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A Discussion of Whether Cheerleading is a Sport

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Published: Dec 16, 2021

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Why Cheerleading is a Sport (essay)

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A Discussion of Whether Cheerleading is a Sport Essay

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Cheerleading is in fact a sport, and claimed to be the hardest womens sport out there as they face many challenges. It pushes you to the limits and trains you everyday. Many people out there say that cheerleading is not a sport, [...]

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why cheerleading is a sport essay


Argumentative Essay: Is Cheerleading A Sport?

All star cheerleading persuasive essay.

Most people think cheer is not a sport, but they are only half true. All-Star cheerleading is considered a sport because you have to compete against other teams, and travel to places as far as Europe or Asia. Sideline Cheer, however, does not compete and is not technically considered a sport. Depending on what type of cheerleading it is, cheer can be considered harder, and more dangerous than football and basketball. “In high school cheer or sideline, it can be a lot of waving pom poms and doing back tucks and front handsprings.

Cheer Leading Is Not A Sport Essay

Cheer leading isn’t a sport. They mostly perform at other sporting events, it’s not in the Olympics, and they don’t have games and only support teams. They mostly perform at other sporting events. The recognition of cheer leading as a sport needs further research for injury prevention. (Chiropr para 5)

Cheerleading Ethos Pathos Logos

Specific training is required to learn how to stunt correctly and safely. If something goes wrong in a stunt, there is a very high risk of someone injuring themselves. Communication is also crucial in a stunt group in order to fix any stability issues that occur when in a stunt. In order to be a cheerleader, it is necessary to have a loud voice, a strong memory, good timing, flexibility, and excellent communication skills. Since I had a traditional dance background prior to starting cheerleading, I was very flexible, could remembers long routines and was able to stay in synch with the rest of the squad.

Cheerleading Is Not A Sport Essay

Cheerleading isn’t a real sport When people think of sports they think of homeruns being hit, touchdowns being thrown, goals being kicked, hockey players beating each other up, and hearing the swish of the net. Not a bunch of girls running back and forth doing flips and tricks. I believe cheerleading is not a sport for one of many reasons. First of all when a sport is being played whether it’s Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, or Basketball there’s always periods, halves, quarters and the game usually takes about 3 hours. With cheerleading, they perform for about 3 minutes to a song in front of a couple judges.

All Star Cheerleading Research Paper

Their cheerleading program is considered a Title IX sport. Despite suggestions to not consider cheerleading a sport for gender equality, they divided their program in half to better meet the requirements of being a sport under Title IX. The cheerleading team they consider a sport only competes and never cheers at games, similar to how all-star cheerleading. The cheerleaders seen at Maryland’s football and basketball games are part of a school club and are not considered part of a sport’s program. In addition to colleges recognizing cheerleading as a sport, 22 states now recognize high school cheer as a sport, including Arizona.

Cheerleading Informative Speech

Today, people often think of cheerleading as a sport meant for girls, even though girls didn’t start cheering until the year of 1923. It was only when women joined cheerleading that they began to use

Cheerleading Accomplishments

Many people have good and bad experiences about the sports or hobbies they love. For myself, cheerleading is one of those that I have excelled in due to the amazing coaches that have taught me. It is not only a skill, but a respectable title in my eyes. Although I have grown a love and passion for cheer, it was not easy at first glance. Unfortunately, failure came before success.

Persuasive Essay: Why Is Cheerleading A Sport?

Cheerleaders have competitions which they physically work together to perform and compete to win awards. “The word sport is defined as "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment” (Tori Jackson). Also cheerleaders don 't get points by scoring a touchdown or making a basket, but they get points by performing a perfect routine, like other sports. “They also note that competitive cheer squads are judged on their skill--just as in figure skating, gymnastics, diving, and other sports” (pom pom shake up). Lastly cheerleaders have rules to follow just like football does, like no going off the mat just like football players can 't go off the field.

Stereotypes Of Cheerleading

The purpose of these cheerleaders’ is to encourage fans and support their fellow sports teams. This type of cheerleading is the focus of the development of the cheerleader stereotype, as well as the focus of the argument that cheerleading is not a sport. In contrast to recreational cheerleading, competition cheerleading focus on a physically and mentally competitive atmosphere. While I concede that recreational cheerleading lacks many of the core requirements to be considered a sport, I reject the opinion that competitive cheerleading is not a sport.

