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Argumentative Essay on Negative Effects of Technology

Here you have an argumentative essay on negative effects of technology and also download Pdf.

There is no doubt that technology plays a vital role in developing societies as countries rely on them in all spheres of life. Governments worldwide compete to create and develop state-of-the-art technology that can maintain high efficiency and accuracy of work. Beginning in the 1980s, people began to use technology every day. The use of technology continued to rise so much that people used it for small things. That overuse resulted in many negative consequences. There are many negative consequences of using technology in society, but the three significant consequences can be health problems, privacy issues, and social problems.

One of the negative aspects of the rapid use of technology in society is health. There is no doubt that technology is improving and spreading globally. That led to communities dealing with it almost daily to do their job, which led to many problems. These issues can be divided into two main categories, namely mental health issues and physical health problems. First and foremost is the health problem, there are many health problems caused by exposure to technology, but the serious ones weaken the eyes. People who regularly deal with computers as program planners suffer from poor eyesight and eye pain for a long time. According to Tripp (2013), people who frequently use computers for extended periods experience blurred severe vision and blurred vision. That looks good as the eyes should always be focused on a screen that emits high levels of radiation that causes the eyes to glaze over and cause the eyes to glaze over, which leads to chronic eye pain. In addition, technology can cause mental problems for some. Some people who regularly spend hours working with televisions and computers without contact with people become depressed and develop independent behaviors that lead to fear of talking to people, which leads to them suffering from a mental illness called anxiety. Unfortunately, parents expose their children to technology without considering the cruel consequences of such an act. It causes their children to suffer from many mental illnesses. Crawford (2011) noted that due to overproduction, many children were diagnosed with bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression, leading to the use of a large number of psychotropic drugs. That is evident as parents do not think that technology separates a child from the outside world and thus gets mental illness. In summary, technology has a double effect which is psychological and physical.

A second negative consequence of the overuse of technology in society is the loss of privacy and security. As the world experiences more technological advances, it is also facing privacy and security issues that could take the world away from personal information. First, privacy issues. Privacy issues are considered one of the most sensitive issues. Privacy issues related to location tracking and information inspection. It is much easier for technicians to track and monitor any electronic device that connects to the network by simply following the IP location using the systems and obtaining dominant communication over errors that lead to accessing user data. For example, some advertising websites can track location, monitor what users do, and see what users like and dislike by surveying which products are the most preferred. At the same time, other countries often check other countries to maintain their internal security and check—essential information. According to the Thai group (2012), Iran’s communications minister said western countries were checking the internet, leading to widespread corruption. That is evident as the west has advanced tools that can track and monitor anyone in the world with high accuracy. In addition to privacy issues, security issues can seriously affect anyone in the world, including information theft. It is known that user information for any website is stored in the cloud storage of the website. Experts aim at that cloud storage. If not adequately protected, all user information, including ID and passwords, will be threatened. For example, if a professional hacker enters a banking site, they can cause severe damage to the users and the bank, fleeing without leaving anything behind. Computer predators (n.d.) have revealed that while computers are connected to the internet, cybercriminals send malware to seek financial information and transmit it to them. That is evident as many cybercriminals have used these malicious programs to infiltrate western banking systems. In a nutshell, technology dramatically affects privacy and security. A third negative consequence of the overuse of technology in society is a social issue. Over the years, technology has dramatically improved in business and employment and many fields. One of the most critical areas of profit is the sports field, which has been changed many times to make the games more accurate and more like real life. Games are so real that killings and other disgusting scenes are included. The adverse effects of sport can be divided into two main categories: fluctuations in anger and a lack of social skills. According to Alamy (2012), teens who habitually play violent games are highly aggressive. That is evident from the fact that watching such dangerous scenes may cause youths or children to attack or even cause harm to their friends at school or in the community. In addition to violence, a lack of interpersonal skills is another consequence of the overuse of technology. Staying up all day working with electronic devices such as computers can divide a person. It is clear that technology has expanded communication by simply communicating with anyone with the click of a button. But it is responsible for the immediate loss of the relationship. These days some people may be in love and sit next to each other, but there is no communication. According to Howarth (2014), children’s communication skills are significantly reduced due to prolonged contact with technology. That is obvious because when a child focuses on technology, their communication skills will be reduced. In conclusion, technology affects the socialization of children. In the end, the technology was made to work globally, but people used it at deeper levels which caused significant problems, which are health problems, privacy issues, and social problems. Health problems are considered severe problems that affect the mental and physical health of the user. In addition, privacy is adversely affected by hacking and theft of user information. In addition, social cohesion is affected by changing attitudes and a lack of communication skills. People should spend less time communicating and use technology at affordable prices to avoid future problems.

