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Are you ready to earn your online nursing degree?

Writing is an essential skill nurses should achieve proficiency in early in their career. It is a crucial part of the profession, as nurses need to be able to effectively communicate with patients, families, and other healthcare professionals.

While verbal communication also plays a vital role in nursing, being able to write well builds the nurse's ability to provide better care.

Being able to accurately detail a patient's personal history, symptoms, and diagnosis allows for the execution of a precise treatment plan that is clearly communicated to all parties involved, both professional and personal.

From registered nurses to clinical nurses and beyond, being able to communicate effectively and efficiently is a critical soft skill that will help nurses in any role increase their ability to treat their patients.

This guide provides an overview of the types of writing nurses will experience throughout their educational training. Utilize the following tips and tricks to help strengthen your writing skills, which will ultimately help in the development of transferable career skills .

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Types of writing nurses will do in school, personal statements for nursing school.

Nursing schools want candidates who meet academic and professional requirements. They also want a candidate who demonstrates a sincere passion for patient care and individual connections. You should always craft a personal statement, even when the application doesn't explicitly require one. Personal statements allow you to describe your goals, characteristics, credentials, volunteer work, and meaningful life experiences. A well-crafted essay can help you stand out among other qualified applicants. And, as with any piece of writing, you must take the time to revise.

In your personal statement, you should portray yourself as determined and empathetic, with characteristics, goals, work ethic, and healthcare philosophy that align with a program's values. Some nursing schools ask for a general personal statement, while others require a specific prompt. Colleges commonly ask students to describe a hardship they overcame, a difficult task they accomplished, or a professional goal they hope to achieve through the program. Many schools also ask students to detail previous experiences in healthcare. You may decide to write about how you connect with patients or how you provide practical and emotional support to loved ones.

You will also encounter writing prompts during examinations, including standardized tests like the GRE or MCAT, nursing school entrance exams , and course-specific evaluations. You may also take exams to get state licensure or professional certification. In most of these instances, you will need to write one or several long-form essays. Proper planning is key. Though you won't know what specific prompt the test will require, you can expect certain common topics. You can search online or use study guides to determine which prompts usually appear on each test.

On test day, you should begin by creating an outline that lists three main points in response to the prompt. Using these points, work backwards to write a central thesis to guide the essay's structure. Review what you've written to ensure that the essay actually responds to the prompt at hand. Be sure to leave time to correct spelling, grammar, and stylistic errors.

Research Papers

Like essays, research papers follow a long-form structure. Unlike an essay, which heavily relies on the writer's point of view, a research paper presents an in-depth investigation of a topic using data, expert opinions, and insights. While an essay evaluates general critical thinking and writing skills, a research paper tests your knowledge, research skills, and original contributions. Research papers also allow you to prove you understand what has been argued and discovered about a topic. Research papers, especially at the graduate and doctoral levels, require independent research and analyses. These papers sometimes take months or years to complete.

To write a successful research paper, you should pick a topic relevant to your interests and the nursing field. Possibilities include elderly care challenges, patient safety and ethics, mental health treatment and regulations in the U.S., and nursing shortages and possible solutions. Whatever your choice, you must plan accordingly. Advanced papers such as dissertations may require funding or help from professors. Research papers often consist of the following sections: abstract, introduction, literature review, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and references. You should keep this general structure in mind as you prepare notes and outlines.

How Do You Write a Nursing Essay?

In nursing school, essay writing includes academic papers, personal narratives, and professional compositions. You should become familiar with each of the five major forms below. There are many similarities between these essay types, such as an overarching thesis and a supportive, logical structure. You should support claims with factual, statistical, anecdotal, and rhetorical evidence. However, each form requires distinct skills to achieve specific results.


Cause and effect, citations guide for nursing students.

Citations allow readers to know where information came from. By citing sources, you avoid plagiarizing or stealing another person's ideas, research, language, and analyses. Whether intentional or unintentional, plagiarism is one of the most egregious errors one can make. Consequences for plagiarism include automatic course failure, disciplinary actions from the university, and even legal repercussions. You should take special care to ensure you properly cite sources.

  • Collapse All

American Psychological Association (APA) Style

APA is the most commonly used style among natural scientists, social scientists, educators, and nurses. Like other citation styles, APA emphasizes clarity of font style, font size, spacing, and paragraph structure. APA citations focus on publication date, and in most cases, the date comes right after the author's name. This order makes the style particularly useful for scientists, who value new research and updates on current findings. For more information on APA style, visit this official website .

