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10 Great Essay Writing Tips

how to write an essay about environment

Knowing how to write a college essay is a useful skill for anyone who plans to go to college. Most colleges and universities ask you to submit a writing sample with your application. As a student, you’ll also write essays in your courses. Impress your professors with your knowledge and skill by using these great essay writing tips.

Prepare to Answer the Question

Most college essays ask you to answer a question or synthesize information you learned in class. Review notes you have from lectures, read the recommended texts and make sure you understand the topic. You should refer to these sources in your essay.

how to write an essay about environment

Plan Your Essay

Many students see planning as a waste of time, but it actually saves you time. Take a few minutes to think about the topic and what you want to say about it. You can write an outline, draw a chart or use a graphic organizer to arrange your ideas. This gives you a chance to spot problems in your ideas before you spend time writing out the paragraphs.

Choose a Writing Method That Feels Comfortable

You might have to type your essay before turning it in, but that doesn’t mean you have to write it that way. Some people find it easy to write out their ideas by hand. Others prefer typing in a word processor where they can erase and rewrite as needed. Find the one that works best for you and stick with it.

how to write an essay about environment

View It as a Conversation

Writing is a form of communication, so think of your essay as a conversation between you and the reader. Think about your response to the source material and the topic. Decide what you want to tell the reader about the topic. Then, stay focused on your response as you write.

how to write an essay about environment

Provide the Context in the Introduction

If you look at an example of an essay introduction, you’ll see that the best essays give the reader a context. Think of how you introduce two people to each other. You share the details you think they will find most interesting. Do this in your essay by stating what it’s about and then telling readers what the issue is.

how to write an essay about environment

Explain What Needs to be Explained

Sometimes you have to explain concepts or define words to help the reader understand your viewpoint. You also have to explain the reasoning behind your ideas. For example, it’s not enough to write that your greatest achievement is running an ultra marathon. You might need to define ultra marathon and explain why finishing the race is such an accomplishment.

how to write an essay about environment

Answer All the Questions

After you finish writing the first draft of your essay, make sure you’ve answered all the questions you were supposed to answer. For example, essays in compare and contrast format should show the similarities and differences between ideas, objects or events. If you’re writing about a significant achievement, describe what you did and how it affected you.

how to write an essay about environment

Stay Focused as You Write

Writing requires concentration. Find a place where you have few distractions and give yourself time to write without interruptions. Don’t wait until the night before the essay is due to start working on it.

how to write an essay about environment

Read the Essay Aloud to Proofread

When you finish writing your essay, read it aloud. You can do this by yourself or ask someone to listen to you read it. You’ll notice places where the ideas don’t make sense, and your listener can give you feedback about your ideas.

how to write an essay about environment

Avoid Filling the Page with Words

A great essay does more than follow an essay layout. It has something to say. Sometimes students panic and write everything they know about a topic or summarize everything in the source material. Your job as a writer is to show why this information is important.


how to write an essay about environment

Essay on Environment for Students and Children


500+ Words Essay on Environment

Essay on Environment – All living things that live on this earth comes under the environment. Whether they live on land or water they are part of the environment. The environment also includes air, water, sunlight, plants, animals, etc.

Moreover, the earth is considered the only planet in the universe that supports life. The environment can be understood as a blanket that keeps life on the planet sage and sound.

Essay on Environment

Importance of Environment

We truly cannot understand the real worth of the environment. But we can estimate some of its importance that can help us understand its importance. It plays a vital role in keeping living things healthy in the environment.

Likewise, it maintains the ecological balance that will keep check of life on earth. It provides food, shelter, air, and fulfills all the human needs whether big or small.

Moreover, the entire life support of humans depends wholly on the environmental factors. In addition, it also helps in maintaining various life cycles on earth.

Most importantly, our environment is the source of natural beauty and is necessary for maintaining physical and mental health.

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Benefits of the Environment

The environment gives us countless benefits that we can’t repay our entire life. As they are connected with the forest, trees, animals, water, and air. The forest and trees filter the air and absorb harmful gases. Plants purify water, reduce the chances of flood maintain natural balance and many others.

Moreover, the environment keeps a close check on the environment and its functioning, It regulates the vital systems that are essential for the ecosystem. Besides, it maintains the culture and quality of life on earth.

The environment regulates various natural cycles that happen daily. These cycles help in maintaining the natural balance between living things and the environment. Disturbance of these things can ultimately affect the life cycle of humans and other living beings.

The environment has helped us and other living beings to flourish and grow from thousands of years. The environment provides us fertile land, water, air, livestock and many essential things for survival.

Cause of Environmental Degradation

Human activities are the major cause of environmental degradation because most of the activities humans do harm the environment in some way. The activities of humans that causes environmental degradation is pollution, defective environmental policies, chemicals, greenhouse gases, global warming, ozone depletion, etc.

All these affect the environment badly. Besides, these the overuse of natural resources will create a situation in the future there will be no resources for consumption. And the most basic necessity of living air will get so polluted that humans have to use bottled oxygen for breathing.

how to write an essay about environment

Above all, increasing human activity is exerting more pressure on the surface of the earth which is causing many disasters in an unnatural form. Also, we are using the natural resources at a pace that within a few years they will vanish from the earth. To conclude, we can say that it is the environment that is keeping us alive. Without the blanket of environment, we won’t be able to survive.

