Healthy Food Essay for Students and Children


500+ Words Essay on Healthy Food

Healthy food refers to food that contains the right amount of nutrients to keep our body fit. We need healthy food to keep ourselves fit.

Furthermore, healthy food is also very delicious as opposed to popular thinking. Nowadays, kids need to eat healthy food more than ever. We must encourage good eating habits so that our future generations will be healthy and fit.

Most importantly, the harmful effects of junk food and the positive impact of healthy food must be stressed upon. People should teach kids from an early age about the same.

Healthy Food Essay

Benefits of Healthy Food

Healthy food does not have merely one but numerous benefits. It helps us in various spheres of life. Healthy food does not only impact our physical health but mental health too.

When we intake healthy fruits and vegetables that are full of nutrients, we reduce the chances of diseases. For instance, green vegetables help us to maintain strength and vigor. In addition, certain healthy food items keep away long-term illnesses like diabetes and blood pressure.

Similarly, obesity is the biggest problems our country is facing now. People are falling prey to obesity faster than expected. However, this can still be controlled. Obese people usually indulge in a lot of junk food. The junk food contains sugar, salt fats and more which contribute to obesity. Healthy food can help you get rid of all this as it does not contain harmful things.

In addition, healthy food also helps you save money. It is much cheaper in comparison to junk food. Plus all that goes into the preparation of healthy food is also of low cost. Thus, you will be saving a great amount when you only consume healthy food.

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Junk food vs Healthy Food

If we look at the scenario today, we see how the fast-food market is increasing at a rapid rate. With the onset of food delivery apps and more, people now like having junk food more. In addition, junk food is also tastier and easier to prepare.

However, just to satisfy our taste buds we are risking our health. You may feel more satisfied after having junk food but that is just the feeling of fullness and nothing else. Consumption of junk food leads to poor concentration. Moreover, you may also get digestive problems as junk food does not have fiber which helps indigestion.

Similarly, irregularity of blood sugar levels happens because of junk food. It is so because it contains fewer carbohydrates and protein . Also, junk food increases levels of cholesterol and triglyceride.

On the other hand, healthy food contains a plethora of nutrients. It not only keeps your body healthy but also your mind and soul. It increases our brain’s functionality. Plus, it enhances our immunity system . Intake of whole foods with minimum or no processing is the finest for one’s health.

In short, we must recognize that though junk food may seem more tempting and appealing, it comes with a great cost. A cost which is very hard to pay. Therefore, we all must have healthy foods and strive for a longer and healthier life.

FAQs on Healthy Food

Q.1 How does healthy food benefit us?

A.1 Healthy Benefit has a lot of benefits. It keeps us healthy and fit. Moreover, it keeps away diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and many more. Healthy food also helps in fighting obesity and heart diseases.

Q.2 Why is junk food harmful?

A.2 Junk food is very harmful to our bodies. It contains high amounts of sugar, salt, fats, oils and more which makes us unhealthy. It also causes a lot of problems like obesity and high blood pressure. Therefore, we must not have junk food more and encourage healthy eating habits.


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  • Healthy Food Essay


Essay on Healthy Food

Food is essential for our body for a number of reasons. It gives us the energy needed for working, playing and doing day-to-day activities. It helps us to grow, makes our bones and muscles stronger, repairs damaged body cells and boosts our immunity against external harmful elements like pathogens. Besides, food also gives us a kind of satisfaction that is integral to our mental wellbeing, but there are some foods that are not healthy. Only those food items that contain nutrients in a balanced proportion are generally considered as healthy. People of all ages must be aware of the benefits of eating healthy food because it ensures a reasonably disease-free, fit life for many years. 

Switching to a healthy diet doesn't have to be a one-size-fits-all approach. You don't have to be perfect, you don't have to eliminate all of your favourite foods and you don't have to make any drastic changes all at once—doing so frequently leads to straying or abandoning your new eating plan.

Making a few tiny modifications at a time is a recommended approach. Maintaining modest goals will help you achieve more in the long run without feeling deprived or overwhelmed by a very drastic diet change. Consider a healthy diet as a series of tiny, accessible actions such as including a salad in your diet once a day. You can slowly add additional healthy options as your minor modifications become habitual.

Cultivating a positive relationship with food is also crucial. Rather than focusing on what you should avoid, consider what you may include on your plate that will benefit your health such as nuts for heart-healthy, predominant fat that reduces low-density lipoprotein levels called monounsaturated fatty acids(raspberries) for fibre and especially the substances that inhibit oxidation which we call antioxidants.

Why is Healthy Food Important?

Living a healthy lifestyle has immense payback. Over time, making smart eating choices lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease, certain malignancies, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and even anxiety and depression. Daily, you will have more energy, feel better and possibly even be in a better mood.

It all boils down to how long and how good your life is. According to several surveys, A healthy diet consists of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish. A higher diet of red or processed meats on the other hand doubled the chance of dying young.

Types of Healthy Food: 

Following are the various types of healthy foods and their respective nutritional value:

Cereals,potatoes,bread and other root vegetables- These are the main sources of carbohydrates. The calories obtained from them enable us to do work. 

Pulses, milk and milk products, eggs, bird meat, animal meat in limited quantities - these are great sources of protein. They build muscles and repair the damaged cells of our body, i.e., they are important for our immunity. 

Ghee, butter, nuts and dry fruits, edible oil used in restrained quantities- These are rich sources of good fat. They provide more energy to our body than carbohydrates but should be consumed in a smaller amount. 

Fresh fruits, vegetables and leafy vegetables, fish, egg, milk-these are good sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are essential for normal functioning of the body. Though they are needed in small amounts, nowadays, nutrition experts prescribe their higher consumption as they help to fight lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity and even cancer. 

Different types of healthy food when included in our daily diet in the right proportions along with water and roughage comprise a balanced diet. However, a balanced diet is not the same for all individuals considering many factors. It depends on a person’s age, gender, condition of the body-healthy or suffering from any disease and the type of work or physical activity a human  does.

Benefits of Eating Healthy

Healthy food intake nourishes both our physical and mental health and helps us stay active for many years. One who break downs this broad benefit into micro-benefits will see that eating healthy:

Helps us in weight management

Makes us agile and increases our productivity 

Decreases the risk of heart diseases, stroke, diabetes mellitus, poor bone density, and some cancers, etc. 

Helps in uplifting mood

Improves memory

Improves digestion and appetite

Improves sleep cycle

Healthy food habits are inculcated in children by their parents early on. These habits along with the right education and physical exercise lead to an overall development of an individual which ultimately becomes the greatest resource of a country.

What is Unhealthy Food or Junk Food?