(Author and year of publication, page number) "Punishment, then, will tend to become the most hidden part of the penal process" (Foucault, 1977, p. 9).

Chicago Manual of Style (CMS)

CMS (also known as CMOS or, simply, Chicago) features two citation systems, the notes and bibliography, and the author and date. This style is used primarily by historians, who place high importance on a text's origin. The notes and bibliography include a superscript number with a corresponding footnote or endnote. Scientific professionals use the author and date citation, a generic parenthetical system with similarities to other citation styles. The CMS official website provides additional information, including changes to citation systems in the current edition.

"Punishment, then, will tend to become the most hidden part of the penal process". 1 1. Michel Foucault, trans. Alan Sheridan, Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison (New York: Pantheon Books, 1977), 9.

(Author and year of publication, page number) "Punishment, then, will tend to become the most hidden part of the penal process" (Foucault 1977, 9).

Modern Language Association (MLA) Format

MLA format traces its history to 1951 when it was first published as a thin booklet. Today, MLA is the primary format used by academics and professionals in humanities, English, literature, media studies, and cultural studies. To adapt to the rapid growth of new mediums over the past few decades, MLA updates its citation system. Visit the MLA Style Center for in-depth information on new guidelines and ongoing changes. In general, in text citations consist of author and page number, or just page number if the author's name appears in the text.

(Author and page number) "Punishment, then, will tend to become the most hidden part of the penal process" (Foucault 9).

Associated Press (AP) Style

Published in 1952, the original AP Stylebook was marketed to journalists and other professionals related to the Associated Press. AP now stands as the go-to style for professionals in business, public relations, media, mass communications, and journalism. AP style prioritizes brevity and accuracy. The style includes specific guidelines regarding technological terms, titles, locations, and abbreviations and acronyms. Unlike the previous styles, AP does not use parenthetical or in-text citations. Rather, writers cite sources directly in the prose. For more information, including style-checking tools and quizzes, visit the Associated Press Stylebook .

In the book, "Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison," first published in English in 1977, philosopher Michel Foucault argues that "Punishment, then, will tend to become the most hidden part of the penal process".

Which Style Should Nursing Students Use?

Because nurses rely on scientific terms and information, professionals in the field usually use APA style. Regardless of the purpose and specific genre of your text, you should always strive for concise, objective, and evidenced-based writing. You can expect to learn APA style as soon as you enroll in a major course. However, you should also prepare to learn other styles as part of your academic training. For example, freshman composition classes tend to focus on MLA guidelines.

Common Writing Mistakes Students Make

Active vs. passive voice.

Active and passive voice represent two different ways to present the same piece of information. Active voice focuses on the subject performing an action. For example, the dog bites the boy. This format creates clear, concise, and engaging writing. Using active voice, nurses might write, I administered patient care at 11:00. Passive voice, on the other hand, focuses on the object of the sentence or the action being performed. For example, the boy was bitten by the dog. A passive sentence is usually one that contains the verb "to be." Using passive voice, you might write, patient care was administered at 11:00.

Professionals in the sciences often use passive voice in their writing to create an objective tone and authorial distance. Passive voice can prioritize specific terms, actions, evidence, or research over the writer's presence. Additionally, nurses use passive voice because it is usually clear that the reported thoughts, actions, and opinions come from them. However, you must also learn how to use active voice.


There are 14 punctuation marks in the English language, each with multiple and sometimes overlapping uses. Additionally, certain punctuation marks only make sense in highly specific and nuanced grammatical instances. To master punctuation, you must learn through practice, particularly by revising your own writing.

For example, colons and semicolons are often used interchangeably, when they actually serve distinct purposes. Generally used before itemized lists, colons stand in for the phrases "here is what I mean" or "that is to say." For example, I am bringing three things to the picnic: applesauce, napkins, and lemonade. Semicolons separate two independent clauses connected through topic or meaning. For example, It was below zero; Ricardo wondered if he would freeze to death. Comma splices, which create run on sentences, are another common mistake. You can identify a comma splice by learning the differences between an independent and dependent clause.

Grammar refers to the rules of a particular language system. Grammar determines how users can structure words and form sentences with coherent meaning. Aspects include syntax (the arrangement of words to convey their mutual relations in a sentence) and semantics (how individual words and word groups are understood). Unless you major in writing, literature, etymology, or another related field, you generally won't examine English grammar deeply. Through years of cognitive development and practice, native users implicitly understand how to effectively employ the language.