Moreover, the environment’s contribution to life cannot be repaid. Besides, still what the environment has done for us, in return we only have damaged and degraded it.

FAQs about Essay on Environment

Q.1 What is the true meaning of the environment?

A.1 The ecosystem that includes all the plants, animals, birds, reptiles, insects, water bodies, fishes, human beings, trees, microorganisms and many more are part of the environment. Besides, all these constitute the environment.

Q.2 What is the three types of the environment?

A.2 The three types of environment includes the physical, social, and cultural environment. Besides, various scientists have defined different types and numbers of environment.


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How to Write an Essay on the Environment

The environment where we live affects how we function and socialize as human beings. Over the years, there has been a growing focus on climate change and how shifts in weather events and temperatures are affecting living organisms. 

Of course, although climate change is one of the threatening and pervasive things, currently, there are many other areas one can write about including biodiversity and pollution. Choosing what to write about is just one aspect of creating a good essay on the environment. 

When tasked with writing an assignment on the environment, there are some specific factors to consider. Of course, different instructors issue different guidelines for academic writing, including the format and citation style to use. Make sure to adhere to these and stick to the question as outlined in the assignment prompt. Here are additional tips for effective essay writing.

Essay on the environment

Start by Choosing a Good Topic

The most important step in effective academic writing is selecting an appropriate topic. There are many areas of the environment where you can base your writing. However, you have to make sure that your preferred topic is in line with your assignment question, as set out in the prompt. Of course, there are times when instructors provide specific topics for their students, eliminating the need for topic selection. 

In other instances, students are accorded the freedom to create their own topics. With such freedom, comes the responsibility of making sure that your topic is relevant for your project and current. Also, you have to make sure that your area of writing is precise enough to be covered within the scope of your essay. Those who are unable to find good topics can seek  custom writing  from professionals online. 

Your essay on the environment can be in any of the following areas:• Climate change or global warming and its impacts;• Biodiversity;• Environmental pollution and how it affects living organisms. 

Since the environment is a very broad topic area, you will need to conduct some research to make sure that you pick a relevant and current topic. Also, make sure to  narrow down your topic . 

Brainstorm for Ideas and Create a Plan

how to write an essay about environment

Once you have a topic for your essay, the next step is brainstorming. This is the process of thinking about the topic and noting down everything you know. The notes created here can form part of your outline.

When it comes to outlining, having a good plan will save you time much later in the course of your research and writing. This stage may require some preliminary research as well as the creation of a working thesis statement. 

Create an Interesting Thesis Statement

Now that you have a topic and an outline, it is time to create a working thesis. Please note that your statement may change several in the course of your research and writing. As you proceed with your work, you may encounter different ideas and change your perspective on important issues. In essence, your thesis should be clear, arguable, interesting, and simple. It should demonstrate the position you intend to take with your argumentation. 

Conduct Research and Document Sources

It is impossible to write a good essay on the environment if you don’t gather enough data and evidence. Quality academic papers present coherent arguments where ideas and points are supported using credible evidence. Conduct research on books, electronic journals, reputable websites, and primary sources. Just make sure to document the sources of your information to help with citations and references. Most importantly,  take keen notes that will make organizing  your essay easier. 

Start Writing as Soon as Possible

Do not spend so much time with preparations that you forget to make time for the actual writing. You may have heard that freewriting is the easiest way to overcome writer’s block. However, there is an even better way — writing from an outline and researching the various sections of your paper. Just make sure to give each main idea its own paragraph, supported using evidence and examples from credible sources. 

As you write your paper, grammar and syntax should not be your main priority. At this stage, just work on the drafting of your ideas and points. You can finish by editing your work for grammatical, content, and formatting consistency. 

Please note that the tips provided in this article are meant to guide you through the process of academic essay writing. You still have to make sure that your writing adheres to your assignment instructions. Most importantly, you need to ensure that you proofread and edit your work.

how to write an essay about environment

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how to write an essay about environment

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how to write an essay about environment

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how to write an essay about environment

Essay on Environment: Examples & Tips

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  • Updated on  
  • May 30, 2022

Essay on Environment

In the 21st century, the Environmental crisis is one of the biggest issues. The world has been potentially impacted by the resulting hindrance in the environmental balance, due to the rising in industrialization and urbanization. This led to several natural calamities which creates an everlasting severe impact on the environment for years. To familiarize students with the importance environment, the subject ‘Environmental Studies’ is part of the curriculum in primary, secondary as well as higher school education. To test the knowledge of the students related to Environment, a question related to the topic in the form of essay or article writing is included in the exam. This blog aims to focus on providing details to students on the way, they can draft a well-written essay on Environment.

This Blog Includes:

Overview on environment, tips on writing an effective essay, format (150 words), sample essay on environment, environment essay (100 words), essay on environment (200-250 words), environment essay (300 words), world environment day.

To begin the essay on Environment, students must know what it is all about. Biotic (plants, animals, and microorganisms) and abiotic (non-living physical factors) components in our surroundings fall under the terminology of the environment. Everything that surrounds us is a part of the environment and facilitates our existence on the planet.

Before writing an effective essay on Environment, another thing students need to ensure is to get familiarised with the structure of essay writing. The major tips which students need to keep in mind, while drafting the essay are:

  • Research on the given topic thoroughly : The students must research the topic given in the essay, for example: while drafting an essay on the environment, students must mention the recent events, so to provide the reader with a view into their understanding of this concept.
  • Jot down the important points: When the students research the topic, students must note down the points which need to be included in the essay.
  • Quote down the important examples: Students must quote the important examples in the introductory paragraphs and the subsequent paragraphs as well.
  • Revise the Essay: The student after finishing writing students must revise the content to locate any grammatical errors as well as other mistakes.

