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Essay on World War 3 for Class 10, 12, Mains Exam (UPSC, PSC, SSC)

World War 3 Essay : After a huge raging between countries in the world War 1 and world War 2, there seems like ly possibility of an upcoming world War 3. Several minor wars among nations have been taking places verbally and with arms and ammunition.  Each country is in the verge of proving to be the mightiest amongst all.

World War 2 being one of the deadliest Wars in the history, due to the modern technology of weapons and invention of Nuclear weapons in this era, which has caused massive destruction to the economies and to the ecosystem, making it very difficult to revive a countries economy and its natural resources.

As of today most of the developed and developing nations have resorted to nuclear weapons for which huge sums of money is floated to purchase such weapons. Many of countries are in process of being most powerful nuclear weaponry hubs like Russia, USA, China and India. Several billions of Rupees are spent in purchasing the machinery and weapons, thereby leading to some developing countries into foreign debt.

Countries like USA, Russia and China were already in the verge of disputes and Civil War with other nations.

The recent war between Russia and Ukraine its self looks to be the beginning of a World War 3, as most of the nations are in favor of Ukraine, while Russia continues to rage a war against them. This has caused several loss of lives, destruction of economies not only of Ukraine but of the other closer nations due to export import restriction, travel restrictions and other political restrictions face by the country. This war has caused heavy damage to the economies, lives and eco-system. If this war continues  very soon we can expect world war 3 as other nations are also gearing themselves for the next war, after seeing the devastation caused by the Russian Government on Ukraine.

Countries are already facing several inter country disputes and other issues, for example cyber attacks is on of the major issues being faced. Wherein Government websites are being hacked and very sensitive information  about the nations are been stolen by the enemy countries. This information is being sold at a hefty price to other nations.

World War 3 could be possibly faced soon by the nations if such internal disputes, imports and export issues, political issues  border issues, cyber attacks, and other economic issues are continued between nations. This will cost lives and destroy natural resources to a large extent. Several species will turn extent as well.

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Essay On World War 3

South korea.

The northern border is known as the DMZ (demilitarized zone) it is the most heavily armed border in the world. At 2.5 miles wide and 150-miles long the heavily mined and guarded area has served as a buffer zone since the cease fire in 1953.(3) The united States helps to guard the DMZ and protect the ROK with approximately 30,000 troops and an arsenal of military equipment. The country of South Korea is unable to maintain their own Nuclear weapons and relies on the US Militaries nuclear weapons program to match North Koreas Nuclear weapons program. Although the ROK army is well equipped and well trained it lacks the sheer numbers and nuclear capabilities to match North Korea. Therefore the ROK relies heavily on the United States military assistance. However with the ROK’s consistent progression and strong economy it’s only a matter of time before the ROK will no longer need the help of the USA. (4)

Tension on the Korean Peninsula – South Korean Policy Towards North Korea

  • 11 Works Cited

North Korea, formally known as the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK), is a relic of the Cold War and the world’s last remaining totalitarian Stalinist dictatorship. Arguably the most secretive state in the world, North Korea poses a unique set of challenges to the world, especially to its democratic and capitalist neighbor, South Korea, formally known as the Republic of Korea (ROK). As one of the last remnants of the Cold War era, North Korea remains an anomaly of the international system due to its unpredictable nature and disregard for international norms. With the recent bombardment of the South Korean Island of Yeongpyong and the sinking of the warship Cheonan, tensions between the two Koreas are at the lowest point since

Why Is North Korea A Threat To The United States?

Did you know that it is estimated that North Korea has less than 10 nuclear weapons and the United States has around 7,200. Even though we have a lot, just one can do a lot of damage if launched. North Korea has been threatening the U.S. ever since the war we had against them. In their country they are taught we are not good people and we are one of two main enemies. I think North Korea is a threat the the U.S. because they have nuclear weapons, have a large army and are backed up by china, and they think we are bad and are ready to attack whenever.