Distinct grammatical systems exist for each language and, sometimes, even within a single language. For example, African American Vernacular English uses different syntactic rules than General American English. You should learn grammatical terms and definitions. Common errors include subject/verb agreement, sentence fragments, dangling modifiers, and vague or incorrect pronoun usage. Hasty writers can also misuse phonetically similar words (your/you're, its/it's, and there/their/they're).

Writing Resources for Nursing Students

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Portrait of Shrilekha Deshaies, MSN, RN

Shrilekha Deshaies, MSN, RN

Shri Deshaies is a nurse educator with over 20 years of experience teaching in hospital, nursing school, and community settings. Deshaies' clinical area of expertise is critical care nursing and she is a certified critical care nurse. She has worked in various surgical ICUs throughout her career, including cardiovascular, trauma, and neurosurgery.

Shri Deshaies is a paid member of our Healthcare Review Partner Network. Learn more about our review partners here .

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Professional Writing for Nurses

Professional Writing for Nurses: Interview With Nurse Educator Elaina Mahlan

help with nursing essays

Good writing skills are important in any professional context, but for nurses, they are especially important. You must be a skilled communicator if you wish to progress in your nursing career. This is true whether you are a nursing student, relatively new in the field, or an established nurse with years of experience.

We spoke with Elaina Mahlan , MSN, RN, CNE, and faculty member in the RN-to-BSN program at Purdue Global, about why good writing is so important in nursing and the types of writing you’ll do as you grow in your career.

Good Writing Is Vital in Charting, Updating EMRs, and Creating Care Plans

Good writing can help allow for better patient care and safety.

“Nurses at the associate’s level are writing for a very specific kind of audience, one that would connect with a chart,” Mahlan said. Nurses must be detailed and accurate, and it’s important to take emotion and subjectivity out of this type of writing. These factors also play an important role in the event that the chart becomes part of an audit or lawsuit.

It’s also important to remember that you are writing for multiple stakeholders. Consider the care plan, where the nurse frames the broad scope of a patient's care. When a nurse is writing a care plan, he or she must write at a level that is suitable to many people with varied individual interests.

A nurse writes on a piece of paper

“A nurse may create a written care plan that is not only for interaction with the nurse, but also with the patient, with a significant other who may be involved in the patient’s health journey, the physician, and various other members of the health care team,” Mahlan said. “Of course, it must also be written in a way that is appropriate for the patient, who is the focus of the plan in the first place.”

When charting, updating electronic medical records, and creating care plans, aim to be consistent, detailed, comprehensive, and accurate. Critics (auditors, lawyers) are looking for mistakes and inconsistencies.

Good Writing Skills Become Increasingly Important as Nurses Progress in Their Career

“When nurses come into education programs that are beyond initial nurses' training and licensure, their writing needs to target the particular audience and purpose that they're writing for, one that goes beyond the chart,” Mahlan said.As nurses advance in their career, the types of writing they do become more varied and the need for solid writing skills remains central.

For example, nurses at the BSN level will commonly interact on a community level more so than they would on an associate’s level. You may find yourself creating communication materials, information about where to go to get assistance, or educational materials about disease processes or health management.

“You're going to have to create those for the public in a way that takes into account what people's reading levels might be,” Mahlan explained. “How do I appeal to a broad audience? How can I be pithy in my writing, so that people will actually read what it is I'm trying to communicate to them? Can I speak to their interests and their needs in a way that's clear and complete but also concise?”

The inclusion of human emotion in writing becomes more appropriate as nurses move into policy-making.

“Nurses at this level want to influence public policy,” Mahlan explained. “When we're making the case for a change in legislation, that doesn’t just involve raw statistical data, we need to be able to convey a human story in a way that moves people to action—and nobody sees those human stories like a nurse does.”

Accrediting Bodies Emphasize the Need for Strong Communication Skills

A male and a female nurse look at a compuater screen in a hospital

“Nurses are communicators, and certainly written communication is an essential form of communication in general,” Mahlan said. “But beyond that common-sense level, the relevant accreditors tell us this is key. For example, the American Association for Colleges of Nursing accredits nursing programs all around the country, and they emphasize the ability to communicate effectively throughout the national accreditation standards.”

Similarly, the Joint Commission, which provides accreditation to myriad health care facilities, emphasizes communication skills in their National Patient Safety Goals . The commission lauds good communication for its ability to protect patient safety and the safety of the entire health care team..

“So beyond our common sense, we recognize from an accreditor's standpoint that the ability to communicate effectively is a drumbeat theme,” Mahlan said.