Informative Speech About Cheerleading

We’re not here to show you high school cheerleading. We’re here to show you the young women and men putting all of their free-time into a stuffy old gym. Trusting each other with their lives and defying gravity. We’re not here to show you the average athlete.

Causes Of Cheerleading Injuries

Over the years cheerleading has transformed from an organized pep club to causing controversy as to whether it is a sport. Despite the view held of cheerleading there is no denying that cheerleaders put their bodies through risky maneuvers that can cause injuries. According to Jacobson, Morawa, and Bir (2012), out of the 4,245 cases of cheerleading accidents 11.6% of them were injuries to the back. Cheerleading has become a high level sport and with an increase in injuries.

Personal Narrative: My Passion Of Cheerleading

Cheerleading goes beyond shaking poms and chanting cheers on the sidelines of a football or basketball game. In similarity to every other sport, with it come sprains, breaks, and severe injuries. In my mindset I was too well trained

What is Cheerleading? Many may think it’s a sport that you dress up, apply makeup, slick your hair with a bow, and simply put on a smile, and yell as loud as you can to keep the crowd pumped. Cheerleading includes all those easy and pretty factors, but it is also a sport that you stunt, tumble, and jump. Jumps and tumbling may seem really easy to many people, but there’s more work done than most might think is possible. Stunting is also a major element in cheer, and that’s what really pleases the crowd, but stunting takes tons of work.

Why Cheerleading Is Important To Me Essay

Pom pom’s, short skirts, and lipstick. This is probably what first comes to your mind when you hear cheerleader. However, there is a lot more to cheerleading than that. Throughout these past four years Columbia athletics hasn't just taught me my physical strength, but also the values of commitment, hard work, dedication, leadership, and trust. These values have shaped me into the person I am today and I will continue to use these skills to guide me through my future life.

Being A Cheerleader Essay

Being a cheerleader takes a positive attitude and the willingness to work hard! It takes commitment, self-discipline, and dedication. It takes energy and skill and it takes each of us working together to be our very best! Cheerleaders are role models at school and in the community.

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Cheerleading Is A Sport Essay

All star cheerleading research paper.

Because of the physical demand, skill set needed, and the rules set to tumble, stunt, and jump, competitive cheerleading should be considered an official sport. Yet cheerleading has rules, guidelines, training, and many other things other sports also include. It also is definitely a physical and contact sport which has caused countless injuries throughout the years of the sports existance. But, most people only know cheerleading as sideline (school) cheerleading and have not had a glimpse into the world of competitive (All Star) cheerleading.

Essay on Cheerleading is a Sport

  • 7 Works Cited

When most people think of cheerleading, they think of the spirit squads that attempt to pump up the local crowd at high school basketball and football games. People are not aware of what these athletes are doing when they are not in front of these crowds. Strangers to cheerleaders who do not follow the sport extensively do not know the exact involvement of the athletes in this sport, at all ages. Cheerleading requires athleticism like all other sports as you must be in shape and at a great fitness level to be involved in most circumstances. Cheerleaders have to know what they’re doing at all times; while knowing what everyone else on the team is doing as well, which involves a high level of mental preparation. Cheerleading, high school or

Cheerleading is Not a Sport Essay

  • 4 Works Cited

Cheerleading is simply entertainment for viewers and is a social club for its participants. “Sports Beat - The Sport of Cheerleading: It’s a lot More than Just Pompoms and Smiles,” points out that a main benefit of cheerleading is the ability to “easily transition into the entertainment industry” (Hatton C-04). This statement supports our belief that cheerleading should not be considered a sport. Cheer-leading, the leading of cheers at sporting events is not a sport. Entertainment, versus athleticism, is more of what cheerleading is. Team supporters are present at games/events to raise school spirit and encourage cheering. Cheerleading generally requires a competition to be in progress, so the cheerleading itself can occur. This is not an activity which can take place alone.

Cheerleading Essay

The sport of cheerleading has been around for a long time; since 1884 in fact! In the beginning, cheer was a sport dominated by college men. Since, women have taken over, and in 1967 the first ranked college cheer competition was held. Both school and competitive cheerleading offer many rewarding opportunities. Though they are a part of the same sport, the two types of squads are actually quite diverse. School cheer is undeniably a worthwhile and respectable sport, but competitive teams often provide a more challenging approach, and are more suited to experienced cheerleaders.