World War II Essay

World War II World War II was a pivotal event of the 20th century and a defining

Pros And Cons Of Entering The Korean War

Americas trooper along with South Korea's troopers pushed North Korea back. According to Cnn ( America sent 90% of the troops that were sent to help South Korea , the U.S. spent almost $67 billion during the Korean war,Along with 103,300 (roughly) soldiers were injured from the U.S. alone..and the soviet Union wasn't to happy with this (Josef Stalin their dictator).The U.S.S.R. sent in more troops to back up North Korea.Now the U.S.S.R and North Korea were against America and South Korea millions of people were killed in this battle/war on the both sides.

Essay The Ends, Ways and Means of Us Policy Towards North Korea

One of the security challenges facing the United States (US) is the US and North Korea relations. The US policy toward North Korea is diplomatic yet firm. North Korea is our longest standing adversary. Policy toward North Korea is one of the most enduring foreign policy challenges. In this essay I will discuss the security challenge of U.S. and North Korea, the theory of international relation, realism, how it illuminates this challenge and how the instruments of

Ben Vajraca. Prof.Robinson. North Korean Nuclear Threat

Since the 1950’s North Korea has posed as dangerous threat to The United States and its allies. With North Korea development of Nuclear arms and its consistent hostile rhetoric and actions towards the United States. With the North Korea’s development of a long range ICBM, more now than ever the United States has been put into a position where its and many of its

Pros And Cons Of The Cold War

The cold war in the cold war was waged between the united states and its allies against the Soviet Union with its satellite states. But after the disbanding of the Soviet Union in 1991 the new enemy that believers of the new cold war point to are North Korea and Russia. Both North Korea and Russia have a great dislike for the united states and its ideals of socialism. North Korea is lead by Kim John-un a young power-hungry leader that looks to build North Koreas nuclear arsenal. Kim John-un has threated the united states numerus times and trying to build a nuclear missile that is powerful enough to make it to the united states. For these reasons North Korea looks to be the most likely candidate for the united states to

How To Protect South Korea Dbq

According to Document C, on June 25, 1950, North Korea suddenly invaded South Korea. North Korea was supported by the Soviet Union, while South Korea was being supported by the U.S. president, Harry Truman, and the United Nations promised to defend South Korea. After World War 2, on September 14, 1950, the U.S. and the U.N. were officially sent to protect South Korea, but the U.S. and the United Nation’s forces were almost pushed off the Korean peninsula. The leader of the Americans, was General Douglass MacArthur. On November 25, 1950, General MacArthur organized a dangerous, yet victorious retaliation at the port of Inchon. The Americans pushed the North Korean forces all the way back to the border of North Korea and communist China, but this battle got difficult again because China got involved and pushed the Americans back to South Korea. Over two million people died in this war as well as more than fifty thousand American soldiers. This act of containment in a way made the U.S. look kind of weak, because there were a lot of deaths and suffering before it ended therefore making their system look

The Importance Of The Korean War

America being unprepared for the Korean War is very important to the world. America went into how was thinking the Koreans would not put up much of a fight. Since this error occurred the U.S. underestimated the technical strength needed. "So he snatched a bazooka himself, took aim and fired. To his shock, the rocket bounced off a tank. The 2.36-inch bazooka rockets the U.S. soldiers had been given could not penetrate the heavy armor of the T-34 tanks."(Washington Post) After the Koreans came in with the tanks the U.S. soldiers could not destroy them. This resulted in the soldiers retreating from the tanks. Next the U.S. soldiers we also not properly

Battle Of Chipyong-Ni Essay

The United States military is, arguably, the most powerful military in the world, and its success on the battlefield in recent years against insurgent forces has caused many Soldiers to think solely about offensive operations. While many may say that defensive operations cannot achieve a decisive victory in war and are conducted by much weaker nations than the United States of America, this type of thinking is dangerous as rogue nations like North Korea continue to develop and pose a genuine threat. A conflict with North Korea would most certainly require us to conduct defensive operations just as COL Paul Freeman's 23rd Regimental Combat Team (RCT) expertly demonstrated during the Korean War in the battle at Chipyong-ni.