Nurses Must Be Able to Convey Outcomes to Different Audiences

A nurse talks to two health care workers while walking

Nurses are often in the position of having to measure outcomes and communicate those outcomes to decision-makers in a meaningful way. “If you can’t do so,” Mahlan said, “then you're not going to have support for your work on an ongoing basis.”

What kinds of outcomes? Maybe it's a technological innovation. Maybe it's a change in practice to implement evidence-based practice. Nurses often write reports for different stakeholders within their own institutions to convey what worked, to what extent, and what didn't work. “Who better to do that than the nurse who is at the point of care and in the best position to see what's working, what's not working, and why that might be happening?” Mahlan said.

“If you haven't clearly communicated the way something should be done, the rationale why it's done that way, and your policies and procedures aren't clear, we're in trouble before we ever get to the lawsuit phase,” Mahlan continued. “When we're not clear, folks at the point of service are going to fill in the blanks for themselves, and they may do that in a way that's very different than what was intended in the first place.”

Become a Better Writer: 10 Free Writing Tools and Resources

help with nursing essays

The need for nurses to be skilled written communicators is clear. If writing isn’t your strong point, take advantage of these free tools and resources that help improve your writing:

  • The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University − writing resources and instructional material
  • Excelsior College OWL − multimedia support for writing and reading
  • Writing Commons − peer-reviewed, open-education resource for college students
  • ReadWriteThink − professional development strategy guides
  • Grammar Girl − comprehensive site and podcast with featuring grammar and writing tips
  • Grammarly − writing enhancement platform and grammar checker
  • Hemingway Editor − online tool that highlights common writing errors
  • Readability Test Tool − readability software
  • Cliche Finder − tool that highlights clichés in copy
  • ProWritingAid − grammar and editing tool

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help with nursing essays

How to Write a Nursing Essay: Decoding the Essential Steps

help with nursing essays

A nursing essay serves as a scholarly document focusing on healthcare topics, aiming to showcase your expertise during the nursing program application process. As a nurse practitioner, mastering the art of essay writing becomes crucial for nursing career advancement and highlighting important subjects or unique experiences. While time constraints may hinder your ability to produce a high-quality essay, enlisting the assistance of a professional paper writer can ensure the delivery of a remarkable piece that propels your professional growth.

Distinguished by its intellectual depth, an essay on nursing caters to an educated audience, setting it apart from typical essays written in high school or other academic contexts. Aspiring nurses and healthcare professionals often encounter the challenge of effectively conveying their expertise and passion for the field through written assignments. However, by following the proven guidelines on how to write a nursing essay outlined in this article, you will gain valuable insights and practical tips to overcome this hurdle.

Nursing Essay: Unveiling the Definition and Exploring its Significance

A nursing essay, also known as an essay on nursing profession, is a written academic piece that encompasses the analysis, exploration, and evaluation of nursing-related topics. It serves as a platform for nursing students and professionals to showcase their understanding, application, and synthesis of concepts, theories, and practical experiences within the healthcare field.

The nursing essay definition encompasses a comprehensive examination of key aspects of nursing practice, including patient care, healthcare policies, research findings, ethical considerations, and professional development. These essays provide an opportunity to delve into specific areas of interest, such as nursing ethics, evidence-based practice, or healthcare management.

Writing this type of essay serves multiple purposes. It enhances critical thinking skills, promotes the integration of theoretical knowledge into practical contexts, and improves written communication abilities. Additionally, they contribute to professional growth by encouraging self-reflection, evidence-based reasoning, and the development of a professional nursing identity.

When faced with the task of writing a nursing essay, students often seek assistance, thinking, 'Who can write my essay ?'. Well, wonder no more! Our professional writing services can provide the necessary support and expertise to craft a well-structured and compelling essay that meets academic standards.

nursing essay outline

How to Start a Nursing Essay: Essential Steps to Begin With

To avoid the common pitfall of rushing into writing, it is crucial to take a moment to assess the essay requirements. Many students overlook this step, but by pausing to carefully read and understand the instructions, you can set yourself up for success. Pay close attention to whether a specific topic is provided or if you have the freedom to choose one. If the latter is the case, consider yourself fortunate, as you now have the advantage of selecting a topic that aligns with your interests and strengths. For a more detailed explanation, let's demystify these steps below.

start essay

  • Comprehend the Task

The initial step crucial for success is gaining a clear understanding of the essay requirements. The question itself serves as a valuable guide, providing insights into the specific subjects to investigate and the approach to assess a topic. It is essential to pay attention to important details such as word count, expectations regarding source quality, and the designated citation style, typically MLA format, for an essay on nursing profession.