Should Cheerleading Be A Sport?

To begin the argument at hand of whether or not cheerleading is a sport, it must be recognized that there isn’t truly a set/official definition for what a sport is. There are no set of regulations that have been universally agreed upon in which all activities can be examined against in order to determine whether those activities is a sport or not. It’s difficult to put under simple terms and rules what exactly qualifies something as a “sport” without disqualifying any currently agreed upon

Cheerleading Research Papers

Cheerleading might be considered to be an extracurricular activity to the average individual, but have you tried it? Even though four years ago, a federal judge ruled that competitive cheerleading is not an official sport, this physical activity includes all of the elements and more of a defined coed sport.

Cheerleading Is A Sport

Whether cheerleading is considered a sport has become a very controversial topic over the past few years. Due to lack of education of the sport, it is very frowned upon by other athletes. Other athletes seem to feel that cheerleading isn't difficult and requires minimum to no effort. These accusations can be very hurtful when coming from a cheerleader’s perspective. Based on their strength and skill, the amount of practicing and maintaining health, the number of injuries, and its competitive aspect, cheerleading should be considered a sport. The talent that these young men and women have is phenomenal. The performance of their skills looks extremely flawless but no one truly knows what goes on behind the pretty stunts and synchronized

Is Cheerleading A Sport?

One of the main reasons why the NCAA hasn’t picked up cheerleading as a sport is because it “doesn’t meet all the criteria of a sport”. That is true in some aspects of cheerleading, but for competition cheerleading it meets all of the needs of a sport. What actually is a sport though? According to Webster’s Dictionary, a sport is “ an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.” But according to the NCAA a sport has to meet all the following criteria to be considered a

Why Cheerleading Is A Sport

One reason cheerleading is a sport because it is a physical activity.This web helps explain my reasoning about physical activity .You can find this web on https://cheerleading.about.comod/skillandabilities/a/031002.antm.Some cheer teams put in more hours and effort in the gym than teams such as football and basketball.Cheerleading not only shows you and teaches coordination it helps condition competitors,but it also helps you with sportsmanship ,leadership communication skills,organizational skills,productivity and much more.

Essay on Cheerleading Through the Eyes of a Cheerleader

From an outsiders perspective one may see brainless and beautiful robots, which scream and perform neat tricks. This is not the case from the inside; cheerleading is so much more than that. Many people are under the impression that cheerleading is not a sport. I am the voice of reasoning that will let you in, and I will show you that cheerleading, in fact, is a sport. Cheerleading requires much physical demand from the body just as any other sport would. Cheerleading, in general, is a team effort. There are many sides to cheerleading, which make it a versatile sport. When it comes to cheerleading there’s more to it than what meets the eye.

Is Cheerleading a Sport?

One reason people claim that cheerleading is not a sport is that sports require competition, and cheerleading is merely a means of rallying excitement at sporting events, and therefore is not a sport itself. However, in addition to performing at sporting events, many cheerleaders and cheer squads also compete in cheerleading competitions across the globe. In a cheerleading competition, cheer squads perform routines to music, and are judged based on what stunts the squad performs and how well

Cheerleading Is A Sport?

Which, cheerleading 's primary purpose is to cheer on sports teams at their high school or college, not to compete ("Being a Cheerleader"). Cheerleading is not considered a sport because their primary purpose is to cheer on their school’s teams not competing, like other sports (Drehs). It is an athletic hobby for athletes, it just does not meet the requirements to be considered a sport. Although, competitive cheerleading is a sport they cannot label it as a sport because it is not their initial purpose as cheerleaders (Drehs).

Cheerleading Is Not A Sport Essay

Cheerleading is more than cheering on the sidelines at a football game or bringing the crowd to their feet. Cheerleaders do not have to run around three bases or skate their way to a puck, but they do, however, lift their teammates, jump, dance, tumble, and perform. There was a point in my life where I would eat, sleep, and breathe cheerleading. It is debated whether cheerleading would be considered a sport. Nevertheless, cheerleading has been a passion of mine for most of my childhood, and these experiences made me the person I am today. Before cheerleading, I was incredibly shy, be bullied in school, and did not have many friends.