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argumentative essay on why technology is bad

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Is Technology Useful Or Harmful

Argumentative essay on is technology beneficial or harmful.

Throughout the vast history of humanity, humans have always used their innovative and cognitive skills to create tools to better improve their chances at survival on this planet. This technology advancement first began in the Stone Age when man fist discovered that stone could be utilized as both a harvesting tool and hunting weapon; which gradually developed into spears, bows and arrows, and swords. And as time pressed on, one of the most important and influential inventions since the beginning of time was designed in the shape of a circle: the wheel.

Is Technology Harmful Or Helpful

However, unlike in earlier times, the evolution of technology in the past 60 years has been growing so rapidly that society has scarcely been able to keep up with it on a global scale. And due to this accelerated development of technology, accurate assessment and critical reflection on our dependency of these new technologies has been greatly hindered.

So if one were to consider all the consequences and results of today’s technology objectively, could our dependency on modern day technology be viewed as positive or negative outcome?

Both sides of this argument have solid, valid claims, but do the pros outweigh the cons or are the benefits of technology not worth the potential harm it can cause to our society. As the advancement of technology drastically rises, society’s dependency for these technologies also rises, however, this correlation can prove exceedingly beneficial for the people of this era.

argumentative essay on why technology is bad

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The improvement of medical technology has been especially helpful in maintaining the health and well-being of millions of people around the world suffering from various diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.

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"Is Technology Useful Or Harmful.", Nov 27, 2019. Accessed September 10, 2023.

"Is Technology Useful Or Harmful," , 27-Nov-2019. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 10-Sep-2023] (2019). Is Technology Useful Or Harmful . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 10-Sep-2023]

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Is Technology Useful Or Harmful

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Argumentative Essay on Technology

This is a short essay on a very current topic: technology and how it influences our daily life in society and especially for young people.

Title of the essay: “Mobile technologies and their effect on young people”.

Type of essay: argumentative essay, length: 453 words, topic: technology.

Today, you can see on the street as most people do not separate the look of their mobile devices. Smartphones have become an essential part of society, helping us to carry out routine tasks through a wide variety of available applications. They are a powerful tool for work and studies, thanks to which they can connect to the Internet from anywhere. However, it is necessary to analyze how its constant use is affecting young people.

Technological advances are the result of the constant search to facilitate the life of man. They are present in different areas. From medicine, with the development of innovative chips installed under the skin will be able to store several doses of a particular drug. Until the creation of weapons for war confrontations. Then, we realize that technology can be used in different ways, only depending on how people use it.

In the case of mobile devices, this also applies. Each year, new terminals are launched that offer innovative features that dazzle users, such as professional-level cameras or processors capable of recreating the captured environment in three dimensions. Functions certainly interesting, but not always appreciated by most young people, who only use their equipment for leisure purposes.

The current youth has become accustomed to the immediacy of information, leaving aside the acquisition of knowledge in the medium and long term, as they assume that as everything is at hand, it is not necessary to delve into any topic of academic or artistic relevance. Also, they are more aware of viral trends that appear on pages like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

On the other hand, many times prefer to build relationships in social networks instead of doing it in real life. This seriously affects their ability to socialize. In addition, if you carefully observe the way you communicate using messages or chats, whether on those same platforms or in applications such as WhatsApp, you will find an alarming reality. They destroy the language and opt for the use of barbarisms or images called “emoticons”.

Like all technology, the one that is implemented in smartphones and tablets is of great help for everyday life, but it depends on each individual how it will be used and how it will affect it. In the case of young people, this is extremely important. They have to understand that they have in their hands a tool of incalculable potential, through which they can constantly learn and acquire knowledge, but without neglecting reality or interpersonal relationships. They must also prevent their communication capacity from being diminished by the repeated use of inappropriate language.

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In a world overwhelmed by technology, it tends to be hard for an individual to recognize the importance of ‘good technology’ and ‘awful technology’. The inquiry which makes this order so hard is, would could it be that makes technology positive or negative? Is it the actual technology that makes it positive or negative or is it us, the clients? Technology is a generally superb and great thing. It tends to be found in pretty much every part of our regular day to day existences. Everything from a caution awakening us, to utilizing an oscillating brush or razor, or driving a vehicle uses technology here and there. Technology is surrounding us and will be for the remainder of time.