Essay on Environment: Format & Samples

Now that you are aware of the key elements of drafting an essay on Environment, take a look at the format of essay writing first:


The student must begin the essay by, detailing an overview of the topic in a very simple way in around 30-40 words. In the introduction of the essay on Environment, the student can make it interesting by recent instances or adding questions.

Body of Content

The content after the introduction can be explained in around 80 words, on a given topic in detail. This part must contain maximum detail in this part of the Essay. For the Environment essay, students can describe ways the environment is hampered and different ways to prevent and protect it.

In the essay on Environment, students can focus on summing the essay in 30-40 words, by writing its aim, types, and purposes briefly. This section must swaddle up all the details which are explained in the body of the content.

Below is a sample of an Essay on Environment to give you an idea of the way to write one:

The natural surroundings that enable life to thrive, nurture, and destroy on our planet called earth are referred to as an environment. The natural environment is vital to the survival of life on Earth, allowing humans, animals, and other living things to thrive and evolve naturally. However, our ecosystem is being harmed as a result of certain wicked and selfish human actions. It is the most essential issue, and everyone should understand how to safeguard our environment and maintain the natural balance on this planet for life to continue to exist.

Nature provides an environment that nourishes life on the planet. The environment encompasses everything humans need to live, including water, air, sunshine, land, plants, animals, forests, and other natural resources. Our surroundings play a critical role in enabling the existence of healthy life on the planet. However, due to man-made technical advancements in the current period, our environment is deteriorating day by day. As a result, environmental contamination has risen to the top of our priority list.

Environmental pollution has a detrimental impact on our everyday lives in a variety of ways, including socially, physically, economically, emotionally, and cognitively. Contamination of the environment causes a variety of ailments that can last a person’s entire life. It is not a problem of a neighborhood or a city; it is a global issue that cannot be handled by a single person’s efforts. It has the potential to end life in a day if it is not appropriately handled. Every ordinary citizen should participate in the government’s environmental protection effort.

Between June 5 and June 16, World Environment Day is commemorated to raise awareness about the environment and to educate people about its importance. On this day, awareness initiatives are held in a variety of locations.

The environment is made up of plants, animals, birds, reptiles, insects, water bodies, fish, humans, trees, microbes, and many other things. Furthermore, they all contribute to the ecosystem.

The physical, social, and cultural environments are the three categories of environments. Besides, various scientists have defined different types and numbers of environments.

1. Do not leave rubbish in public areas. 2. Minimize the use of plastic 3. Items should be reduced, reused, and recycled. 4. Prevent water and soil contamination

Hope the blog has given you an idea of how to write an essay on the Environment. If you are planning to study abroad and want help in writing your essays, then let Leverage Edu be your helping hand. Our experts will assist you in writing an excellent SOP for your study abroad consultant application. 

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how to write an essay about environment

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how to write an essay about environment

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how to write an essay about environment

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Essay on Environment for Children and Students

how to write an essay about environment

Table of Contents

Set Your Goal Card

Essay on Environment: The environment means the things that surround us. It is everything that makes up our surroundings and affects our ability to live on the earth. The air, water, land, plants, animals, solid wastes and other things that are surrounding us constitute our environment. Man and environment are closely intertwined and interact with each other. Man cannot exist without environment and environment cannot exist without man.

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Ancient humans lived closer to the natural environment and therefore they lived healthier and longer. But today we are surrounded by the artificial environment that we have created for ourselves – buildings, air conditioned rooms, streets, shopping complexes, vehicles emitting poisonous gases, dust etc.

It would hardly require a second thought to conclude that this self made artificial environment of ours is a harmful creation. Not only we are breathing pollution but also doing considerable damage to nature, in our expedition to grow materialistically, further aggravating the situation. The more we move away from our natural environment, the more we move away from health and longevity. In the following essays we will discuss in details, the meaning and significance of environment and how it could be protected.

Long and Short Essay on Environment in English

A clean environment is very necessary to live a peaceful and healthy life.

But our environment is getting dirty day by day because of some negligence of human beings.

It is an issue which everyone must know about especially our kids.

Use following Environment Essay for your kids and children to help them in completing their school project or essay writing competition.

Following Essay on Environment are written using very simple word and easy to understand English Language so that your children can easy understand it.

Environment Essay 1 (100 words)

An environment is the natural surroundings which help life to grow, nourish and destroy on this planet called earth. Natural environment plays a great role in the existence of life on earth and it helps human beings, animals and other living things to grow and develop naturally. But due to some bad and selfish activities of the human beings, our environment is getting affected. It is the most important topic that everyone must know how to protect our environment to keep it safe forever as well as ensure the nature’s balance on this planet to continue the existence of life.

Environment Essay 2 (150 words)

As we all are well familiar with the environment, it is everything which surrounds us naturally and affects our daily lives on the earth. Everything comes under an environment, the air which we breathe every moment, the water which we use for our daily routine, plants, animals and other living things, etc around us. An environment is called healthy environment when natural cycle goes side by side without any disturbance. Any type of disturbance in the nature’s balance affects the environment totally which ruins the human lives.