To fully understand the prominence of healthy food in our diet, we must also be aware of unhealthy food, that is, the food that we must avoid eating. These are mainly junk food items which are low in nutritional value and contain an excessive amount of salt, sugar and fats which is not healthy for a human body.

Junk food is one of the unhealthy intakes in the present day scenario. It makes us more unfit than ever before. It is high time that one realised this and adopted a healthy food habit for a sustainable lifestyle.

Steps to improve Eating Habits:

Make a detailed plan; break down the timings; kind of food to be included in each meal and keep the plan weekly and avoid making the process dull and repetitive. 

Cook your food, minimise eating from outside. It helps keep the ingredients, quality and measurements in check as well as saves money.

Stock your kitchen with healthy snacks for your cravings rather than processed food so that your options are reduced to consuming unhealthy food.

Take the process slowly. You do not have to have a strict plan; ease yourself into a healthy mindset. Your mind and body will adjust gradually. Consistency is important. 

Track your eating habits to understand the intake of food, items, portions etc. This motivates you to see the progress over time and make changes according to your needs.

Myths About Healthy Food:

Carrots affect eyesight: According to historic times, during World War II, there was a popular belief that eating a lot of veggies would assist maintain the pilot's eyes in good repair. In actuality, the fighter pilot's eyesight was aided by advanced technology. However, the myth has persisted since then and many parents still use this narrative to get their children to eat more veggies. Carrots are high in vitamin A and make a terrific supplement to any healthy diet, but they don't usually help you see better.

Fat-Free Food : Health foods continue to dominate grocery store shelves but it's always a good idea to look beyond the label before buying. This is especially true when it comes to "fat-free," "low-fat," and "non-fat" foods. It's generally true that anything with less fat is preferable for some dairy and meat items. 

Lower fat alternatives in packaged and processed foods contain other dangerous additives as fat substitutes. Manufacturers compensate for the loss of fat in packaged cookies, for example, by adding other undesirable elements like sugar.

Protein shakes: Pre-made smoothie beverages and protein powder mixes which typically claim to contain less sugar than milkshakes, slushies and diet sodas are likely to be the popular choice among customers because of the above mentioned reason. They both have the same amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners. 

However, this is not true of all pre-made protein shakes and smoothies. Many of them, particularly the plant-based mixtures, are still nutritious additions to a balanced diet. Check the nutrition label to be sure there are no added sugars or artificially sweetened mixtures.

Organic food is better: Foods that are grown organically are better for you. Nutritionists labelling a product as organic doesn't mean it's superior to non-organic foods. It's a popular misperception that organic produce is nutritionally superior to non-organic produce. Organic produce has the same caloric and nutritional value as non-organic produce since it is grown and prepared according to federal rules.


FAQs on Healthy Food Essay

1) Is sugar unhealthy?

Sugar is considered to be harmful for a healthy diet. Since it tastes so good in many foods, humans tend to increase it’s intake. It is also hidden in foods you wouldn't expect. It makes body organs fat, depresses well-being and also leads to heart diseases. However, to maintain a healthy diet, it is necessary to distinguish between natural and added sugars. Sugars are carbs that provide an essential source of energy and nourishment, nevertheless, sugar is often added to many popular dishes, which is when sugar becomes unhealthy. Natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables are regarded as healthy when consumed in moderation. Still added sugars give little nutritional benefit and contribute considerably to weight gain, compromising your healthy diet. As a result, it's critical to double-check the label.

2) What is Omega 3?

Omega-3 is the superfood of the fat group, which is particularly useful for various conditions, since the term "superfood" was coined. Omega-3 fatty acid is a medicine used in treating  nutritional deficiencies. It is one of the essential nutrients with good antioxidant properties. Depression, memory loss, heart problems, joint and skin disorders and general improvement of physical and mental health and wellness are among them. Omega-3 which is abundant in fish-based diets is considered a necessary fatty acid for good health. – Collections of Essay for Students of all Class in English

Essay on Healthy Food

With an increasing amount of processed and fast-foods being consumed by the population, there is an increasing need to promote healthy eating behaviours in society. A deeper understanding of which foods are beneficial to our health, and how they can be incorporated into our diets, is necessary to improve overall health and wellbeing. Today we will discuss the definition of healthy foods, the benefits of eating them, and ways in which one can incorporate them into their diet.

Short and Long Healthy Food Essay in English

Here, we are presenting long and short essays on Healthy Food in English for students under word limits of 100 – 150 Words, 200 – 250 words, and 500 – 600 words. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 in English. These provided essays on Healthy Food will help you to write effective essays, paragraphs, and speeches on this topic.

Healthy Food Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Eating healthy foods can help to boost energy levels and improve mental clarity.

2) Adding fruits and vegetables into your diet helps to intake of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

3) Eating healthy foods helps to maintain a healthy weight.

4) Eating healthy food can also help you to feel your best and look your best.

5) Foods such as proteins, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains should be included in your daily diet.

6) Aim to include a variety of colors in your meals as different colors provide different vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

7) Eating healthy can help improving your overall health and wellbeing.

8) Eating healthy foods can help to improve alertness, focus, and concentration.

9) Healthy foods can help to improve your mood and reduce stress.

10) Consuming healthy foods help to boost our immune system.

Short Essay on Healthy Food (250 – 300 Words)


Healthy eating is a way of life choice that incorporates a balanced diet with physical activity to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. A healthy food includes variety of foods in the right proportions and sufficient amounts to support a person’s dietary needs. Eating a healthy diet helps ensure better overall health and can reduce the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. It also supports a healthy lifestyle and healthy digestion.

Nutritional Benefits

Eating healthy foods can provide many important nutritional benefits. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes and low-fat dairy products are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber that the body needs to function properly. They are also low in fat, cholesterol and sodium which can help to reduce potential health risks. Eating a varied diet full of nutrient-rich foods can also provide an energy boost and can help with weight loss or maintenance.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Start each day by eating a nutritious breakfast to provide energy and necessary nutrients. Aim for a balance of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy and lean protein. Avoid unhealthy, processed foods and foods with added sugars, salt or fat. Instead, try to stick to whole, unrefined foods and limit sweets, alcohol and caffeine. Lastly, avoid skipping meals and include regular physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Although maintaining a healthy diet can be difficult, following the right nutrition and lifestyle habits can lead to a healthier and happier life. Taking control of your diet by making healthier food choices can have a positive impact on your health and overall wellbeing.

Long Essay on Healthy Food (500 Words)

The health of an individual is largely dependent on their food choices. Eating a balanced diet that includes a variety of healthy foods is essential for maintaining good health. Eating healthy foods provides the body with essential nutrients for growth and development, energy, and protection from disease and infection.

