agriculture:

Today, farmers work very differently than they would have decades ago. Data analytics and robotics have built a productive food system. Digital innovations are being used for plant breeding and harvesting equipment. Software and mobile devices are helping farmers harvest better. With various data and information available to farmers, they can make better-informed decisions, for example, tracking the amount of carbon stored in soil and helping with climate change.

Disadvantages of Technology:

People have become dependent on various gadgets and machines, resulting in a lack of physical activity and tempting people to lead an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Even though technology has increased the productivity of individuals, organisations, and the nation, it has not increased the efficiency of machines. Machines cannot plan and think beyond the instructions that are fed into their system. Technology alone is not enough for progress and prosperity. Management is required, and management is a human act. Technology is largely dependent on human intervention. 

Computers and smartphones have led to an increase in social isolation. Young children are spending more time surfing the internet, playing games, and ignoring their real lives. Usage of technology is also resulting in job losses and distracting students from learning. Technology has been a reason for the production of weapons of destruction.

Dependency on technology is also increasing privacy concerns and cyber crimes, giving way to hackers.


FAQs on Technology Essay

1. What is technology?

Technology refers to innovative ways of doing work through various smart means. The advancement of technology has played an important role in the development of human civilization. It has helped in improving the productivity of individuals and businesses.

2. How has technology changed the face of banking?

Technology has made banking operations very sophisticated. With the emergence of Internet banking, self-service tools have replaced the traditional methods of banking. You can now access your money, handle transactions, and monitor your bank statements anytime and from anywhere in the world. Technology has made banking more secure and safe.

3. How has technology brought a revolution in the medical field?

Patients and doctors keep each other up to date on the most recent medical discoveries, share treatment information, and offer each other support when dealing with medical issues. It has allowed much faster access to the medical records of each patient. Modern technology has allowed us to contact doctors from the comfort of our homes. There are many websites and mobile apps through which we can contact doctors and get medical help.

4. Are we dependent on technology?

Yes, today, we are becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Computers, smartphones, and modern technology have helped humanity achieve success and progress. However, in hindsight, people need to continuously build a healthy lifestyle, sorting out personal problems that arise due to technological advancements in different aspects of human life.


Technological Era

Introduction Technology is part of our everyday lives and continuous to revolutionize with time. There is no surprise to see new products launched for different markets in this technological era. Two great companies that started in the 1970s and that have changed the world of computers and technology are Microsoft and Apple. At the beginning, these companies only focus in a product with no concern about their marketing strategy. However, with the success they have created throughout the years they started to enter new markets. Throughout the different products launched by these two companies, there is a difference in the target market and market strategies to fulfill successfully their customers’ needs and wants. Microsoft and Apple are direct competitors that have similar products. However, there are differences between the two, which have allowed them to be successful in the same market. Similarities and differences between the two have allowed customers to identify themselves with a specific brand. Throughout their different products, each product has specific target markets and market strategies. Microsoft Target Market Microsoft has revolutionized through the years since it started its company. With the changes, there has been a shift in their market strategy. Microsoft has launched many products that have been very successful and others that have not. Each of these products is targeting different markets. There are some products that Microsoft has since its beginnings and that allowed it to be a market leader. Windows and Office are two operating systems that have become the signature product of the brand. Windows and Office target market are mainly large corporations, then medium companies, and lastly individuals. These ... ... middle of paper ... ...milar gadgets as the iPhone. Apple’s indirect competitors include Kodak. Kodak is an indirect competitor to Apple because of the camera and video camera Apple products have. Microsoft direct competitors include ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬Google. Google and Bing both are search engines competing in the same industry for a market share. Microsoft indirect competitor includes Dell. Dell is in the same industry, but do not have the same products. Works Cited James, Geoffrey. CBS News: How Kin Became Microsoft's Worst Failure. 07 July 2010. Web. 02 November 2013. Kerin, Rogers A., Hartley, Steven H., Rudelius, William. Marketing MKTG 305 California State University-San Bernardino. McGraw-Hill Education, 2013. Print. McCormack, Fion. Yahoo Small Business: Apple’s iPhone Marketing Strategy Exposed. 27 October 2013. Web. 01 November 2013. Unknown. Microsoft. n.d. Web. 01 November 2013.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that microsoft and apple have changed the world of computers and technology since the 1970s. they are direct competitors with similar products, but have different target markets and market strategies.
  • Explains that microsoft has revolutionized through the years since it started its company. it has launched many products that have been very successful and others that hasn't.
  • Explains that microsoft is targeting a demographic segmented market of young adults who are technically savvy and more involved with technology.
  • Explains that apple's innovative products positioned itself as a leading market. steve jobs' "apple product matrix" segmented computers and personal computers targeting customers and professional sectors.
  • Explains that apple's computer products are segmented between consumers and professionals. the imac is the only computer targeting both sectors, while macbook air, macbook pro and mac mini target customers.
  • Explains that apple launched the ipod in 2001, which revolutionized the industry. the iphone's success was due to its exclusive marketing technique.
  • Explains that apple's direct and indirect competitors may overlap because they are involved in different markets. htc is directly competing for a market share in the cell phone industry.
  • Cites james, geoffrey, hartley, steven h., rudelius, william. marketing mktg 305 california state university-san bernardino. mcgraw-hill education.

