24 Hilariously Accurate College Memes All Students Will Understand

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These funny college memes poke fun at the so-called best years of your life. College is full of fantastic experiences—discovering academic passions, making lifelong friends—as well as downsides like stress and student debt. Luckily, college students are always happy to satirize their institutions of higher learning, as these hilarious college memes demonstrate.

Group Projects Are the Worst

Via Instagram

At least they would finally be doing what you asked them to do.

Very Young Small Early Peas

Via Twitter

Just need to add a few more words that mean the same thing. Now where did I put that dusty old thesaurus?

Going, Going, Going, Gone

Look around in any 8 AM lecture class and you'll encounter students in all four stages of this process.

So Many Questions

Via Bored Panda

"Can you repeat the part of the stuff where you said all about the things?"

"The Walking Debt"

Via Wannajoke 

Is there anything scarier than racking up tens of thousands of dollars in debt?

"My Neighbors (College Kids) Are Testing a New Cash Flow Alternative."

These students might be geniuses. If you can't stop people from throwing trash in your yard, at least get them to throw trash that can be exchanged for cash.

This Is Fine

The "This Is Fine" dog knows exactly how it feels to put on the blinders and pretend your bank account isn't in the red. Or that money doesn't exist.

Take a Good Look at Your Future, Kid

Via Facebook

Hey, who said realism is such a bad thing?

Peak Student Status

When you show up to the lecture only to crash out on the floor with your blankie, you've achieved a new level of college.

Kuzco's Writing Technique

Anyone who's ever written an essay at the last minute can relate to the struggle of searching for ten different ways to say the exact same thing.

If College Held Parent-Teacher Conferences

Cue every class-cutter thanking their lucky stars that parent- teacher conferences are behind them.

Check Out This $1,000 TV Stand

College students often spend hundreds of dollars on a textbook, only to discover that the book is only referenced once or twice in an entire semester. Luckily, those pricy books have another potential function: furniture.

Shock and Awe

Have we mentioned how difficult it is to work when your entire grade hangs on your fellow students?

I'm Outta Here

Just make sure to wave those super slick finger-guns on the way out the door and you're sure to ace it.

Write Faster!

So what if it ends up looking like chicken scratch that even you can't read? Write faster!

College Groceries

This industrious college student has discovered what we like to call the lunchroom loophole.

"Went to Visit My Son in College. This Is His Porch Furniture."

Please ensure that your seats are in the upright position before crashing on the porch.

It's Not Stupid if It Works

This might be one of the most ingenious dorm life hacks we've ever seen.

"After Three Hours of Writing"

We've all been there—staring at that blinking cursor for hours while waiting for inspiration to strike. Here's what this student has written so far: "What I learned in boating school is."

Concentration Troubles

But if we could study for exams by playing video games, we'd be all set.

Procrastination Power

Via Cheezburger

After all, procrastination is a skill that many college students practice daily.

The Eternal College Student Dilemma

"How do I get experience when no one will hire me without experience?"

Word Count Woes

Oh, the lion's brother is also a lion? What a fascinating detail.

Seven-Year Senior

Via The Chive

Well, you can't rush perfection!

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college essay funny meme

70 Funny and Relatable College Memes that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.‍

Are you a college student constantly distressed with endless classes, nonsensical assignments, deteriorating grades and dramatic professors we have the perfect solution for you. here are the best college memes that will make the existential pain go away..

The obstacle course that is college life, is filled with challenges that our high school selves could never comprehend. With days spent deranged and sleep-deprived, finishing assignments, running late to classes, and wondering ‘why am I doing this' or ‘should I drop out’ or ‘ this doesn't make sense at all’, college has definitely managed to change us all.

A dose of inspiration can be helpful but after four years of suffering, we have all come to realize that the key ingredient to surviving college life is humor. Therefore, in this article, we bring for you the best quality college memes that will definitely make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Not only are these college memes very relatable, but they are also extremely hilarious. These college memes are an A-class example of how your personal pain can be turned into high-quality humor. Without waiting any further, let's dive right in to enjoy these college memes.

No longer caring about anything at all is one of the side effects of going to college

Group Projects are the worst!

Need to reach zen levels of forgiveness to finally forgive your group project mates.

Lol! How did we get here

Witnessing you own downfall is really something

Moffitt Library Starter Pack

Feeling at home in the library is the key.

Let it sink in!

When you finally get your degree and you realise you haven’t done anything.

The Highs and Lows of College life

After a good semester, always expect the next semester to be dreadful.

I Wrote it with my tears

How giving up feels like.

Talk about unrealistic expectations

When your professor expects you to get 19/18 questions right.

College students hoarding stuff like they will run out any second

Getting as many snacks as you can is the first step in preparing for your finals.

Lmao! We have all done this

All of us have googled this during every 8 am class.