Essay on WWII

  • 6 Works Cited

“The world must know what happened, and never forget.” (World War 2) General Eisenhower reflecting upon the world war II, and acknowledging it as a pertinent event in the history of the United States of America. War is war, it is not pretty or humane, but what it is, is a diplomatic way in which to settle disputes and aggressions between countries. By analyzing these wars of the past, the people of the country can learn many things, be it mistakes made by one side, strategy from someone else or battle field etiquette. And it is through this analysis that the human race is able to further itself to not repeat the mistakes made by their ancestors. There are many lessons to be learned from looking at the

A Plan For a Complete Intelligence Collection Operation against North Korea

The Korean peninsula has been a volatile area since the end of World War II. Today it is the last example of a single nation divided between two states, represents the longest division of ideologies, and is the archetype of enduring Cold War symptoms. Although small in size, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has been the biggest obstacle to regional stability in Asia, its militant and hostile policies posing a threat not only to western aligned nations, but also to its former and present benefactors, Russia and China. This dangerous country represents a very important target for the United States’ Intelligence Community, an extremely difficult one to exploit, but one that cannot be ignored as North Korea’s ambitions

North Korean Nuclear Program Essay

The North Korean government continues to financially fund the research and testing of nuclear and ballistic missiles. Little information is known about the North Korean nuclear program and has been made available to foreign nations due to the secrecy and isolation of international affairs. The threat of a nuclear strike from North Korea has become an increasingly serious matter for many nations including the U.S. and its Asian allies, Japan and South Korea. Currently, there are only nine nations known by intelligent analysis that possesses the resources to manufacture nuclear weapons which do include the U.S. However, North Korea is the only nation in the 21st century to conduct a nuclear missile test that has been reported by North Korean

The Experience Of The War In Korea Essay

The Korean War was a trying time for America. The nation was getting involved in a war that had little or no possibility of a fortunate outcome. The Korean people were divided among how the country should be run. A uniform system of government looked like it may never come to be. In order to protect one of its vital interests as well as to prove to the rest of the world that America didn’t stand for communism, the United States began taking up arms. The war would prove a most difficult task to achieve successfully. In fact, it was almost impossible to continue fighting what seemed to be far from a worthy sacrifice of American lives.

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World War III

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  • The Causes of World War III

The Causes of World War III - Essay Example

The Causes of World War III

  • Subject: History
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  • Level: High School
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  • Author: reichmann

Extract of sample "The Causes of World War III"

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The causes of world war three by wright mills, world war iii. introducing c. wright mills and goertzel article, causes of world war ii and holocaust, causes of usher syndrome, world war ii causes of the allied triumph, analysis of the causes of word war 3: thirty years later article by ted goertzel, did the treaty of versailles cause world war ii, word war ii: the causes, events, and legacy of the second world war.

world war 3 essay in english


Daily Sabah

world war 3 essay in english

Probability of a World War III in the midst of current crises

By markar esayan.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspectes a launching drill of the medium-and-long range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 at an undisclosed location, Sept. 16.

The current three major crises in the world; the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the war-ridden Middle East and the North Korea missile threat, signal that another world war is on the brink of happening in the near future

We are faced with the fact that currently there are three hot risk areas in the world with a potential to evolve into World War III. Before examining them, I would like to recall a famous quote by Einstein: "I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

The first problem area is the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The second is the Middle East, of course. And the last one is a crisis that comes to the fore recently, the North Korean front.

In each case, the U.S. and Russia are involved in the issue whether the crisis is within their borders or not. Of course, many other countries also show up in these areas or at they at least try to do. The Myanmar issue emerged as another crisis in the Far East along with North Korea.

Rightly or wrongly, historically, Russia regards the Baltic Sea and the Polish border as red lines for its national security. Russia was not likely to remain unresponsive to stretching this line up to Ukraine's eastern border, with the purpose of integrating it into NATO and the EU. The same can be said of Georgia, whose attempt to join NATO has triggered Russian intervention in the region through Abkhazia and Ossetia.

It seems necessary here to criticize Russia's interventions from the point of view of Ukraine, Crimea and Georgia. But the U.S. and the Western bloc acting without predicting Russia's intervention or ruling out such a possibility had not only shown shortsightedness but it also brought serious consequences. Two of the few foreign policy objectives of Russia that have remained intact for centuries can be described as securing its western borders further afield and accessing warm seas. It is impossible to make plans without understanding this fear and related objectives.