Right now PCs are exploited, and it’s anything but until an infection, or crash that individuals acknowledge the amount they have depended on their own Computer for work, or diversion. Nonetheless, others accept that the utilization of PCs stretches the development of our public activity and could make us apathetic, as composing, or messaging is simpler than composing and sending a letter. In the event that you look on your regular everyday practice, you will see that nearly all that you do depends on Computers. For instance, the drive to work.

Whenever that has been opened, there is no returning, as it will mercisley tear through each associated PC very quickly, and before you know it the Presidents own Top Secret documents from the 50’s have been obliterated. Obviously, a ton of cash has been spent on Preventing this, yet on normal two of these messages are gotten by EVERYBODY utilizing a mainstream Internet administration, for example Microsoft. In any case, on the opposite side of the Virtual Coin is the ‘fun’ side of the Internet. Message Boards, Chat Rooms and Interactive Forums are the absolute most well known things on the net. Truth be told, one Internet Messageboard,, has more than 10,000 enrolled individuals. However, what is stunning about that Message Board is that it is a Board dependent on a Computer Game. Only one! So if 10, 000 individuals need to discuss one Computer Game.

The classification between ‘great technology’ and ‘terrible technology’ at last relies upon what the technology is being utilized for and how it is being utilized. Sometimes, like the IPhone, when utilizing it a lot of can possibly make an individual lethargic, prompting diminished measures of active work, is simply the client. The IPhone could be classified as being acceptable in light of what it permits the client to do, yet in addition terrible since the client can become immersed by it. Notwithstanding on account of the technology in vehicles not working as expected constantly, this isn’t brought about by the client. It is simply the technology which makes it positive or negative and in a world becoming overwhelmed by technology, it will perpetually be a fight between whether it is the technology or the client which can make something that appears to be acceptable, be perilous.

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"Is Technology Good or Bad." , 14 Jul 2021, (2021). Is Technology Good or Bad . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 9 Sep. 2023]

"Is Technology Good or Bad.", Jul 14, 2021. Accessed September 9, 2023.

"Is Technology Good or Bad," , 14-Jul-2021. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 9-Sep-2023] (2021). Is Technology Good or Bad . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 9-Sep-2023]

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Argumentative Essay about Technology – Best Examples with Pdf.

Technology has been a double edged sword to human civilization, with a number of varying advantages and disadvantages, which has also made it one of the most popular topics for argumentative essay writing. Here are some examples of argumentative essay for technology –

Argumentative essay on technology

Topic – Argumentative essay about role of technology in education

Technology has made its impact on almost every sphere of human life and education is not an exception. Online learning is gaining popularity and the importance of technology in education has increased exponentially. These developments have led many to believe that technology is being highly misused and has an overall negative influence on education but the reality is; technology has made education more accessible, personalised and interactive. ( Thesis statement )

It is a universal truth that all the students are not the same. Studies have found that there is a 5:1 ratio by which learners differ. It means that the slowest student takes 5 times as long to learn as the fastest student and It isn’t humanly possible for a teacher to give personal assistance to all the students in a fixed time interval. Technology solves this problem, with online education platforms students can now learn the concepts at their own pace and from the teachers and methodologies they prefer.

Technology has also made all forms of education and knowledge far more accessible than before. Students can access lectures from hundreds of teachers on academic topics to deepen their understanding and can also get knowledge of non-academic topics that are beyond the scope of schools. From learning about Social and personal development skills to getting information about ancient civilizations or understanding complex global geopolitics, the accessibility of information online is immense.

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Online education emphasis on Visual learning over the traditional textual form of learning. It proves very beneficial for students as it’s a scientifically proven fact that our brain can remember images better than words. The use of animations and 3-d designs help students to visualise and understand lessons, especially in science. Development and usage of Augmented and Virtual Reality in education can take things further by allowing students to experience the concepts rather than memorizing them.

Using technology in education comes with its own challenges, with such vast amount of information and resources available at their fingertips; students often tend to misuse it. Plagiarism has become a common problem and students are losing focus in classrooms because they have an assurance that they can cover up online, availability of false information on the internet is also a big problem. Spreading awareness among students to overcome these challenges is a necessity.

Conclusion – 

Technology still has a long way to go before being completely incorporated in the education system but it surely is the future of education and has made learning much more creative, interactive and student friendly. It is transforming our education system and there are many areas in which digital learning is proving itself better than traditional classrooms. Students now aren’t limited to topics their teachers chose to teach or to the books that their school library can offer, which is itself a big positive change.