Should Cheerleading Be Considered A Sport Essay

If you are doing competitive cheerleading that would be considered a sport. Cheerleaders have to practice every day, just like any other sport does. They practice for about the same amount of time as well. Most cheerleaders are are required to lift weights either every morning or every night after practice. If you are on a competitive cheerleading squad you must attend a camp (Bembry). Most other sports like basketball, football, soccer etc, all attend some kind of camp. There are different schools that considered cheerleading different. Cheerleading is also considered a sport because practices are conducted and supervised by a coach. Just like any sport, there is

Persuasive Essay On Teamwork

Cheerleading is one of the most dangerous sports in the game. Besides throwing people in the air and launching themselves into tumbling passes, cheerleaders take hits like a champ and fall down to jump right back up. Being a cheerleader myself, I attribute this perseverance to one of the many lessons learned from being involved in the sport. Cheerleading is not only a way to better oneself physically but also as a person. Through cheerleading, people learn the importance of teamwork, dedication, and responsibility.

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Cheerleading is a Sport: Argument Paper

Everyone argues that cheerleading isn't a sport, but to many individuals it is. It's a team sport the requires endurance, stamina and perseverance. There are many different types of cheerleading: High School Sidelines and Competitive Cheer. The definition of a high school sideline cheerleading is a cheerleader who stands on the sideline to cheer on their team. The definition of a competitive cheerleader is an athlete who performs a routine for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, doing stunts, tumbling, and jumps. In competitive cheer you go to competitions and perform and get judged, however, in sideline cheerleading there is really no judging besides the crowd watching the game. Cheerleading is a sport for so many different reasons, it teaches you commitment, pushes you past your limits, and allow you to achieve a goal.

Commitment is a lifelong skill that is good to have. Cheerleading teaches many individuals on how to commit to something because it is a team sport. If you don't show up to practice, you stunt can't go up. If you don't show up to the competition your team is screwed. In football and basketball, if one player doesn't show up, it can be an issue, but not as big as it can be in cheerleading. On sideline cheer, we don't stunts as well and it looks funny if one stunt doesn't show up. My coaches have always told me that there is no I in Team and that is true. Cheerleading has been said to be the most dangerous sport because you're throwing people in the air and you have to catch them. For people who join cheerleading from other sports this contract' can seem strict and possibly unfair, but when you think about practicing a cheer routine you need commitment from each member to make the stunt safe and succeed each time it is performed, (Gemma Miles). If an athlete is not 100% committed to doing the stunt it can make everything extremely unsafe. Sideline cheerleaders do stunts as well, they are not as intense as competitive cheerleading stunts are. However, they still need to commit to doing the stunts. This goes for tumbling as well, committing to doing your tumbling is important because if you change your mind at the last second something can go wrong and you can get extremely injured. Commitment is a lifelong skill that is so important to have and cheerleading truly defines that whether it's sideline or competitive.

Nobody really knows how exhausting it can be to perform a routine for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Cheerleading pushes athletes past their limits and this is why cheerleading is a sport. Cheerleading gives athletes stamina and endurance to complete a routine that they knew thought that they could do. Cheerleading involves commitment and when you commit to doing something in the routine you have to do it. So cheerleading will push athletes past their limits because they have to commit to something. Even when they are tired, they know that they just have to push through. ??‹While the physical skills cheerleaders need to perform can be uniquely challenging, there are also more mental demands in cheer than many sports, (Jessica Baker). Even though cheerleading can be physically demanding, it is a very mental sport. Athletes must believe in themselves to commit to something, so they can push themselves past their limits. The coaches in this sport want you to succeed more than anything, so they will push an athlete to their limits as well. It is extremely rewarding when you get a new skill and it is so much more rewarding when an athlete knows how hard they pushed themselves to get that new skill. In sideline cheerleading getting a new skill on the track is rewarding as well because it's much more difficult to do it on the track then on a spring floor. Cheerleading also teaches athletes to never give up, and being pushed past your limits never lets you give up. You may not get a skill the first time you do it. You become determined and driven to get those skills that you have been focusing so hard on, (Haley Booker). If you are dtermterminded to get a skill and you never give up and you push yourself, you will end up getting the skill. These are life long skills that make cheerleading a sport.