Definition of Healthy Foods

A healthy diet is one that is composed of foods that are nutritious, provide essential vitamins and minerals, and satisfy hunger. Healthy foods are those that are lower in calories, saturated fat, and alcohol and higher in vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Examples of healthy foods include whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, beans, legumes, and low-fat or fat-free dairy products. These foods provide us with the necessary macronutrients and micronutrients that are necessary for growth and development and are low in calories and sodium, helping to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity and heart disease.

Benefits of Eating Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods provides the body with essential nutrients that it needs to grow and develop, as well as to stay energized throughout the day. Eating a balanced diet helps to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of chronic health conditions. Additionally, healthy foods are usually higher in dietary fibre, which helps to maintain a healthy gut and promotes regular bowel movements. Eating healthy also helps to regulate blood sugar levels, which can help to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. As well, healthy foods help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and some types of cancer.

Ways to Incorporate Healthy Foods

One way to incorporate healthy foods into your diet is to make sure that your meals include a variety of different healthy foods. For example, for breakfast you could have oatmeal, fruit, and nuts; for lunch you could have a green salad with grilled chicken; and for dinner you could have fish, brown rice, and steamed vegetables. By having a variety of healthy foods at each meal, you ensure that your body is getting the necessary nutrients for growth and development, energy, and protection from disease and infection.

Another way to incorporate healthy foods into your diet is to replace unhealthy snacks with healthy alternatives. For example, instead of eating chips or candy, you could snack on nuts, fruits, or vegetables. This not only provides your body with additional nutrients, but also helps to reduce calories and saturated fat intake. Additionally, snacking on healthy foods helps to satisfy hunger and prevents overeating at meal times.

Overall, eating healthy foods is essential for maintaining good health and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. A nutritious diet should include a variety of different healthy foods, such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, beans, legumes, and low-fat or fat-free dairy products. Replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy alternatives can also help to provide our bodies with additional nutrients and reduce overall calorie intake. By following these guidelines, we can ensure that we are providing our bodies with the essential nutrients it needs to grow and stay healthy.

I hope the above-provided essay on healthy foods will be helpful for everyone to know about the balanced diet very well and help you in living a healthy life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Healthy Food

Ans. Eating healthy food can help to improve overall health and wellbeing, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and enhance physical and mental performance.

Ans. A balanced diet should include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

Ans. Eating processed and sugary foods should be avoided, as these generally lack nutritional value and can be detrimental to health.

Ans. Generally, it is recommended to have a balanced diet with nutritious foods regularly throughout the day.

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Essays About Eating Healthy Foods: 7 Essay Examples And Topic Ideas

If you’re writing essays about eating healthy foods, here are 7 interesting essay examples and topic ideas.

Eating healthy is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But we can all struggle to make it a part of our routine. It’s easier to make small changes to your eating habits instead for long-lasting results. A healthy diet is a plan for eating healthier options over the long term and not a strict diet to be followed only for the short.

Writing an essay about eating healthy foods is an exciting topic choice and an excellent way to help people start a healthy diet and change their lifestyles for the better. Tip: For help with this topic, read our guide explaining what is persuasive writing ?

1. The Definitive Guide to Healthy Eating in Real Life By Jillian Kubala

2. eating healthy foods by jaime padilla, 3. 5 benefits of eating healthy by maggie smith, 4. good food bad food by audrey rodriguez, 5. what are the benefits of eating healthy by cathleen crichton-stuart, 6. comparison between healthy food and junk food by jaime padilla, 7. nutrition, immunity, and covid-19 by ayela spiro and helena gibson-moore, essays about eating healthy foods topic ideas, 1. what is healthy food, 2. what is the importance of healthy food, 3. what does eating healthy mean, 4. why should we eat healthy foods, 5. what are the benefits of eating healthy foods, 6. why should we eat more vegetables, 7. can you still eat healthy foods even if you are on a budget.

“Depending on whom you ask, “healthy eating” may take many forms. It seems that everyone, including healthcare professionals, wellness influencers, coworkers, and family members, has an opinion on the healthiest way to eat. Plus, nutrition articles that you read online can be downright confusing with their contradictory — and often unfounded — suggestions and rules. This doesn’t make it easy if you simply want to eat in a healthy way that works for you.”

Author Jillian Kubala is a registered dietitian and holds a master’s degree in nutrition and an undergraduate degree in nutrition science. In her essay, she says that healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated and explains how it can nourish your body while enjoying the foods you love. Check out these essays about health .

“Eating provides your body with the nourishment it needs to survive. A healthy diet supplies nutrients (such as protein, vitamins and minerals, fiber, and carbohydrates), which are important for your body’s growth, development, and maintenance. However, not all foods are equal when it comes to the nutrition they provide. Some foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are rich in vitamins and minerals; others, such as cookies and soda pop, provide few if any nutrients. Your diet can influence everything from your energy level and intellectual performance to your risk for certain diseases.”

Author Jaime Padilla talks about the importance of a healthy diet in your body’s growth, development, and maintenance. He also mentioned that having a poor diet can lead to some health problems. Check out these essays about food .

“Eating healthy is about balance and making sure that your body is getting the necessary nutrients it needs to function properly. Healthy eating habits require that people eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fats, proteins, and starches. Keep in mind that healthy eating requires that you’re mindful of what you eat and drink, but also how you prepare it. For best results, individuals should avoid fried or processed foods, as well as foods high in added sugars and salts.”

Author Maggie Smith believes there’s a fine line between healthy eating and dieting. In her essay, she mentioned five benefits of eating healthy foods – weight loss, heart health, strong bones and teeth, better mood and energy levels, and improved memory and brain health – and explained them in detail.

You might also be interested in our round-up of the best medical authors of all time .

“From old generation to the new generation young people are dying out quicker than their own parents due to obesity-related diseases every day. In the mid-1970s, there were no health issues relevant to obesity-related diseases but over time it began to be a problem when fast food industries started growing at a rapid pace. Energy is naturally created in the body when the nutrients are absorbed from the food that is consumed. When living a healthy lifestyle, these horrible health problems don’t appear, and the chances of prolonging life and enjoying life increase.”

In her essay, author Audrey Rodriguez says that having self-control is very important to achieving a healthy lifestyle, especially now that we’re exposed to all these unhealthy yet tempting foods that all these fast-food restaurants offer. She believes that back in the early 1970s, when fast-food companies had not yet existed and home-cooked meals were the only food people had to eat every day, trying to live a healthy life was never a problem.

“A healthful diet typically includes nutrient-dense foods from all major food groups, including lean proteins, whole grains, healthful fats, and fruits and vegetables of many colors. Healthful eating also means replacing foods that contain trans fats, added salt, and sugar with more nutritious options. Following a healthful diet has many health benefits, including building strong bones, protecting the heart, preventing disease, and boosting mood.”