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Business Analysis: Keurig Company

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Analysis of Express

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Global Market Research: Sperry/MacLennan

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The Oil Spill Disaster Exposed The Major Factors in BP’s External Environment

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Compare And Contrast Essay On Xbox One Vs Pstation 4

Microsoft is an American company that was founded by William Henry Gates III, as known as Bill Gates, and his his high school friend Paul Gardner Allen in 1975 April 4. But unluckily, Paul Allen resigned from Microsoft in 1983 after developing Hodgkin’s disease. In 1985 October 20, Microsoft released Microsoft window. It is the first original operating system. It is a graphical extension for MS-DOS. Even though, it’s not handy like nowadays Microsoft window. Then in 1990, Microsoft introduced Microsoft office, which is a bundle office productivity application with Microsoft Word and Microsoft excel. The Microsoft Word was the first application that could display italics. And the Microsoft Office would be available for free for all the PC World’s computer that is produce on that same year in November. In the 2000 February 17, Microsoft released Window 2000 operating system, and according to Microsoft it is the most safe operating system in the world at that time. But still, there are so many problems and glitches need to be fixed. Besides there are mutable computer viruses are made specially to attack Window 2000. Rush to gain back the sales. In the 2001 October 25 Window xp is available. The new operating system fix most of the problem. Although some of the user were still complaining the system that it will take your information, but in the 2007 January, there are 76% of people in the entire world are using the operating system.

Case Analysis Of Apple

These customers are the ones that continue to buy Apple products and constantly purchase the newer models of the product as soon as they debut. Technology is an industry where the consumer needs to have the newest, innovative product to keep up with an ever-changing world.

Xbox 360 Marketing Strategy

The direct-to –consumer strategy was very different from how Microsoft normally rolled out new products. Usually the laggard in gaming technology, this gave Microsoft a perceived advantage over their competition. Microsoft's goal was to decrease the sales of both the Xbox1 and the Playstation 2, as well as get an advantage over the forthcoming Playstation 3. Microsoft's competitors limit the company in terms of both price and performance. Therefore, Microsoft had to provide a console that provides customers a gaming experience that is at least as good as its competitors at a price that they are willing to pay. Microsoft needed to offer a similarly compelling platform even though it was coming to market six months sooner. Microsoft has benefited from its competitors' establishment of the video gaming market and the growing acceptance of video gaming as a leisure activity worldwide.

Microsoft Case Study

Microsoft’s mission of placing a “PC running Microsoft software on every desk and in every home” drove their overall strategy early on. Depending on the business segment within Microsoft, one would see in place very different business models as the strategy for each line of business could vary. In the operating system (OS) segment, Microsoft initially brought in an existing product and modified this (MS-DOS) to work with the Intel microprocessor, which were the “brains” of the IBM PC. Microsoft partnered with IBM to provide the operating system for the IBM PC. In addition to developing Windows, Microsoft during this period was working to write applications for the Apple OS.

Microsoft Outsourcing the XBox

Microsoft, from its inception, has been known for its software, especially its Windows platform. It has changed the way we operate computers and through its software, has made the computer user-friendly and very efficient. Microsoft, however, does not want to only specialize in the software department. They have thus expanded their excellence in other departments such as gaming, music and hardware.