To be successful in life you have to set goals for yourself and push yourself to achieve those goals. In cheerleading your team has goals that they want to achieve as a team, but everything cheerleading has an individual goal. For sideline cheerleading it could be to stand in the front line while cheering the cheers or it could be to get captain. In competitive cheer it could be getting a back tuck or a full up. In cheerleading you have to consistently set goals for yourself or else you'll never get better. Achieving a goal in cheerleading is so rewarding because you did something that you didn't think that you could do. That is what motivates athletes to continue setting goals for themselves. Cheerleading is a team sport, so it allows individuals to come together and achieve the one common goal which is to win. This is such an important life lesson because it teaches individuals to never give up. Both on the sideline and competitive. In conclusion, cheerleading is a sport, physically and mentally. Whether its high school cheer or competitive cheer, cheerleading teaches you commitment, pushes you past your limits and allows you to achieve a goal.

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Essay On Cheerleading Is Not A Sport

why cheerleading is a sport essay

Show More Cheerleading gets argued about being a sport every day, and if you think standing on the sidelines of a real sports team game, yelling you`re very wrong. The whole stadium is yelling and cheering, a bunch of girl voices don 't make that much of a difference. Cheerleading is very much not a sport, especially high school cheerleading. A sport is an activity that involves physical exertion and skill. What doesn’t define as a sport is cheerleading. Being a cheerleader doesn`t mean you`re not an athlete because you do have to be athlete, but you can be an athlete and not play a sport. In 1972, the Title IX of the education amendment ruled that cheerleading was not a sport. Until the law changes cheerleading can`t be considered a sport. The OCR tells the schools, …show more content… Cheerleading doesn’t go to the Olympics. You never see cheerleading running around competing in the Olympics because there are so many more actual sports working hard. You don’t go to the Olympics for standing on the sidelines yelling. Cheerleading should never be called a sport, they do nothing special. Cheerleading don’t really have competition because they all do the same thing. Cheers the same, same flips. They could just be one big group that doesn’t do anything. But yell and throw their legs in the air. Cheerleaders don’t even support most sport teams they support football and sometimes boys basketball. They don’t support girls anything, they`re a spirt group for a reason, and they`re not even good at doing that. How would you expect them to handle being called a sport when they`re a let down already. They don`t commit to their job right now not being called a sport. What would they do as a " sport ", they`re already suppose to be competing but most groups don’t even do that. So they need to just stick to cheering on the real

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Cheerleading is a dumb sport essay.

Cheerleading is performed in front of crowds at events people pay money for. They perform life threatening stunts that most people wouldn’t dare to try. Cheerleading can be for guys to but it’s mostly for girls. Even though it’s another activity for girls to join, cheerleading is a dumb activity because it’s one of the most dangerous activities, and cheerleading can lead to death or paralysis.…

Persuasive Essay: Why Is Cheerleading A Sport?

When a person defines a sport, most think of a physical activity with rules and regulation to follow, a team or person that has to practice and have serious risk when playing. Nonetheless, cheerleading is a sport and with time, it may become a well-known sport like football and basketball. Hence, competitive cheerleading is a sport as it takes the same practice to improve as in any other sport. Rules like in many other sports must be followed, and risk of injuries and health are still affected. Altogether cheerleading should be recognize in the same category when defining a sport it still has it far share of…

Why Is Cheerleading Taught Me Essay

Human beings are difficult to understand and that is because we are all different. Though for many, it is easy to say that many of us have a passion that we all pursue. I, too, have a hobby that dwindle upon as well. Up until my freshman year of highschool, I never quite been active until I joined cheer.…

What Does Cheerleading Mean To Me Essay

Many say “Cheerleading isn’t just a sport. It’s a way of life”. If you said that to me four years ago, I would have never believed you. Now, there is no question in my mind that this is true. I was on the varsity cheer team at my high school from freshman to senior year.…

Argumentative Essay: Is Cheerleading A Sport?

A well known argument is “Whether cheerleading is a sport or not”. There are two types of cheerleading. The first type of cheerleading is “side line cheer” which is cheering at sport events to pump up the crowd and keep the team and fans’ “school spirit” up. This is not considered a sport because it doesn 't take a lot of effort, just a lot of dedication and good memorization skills. It also does not fit the definition of a sport.…

Argumentative Essay: Is Cheer A Sport?