In her essay, Author Cathleen Crichton-Stuart explains the top 10 benefits of eating healthy foods – all of which are medically reviewed by Adrienne Seitz, a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist. She also gives her readers some quick tips for a healthful diet. 

“In today’s generation, healthy and unhealthy food plays a big role in youths and adults. Many people don’t really understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods, many don’t actually know what the result of eating too many unhealthy foods can do to the body. There are big differences between eating healthy food, unhealthy food and what the result of excessively eating them can do to the body. In the ongoing battle of “healthy vs. unhealthy foods”, unhealthy foods have their own advantage.”

Author Jaime Padilla compares the difference between healthy food and junk food so that the readers would understand what the result of eating a lot of unhealthy foods can do to the body. He also said that homemade meals are healthier and cheaper than the unhealthy and pricey meals that you order in your local fast food restaurant, which would probably cost you twice as much. 

“The Covid-19 pandemic has sparked both an increased clinical and public interest in the role of nutrition and health, particularly in supporting immunity. During this time, when people may be highly vulnerable to misinformation, there have been a plethora of media stories against authoritative scientific opinion, suggesting that certain food components and supplements are capable of ‘boosting’ the immune system. It is important to provide evidence-based advice and to ensure that the use of non-evidence-based approaches to ‘boost’ immunity is not considered as an effective alternative to vaccination or other recognized measures.”

Authors Ayela Spiro, a nutrition science manager, and Helena Gibson-Moore, a nutrition scientist, enlighten their readers on the misinformation spreading in this pandemic about specific food components and supplements. They say that there’s no single food or supplement, or magic diet that can boost the immune system alone. However, eating healthy foods (along with the right dietary supplements), being physically active, and getting enough sleep can help boost your immunity.

The health benefits of vegetarianism

If you’re writing an essay about eating healthy foods, you have to define what healthy food is. Food is considered healthy if it provides you with the essential nutrients to sustain your body’s well-being and retain energy. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water are the essential nutrients that compose a healthy, balanced diet.

Eating healthy foods is essential for having good health and nutrition – it protects you against many chronic non-communicable diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. If you’re writing an essay about eating healthy foods, show your readers the importance of healthy food, and encourage them to start a healthy diet.

Eating healthy foods means eating a variety of food that give you the nutrients that your body needs to function correctly. These nutrients include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. In your essay about eating healthy foods, you can discuss this topic in more detail so that your readers will know why these nutrients are essential.

Eating healthy foods includes consuming the essential nutrients your body requires to function correctly (such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water) while minimizing processed foods, saturated fats, and alcohol. In your essay, let your readers know that eating healthy foods can help maintain the body’s everyday functions, promote optimal body weight, and prevent diseases.

Eating healthy foods comes with many health benefits – from keeping a healthy weight to preventing long-term diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. So if you’re looking for a topic idea for your essay, you can consider the benefits of eating healthy foods to give your readers some useful information, especially for those thinking of starting a healthy diet.

Ever since we were a kid, we have all been told that eating vegetables are good for our health, but why? The answer is pretty simple – vegetables are loaded with the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that our body needs. So, if you’re writing an essay about eating healthy foods, this is an excellent topic to get you started.

Of course, you definitely can! Fresh fruits and vegetables are typically the cheapest options for starting a healthy diet. In your essay about eating healthy foods, you can include some other cheap food options for a healthy diet – this will be very helpful, especially for readers looking to start a healthy diet but only have a limited amount of budget set for their daily food. 

For help with this topic, read our guide explaining what is persuasive writing ?

If you’re stuck picking your next essay topic, check out our round-up of essay topics about education .

healthy food and drinks essay

Bryan Collins is the owner of Become a Writer Today. He's an author from Ireland who helps writers build authority and earn a living from their creative work. He's also a former Forbes columnist and his work has appeared in publications like Lifehacker and Fast Company.

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English Summary

Essay on Healthy food in English

Food is what we eat to have the energy to work. Food can be of two types- healthy and unhealthy food.

Unhealthy food is junk food like burgers, pizza or chips. This food tastes good because a lot of oil and spices are in it but we get many diseases because of it. This food is harmful to our body because we get lazy and inactive. Our heart also stops working properly if we eat such unhealthy food regularly.

On the other hand, healthy food is that in which there is a high number of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are very important to live a healthy life because it keeps our body fit. They also provide nutrients. Some of the nutrients are iron, calcium, fibre, etc. Our bodies do not get developed properly if we do not eat healthy food. Healthy food also saves us from many diseases and also helps us to heal from any injury.

Healthy food is important both for our body and mind. We must eat vegetables and fruits in a large amount because they provide all the nutrients to us. Green vegetables have iron and fruits like peaches, banana has potassium and strawberries. Oranges keep our teeth healthy. We must also drink milk daily because it has calcium which makes our bones strong.

People who eat healthy food remain fit in their old age and live longer. We must remember that health is wealth. Nature gives us healthy food. Food made at home is always healthy. For a balance of our mind and body, we need healthy food regularly.

Table of Contents

Question on healthy food

Why healthy food is important.

Healthy food is important both for our body and mind. We must eat vegetables and fruits in a large amount because they provide all the nutrients to us. Green vegetables have iron and fruits like peaches, banana has potassium and strawberries. Oranges keep our teeth healthy.

What is healthy food essay?

Healthy food which contain balanced nutrition. Balance diet and exercise are important for a healthy life.

What are 5 benefits of healthy eating?

Reduced cancer risk, Diabetes management, Better mood, Improved memory and Strong bones and teeth.


PTE Academic Exam Practice Material

Healthy Food Essay

Read healthy food essay in English in 300 words. Know more about essay on healthy food for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Learn how to write healthy food essay for kids or what is the importance of healthy food essay.

Healthy Food Essay

Healthy Food Essay 300 Words

Healthy food contains an adequate amount of vitamins and nutrients that are essential to keep our body fit and fine. Health is the most important aspect of life and if we eat healthy we can live a more prosperous life. However, people nowadays tend to eat junk food that is harmful to our body and has proved to be fatal many times.

Therefore, it is important to make people aware of the benefits of healthy eating so that they can adopt a healthy lifestyle and keep themselves away from diseases and infections. Food forms the basis of our life and eating good and healthy food keeps us in good physical shape as well increases our immunity and strength.

Eating a healthy diet puts a positive impact on our lives and improves our mental, physical and internal health. Including fruits and vegetables in our diet prevents us from various diseases like heart attacks, blood pressure, cholesterol problems, diabetes and much more. Green veggies are considered very beneficial for good metabolism and resistance to diseases.

These days’ people are suffering from obesity problems which in turn results in various illnesses. Junk food is the main cause of obesity as it contains high sugars and fats. So, in order to live a healthy life, one must cut down on junk food intake and should start eating healthy food.