Now, in the era of advance living standard of the human being, our environment is getting affected to a great extent by the means of air pollution, noise pollution, deforestation, water pollution, soil pollution, acid rain and other dangerous disasters created by the human beings through technological advancement. We all must take an oath together to protect our natural environment to keep it safe as usual forever.

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Environment Essay 3 (200 words)

Environment means all the natural surroundings such as land, air, water, plants, animals, solid material, wastes, sunlight, forests and other things. Healthy environment maintains the nature’s balance as well as helps in growing, nourishing and developing all the living things on the earth. However, now a day, some manmade technological advancement spoiling the environment in many ways which ultimately disturbs the balance or equilibrium of nature. We are keeping our lives in danger as well as existence of life in future on this planet.

If we do anything in wrong way out of the discipline of nature, it disturbs the whole environment means atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere. Besides natural environment, a man made environment is also exists which deals with the technology, work environment, aesthetics, transportation, housing, utilities, urbanization, etc. Man made environment affects the natural environment to a great extent which we all must be together to save it.

The components of the natural environment are used as a resource however it is also exploited by the human being in order to fulfill some basic physical needs and purpose of life. We should not challenge our natural resources and stop putting so much pollution or waste to the environment. We should value our natural resources and use them by staying under the natural discipline.

Environment Essay 4 (250 words)

An environment includes all the natural resources which surround us to help in number of ways. It provides us better medium to grow and develop. It gives us all things which we need to live our life on this planet. However, our environment also need some help from all of us to get maintained as usual, to nourish our lives forever and to never ruin our lives. The elements of our environment are declining day by day because of the man made technological disaster.

We need to maintain the originality of our environment to continue the life on the earth, the only place where life is possible till now in the whole universe. World Environment Day is a campaign being celebrated for years every year on 5 th of June in order to spread the public awareness all over the world towards the environment safety and cleanliness. We must participate in the campaign celebration to know the theme of celebration, to know ways of saving our environment and to get aware about all the bad habits which declining the environment day by day.

We can save our environment in very easy manner with the little step taken by every person on the earth. We should reduce the amount of waste, throwing wastes properly to its place only, stop using poly bags, reuse some old things in new ways, repair and use broken things instead of throwing it away, see how much it would take to repair them, use rechargeable batteries or renewable alkaline batteries, make use of fluorescent light, rain water conservation, reduce water wastage, energy conservation, minimum use of electricity, etc.

Environment Essay 5 (300 words)

An environment is gifted by the nature to nourish the life on the earth. Everything which we use to continue our lives comes under the environment such as water, air, sunlight, land, plants, animals, forests and other natural things. Our environment plays a very significant role in making possible the existence of healthy life on the earth. However, our environment is getting worse day by day because of the manmade technological advancement in the modern era. Thus, environmental pollution has become the biggest problem we are facing today.

Environmental pollution is affecting our daily lives negatively in various aspects of life such as socially, physically, economically, emotionally and intellectually. Contamination of the environment brings lots of diseases which human being may suffer whole life. It is not a problem of community or city, it is a worldwide problem which cannot be solved by the effort of one. If it is not addressed properly, it may end the existence of life a day. Each and every common citizen should involve in the environmental safety programme launched by the government.

We should correct our mistakes and selfishness towards our environment to make healthy and safe from the pollution. It is hard to believe but true that only a little positive movements by everyone may bring a huge change in the declining environment. Air and water pollution is leading our health on danger by causing various diseases and disorders. Nothing can be said healthy now a day, as what we eat is already affected by the bad effects of artificial fertilizers which reduces and weakens our body immunity to fight disease causing microorganisms. That’s why, anyone of us can be diseased anytime even after being healthy and happy.

So, it is a major worldwide issue which should be solved by the continuous efforts of everyone. We should participate in the World Environment Day campaign to actively participate in the environment safety event.

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Environment Essay 6 (400 words)

All the natural things which makes life possible on the earth includes under an environment like water, air, sunlight, land, fire, forests, animals, plants, etc. It is considered that earth is the only planet in the universe having required environment for the life existence. Without environment we cannot guess life here so we should keep our environment safe and clean to ensure the life possibility in future. It is the responsibility of each and every individual living on the earth worldwide. Everyone should come forth and join the campaign for environment safety.

There are various cycles which happen regularly between environment and living things to maintain the nature’s balance. However, by any means if such cycles gets disturbed, nature’s balance also gets disturbed which ultimately affects the human lives. Our environment helps us and other forms of existence to grow, develop and flourish on the earth for thousands of years. As human beings are considered as the most intelligent creature made by the nature on the earth, they have lots of eagerness to know things in the universe which lead them towards the technological advancement.

Such technological advancement in everyone’s life put the life possibilities on the earth in danger day by day as our environment is destroying gradually. It seems that one day it becomes so harmful for life as the natural air, soil and water are getting polluted. Even it has started showing its bad effects on the health of human being, animal, plants and other living things. Artificially prepared fertilizers by using harmful chemicals are spoiling the soil which indirectly getting collected into our body through the food we eat daily. Harmful smokes created from the industrial companies on daily basis are polluting the natural air which affects our health to a great extent as we breathe it every moment.

