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  2. University Of Illinois Application Essay : What Is the UIUC Essay?

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  1. Honors

    1. Campus Honors Whatever college you choose, you have a chance to become a Chancellor's Scholar through our Campus Honors Program. Around 125 first-year students are chosen for this prestigious honor each year. 2. College Honors Every college at UIUC has its own honors program. Students admitted to these programs are called James Scholars.

  2. UIUC Supplemental Essays 2023-24

    He is a co-author of the books The Enlightened College Applicant (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016) and Colleges Worth Your Money (Rowman & Littlefield, 2020). We examine the UIUC supplemental essays for 2022-23. The five UIUC essay prompts are accompanied by brainstorming/writing tips.

  3. How to Write the UIUC Essays 2023-2024

    UIUC is one of the best public universities in the USA, so writing strong essays is important to making your application stand out. UIUC has two required short prompts and two optional ones for all applicants, plus an additional prompt for applicants with a second-choice major. Here's our expert advice on responding to the UIUC Prompts

  4. How to Write the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Supplemental

    What are your future academic or career goals? (max 150) If You've Selected a Second-Choice Major (Including Undeclared): You have selected a second-choice major. Please explain your interest in that major or your overall academic or career goals. (max 150) Optional: Academic Challenges

  5. Applying to College at UIUC: A Complete Guide

    Activities, Honors, & Distinctions. Finally, we'll ask you to provide a certain number of activities, honors, and distinctions. ... How to Write a College Application Essay, UIUC Essay Example, and UIUC Major-Specific Examples. We hope these help as you begin to work on yours! UIUC Admissions says: July 29, 2022 at 2:03 pm. Thanks for ...

  6. DOCX The English Honors Essay

    Writing the English Honors Thesis. EXPECTATIONS: An honors thesis should be a substantial, scholarly, polished and lively piece of critical writing. Within the limits of what one advanced undergraduate can tackle in one semester, your essay should be an original contribution to a particular field of criticism.

  7. How to Write the UIUC Essays 2022-2023

    All Major Applicants, Prompt 1 Explain, in detail, an experience you've had in the past 3 to 4 years related to your first-choice major. This can be an experience from an extracurricular activity, in a class you've taken, or through something else. (150 words)

  8. UIUC Essay Example: Analysis + Breakdown

    Limit your response to 300 to 400 words. Note: the prompt is slightly different for the 2021-2022 cycle. See our UIUC essay guide for an in-depth breakdown of the prompts. By asking this classic essay prompt, UIUC wants to know why you're studying what you're studying.

  9. Honors & Research

    The English Honors Thesis is a scholarly and critical essay of 20-25 pages, written for English 391 over the course of one semester, in the fall or spring of senior year. The thesis will be evaluated by the thesis director and by two other faculty readers selected by the director and the student.

  10. FAQ

    $1,000 per year, split into $500 of support each semester for up to eight semesters Stimulating courses designed especially for our students, and taught by some of the most dedicated and innovative faculty on campus.

  11. UIUC Supplemental Essays 2023-2024

    Let's dive deep into the nuances of the 2023-2024 UIUC supplemental essays. We aim to equip you with insights and strategies. ... as well as consideration for honors programs and merit awards. Graduation and Retention Rates. UIUC boasts a strong record of student success, with a freshmen retention rate of 94%, indicating that the vast majority ...

  12. Honors Program

    The political science honors program prepares excellent students to complete a senior-year research experience culminating in the production of a senior thesis. See past thesis topics and thesis award winners. The program is designed to guide you through a series of supervised research projects in honors courses. Honors coursework requirements.

  13. LAS Honors program

    LAS Honors program. The mission of the LAS Honors program is to empower students to be global citizens and global stewards, to enlighten them with deeper understanding of the diverse world in which they live, and to engage them with the core values and responsibilities of moving toward a sustainable future. To be in LAS Honors means that you ...

  14. Writing Prompts for First-Year Applicants

    Your essay response can be anywhere from 250 to 650 words total. First-Year Application Writing Prompts, Undergraduate Admissions, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

  15. 4 Tips for Writing a Great UIUC Essay

    Myllini Major-Specific Prompt #1. Explain, in detail, an experience you've had in the past 3 to 4 years related to your first-choice major. This can be an experience from an extracurricular activity, in a class you've taken, or through something else. Here's your chance to show your passion for your first-choice major!

  16. How to Write the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Essays 2020

    UIUC was one of the founding members of the Big Ten Conference, a tradition that has remained strong, as evidenced by its 21 NCAA teams. When it comes to the student body, UIUC's average ACT scores range from 27-33, while average SAT scores range from 1280-1490. With an acceptance rate of about 60%, UIUC is a fairly selective school.

  17. How to Write a College Application Essay: Tips and Tricks

    3. Be concise. You might think you need to use a lot of words to say what you need to say (just ask John Mayer), but often less is really more. Too many words can confuse the reader and actually detract from the point of your essay. A good way to ensure you're being concise is to put your paper through a hardcore spring cleaning.

  18. UIUC Supplemental Essays

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Quick Facts. UIUC Acceptance Rate: 45% - while UIUC's acceptance rate is higher than other top universities, U.S. News still considers UIUC moderately selective. UIUC Application Platforms: UIUC accepts the Common Application & myIllni Application UIUC Essay Requirements: . 1 (~650 word) personal statement essay

  19. UIUC College Essay Example Prompts

    April 6, 2023 2 comments 4 min read Whether you decide to apply to UIUC through Common App or myIllini, you'll have to conquer the dreaded essay portion of the application. Fear not! When writing your essay, you have several options to choose from, so you can select the topic you're most comfortable with.

  20. Living-Learning Communities

    10 Unique Options to Help You Find Where You Belong. One of the benefits of living in our residence halls is the opportunity to find where you belong. Our living-learning communities (LLC) connect you instantly to a group of peers with similar interests and help to optimize your Illinois experience. How to Apply

  21. What is Presidents Day? Is it a federal holiday? Everything to know

    Many will have a day off on Monday in honor of Presidents Day. Consumers may take advantage of retail sales that proliferate on the federal holiday, but here's what to know about the history of it.

  22. How to Write the University of Illinois at Chicago Essays 2023-2024

    The supplemental essay for all applicants asks about your interest in your intended major. The honors college prompts ask about your academic challenges and successes in high school, and how the honors college will help you grow personally and professionally.

  23. What Navalny Can Teach Americans About Bravery

    The authoritarian Russia that Navalny stood against is the same Russia that too many Americans have buttressed by opposing aid to Ukraine.

  24. Newest member of Green Bay Packers FAN Hall of Fame is from Sheboygan

    Packers fans were asked to nominate themselves or a friend with an essay of up to 500 words, accompanied by a photo, explaining why he or she should be recognized.