Watch Me Do the Impossible, Ma’am

Our eternal need to prove the teacher wrong.


This is exactly why I never finish assignments before the deadline!!!

Serial Procrastinator Found

Imagine all the things we have managed to accomplish, just so we could procrastinate on that stupid English Eassy.

There is a difference between highlighting and painting kids

When you know nothing, everything seems very important.

I thought of you brain glitching the night before submission gives us anxiety.

Most Important Life Hack

Honestly, people who write more than 6000 words and then later edit the whole thing, are a bunch of losers.

Good lord how much money we could have saved.

Me selling my Kidneys so I could buy my 10,000-page Algebra book.

Just Flunk it Kids

What is even a Triangle?

Lmao!! This college meme is hilarious.

Smiling through the pain.

We are all a bunch of Zombies, aren't we?

We have surpassed the sheep metaphor to reach the zombie metaphor levels.

Nothing but truth guys!

Wonder which restaurant I’ll be waiting for with my engineering degree.

Emotional scars = Dark Circles

What no one tells you is that dark circles will actually never go away once you get them in your time at college.

The 4 Stages of a morning lecture

Metaphor for how everything will descend during your college years.

So Relatable!

Never correspond with your teacher outside the classroom.

Why are these memes so accurate

Can't even die in peace.

When you have to teach yourself literally everything!

I am looking at all the professors who think reading ppt is a skill.

I would point to my books, robbers could make a fortune from those expensive ass rocks.

What I learn from Group Projects

Am I the only one who gained trust issues from group projects?

Who wants gold coins when you can have chocolates!

Imagine being so broke that you can't even afford these.

1, 2, 3… And I am Gone!

Mandatory attendance is the reason why there are still students in the classroom.

At Least they are of some use!

Books work best as dumbbells to get jacked or a makeshift TV stand.

Watch me Descend into a madman!

The Before and After Glow up, no one expected.

Who decides these things!

So you're telling me I need a degree to work here but I also need experience. What?

When you are sad you survived.

Me when I get hurt real bad but I am more scared of getting yelled at by my mom.

The Accuracy is Astounding

My exact thought process when I know I am about to fail.

And the lion is called lion because he looks liony

This is the peak of creativity!

When the college meme gets too real!

Never Underestimate what a student can do in one night!

When your desperation gives you superpowers.

Lol! This is so True

The college meme game here is on another level.

After 4 Hours of Working on My Paper

Some days, life just really tests you!

When your Broke Brain all of a sudden turns creative!

College life hacks that serve you for life.

Visiting your son and seeing this on his porch. Epic!

I could totally imagine college students smuggling auditorium chairs, so they could chill on their porch in style.

Lol, So Relatable!

When you try to scan all the notes at once before the slide changes.

Leaving like a Boss

One day, I am hoping to achieve this level of indifference!

Shock Faces!

The fact that it is a group assignment, makes it even worse.


Everyone knows that ignoring your problems makes them go away.

Plis, No to this Idea!

College parent-teacher meetings are guaranteed to get me disowned.

Could you start from the very Beginning, Professor?

I would have questions if I had listened to any of it.

$3 Procrastination Party

This college meme is honestly too accurate!

Shit, this is soo funny!

All you have to do is use a lot of therefore and hence and because, to make it seem like you are making a point.

This is Honestly my Worst Nightmare!

Why do we fall for this malarkey???

What lies beyond college is even more scary!

The Fact that we think this is normal is astounding.

When nothing goes your way!

Lol, this is sad and hilarious.

Ah, humor based on my pain.

Sums up all the college memes perfectly.

Very young and early peas

Sometimes I am actually surprised when my essay makes sense.

This is so Sad.

Honestly, it's absurd how expensive textbooks are.

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of a Cell

Still looking for an opportunity when I'll be able to use this piece of information.

This feels like a personal attack.

When you are stressed, bloated, nauseous, sleep deprived and cold at the same time.

The Silver Lining

Does this actually work?

Babies and College

Why is this so true, lol. College students are a bunch of babies.

Considering the quality of the papers, I am not sure what is taking so long.

This Always Happens!

I am almost certain that the universe has a personal grudge against me!

The Huge Contrast

Our poor selves when we got accepted to college had no idea what was actually coming.

The Accuracy!

Am I the only one who eagerly waits for the professor to lose it, so the real fun can begin?

Story of my Life

Funny how existential thoughts visit me right when there are multiple deadlines hanging over my head.

Its honestly unfair that teachers get to torture you for the whole semester and then go for a nice summer vacation to cool off.

Here take my Money

Petition to get everyone dressed like wizards so we can burn our money is style.

Lol! So true!

I totally feel like Beyonce!

Watching my smile and my dreams crumble

Some college memes are really zeroing in on the situation.

Put me out of my misery

The pure joy you get after finishing your homework in the middle of the night, when you are about to collapse, is something else!

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