In such busy, crowded and advanced life we must take care of such types of small bad habits on daily basis. It is true that only a small effort by the end of everyone can bring a major positive change towards our declining environment. We should not use the natural resources in wrong ways for just our selfishness and fulfil our destructive wishes. We should grow and develop science and technologies for the betterment of our lives but always be sure that it would not ruin our environment in future in anyways. We should be sure that new technologies would never disturb the ecological balance.


All the environment essay given above are written by the professional content writer under various words limit to help students. All the essay on environment are written very simply so that students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc can easily learn and successfully use in exam or essay writing competition. We have provided environment essays under the category of environmental issues. You can get essay on other environmental issues under same category such as:

Speech on Environment

Slogans on Environment

Paragraph on Environment

World Environment Day

Essay on Pollution

Global Warming Essay

Essay on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Save Trees Essay

Essay on Environment Protection

Essay on Environmental Pollution

Essay on Environment and Human Health

Essay on Environment and Development

Essay on Save Environment

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  • Environment Essay


Essay on Environment

The environment means a surrounding where we meet, we live and we breathe. It is one of the basic essential things for living beings. The word Environment includes all biotic and abiotic things which are present around us. It provides fundamental things like air, water, food, and land which is very important for our well-being.

It’s a gift given by God to human beings which helps in nurturing human life.

Importance of Environment  

It plays a vigorous role in keeping living things hale and hearty.

It helps in maintaining the ecological balance.

It provides food, shelter, air and accomplishes all human needs.

n addition to this environment is the source of natural beauty which is necessary for maintaining physical and mental health.

Impact of Human Activities on the Environment

There are various types of human activities which are directly contributing to environmental disasters such as acid rain, acidification of oceans, change in the climate, deforestation, depletion of an ozone layer, disposal of hazardous wastes, global warming, overpopulation, pollution, etc.

Components of Environment

The components of the environment are:

Biotic Components: It includes all biotic factors or living forms like plants, animals, and microorganisms.

Abiotic Components: It includes non-living factors like temperature, light, rainfall, soil, minerals, etc. It comprises the atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere.

Biotic Environment

The biotic components of the environment are the living organisms present in the ecosystem that includes plants, animals, and microorganisms (Bacteria and Fungi). These components can be classified into three main groups based on their roles in the ecosystem. These are as follows.

Producers like plants, algae, and bacteria take in energy from sunlight and use it to transform carbon dioxide and oxygen into sugars and energy. They form the base of the food web and are the largest group of living beings in the ecosystem. 

They also establish an interrelationship with the abiotic components of the ecosystem by absorbing the inorganic carbon and nitrogen from the atmosphere.

Consumers like herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores in the ecosystem get their energy from consuming other organisms. 

For example, Herbivores eat producers, carnivores eat other animals and omnivores eat both. Along with producers and decomposers, consumers are part of the food chain and food webs, where energy and nutrients are transferred from one level to another.

Decomposers like earthworms, dung beetles, and many species of fungi and bacteria break down waste material and dead organisms. They create a vital recycling task of returning nutrients integrated into dead organisms to the soil from where plants can take them up again. 

Abiotic Environment

The abiotic environment includes the components of an ecosystem that are non-living elements like water, air, temperature, rocks, and minerals that make up the soil. Abiotic components are mainly of two types and these are as follows.

Climatic Factors include rain, temperature, light, wind, humidity, etc. The climatic factors provide oxygen for respiration and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. These factors process the entire water cycle between the atmosphere and the Earth’s surface.

Edaphic Factors including soil, pH, topography minerals, etc. provide nutrients, water, home, and a structural growing medium for organisms. 

The environment constitutes everything from the air we breathe, the water we consume, to the ecosystem we live in. It is very necessary to keep our environment clean to have a healthy and prosperous life. All the components of the environment from biotic to abiotic are deeply affected by the condition of the environment. So there is no doubt that a clean environment is essential for a healthy ecosystem.

Why is a Clean Environment Necessary?

For a healthy and prosperous society and the nation as a whole, a clean and safe environment is very important. It is one of the basic requirements for the existence of life on Earth. The following are the reasons why a clean environment is important.

Any living organism including plants, animals, and humans cannot survive in the contaminated surroundings. All living species need a healthy and conducive environment for survival. 

An unclean environment leads to an unbalanced ecosystem and various kinds of diseases. The depletion of natural resources makes the existence of life very difficult.

Causes for Environmental Damage

The rapid growth of the human population is one of the major causes of environmental degradation. 

Consumption of natural resources such as land, food, water, air, fossil fuels, and minerals.

Deforestation is another major factor that is making the entire ecosystem unhealthy. 

Pollution of the environment like air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution have an adverse effect on the entire ecosystem.

Problems like ozone depletion, global warming, greenhouse effect, change in climatic and weather conditions, melting of glaciers, etc. are some issues arising from environmental damage.

Measures to Keep Our Environment Clean and Healthy

More and more trees should be planted to balance the ecosystem and control greenhouse effects.

Use the principle of 3 R’s; Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle.

To keep our topography clean, the usage of plastic bags must be stopped.

Control the growth of the population.

To maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem, humans need to be responsible and cordial with the environment. We depend on the food chain or the food web that is created by the components of the environment. So taking care of our surroundings is the utmost priority for the existence of life on this planet.


FAQs on Environment Essay

1. What is the Environment?

The environment constitutes the entire ecosystem that includes plants, animals and microorganisms, sunlight, air, rain, temperature, humidity, and other climatic factors. It is basically the surroundings where we live. The environment regulates the life of all living beings on Earth.