So, in conclusion, one must resort to alternative ways to have tasty and healthy food at the same time. We must drink lemon water and herbal tea instead of soft drinks; one should drink plant-based milk, eat raw fruits instead of juices, switch to lean protein diet, and eat less processed foods to keep the body healthy and fit. Hence, we must realize this fact that even though junk food looks amazing and appetizing, we must not eat it and should include healthy food in our diet to live a long life full of health and good well-being.

Food Security in India Essay

Food Additives Essay


Healthy Food Essay (100, 150 and 500 words Essay)

Healthy food is essential for humans to nourish their bodies with proper nutrients. Educating students about healthy eating is vital and essays are a great way to learn about it. Here are 100, 150, 200, and 500-word essays that educate students about the importance of healthy eating habits.

100-word Healthy Food Essay

Healthy food is necessary to sustain life. The terms health and food go hand in hand because healthy food can contribute to both mental well-being and physical well-being. From childhood, we have been told to maintain a properly balanced diet that includes all components of food in adequate proportion.

This makes sure we get all vitamins, minerals, protein, and other nutrients from our daily meals. These nutrients nourish our bodies and keep our organs from malfunctioning. Junk foods satisfy our taste buds but are quite harmful in the long run as they fill our stomachs for a short period-and have little to no nutritional value.

150-word Healthy food essay

The proverb “Health is wealth” is indeed true because, without good health, our body won’t able to perform the simplest tasks. By choosing healthy foods, we can live a longer and more fulfilling lives. We learn about a properly balanced diet in schools that conveys the idea of getting adequate nutrition each day through our food for proper bodily function, which is quite important.

A balanced diet provides us with nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more. These nutrients are necessary to sustain life and keep our organs healthy. If we consume junk foods constantly that are high in calories, sugar, salt, our organs are at a risk of malfunctioning. These foods contain the least amount of nutrition and are not good for one’s physical health. This is why eating healthy is important because healthy foods promote our physical well-being. Junk foods have become quite popular since they require lesser time to cook and are very delicious. But we cannot avoid how they harm our health. Junk foods have high amounts of fats and carbohydrates that can lead to weight gain and other chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, and many more.

On the other hand, eating healthy foods has a plethora of benefits. These foods contribute to not only a sound body, but also a sound mind. Nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and protein nourish our bodies and also benefit our different organs. Fruits contain a variety of vitamins and antioxidants, plus they taste amazing. Green leafy vegetables are loaded with nutrients, while beans and lentils contain good amounts of protein.Dry fruits like almonds and walnuts are a great snacking option and are rich in the nutrient Omega-3. Also drinking water regularly helps in flushing out toxins from our body.

Hence for the overall human well-being, healthy foods play a crucial role. They can control weight gain, and make us more active and alert. They also protect us against various non-chronic and chronic diseases and adds more years to our lives by making us fit and healthy.

500-word Healthy Food Essay

Healthy food is a crucial building block for our health and overall well-being. Food is necessary to sustain life, just after water. And maintaining a healthy diet that provides us with proper nutrition is even more important.Eating is dependent on nutrition. We carry out our day-to-day activities because of the nutrition our food provides us.

It is necessary to be mindful of what we put into our bodies because food can easily make your break your overall health. In today’s busy lifestyle, junk foods have taken the upper hand because of their convenience and cheap prices. They are easy to grab on the go and are heaven for the taste buds. However, consuming them regularly can seriously harm our insides. Junk foods are notorious for containing almost no nutritional value, mostly just comprising a high amount of carbohydrates and calories. Even small portions of burgers, pizzas, and fries contain a big amount of calories. Drinks like cola contain high amounts of sugar which easily surpasses our daily instructed intake of sugar. Processed and packaged foods contain preservatives that can harm our precious health. People suffering from mental health issues also develop a habit of binge eating junk foods as a coping mechanism that goes on to severely harm their physical and mental health.

Indulging in these types of foods in limited amounts every once in a while is harmless, however, they should not become a part of our daily diet. We need to understand what kinds of foods provide us with the nutrition we need daily and inculcate them into our diet. Portion control is also very important when trying to maintain or lose weight. Also, one should avoid going on crash diets that are not sustainable in the longer run. A properly balanced meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is important to look and feel good inside out. Eating healthy also gives us a sense of achievement that we are taking care of our bodies. Eating nutrition-dense meals and drinking eight glasses of water a day can have a very positive effect not only on our body but also on our mental health.

In our life, if our health is not in good condition, we would slowly lose everything else. Therefore listening to our body and taking good care of it is vital. At first, most people can be unsure where to start. But there are dozens of recipes and health books online that could guide you towards a better lifestyle. Start with foods that contain high amounts of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals like meat, beans, lentils, poultry, and fermented foods. These nourish your body with necessary nutrients and keep you full for a longer amount of time. This is also beneficial to avoid mindless snacking.

Diet and exercise go hand in hand when one speaks of maintaining good health. This is why creating a proper workout routine along with eating healthy can have a significant effect on our overall health.

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Healthy Food Essay

500+ words essay on healthy food.

Before starting your daily activity, you must have food. Food is essential for our body besides water. Eating healthy food gives you the required nutrients you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your daily food should have carbohydrates, proteins, water, vitamins, fat and minerals. To keep ourselves fit, we need healthy food.

When we talk about our health, healthy food plays a crucial role. It helps preserve our health, and some nutrients renew the health of various organs. Besides, healthy food is always delicious and mouthwatering. Kids, nowadays, should eat healthy food more than ever. We must encourage kids to eat healthy food so that our future generations become healthy and fit.

We should speak more often about the harmful effects of unhealthy food and the positive impact of healthy food. In this way, we can teach our kids about eating healthy foods from an early age.

To keep our internal organs healthy, we should make a habit of eating healthy food. Unhealthy food welcomes life-threatening diseases like heart attack, high or low blood pressure, increased or decreased glucose level, etc. In today’s scenario, with so many changes around the world in terms of climate, pollution, etc., eating healthy food should be on our priority list.

Advantages of Eating Healthy Food

  • We get a solid and fit body by eating healthy and nutritious food.
  • Healthy food also gives the body physical strength; that way, one can go about their duties comfortably.
  • Eating healthy food gives good health, saving you from wasting time, money and resources seeking medical assistance and solutions.
  • By eating nutritious food, we can protect our bodies from getting serious diseases like diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, and so forth.
  • It also helps maintain our weight, and unhealthy food leads to obesity.
  • Likewise, healthy sustenance gives us a fit and fine body and smooth skin.
  • We never feel lazy in the wake of eating light and solid nourishment; instead, we feel dynamic and energetic.
  • Eating healthy food helps build the body and its immunity levels, enhancing the living standards one gets to enjoy.
  • It is one of the ways individuals enjoy life as they get to spend good time with friends and family.
  • Healthy food is, therefore, a principal requirement for the body.

