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One of the common things that all human beings have is that there are various goals that they would like to accomplish for themselves. These goals vary from person to person but their achievement brings about great joy to the individual. However, most people today have a tendency of going aimlessly in their quest to achieve their goals.

Young people are especially guilty of this as they set out to create their own paths in life. Aimlessness leads to failure and as such, young people are encouraged to have an aim in their lives and live towards that aim. It is my hope that this talk will empower you on how to live up to your aims and achieve your goals which will result in your success.

The first secret towards achieving goals is having them! Honest self –evaluation can help you set well defined goals to help you be what you want to be in life. As much as you would like to be realistic about setting your goals you should not be afraid to dream and set high goals for yourself.

For example, you may set a goal to have built your own house by the time you are 30years. With your goals in mind always remember that you are responsible for your own life and no one can realize your goals for you. Knowing that will give you the motivation you need to give your life the best shot as you work towards your goals.

Clear strategy would be called for at this point. How do you plan to achieve your goals? What are the stepping stones towards achieving your goals? What are you doing about them? In the goal to build your house, a major stepping stone would establishing a career that will enable you finance your goal. Your priorities must always be set right and give every stepping stone your best since it affects your goals, and of course pat yourself on the back when you succeed each step up it will be a plus on your motivation.

As time passes you should be cautious not to lose focus on your goals especially if we are working towards long term goals. You should hence add in your day to day schedule activities that will help you keep in mind and work towards your goals.

You could have a support group of people you share the same goals with, do a detailed research about your goals, and attend camps, conferences and seminars that will add to your knowledge concerning your goals, and you could even choose a role model whom you can emulate and who can challenge you to achieve your goals. For the house building goal, one could elicit the help of investment planners so as to be gain knowledge on how to realize the dream as well as stay focused.

The greatest enemy to achieving your goals which should be avoided at all costs is discouragement. Many lose their way towards achieving their goals because of this. You should never give in to that yes, you may have limitations in terms of money, skills, time, support and other resources but that is no excuse of not working towards your goals.

Assuming you get to 29years are still a long way from achieving your goal to acquire a house, you should realize that despite the odds, you need to stay focused. You can make adjustments to your goal to suit the reality. Hurdles along the way are common and you should never let your current situation discourage you.

Goals are the cornerstone of success. In conclusion, I encourage you all to prioritize and create time for the most important things in your life and avoid letting useless things overwhelm you. Commit yourself to achieving your goals and you will learn the joy and satisfaction that comes from attaining your purpose in life. Build your life around your goals they will shape who you are at the end of the day. Let your goals define you and bring about great success in your life.

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My Goals and Ways to Achieve Them Essay

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