2. What are the Three Kinds of Environments?

Biotic Environment: It includes all biotic factors or living forms like plants, animals, and microorganisms.

Abiotic Environment: It includes non-living factors like temperature, light, rainfall, soil, minerals, etc. It comprises the atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere.

Built Environment: It includes buildings, streets, houses, industries, etc. 

3. What are the Major Factors that Lead to the Degradation of the Environment?

The factors that lead to the degradation of the environment are:

The rapid increase in the population.

Growth of industrialization and urbanization.

Deforestation is making the soil infertile (soil that provides nutrients and home to millions of organisms).

Over-consumption of natural resources.

Ozone depletion, global warming, and the greenhouse effect.

4. How do we Save Our Environment?

We must save our environment by maintaining a balanced and healthy ecosystem. We should plant more trees. We should reduce our consumption and reuse and recycle stuff. We should check on the increase in population. We should scarcely use our natural and precious resources. Industries and factories should take precautionary measures before dumping their wastes into the water bodies.

5. How can we protect Mother Earth?

Ways to save Mother Earth include planting more and more trees, using renewable sources of energy, reducing the wastage of water, saving electricity, reducing the use of plastic, conservation of non-renewable resources, conserving the different flora and faunas, taking steps to reduce pollution, etc.

6. What are some ways that humans impact their environment?

Humans have influenced the physical environment in many ways like overpopulation, pollution, burning fossil fuels, and deforestation. Changes like these have generated climate change, soil erosion, poor air quality, and undrinkable water. These negative impacts can affect human behavior and can prompt mass migrations or battles over clean water.  

7. Why is the environment of social importance?

Human beings are social animals by nature. They spend a good amount of time in social environments. Their responsibility towards the environment is certainly important because these social environments might support human beings in both personal development goals as well as career development goals.

how to write an essay about environment

How to Write an Essay about the Environment

In this tutorial, you will learn how to write an essay about the environment.

This will work for such classes as Sociology, Political Science, Natural Science, any other discipline, or even for work.

The biggest challenge when writing an essay is coming up with material.

And the easiest way to keep your ideas flowing is to break your topic into subtopics. That is the secret.

So let’s say our subject is the environment. Now it’s a vast topic, but let’s see how we can break it down.

The easiest way to break up a topic is to use the Power of Three.

Let’s see, what are some of the parts of our environment? What parts can the environment be broken into?

  • Climate Change . This will answer the question, “How is climate changing?”
  • Biodiversity. This section is about all the life on this planet and will answer the question, “How is animal life affected?” This includes human life, too.
  • Pollution. This will answer the question, “How does pollution affect the world; how does it affect people? How does it affect us?”

The environment is a very vast topic, and you can definitely write an essay on it. In fact you can write a book on it.

And if you were to write a book about it or if you have to write a longer essay, or even a dissertation or a thesis, you could break it down into these parts.

However, an even better thing is to do is to just pick one of these aspects of the environment and write an essay on it. Let’s try and see how this would work.

Let’s say we pick global warming. It’s a big enough issue in itself, and let’s see how we can write an essay about it.

Well first of all, we’re going to use the Power of Three. What are three aspects of Global Warming that we could talk about?

When you’re writing about Global Warming, you could divide it into these three aspects:

  • Causes. This would answer the question, “What causes global warming?” It is similar to talking about the past. What happened prior to today that made today the reality? This leads us to the next part:
  • Effects. What is going on today? This will answer the question, ”How is the planet affected?” What are some of the effects we are observing today that are results of the causes in the past?
  • Predictions. This section is about the future. It will answer the questions, “What is the prognosis if no action is taken, if we do nothing about the environment? And what would be the prognosis if we do take action?” You can actually have two nice little subsections here: What would be the prognosis if we do take action and what if we don’t ?

Makes sense?

Here’s an example of how you could structure an essay about an environmental issue.

Here’s a sample structure. Let’s say we’re going to write about global warming.

We’ll use the Power of Three, and these can be the three sections:

  • Predictions

What can we do to subdivide each of these sections further to make our life easier writing this essay?

In other words, how would we come up with subsections?

Section one, Causes. What are some of the causes of global warming as we know it today?

The three aspects, three causes, three things that cause the global warming are such things as:

  • People (humans and their activity)
  • Industry , work of corporations
  • Nature , the natural causes

For example, talking about Nature , we know that the sun does indeed shine, and throughout history the climate has been changing. We didn’t have all the manufacturers and big corporations in the past, but we still had climate fluctuations.

You can also divide nature into animals and plants.

Section two, Effects. What are some of the effects of global warming? What is affected by it?

Let’s take out industry right away because I don’t really care how global warming affects big corporations and their profits.

We can talk about how it can affect us human beings and how it affects our environment, the nature around us.

Final section, Predictions. We’d probably do the same thing in this section. If we don’t do something about global warming, how will we as human beings and our environment be affected?

Hope this helps. Now go ahead and write that essay about the environment!

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Tutor Phil is an e-learning professional who helps adult learners finish their degrees by teaching them academic writing skills.

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The Environment – 10 Lines, Short & Long Essay For Children

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Key Points To Note: Essay On The Environment For Lower Primary Classes

10 lines on the environment for kids, a paragraph on the environment for children, short essay on the environment in 150 words for children, long essay on the environment in english for kids, what will your child learn from this essay.