Apple Management Strategy Essay

Apple can adopt the strategy to portray a picture of a not so conducive less profitable market, which could discourage new entrants from picking that path as they will be demotivated by the low return on investment resulting from low profitability levels. In order for apple to create a niche for t numerous products, it needs to adopt and implement such bold strategies of defense to protect their interests and continue to be profitable and successful (Ideavist, 2011). Entry of a new company into the technology sector would spell doom for most companies already struggling for market share as better priced and reliable products could imply consumers would shift their preference to the new entrant leading to a negative volume of sales stir for most already established companies. Another strategy that could be employed as part of Apple’s defense could be the pre-entry strategies that make it even harder for new entrants to compete and enter into the sector and this involve continuous improvement for their products, covering

The Ethics of Microsoft’s Product Pricing Structure

Microsoft, currently one of the world’s biggest and most influential software companies, was found in 1975 by William Gates and Paul Allen.[1] It quickly positioned itself as a leader in the software community and due to the strength growth of its user base for the Windows operating system and numerous other products, it became both widely popular and widely hated. Many consumers love the suite of products that Microsoft offers because they are easy to use, are widely supported, and have many applications written specifically to for them. On the other hand, there are many who dislike Microsoft, claiming that their policies lead to an uncompetitive market and that their practices are unethical. In recent years many court cases, including a major anti-trust suit have been brought against Microsoft. This paper aims to focus on the issue of Microsoft’s product pricing structure and to discuss the issues that have arisen because of it.

Microsoft Corporation Case Analysis

Microsoft is the leading and the largest Software Company in the world. Found by William Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 Microsoft has grown and become a multibillion company in only ten years. It all started with a great vision – “a computer on every desk and every home” - that seemed almost impossible at the time. Now Microsoft has over 44,000 employees in 60 countries, net income of $3.45 billion and revenue of 11.36 billion. Company dramatic growth and success was driven by development and marketing of operational systems and personal productivity applications software.

Netflix"s Approach to Marketing

Lamb, C. W., Hair, J. F., McDaniel, C. D., & Wardlow, D. L. (2009). Essentials of marketing (6th ed.). Cincinnati, Ohio: South-Western College Pub..

The Era of Technological Advances

While trying to fill his own mind and introduce new ideas, Lyndon Johnsons supported the extensive advances of technology in the 1960’s. He had dedication for learning, and strongly encouraged research that is currently known as STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Technology is defined as “knowledge branching from creation and use of technical means and how it relates with life, society, and environment using industrial arts, engineering, applied science and real science” (Dictionary). The Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, the Space Program, and the Highway Safety Act were all technological progresses of Lyndon Johnson's era.

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Modern Technology Essay

technology era essay

Modern Technology

The debate of modern technology is one that reaches out to almost everyone in the modern era living in the United States, since it is a first world country, everybody living in the country at one point has interacted with a piece of modern technology. The evolution of technology in the last two decades has been exponentially fast, changing evolution of almost an entire generation in the way that they view things and interact with the world around them. Things such as virtual reality have

The Disadvantages Of Modern Technology

Modern technology is simply an advancement of old technology, the impact of technology in modern life is unmeasurable, we use technology in different ways and sometimes the way we implement various technologies ends up harming our lives or the society we leave in. What we call modern technology is technically not so new in most cases. For example, mobile phone technology has evolved with years, nowadays we use smartphones which have been an advancement of an ordinary mobile phone. Technology is applied

Cons Of Modern Technology

Introduction: - In the modern era, the thing that is being used the most is the technology. Technology makes work easy for human beings and gradually they are replacing humans. It has pros and cons. With the help of latest technological machines work is being done much faster and the problem is lack of jobs. Now a day’s technology is being used and extensively being spread around the world. Modern and latest technological tools can be used by people at whatever place

The Impact Of Modern Technology

living in an era where technology is evolving at an exponential rate. Not long ago, when in need of driving directions, we pulled out a large folded street map from our vehicle’s glove compartment. Nowadays, we tap a few times on our smartphone or just ask Siri for directions. Better yet, rather than visiting the local discount mart to replace our laundry detergent, we tell Alexa to reorder it and have it shipped directly to our door. Throughout the day, we use technology to routinely accomplish