Correlation of the current crises

Hence the world is faced with a serious crisis now. Each side has its share of responsibility for it. The Ukraine crisis is directly linked to Syria and other problems in the Middle East. Russia uses Syria as an opportunity to strengthen its hand in the Ukraine crisis, to regain the trump card it lost during the Libyan crisis, to turn Syria into a Russian base and access warm seas though it does not have a coast to warm waters. Obama's ineffective and erratic policies have made Russia a main actor in Syria and even in the Palestinian issue. Iran's power projection into the region also stemmed from Obama's policies. But that disturbs Israel very much. Indeed, in his latest statement Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said in reference to Assad: "If he wants to remain in power, he has to expel Iran from the country." Yet he knows that for this to happen, Russia must take action.

So, it is seen that if things get worse, crises in these two regions may trigger each other like combined vessels.

Moreover, the North Korean crisis has a potential to lead to a confrontation between the U.S. and Russia. Though North Korea has been closer to China especially after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia would not remain silent if the U.S. intervenes against it with South Korea by crossing the 38th Parallel.

For the moment, the leading actor here is China. Or rather, the country that is demanded to lead. But the U.S. does not appear to understand the complexity of China's relation with North Korea.

North Korea has long been a bone of contention between Russia and China. For Mao, it was of vital importance. So much so that he did not hesitate to send a million soldiers there during the Korean War and had no regrets over losing 400,000 of them. Though the new generation of Chinese leaders became fed up with North Korea, it must not be assumed that China, North Korea's sole lifeline, can easily influence this country. Just as Mao resisted the Soviet Union, now China would resist the U.S. over this issue.

Collapse of North Korea as a country would raise lots of conflict issues like the possession of nuclear weapons and U.S. control over the gulf. On another note, if China imposes sanctions on North Korea and that country manages to survive, China would face an enemy with nuclear weapons on its southern border. Besides, North Korea's aggression invites U.S. presence in the region and disturbs China since it wants to be the sole superpower there. Perhaps these complex balances would keep the status quo intact if North Korea does not go too far.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to anticipate China's involvement in the conflict should an intervention against North Korea occur.

It is a tough game in all three areas. And it is not unlikely that an unwanted move in any crisis area unleashes another one, eventually leading to a world war.

Of course, the political situation in the U.S., which is currently reeling from Hurricane Irma, is quite worrisome. The two-party system that has dominated the last 150 years has effectively ended. No one, with Donald Trump coming first, believes that the president is a Republican. In fact, Trump receives more criticism now from Republicans than from Democrats. He is not much bothered by that, either. For he is doing the same. There are rumors that Trump will compete in the 2020 elections as an independent candidate. It is apparent that Trump, who did not have his party's support during the election process but won against great odds, does not feel indebted to anyone. It is not clear how the U.S. under an unpredictable leader will behave in potentially explosive situations and what contradictions, administrative weaknesses and divergences emerge. That political uncertainty in the U.S. can bring serious consequences for the world as well.

The reactions of political elites

Across the world, there is an enormous reaction by angry masses against political elites. It is not possible for political establishment anymore to soothe the masses through perception management. This failure of mainstream politics paves the way for radical parties and movements. As mainstream politics is dominated by the rich, elites, global companies and lobbies in many Western countries, the poor, dispossessed and impoverished middle classes have sought new ways. Elitist and insensitive policies of mainstream politics, whether on the right or left, and mediocre and incompetent leaders seem to have caused that.

In the past, it was possible to incite civil war in a country or topple a government through coups for a certain purpose and expect the resulting chaos to be confined to that particular country. But that is not an option in a globalized world. We see how much the aftershocks of the Syrian civil war have shaken the EU with small-scale migration. One cannot guess what would have happened in Europe if Turkey had not acted as a safety valve. Recently, Denmark has announced it would not accept 500 refugees annually as it had previously promised to the U.N., citing integration problems. Turkey hosts 3.5 million Syrians and Iraqis alone. That failure to grasp the gravity of the problem is really beyond comprehension.

Perhaps there are some who really want World War III. But the world may just be drifting toward such a war because deep-seated wrong policies cannot be changed, decaying values and inert international organizations cannot be revamped. Both are bad. I hope these predictions are not right.

Indeed, the logic of realpolitik and the international order, especially the U.N., need thorough change. But the question is: Can mankind do this before or after a world war? Because Einstein told what would happen in the fourth war.

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world war 3 essay in english


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