These instructions will significantly influence the overall nursing essay structure, and any oversight can have adverse consequences. Therefore, it is imperative to meticulously review the assignment guidelines to ensure adherence and avoid potential mistakes that may jeopardize your essay's quality and academic performance.

  • Navigate the Topic Selection Process

When embarking on your piece, take time to consider multiple themes and conduct preliminary research to assess the availability of relevant information. While selecting a topic, it is essential to keep both your intended audience and your personal interests in mind. Aim for a topic that not only captivates your readers but also resonates with your own passion and curiosity.

Narrow down your initial selection to two or three promising themes, allowing for further exploration. Delve deeper into each potential topic, conducting thorough research to gather a comprehensive understanding of the available literature, key arguments, and potential avenues for exploration. This deeper exploration will aid in making an informed decision.

  • Harness the Power of Outlining

Recognizing the value of an outline in structuring your research and writing process is paramount. You have the option to create a personalized outline or utilize a template specifically tailored for nursing essays.

Whether you choose to follow a traditional format or utilize a specialized nursing essay outline, the key is to establish a logical framework that aligns with your research findings and supports a coherent and cohesive essay structure. Embracing the power of outlining empowers you to efficiently organize your thoughts, highlight crucial material, and maintain a focused and well-structured paper.

  • Rely on Reliable Sources

When composing your essay, it is crucial to rely solely on trustworthy and reputable sources. Academic and scientific articles, along with medical periodicals, serve as common and reliable sources for gathering information. These sources provide evidence-based insights, research findings, and expert perspectives that contribute to the credibility and authority of your essay.

To ensure access to reliable sources, consider leveraging the expertise of professionals, such as those at Grade Miners, who possess in-depth knowledge of trusted resources within the nursing field. Their familiarity with reputable sources, combined with the utilization of cutting-edge essay writing apps , can significantly enhance the quality and substance of your nursing essay.

By prioritizing trusted sources and diligently citing your references, you establish a solid foundation of credibility, validity, and academic rigor within your personal essay.

How to Write a Nursing Essay: A Detailed Breakdown

Writing a nursing essay becomes more manageable when you grasp the overarching structure of the essay. While maintaining a formal and academic tone, this type of essay loosely adheres to the familiar five-paragraph framework commonly found in essay writing. It begins with an introduction, followed by three body paragraphs, and concludes with a final paragraph.

write a nursing essay

  • Craft an Engaging Introduction for Your Nursing Essay

When wondering how to start an essay , the opening paragraph serves as a gateway to captivate your reader's attention. It is where you elucidate the significance of your paper, provide essential background information, and set the stage for what lies ahead. Interestingly, crafting the introductory paragraph often becomes easier once the body paragraphs have been written, as it allows for a better understanding of the necessary background material.

Now, it is time to draft your thesis statement—an indispensable component of your nursing introduction essay. A thesis statement is a succinct one-sentence summary that encapsulates the essence of your entire document. It acts as a guiding light, steering the course of your work. Hence, investing time and effort into developing an exceptional thesis statement is paramount!

  • Structure Body Paragraphs in Your Nursing Essay

When it comes to structuring your essay, the number of body paragraphs can vary depending on the word count and the depth of your analysis. Generally, you may have anywhere from 1 to 5 body paragraphs to effectively convey your ideas. However, it is crucial to maintain clarity and coherence throughout your essay.

To achieve this, each body paragraph should focus on discussing only one subtopic related to the primary theme. By adopting this approach, you ensure that your essay remains easily understandable and flows smoothly for the reader. This strategic organization allows for a systematic exploration of your key points and enables you to present your arguments in a clear and concise manner.

While crafting your nursing essay, you can consider leveraging the expertise of our admission essay writing service .

  • Finalize Your Nursing Essay

When writing a nursing essay, the conclusion serves as the ultimate opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your reader. It plays a crucial role in summarizing the key arguments presented in the body paragraphs and restating the thesis statement to reinforce their interconnectedness. However, a compelling conclusion goes beyond mere repetition.

In addition to restating the main points, you can enhance your conclusion by offering avenues for further investigation, posing thought-provoking questions, or emphasizing the significance of your chosen topic or research findings. By doing so, you engage your reader on a deeper level and inspire them to ponder the broader implications of your work.

Consider highlighting the potential for future research directions, suggesting areas for exploration, or encouraging readers to delve deeper into related aspects. Alternatively, you can leave them with personal examples or a captivating question that encourages critical thinking or reflects on the broader implications of your essay's subject matter.