Evolution Of Modern Technology

The 1990’s was the beginnings of modern technology as we know it today. When the Internet first came out it began as a new trend, and many people thought it wouldn't last. Over the past 27 years technology has evolved in ways no one would have predicted in its early stages. From cellphones, to computers, TVs, and the Internet itself has so vastly improved in such a small amount of time. Technology has changed the way we live daily. From education, interacting with friends and family, dating

Impact On Modern Technology

In the past few decades, there has been a huge revolution in an internet and communication technologies. Technology has brought so many changes in today's society. People interact, exchange information, and socialize in a whole new way that was not even possible thirty years ago. According to a Forbes article, "iPhone X and Apple Watch: How Apple's Vision Will Further Innovate Digital Commerce" by Michelle Evans, the new iPhone's features will improve the quality of people's lives by the most advanced

Benefit Of Modern Technology

Jacques Ellul once quoted, “Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilization, the defining force of a new social order in which an efficiency is no longer an option but a necessity imposed on all human activity.” How many lives have been saved since the technology for health situations was invented? This question should give a general  idea of how important and different lives would be without the use of technology. Mechanization has changed and improved throughout these past years

The Importance Of Modern Technology

Ever since I was born, technology has grown exponentially from everything like the internet to smartphone to virtual reality. Part of the reason why it existed is to ease people in their daily lives and I had taken a great interest in this field. As the curiosity dwells in my mind about what is the next technology breakthrough, it made me realize that this is what I want to pursue in my future career. My research about modern technology, however, was not always positive; according to statistics,

Technology : The Future Of Technology In Modern Society

In our modern society, the technologies do not create Digital Zombie. Instead those technologies help people to live better. Allowing easy access to the internet through Smartphone and connecting people with the Social Media. New technology does not create Digital Zombie, instead they improve people lives but those technologies can turn into an addiction. In our modern world, the technology is not an issue. The technologies we have developed over the time help us to improve the quality of our lives

Modern Technology : The Excessive Use Of Technology

Words: 1016 Modern Technology: The excessive Use of Technology Due to the excessive use of technology by the people Technology causing harm to education, socializing, and parenting. Firstly, the children that spend tremendous time with their devices forgetting about what is surrounding them. Secondly students who seek the advanced technology to find solutions rather than spend the time to figure it out what may benefit them. Coupled with the parents who are too busy with the modern technology watching

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Student Essay: Entering a new era of technology, Jon Iwata’s integrity resonates

April 10, 2023

Jennifer Wai

By Jennifer Wai, public relations major at Mount Royal University

The advice Jon Iwata gives to undergraduate students in public communications is learning how to adapt beyond academia while also respecting the power of theory.

For example, ChatGPT fulfilling some of the communications functions for practitioners may seem scary; however, instead of fearing it, learn how to make the most out of the new tools that are emerging. It will not be the tool that “takes” practitioners' jobs, it is individuals who know how to use technology such as ChatGPT. Especially as students who are building their skills at the moment, understanding what is in demand and what branches of knowledge to stretch oneself out to is relevant for sustaining oneself in the digital era. As Iwata touches on, public relations practitioners must combine what is practical and theory.

My definition of integrity is conducting oneself in a manner that one can proudly look back on, citing achievements without remorse because your character was represented in your decisions. The most memorable moment mentioning integrity is when Iwata answered that to build a brand reputation and become a model of integrity, being a person of good character is paramount.

As public relations students are taught, good communication cannot override bad decisions. The honoree’s remarks on new forms of literacy needing to be gained by everyone were insightful since it can be easy to push technologies such as AI as a computer science issue rather than seeing these tools integrating themselves into society.

A quote I found interesting was Iwata’s advocacy to “accelerate governance and oversight” of these new technologies. As seen with social media corporations, they are getting examined by those who are uneducated in the digital age so the consequences of the technology can get ignored.

Iwata’s words resonated in different sectors of communications and ethics. Some of his qualities that exemplify integrity were the consideration given to questions and the passion he showed when discussing public relations. Iwata said practitioners must find ways to prevent the erosion of public trust in times of advancing technology. Every word felt genuine.

This essay was a winning submission from the 2023 Page Center Awards’ Student Essay Contest. Visit the awards page for more information about past events and honorees.

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Good and Bad Sides of The New Era of Technology

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Published: May 7, 2019

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