Argumentative essay about advantages and disadvantages of technology –

Technology has integrated deep in our daily lives and it’s impossible to imagine today’s human civilization without it. The rapid growing importance of technology and the frequent cases of its misuse and mismanagement has led some people to wonder, whether technology is really a friend or a foe and the answer is; the advantages of technology are far more greater and clearly overshadow its disadvantages. ( Thesis statement )

Technology has transformed human society for good. It has connected people all across the globe and has made access to knowledge and information possible for everyone with an internet connection. Internet banking, E-mails, E-commerce and the ease of online learning has made our lives easier. Tech companies have provided jobs to millions of people and have become growth engines of modern economies. The U.S tech Industry alone employs over 12.2 million workers and contributes more than 10% to its GDP.

A total of 5 billion people around the world use the internet today. It is equivalent to 63 percent of the world’s total population and due to the informational, recreational and operational features it provides, more and more people are joining the internet ecosystem. Technology has led to revolutionary developments in healthcare like: cancer nanotherapy, brain machine interfaces and Genome editing. It has enabled us to do space exploration and advance research in fields like agriculture and energy that helps us to progress as a civilization. 

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Some people argue that the growing popularity of the Internet and Social media has made people (especially the younger generation) addicted to it. It is also argued that Technology has led to pollution. Air and water all over the world are polluted by industrial and domestic wastes. Radiations coming from smart phones are dangerous to birds, Oceans are turning into big patches of plastic waste and millions of trees are cut every year to make more space for new factories and cities. 

While discussing disadvantages of technology the fact that it’s not technology itself but it’s overuse and misuse that’s dangerous; is often overlooked. Overdose of even life-saving drugs can take life. It’s over and uncontrolled usage of technology that cause excessive pollution and in the case of social media causes addiction. If we can control the amounts and the ways in which we use technology, It can become the strongest tool for our personal and social development.

Technology has revolutionized our lives and society in more ways than we can imagine. There’s no doubt that greed of a few people and ignorance of Long term problems by the masses has led to frequent misuse of technology but with mutual cooperation, proper law enforcement and mass awareness; these problems could be minimised and technology could be the fuel of propelling the engine of growth and prosperity.

Argumentative essay about impacts of technology on our lives and society –

Our society and our lives have changed more in the last 100 years than it had in the last 10000 years. What caused this change are Modern Technologies like the Internet and Social media. These technologies may have connected billions of people together and according to many has bridged the gaps between borders and cultures but in reality; Modern technology has made our society more segregated and individuals more alone. ( T hesis statement )

First and foremost, we must know that the Social media companies and Search engines work for profit and their profit depends on the time we spend on their apps. So, they constantly upgrade their algorithms to make them more addictive and even sell our personal data to make profits. While these companies end up making billions of dollars in profit. Normal people end up spending most of their time on these apps, giving less Importance to people, moments and things that really matter.

The more time we spend on the Internet and Social media, the more we get influenced by it. There are some narratives that It has set – Having 6-packs-abs means you’re fit and strong. Dining in 7 star hotels means you’re rich, Traveling abroad means you’re happy and earning in 6-figures means you’re successful. The ones failing to qualify on these false parameters become insecure. The false sense of beauty, success and happiness that social mode promotes is the reason why 70% of people don’t feel happy after using them.

Many people argue that Social media allows anyone from any corner of the world to connect and be friends with anyone from other corners of the world, breaking geographical, political and cultural barriers. It is also argued that the flow of knowledge and information has never been this easy and the Internet is keeping free speech, racial and gender equality movements alive and provides power to them and all these gives rise to a type of global human society that has never existed before and couldn’t have existed without modern technology.

Social media allows people with the same interests to form groups and communities and with time, Many of these groups and communities have become so intolerant of others that when they target someone, they take cyber bullying to a dangerous level, which is why many celebrities have stopped using social media altogether. It has also been discovered that people’s online behaviour differs from their real behaviour, which explains why hate speech, offensive comments, and sexual offences are so prevalent online. 

Modern technologies claim to have made this world a global village but are the reasons that physical interactions and relationships which are essential for a quality human life, are diminishing. People are decreasing their real world presence to be in a digital world that’s designed to trap them as long as it can. It’s nothing less than a technological slavery and the way modern technologies are working; It would create more seperations in society and make individuals more isolated.  

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Argumentative Essay on Technology pdf –

Download pdfs for Technology argumentative essays for free !

Argumentative Essay On Technology Best Examples

Download PDF

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