Junk Food vs Healthy Food

In today’s scenario, consumption of junk food is increasing rapidly, due to which the fast-food market is also growing fast. Junk foods are easier to prepare and delicious. It became more accessible after the arrival of the food delivery apps. People can now sit at their homes and order junk food as per their choice.

But, unknowingly, we are compromising our health by having junk food. After eating it, you will feel more satisfied. Junk food leads to poor concentration and creates digestive problems as it contains less fibre, which causes indigestion.

Junk food also results in varying blood sugar levels because it contains less protein and carbohydrates. Consumption of junk food also increases levels of triglyceride and cholesterol.

When we talk about healthy food, it contains a plethora of nutrients. It keeps our bodies physically and mentally fit. It enhances our immune system and develops our brain functionality. If we are worried about our health, we should not consume processed food.

We know that junk food seems to be more appealing and tempting, but it comes at a very high price. Therefore, we should eat healthy food to live a longer and healthier life.

Conclusion of Healthy Food Essay

We can end the essay by stating that eating healthy food is our primary need. Eating healthy food is a simple way to increase the ease of the body and the happiness of the mind. Eating junk food will make our bodies weaker and have low immunity. So, it is essential to consume healthy food to maintain good health.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Healthy Food Essay

What are the negative impacts of junk food.

1. High sodium content 2. Excessive carb intake and cholesterol intake 3. Obesity and cardiac diseases

What are some of the healthy food items?

1. Fruits and vegetables 2. Foods with high fibre content  3.  Foods containing saturated fats 4. Foods with less salt and sugar

How to regulate our body with food intake?

1. Eat at regular intervals 2. Do not overeat or have junk food 3. Drink water and be hydrated

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healthy food and drinks essay

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Healthy food essay

Healthy food essay 17 models

Last updated Tuesday , 02-11-2021 on 09:35 am

Healthy food essay;  Healthy food essay in English with all the important and useful information where everyone seeks to know more about healthy food and how to follow a diet full of healthy food and important nutrients for the body. Everyone now prefers healthy food after research has proved the health problems that the body is exposed to because of unhealthy food. Here you will find a healthy food essay in English with all the information you want to know about healthy food.

Healthy food essay

Healthy food is one of the most important factors that play a clear and tangible role in human health. This plays an important role in preserving health in general. Some nutrients represent the major role in renewing the health of the body with its various organs. 

Where we observe the tendency of some nutrients for the benefit of the body as a whole by giving him the ability to keep his internal organs intact, where eating healthy food is the largest factor in the safety of internal organs that result in an inevitable body safety as a whole and thus lead to better performance in various functions of life.

There are many guidelines to follow when eating, so that a person can have a healthy and integrated diet:

Take into account the diversity of foods eaten by humans, and avoid eating one type for long periods, as healthy food contains many species and which are included in the composition elements and vitamins important to the body, such as bread of all kinds, fish and meat, water and other balanced and healthy food.

Concentrate on eating large amounts of vegetables and fruits, because of its great importance, because it contains many elements necessary for the body, in addition to eating different types of grain.

Eat meals regularly and divide them into three main meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner. In cases where people are hungry for meals, they can eat certain types of vegetables and fruits.

Take into account the balance of foods eaten, so that it works on different types and contains more than one food element, so that the body to get all the elements of the same proportions.

Eat moderate amounts of foods and meet the body’s need for them, and avoid over-ingestion, because it works on exposure to human obesity, which in turn lead to exposure to various diseases.

Avoid depriving oneself of certain types of foods. Eating foods that contain high levels of fat, sugars and salts should be alleviated.

Drink large amounts of water, and work to make it within the healthy diet, because of its great importance to the human body.

Healthy food has many benefits to humans:

providing the body with the necessary energy, which enables him to exercise all his activities to the fullest.

Build and renew body cells by eating high-protein foods.

Strengthen and build human bones by eating foods that contain calcium.

Protect your body from the risk of getting cancer, by eating foods containing antioxidants.

The growth of the body and building it correctly and sound.

Enjoy healthy weight and ideal weight, and avoid exposure to excessive aging caused by eating unhealthy foods.

Eating healthy food not only prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body, but also prevents from several other problems such as raising the level of cholesterol in the body, causing early obesity other than the health problems that occur to the heart.

But I find that most adults today are interested in healthy food, especially mothers. I find greater awareness in them, especially when it comes to children.

I find my mother is interested in a variety of food types throughout the week to get useful and healthy nutrients that help us grow as well as the rest of the family. That’s what makes me so happy.

I love healthy food because it always makes my mind active and feel fresh. This is always reflected on my body in the ease of movement, exercising and walking.

I find it great to have healthy food in our lives. I like the media and societal interest that encourages this.

Healthy food essay 150 words

The healthy food that we grow up on since childhood helps fundamentally in building a healthy body and mind. We always find that the children of many people who are interested in sports and follow a diet adapt their children to a proper diet.

This makes them happy to adapt their children and grow up in a healthy environment. It helps them a lot because of their fitness and high physical ability. Which makes their participate in any sport in the future is easy for them.

There are also many people who like to follow a proper diet without engaging in any activities. They represent many people and I am one of them.

We only care about maintaining general health and proper form. This is due to our knowledge of the harmful effects of foods saturated with fats and carbohydrates from diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. And other diseases that affect the arteries and heart.

Therefore, we prefer to prevent this by eating healthy food, and avoiding eating fast foods, whether while out for a picnic or during vacation times. We make a proper diet an essential routine in our daily life.

Healthy food essay 200 words

my name is (..). I am (..) years old. I am studying in the (..) stage. I love eating healthy food very much. It helps in physical growth and improves body functions.

I loved eating healthy food from my grandmother. I remember I didn’t like eating healthy food that had a lot of salad. My favorite food was burgers, fries and a lot of takeaway.

But that changed after seeing my grandmother’s health and a healthy diet that made her look much younger than her age.  I remember that she suggested that I try this type of food for two weeks only, and if I did not feel energetic and improved, I could stop eating it. I loved doing this experiment.

After two weeks, I remember feeling very active and the pimples disappeared from my face. I felt that my stomach muscles became more prominent. I liked a lot eating healthy food from then on .

It is good to have a motivation that helps each person to improve his physical or health condition. I was motivated to get rid of excess weight in the abdominal area and get rid of face pimples.

But of course, healthy food is more important and its benefits are more important. It strengthens bones, improves the digestive system, strengthens nerves and reduces stress and anxiety. Of course, this depends on the diet that you follow from vegetables or drinks.

Therefore, I prefer choosing the appropriate diet for your desires so that it encourages you to continue without losing your enthusiasm.