The term ‘Environment’ is basically the surroundings in which one lives. It includes both living and non-living things. The environment is responsible for providing human necessities, namely food, clothing, and shelter. Moreover, the main feature that differentiates earth from other planets in the universe is its environment’s ability to support human life. But human activities are impacting the environment negatively, which needs to be stopped as early as possible so that the future generation can lead a happy and healthy life. This article will help students write a fantastic essay on the environment in English, who are future citizens to understand the significance of the environment and the need to preserve the same. Given below are many templates for writing an effective essay on the environment for class 1, 2 and 3 kids.

Most people struggle to start with an essay. Are you also wondering how to write an essay about the environment? Don’t fret. Here we present you some key points to remember while writing our environment essay:

  • Start the essay with a brief introduction to what the ‘environment’ actually is.
  • Prepare an essay outline with a list of headings you wish to cover.
  • Remember to maintain a logical order of headings to give the essay a proper flow.
  • Give a detailed explanation of each title.
  • Summarise your thoughts in the conclusion part.

The environment is the key to the existence of life on earth, and thus kids need to know about its importance as they are the future pillars of the world. Here we present 10 lines on environment essay for class 1 and 2 kids.

  • The environment is a gift that needs a lot of nurturing. 
  • The environment is the surrounding in which we live.
  • It consists of both biotic and abiotic elements.
  • A clean environment is essential for the peaceful and healthy survival of humans.
  • Human activities negatively affect the environment. It includes pollution, global warming, extinction of species, etc.
  • Government and citizens alike should take steps to protect our environment.
  • We must spread the message on the importance of the environment to everyone.
  • More trees must be planted to balance the ecosystem.
  • The usage of plastic bags that harm the environment must be stopped.
  • The use of recycled products must be promoted.

Every species on this planet is dependent on the environment. We, humans, are also a part of it, and our primary responsibility is to protect the environment and teach future generations. The following short paragraph on the environment will guide kids to write an effective essay:

The environment plays a vital role in the existence of life. It consists of plants, animals, food, natural resources, water, and so on. Ancient humans lived in a natural environment and hence led a healthy life. But in recent times, the environment has been highly harmed due to human selfishness and greed. If this continues, it may endanger human existence. Thus every citizen must protect our environment. There are plenty of little things to do daily to help preserve our environment, such as using public transport instead of private ones to control pollution, preserving natural resources, using eco-friendly products and services, planting more trees, etc.

All life on earth is dependent on the environment for its survival and basic needs. We utilise all the resources provided by nature and benefit from them but fail to protect the same. Given below is a short essay for class 1, 2 and 3 students about the environment:

Mother Earth is the home of many living creatures. But we are destroying it little by little due to mindless behaviour. To prevent further damage, we must control pollution, preserve natural resources, plant more trees and reduce the use of harmful chemicals and plastics. To create awareness about this, ‘World Environment Day’ is celebrated every year on June 5. We must never forget that it is an individual and a collective responsibility to preserve our environment so that we and our future generation can lead a happy and healthy life. There are so many ways we can contribute to saving our environment. We can use cloth bags instead of plastic ones. We can opt for public transport than using our private vehicle to cover short and long distances. Planting more trees and mindfully availing of natural resources are steps towards a sustainable environment. Our thinking today will secure the future for upcoming generations.

“Nature is the art of God”. But the need to protect it is vital now. In this article, let’s learn about the significance of the environment and explore what we can write in an essay for class 3 about this topic. Here is a descriptive essay about the environment:

What Is The Environment?

Everything surrounding us comes within the scope of the environment. It includes biotic and abiotic elements, which together help maintain ecological balance and make human survival possible.

Significance of Environment

  • Warehouse of natural resources:  The environment provides us with all the necessary resources to carry on our day-to-day routine. It is a life support system for all living beings.
  • Medium of livelihood:  The livelihood of billions of people depends on the environment. Most of them are engaged in agriculture to earn income; others rely on different water bodies.
  • Provide food:  The environment provides food, one of the basic necessities of life. 
  • Provide medicine:  Nature is a rich source of medicine. In ancient times, people got treatment mostly from plants. More than one-third (39.1%) of all FDA-approved drugs are of natural origin. Many scientific studies also reveal that spending time in nature can increase one’s lifespan.

Major Causes Of Environmental Degradation

Environmental degradation refers to the depletion of natural resources and the ecosystem, and it can happen due to two causes – natural and manmade. Natural causes are beyond our control. But we can prevent human causes. Pollution is mainly caused by exhaust gas emitted from factories and vehicles. Due to the industrial boom, a demand-supply imbalance of environmental resources is there. Human’s surge in urbanisation and increased demand for wood has led to rapid deforestation. It further leads to an imbalance of oxygen and CO2 in the atmosphere. Excessive generation of non-biodegradable waste and increased use of chemical pesticides have led to degradation of land quality and soil erosion.

Measures To Protect The Environment

Following are the simple steps to safeguard our environment:

  • Planting trees is one of the most popular and effective methods to preserve the environment.
  • Minimise water use by reducing bath time, recycling, etc.
  • Conserve electricity by switching off electrical appliances while not in use. Use energy-saving appliances.
  • Consider using eco-friendly products.
  • Environmental education and awareness must be given top priority.

Apart from assisting you in writing your essay, this article will help your children understand how precious their environment is and ways to safeguard it. Mother Earth has provided us with enormous benefits, and we must protect our environment.