Paige Bloskas WRIT 101-Section 112 Dr. Kerstin Rudolph Is Cheer a Sport? Many people today debate wether cheer is a sport or not. Some people stereotype a cheerleader as merely being a woman standing on the sidelines of games looking perfect, shaking their pom poms, holding signs and yelling chants for football players.…

Analysis Of Sorry, Cheerleading Is Not A Sport

Alyssa Roenigk, a senior writer for ESPN, presented an argumentative article, “Sorry, Cheerleading is not a Sport,” which opened a pivotal argument on cheerleading being classified as a sport. Roenigk states that all cheerleaders are athletes, but cheerleading should not be considered a sport. Why is this? Roenigk claims that sports teams are made to compete, to go against another team to win, not to entertain the crowd. Although Roenigk tries to persuade her audience that cheerleading does not fall under sporting guidelines, she contradicts her argument in immeasurable ways as she shifts cheerleading “athletes” away from sport.…

Compare And Contrast All Star Cheerleading

Although this is a common misconception construed through media representation like "Glee" or "90210", All-star cheer teams receive little to no recognition and are immediately grouped with high school cheer even though both sports are lacking even the most basic of similarities. High school cheer teams are best known to be their schools "pep squad" they work together as a team to preform peppy chants at games and encourage school spirit. All-star cheer teams do not cheer. Although they identify as a cheer team all-star cheer teams do not preform cheers, do not bounce around in school colors, and do not cheer as a hobby. All-star cheerleaders see cheering as a part of their own life and spend as much time possible…

All-Star Cheerleading Persuasive Essay

All-Star cheerleading should be considered a sport. Cheerleading is one of the most physically demanding activities that's not considered a sport, but should be. All-Star is a combination of dance, gymnastics, and motions. All-Star cheer is highly competitive. All-Star cheerleading requires participants to be physically fit.…

Cheerleading Persuasive Essay

Do you know someone who gets fired up when someone says that cheerleading is not as much of a sport as football? Well that’s because cheerleaders just want to be recognized as the athlete they truly are. Cheerleading has been overlooked as a sport for many years. People believed that cheerleaders have been just a support system for the real sports. Despite what people may think, cheerleading is just as much as a sport as football because it requires strength, coordination, and skill.…

Cheerleading Is Not A Sport

I even got evidence from my friend Braylee. She, told me that cheerleading on the sidelines is not a sport, but competitive cheerleading is. It really just depends on who…

Should Cheerleading Be Considered A Sport

It’s known that if cheerleading was indeed considered a sport there would be less injuries because of the better equipment they would be using. Many arguments go across America on whether cheerleading should be considered a sport or not. You can search the web and find a variety of different websites on whether cheer is considered a sport or not and why. Since cheerleaders in high school are not considered a sport, they do not get the proper coaching techniques that they should have. The girls come together and plan everything themselves.…

Cheerleading has always been a very important aspect to my life. In high school our cheerleading squad had an experience that proved cheerleaders do not get the respect from other athletes that they deserve. As a cheerleading squad, we were at every football and basketball game, even the away games. We were there to show support for our fellow athletes, however when our squad was in a cheerleading competition, not one of the other athletes came in support of us. This showed the lack of respect other athletes had for our cheerleading squad.…

Persuasive Essay On Competitive Cheerleading

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Though still new and misunderstood, competitive cheerleading is a sport and should be treated as one by society. It not only requires an undeniable amount of endurance and strength, but it also fits the definition of a sport perfectly. When it is considered a sport, the amount of injuries will drastically decrease, protecting the lives and bodies of our sisters, brothers, daughters and sons. Cheerleaders defy gravity and look good while doing it. Their teammates are their brothers and sisters, and their coach is their second mom or dad.…

Free Argumentative Essays: Is Cheerleading A Sport?

Imagine a world where cheer is a sport and all is wonderful. If this was hard it is because that world does not exist. For years cheer has been discussed if it is a sport or not. Cheer meets the definition of a sport, yet for some unknown reason a U.S. judge and others declared it not a sport. The guys and girls that participate in cheer believe it is a sport, others believe cheer is silly.…

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