  • Refine Your Final Draft

Once you have completed writing a nursing essay, it is crucial to embrace the editing process. Don't hesitate to make revisions, add new material, or remove unnecessary information. As you engage with your essay, you may discover better ways to communicate your findings or establish new connections that strengthen your argument.

Take the time to carefully review and revise your essay until you are satisfied with the final document. Pay attention to formatting flaws, spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, and any other grammatical issues that could undermine the overall quality of your work. A well-polished essay demonstrates your attention to detail and enhances the professionalism of your writing.

And If you find yourself struggling with the editing process or require additional assistance, use our reputable services to buy essay online .

Need Some Help?

Our essay writers are well versed in various categories and can put together an essay you need! With our reliable service, you can quickly get fast academic help, no matter the subject! Our professional essay writers allow you to make as many edits are you wish until your essay is perfect - this way we stand out from competition regarding quality and reliability.

Selecting a Topic for Your Nursing Essay

When it comes to selecting essay topics for nursing students, including how to write a cause and effect essay , the considerations may vary depending on your program and specialty. If you're writing a nursing school application essay, you can also consider including your personal story. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when brainstorming potential topics.

  • Select a topic that genuinely interests you, as this will fuel your passion and commitment throughout the writing process.
  • Opt for a topic that you believe will captivate and engage the reader, ensuring that it holds relevance and significance in the field of nursing.
  • Ensure that your chosen topic has ample reputable sources available for reference, enabling you to support your arguments with evidence-based information.
  • Strike a balance between the scope of your topic. Avoid making it overly broad, which could lead to a lack of focus, or overly narrow, which may limit your research and discussion.
  • Don't settle for the first topic that comes to mind. Dedicate time to brainstorming and conducting preliminary research to explore various possibilities and find a topic that aligns with your interests and meets the requirements of your essay.

Exploring Nursing Essay Topics

When searching for a topic for your nursing essay, one effective approach is to review essay topic lists. These lists can serve as a valuable resource to either select a topic directly or ignite your creativity to develop your own unique idea. You can also find some inspiration for your topic ideas below:

  • The Impact of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing: Balancing Patient Autonomy and Best Interest
  • The Role of Cultural Competence in Providing Culturally Sensitive Nursing Care
  • Addressing Burnout and Enhancing Resilience Among Nurses
  • Exploring the Integration of Technology in Nursing Practice
  • The Importance of Effective Communication in Nursing
  • Promoting Patient Safety: Strategies for Preventing Medical Errors
  • Nursing Leadership: Key Traits and Skills for Success
  • The Role of Nurses in Healthcare Policy Development and Advocacy
  • Palliative Care: Enhancing Quality of Life for Patients with Serious Illnesses

Nursing Essay Examples

Another great way of getting inspiration is by reading a few nursing essay examples. Reading examples can show you the types of issues people write about and give you a sense of how to structure your own essay. Nursing essay examples can also be a good way of finding sources, but make sure that you do not copy and paste sections from an essay example because this would be considered plagiarizing.

Refining Your Drafts

The process of developing your nursing profession essay follows a pyramid scheme. Start with a rough draft by building your paper with every single piece of data you have access too. Then, as you progress forward, narrow it down to the most crucial to your topic information.

Advocating for patients’ need for basic care and comfort is pivotal in nursing practice. Healthcare professionals should ensure that patients are not harmed in the healthcare setting as it is supposed to provide healing and comfort. To achieve it, nurses should ensure that nursing care is holistic and multidimensionally. Comfort is defined by patients’ quality of life and experiences. In the healthcare setting, unwarranted variability in care should be reduced because comfort is a vital aspect of patient-centered care (Wensley et al., 2020). 
In Nursing, communication is crucial in that it facilitates the improvement of outcomes, fosters relationships, and helps in facilitating effective teamwork. When carrying out nursing activities, information is needed from the patient for the nurses to offer care that will lead to achieving the best outcomes. There is some information that patients might not be ready to release unless a nurse compels them to do so, such compelling exercise cannot only be achieved through good communication and trust between the two parties (Kourkouta, & Papathanasiou, 2014).

To wrap up, this article serves as a comprehensive guide for writing a nursing essay. From understanding the assignment to crafting a strong thesis statement, organizing the content, and revising for clarity and formatting, we offered valuable insights and practical tips for success. By following these guidelines, you can confidently navigate the process and produce impactful nursing essays.

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