From the above points, it is clear that the natural environment is a treasure to humanity. But due to our irresponsible actions, we are continuously harming nature without knowing its consequences. Thus we must learn to respect and protect the environment before it is too late. Change must begin from us by setting a positive example for our future generation to follow and enjoy the innumerable benefits of nature.

 “A better environment ensures a better tomorrow.”

Essay on Save The Environment for Children Essay on Environmental Pollution for Kids How to Write An Essay On World Environment Day for Children

  • Essays for Class 1
  • Essays for Class 2
  • Essays for Class 3

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Peter Pan Story For Kids

The two frogs story with moral for kids, the giving tree story for kids, leave a reply cancel reply.

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how to write an essay about environment

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How to write a persuasive essay about environment?

how to write an essay about environment

How much writing do you think you’ll do in college? A lot – and persuasive writing is one of them. Interestingly, students who write more achieve higher levels of learning, satisfaction, and student-faculty interaction. But this knowledge does not make it any easier. Many students don’t even know where to begin from. Luckily, we do. Let us share some tips and strategies to write a persuasive essay about the environment that stands out.

What is a persuasive essay?

A persuasive environment essay is a type of academic write-up . It requires you to use logic, emotions, and evidence (research, data, and anecdotal). This way, you can convince a reader to accept your point of view. For example, a persuasive essay on environmental pollution . According to Aristotele, these three elements must be present in an argument. After it you can persuade others to your perspective:

  • Ethos : establishing a fact using your credibility, knowledge, and moral character. You must use this to sell your point of view.
  • Pathos : This is an attempt to invoke your reader’s emotions by making your content compelling and providing a layer of interest.
  • Logos : this is a persuasion or rhetorical appeal to your reader’s logic and rationality.

When you bear in mind these three fundamentals, you can structure your persuasion on anything. If you don’t have the skill, you can get a persuasive essay  online when you buy high-quality, 100% original essays from a team of professional writers. That said, let’s examine ways to craft one yourself.

The groundwork

Carefully read the prompt before starting.

Most times, your instructor will give specifics for your persuasive essays. You must start by carefully reading it for clues about what to do. Can you include personal observations to create a unique spin, or must you stick to a structure? If you need help with what to do, ask your instructor about essays on environment. After reading the brief, give yourself time to craft an argument you’ll enjoy discussing. Not only this, but to brainstorm, edit, and polish your work, bearing in mind you should still start as early as possible.

Examine the rhetoric

Your persuasion essays will have five basic elements. These are the text, the author, your audience, the setting, and the purpose of your communication. To determine the rhetorical situation, use facts, definitions, level of seriousness, and policy.

  • The facts –what happened? When did the issue begin? What are the known facts, and can people change the situation?
  • The definition – what type of problem is this? What is the origin of the issue, and what class will it fit into?
  • The level of seriousness – who is affected by this problem and its seriousness? What might happen if it is not resolved?
  • The policy – does it require someone to take action? If yes, what should they do?

Pick an essay topic

Focus on environmental persuasive essay topics you have a real opinion on and feel you can argue strongly and convincingly. The topic should also have a lot of depth and should connect with your audience. Examples include environmental pollution in the United States , human activities and climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and  global warming , and think of opposing viewpoints. More importantly, make sure the topic is balanced and counterarguable.

Research and brainstorm evidence

After getting an idea of what you want for your persuasive paper, look for research to support them. Pro-tip – do your research before writing for a smooth process. Consult libraries and online materials . There are reliable sources on nature protection and problems to support your claim. During this process, develop your thesis statement. Present your argument in clear language, better at the end of the introductory paragraph.

Composing your essays

how to write an essay about environment

The introduction

The introduction contains the hook, background information, and thesis statement. The hook is the first sentence designed to capture the reader’s attention . It can be a question, fact, argument, definition, or story hook , as long as it makes the reader want to continue reading. A good introduction will draw your reader and tell them just enough about your content. Therefore, craft the hook and follow it with a thesis statement (a summary of your argument).

The body paragraph

At the minimum, you must craft five paragraphs for your essays on the environment. Each must cover a single -focal point that justifies your opinion and evidence. Don’t say, “factory wastes are bad for the earth, as we all know.” Instead, say, “factory waste is bad for the environs. Multiple studies found that it harms animals and marine life and interferes with air quality.”

When formatting your body paragraph, ensure it flows together like layers of a building. To do this, use the last sentence of the body paragraph to transit to the next one. You can also add a rebuttal or counterargument to make your essays stronger.

The conclusion

Wrap your essays by restating the ideas of your main points. You can leave a probing thought for a lasting impression. However, be authoritative in your claims and challenge your readers. You can also acknowledge and refute arguments against you.

Proofread and revise

Don’t submit your essays without proofreading for mistakes. If the deadline is far, leave your essays for a day or two before reading it over for a fresh mind. Then, read from start to finish for errors, misrepresentations, and misinterpretations. Revise where necessary. Don’t ask your friend or advisor to look at your essays. You can also use a spell or grammar checker on your computer to catch proofreading errors.

You can’t convince anyone of anything, even pollution and other environmental issues. However, you can provide the right information so they can convince themselves. We recommend you use repetition, storytelling, and a call to action. Encourage opposing viewpoints and persuasion in your essays. Remember that your main goal is to write persuasive. It will help to increase the chance of persuading your reader.

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how to write an essay about environment

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