Essay about healthy food

China keeps food, tries to contain food and eat enough for our body, tries to contain food all nutrients, tries to be healthy food always, tries to be healthy food always. Such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. My mother does not allow us to appoint chips or soda water, and she says that these foods, you can take the image of eating fruit juice for a shot of soda0.

Paragraph about Healthy Food

my name is (..). I am (..) years old . I study in class (..). I’m still young and I need to eat healthy food as the teacher told us to build our bodies.

The nutritionist at school passed us by and told us about the importance of eating healthy food at this stage of life, its importance in building muscle mass, and strengthening bones and nerves.

She also told us about the importance of following a proper diet in our time when we are going through a dangerous virus such as (Corona).

And the importance of raising immunity in the body. And how to maintain distance between others and the importance of sterilization and stay away from germs and microbes. All this helps to avoid infection with diseases that weaken the immune system, which increases the chance of infection with the Corona virus.

I find it wonderful to know the importance of healthy food and healthy habits since childhood, because it will grow with us and become a habit once we get used to it since our childhood.

Essay on Healthy Food

I know very well the importance of healthy food. My name is(..). We are a family of 4 people. I have a sister who is 4 years younger than me. My mom and dad take great care of us.

I learned a lot about healthy eating because my dad has diabetes. Therefore, he must follow a diet so that eating food saturated with fat does not cause him to faint.

When you grow up in a family that appreciates the diet or is forced to eat it, you will find yourself learning a lot about it. I know very well that vegetables are very useful in controlling glucose levels. I also learned that there are some types that can lead to high blood sugar levels, such as potatoes.

Therefore, I also loved eating healthy food because I knew its wonderful benefits for the body and to prevent diseases, including diabetes.

Importance of Healthy Food Essay

Eating healthy food is of great importance to the body, whether for young or old people. But it has been proven that the impact of healthy food on children in their upbringing is greater than its effect on adults.

Eating healthy foods strengthens the bones. Also, many foods that contain vegetables work to nourish the entire body, and help avoid many diseases, including obesity, diabetes, blood pressure and heart problems.

Therefore, it is great to provide a healthy diet for children from the beginning in order to build healthy bodies and avoid many diseases that may affect them in the future.

Short essay on healthy food

I love very much people who follow a healthy diet in their lives, and I love families who take care of their children at an early stage.

I find that healthy food is very important because it contains the nutrients required to maintain health, and to form a good immunity that prevents malnutrition in its various forms.

Continuous and correct follow-up of diets under medical supervision helps prevent heart disease, or diabetes which is a famous disease that may affect many because of bad eating habits.

It has also been proven that people who use healthy diets are less likely to have cancer. Therefore, the diet represents good prevention and protection in various respects.

Eating Healthy Food Essay

There is no doubt that healthy eating in the 21st century has become more prevalent, specifically in the past two years (2020, 2021).

This is due to the spread of the deadly Corona disease that affected the whole world, so many people went to follow healthy diets to maintain health and prevent infection with various diseases that affect the immune system and contribute to the infection of Corona disease.

Therefore, we find that the living conditions in the world are now different from what they were before, and there is more awareness of healthy food, and knowledge of useful varieties and types that benefit the body and keep it from many diseases, especially those affecting the respiratory system, or immune deficiency.

Importance of eating healthy food essay

There is no doubt that eating foods in the form of a healthy balanced diet, rich in minerals and vitamins, along with some regular physical activity, brings a healthy and beneficial life that many people aspire to. You will find that the weight is perfect, the memory is great, the concentration is high and the immune system is in its best condition.

Therefore, it is important for every person who aspires to achieve a healthy and strong physical condition, to maintain the consumption of a large amount of water on a daily basis, and to avoid all foods that contain oils and to stay away from sweets and alcoholic beverages. In addition to the need to maintain the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that enter the body on a daily basis.

Once you follow this advice, you can get a great body and strong immunity.

Benefits of healthy food essay

Healthy food for me is to eat foods that do not contain artificial products, such as chemicals that are added to vegetables to speed up their ripening or on the fruit.

I am also interested in the source of the meat that I eat, the method of raising it, and the age of the animal. It is important that it be healthy and not injected with chemicals to speed up the growth process.

Such things, when I make sure that they are not present in my food, I can then say that it is healthy, useful and sound food.

I like very much to choose the foods that I eat where the calories are equal to the requirements of my body. I care a lot about reducing carbohydrates and eating a small amount in my meals so that it is not affected in one way or another.

Healthy food essay for grade 9

Undoubtedly, I agree with the saying of a healthy mind in a healthy body, although I tend to study more and do not like exercise a lot, but I am very familiar with the importance of a healthy body, and the impact of a healthy diet.

Therefore, I follow a healthy diet, so that I can maintain my fitness and energy to help me perform my duties and the activities that I do.

All the meals I eat are healthy and useful and contain all the ingredients that my body needs. Therefore, I pay great attention to eating vegetables in abundance and drinking water whenever I can, and eating meals that contain proteins, fibers and minerals on a regular basis, and between each meal I eat fruit meals that help in burning.

I like a lot for breakfast, a piece of fat-free cheese, with a healthy salad. An hour after breakfast I like to eat pear fruit, after that I can eat any vegetables if I feel hungry until the next meal.

At lunch I eat a piece of meat without a lot of starches, only half a small piece of bread. Then I eat yogurt to help digestion and burn. After an hour, I eat a pear, and if I feel hungry, I eat a plate of salad.

After that, have dinner, a plate of cheese or an egg, or a bottle of milk with fruits. This is the last meal an hour before bed.

This is a diet that I follow with a nutritionist and it changes according to the weight and calories I burn in the day.

Healthy food essay 150 words grade 9

The dental body needs a variety of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, water, and minerals in order to grow and function in a healthy and healthy manner, avoiding many risks and staying healthy.

Therefore, proper healthy nutrition is important for everyone, in addition to exercising on a regular basis, and maintaining a healthy weight that is commensurate with the physical mass of your body.

Many diseases can affect you if you use the wrong diet for long periods, such as stomach ulcers, digestive problems and many diseases that occur as a result of weak immunity, such as colds, infections and digestive problems.

Therefore, when eating a healthy and proper diet, many diseases can be avoided as a result of raising the immune system, and the availability of many minerals and vitamins that make the body function properly and in a regular and natural manner, without any defect in the functions of the body.

Which makes you in an excellent psychological and physical condition that helps you to spend your normal life in an excellent manner without any fatigue or health problems affecting you.

Healthy food essay grade 10

There is no doubt that a healthy diet is necessary and important for those in the educational stage in grade 10, as well as for those who are older or younger.

It is useful in the early stages of life because it helps to grow, build muscle mass, improve fitness and physical ability. Therefore, eating a healthy diet is a good and useful thing, in addition to the body getting all the minerals, vitamins and fiber that the body needs.

It is also preferable to exercise for half an hour a day along with healthy food. This will help improve the overall shape, get rid of any body fat, stimulate the heart, and get rid of insomnia and stress.

Many of the benefits that we get from following a healthy diet in addition to exercising.

Eating healthy food leads to a healthy life essay

There is no doubt that eating healthy food leads to a healthy life free of pain, resulting from inflammation of the nerves, or weight gain, and other things that occur as a result of eating unhealthy foods that contain a lot of starches and sugars.

Therefore, when you follow a healthy and proper diet that is proportional to your body mass, this results in a significant improvement in physical fitness and endurance, and many symptoms from the body and nerves disappear.

Also, healthy food has a very good effect on the external and internal appearance. Where eating vegetables helps to maintain the shape of youth, and gives the skin luster and softness, and prevents from many diseases.

Eating healthy food also helps in the regular functioning of the digestive system and prevents hemorrhoids and other cancers. Therefore, eating healthy food is necessary, important and beneficial to the body, regardless of the age of the person. In addition to doing a little exercise regularly.

Healthy food essay 100 words

Healthy food is one of the important and necessary things that God created to help us grow and build our bodies in a healthy and sound manner.

Where God created every plant, herb, fruit, animal and bird, so that we can obtain from it a specific nutritional value that our body needs.

Because man has not been able to adapt and manufacture industrial products that give the same nutritional value and important elements found in healthy food, therefore, eating a lot of healthy food plays an important and continuous role in human life.

And the more technology and science develop around us, the more we know the importance of eating these foods and the extent of their impact on the body, and the amount of nutrients we need from these foods. So I follow a daily schedule with healthy food.

So we have provided information about Healthy food essay .To read more you can access the following link :

  • Healthy food topic in English
  • Health is better than wealth
  • English essay

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The Importance of Healthy Drinks

Essay details

Nursing & Health , Life

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Drink , Healthy Food , Healthy Lifestyle

  • Words: 474 (1 page)

Please note! This essay has been submitted by a student.

  • Green tea: Green tea is considered to be one of the healthiest tea as it is loaded with anti oxidants and nutrients which have powerful impact on our body. The presence of natural chemicals such as Polyphenols present in the tea provides us with anti –inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic effects.
  • Orange juice: Orange juice is said to be the finest source of folate and potassium. Orange juice prevents cancer, boosts immunity, detoxifies the body supports blood circulation, reduces high blood pressure, supports in liver health, and prevents kidney stones and so forth.
  • Lemon Juice: Being a rich source of vitamin C, consuming lemon juice with warm water every morning helps in maintaining the pH balance of the body. It promotes hydration, improves skin’s quality, supports weight loss and aids in digestion, etc.
  • Pomegranate Juice: Pomegranate juice is packed with abundance of antioxidants. When compared with other fruit juices, Pomegranate juice not only helps in removing radicals, but also guard cells from damages, it also aids in reducing inflammation in the body. In addition to all these health benefits it is enriched with vitamin C and vitamin E, is a good source of folate , potassium, and vitamin K.
  • Beet Juice: The significant benefits of drinking beet juice are that it helps in reducing the blood pressure, aids in widening and relaxing the blood vessels, boosts Phytonutrients levels, enhance the skin and also treats cancer.
  • Ginger Tea: Ginger tea is used as a traditional remedy for aiding the digestive system. It is used as over the counter medicine for preventing stomach problems and is most famed for prevention of nausea.

Works cited

  • Cabrera, C., Artacho, R., & Giménez, R. (2006). Beneficial effects of green tea—A review. Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 25(2), 79-99.
  • Chong, M. F., Macdonald, R., & Lovegrove, J. A. (2010). Fruit polyphenols and CVD risk: a review of human intervention studies. The British journal of nutrition, 104(S3), S28-S39.
  • Jafri, M. A., Aslam, M., Javed, K., & Singh, S. (2019). Ginger: A functional herb. Food science & nutrition, 7(1), 96-100.
  • Moghaddam, M. H., Farahmand, S. K., Amin, G., & Khanavi, M. (2019). A review on the health benefits and phytochemicals of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.). Journal of pharmacopuncture, 22(4), 203-210.
  • Rathod, R., & Baokar, S. (2019). Beetroot juice: A comprehensive review on its health benefits, uses, and nutritional facts. Journal of food science and technology, 56(5), 2193-2202.
  • Salehi, B., Mishra, A. P., Nigam, M., Sener, B., Kilic, M., Sharifi-Rad, M., Fokou, P. V. T., Martins, N., & Sharifi-Rad, J. (2018). Resveratrol: A double-edged sword in health benefits. Biomedicines, 6(3), 91.
  • Sarr, M., Mbodj, A. M., Diop, S. N., Kane, M. O., Fall, A. D., & Sarr, M. (2015). Health benefits of orange juice. Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, 2015, 405079.
  • Vázquez-Araújo, L., Chamberlain, A., Heaton, C., Douglass, L. W., & Driskell, J. A. (2014). Effects of pomegranate juice in circulating parameters, cytokines, and oxidative stress markers in endurance-based athletes: A randomized controlled trial. Nutrition research, 34(3), 191-197.
  • WHO (2020). Water, sanitation, hygiene, and waste management for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

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    When we intake healthy fruits and vegetables that are full of nutrients, we reduce the chances of diseases. For instance, green vegetables help us to maintain

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    Food is essential for our body for a number of reasons. It gives us the energy needed for working, playing and doing day-to-day

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    1) Eating healthy foods can help to boost energy levels and improve mental clarity. 2) Adding fruits and vegetables into your diet helps to

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    “Eating provides your body with the nourishment it needs to survive. A healthy diet supplies nutrients (such as protein, vitamins and minerals

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    Green vegetables have iron and fruits like peaches, banana has potassium and strawberries. Oranges keep our teeth healthy. We must also drink milk daily because

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    We must drink lemon water and herbal tea instead of soft drinks; one should drink plant-based milk, eat raw fruits instead of juices, switch to

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    Also drinking water regularly helps in flushing out toxins from our body. Hence for the overall human well-being, healthy foods play a crucial

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    Free Essay: How to Eat and Drink Healthily when Travelling Maintaining a healthy diet while travelling is not the world's easiest thing to do. Not only is.

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    Eating healthy food gives you the required nutrients you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your daily food should have carbohydrates, proteins, water

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    Eating healthy food also helps in the regular functioning of the digestive system and prevents hemorrhoids and other cancers. Therefore, eating

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    The Importance of Healthy Drinks · Green tea: Green tea is considered to be one of the healthiest tea as it is loaded with anti oxidants and nutrients which have