28 Storyboard Examples to Inspire you

Luke Leighfield

People make storyboards to set out their vision for a scene. While it takes a bit of time to make a good storyboard in the beginning, it saves you a lot of time further into the process. The best storyboards use stick figures or comic book-style sketches to show close-ups, wide shots, pov (point of view), special effects, and everything else that makes up your shot list.

In this post, we’re going to show you a few scenes from our favourite films, and the storyboards that helped create them. Hopefully, these storyboard examples help you see how storyboarding is an integral part of the video production process as you set out to create your own blockbuster. On which note, don't forget to check out our free storyboard templates . Your production team will thank you!

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Animation Storyboards

1. spiderman 2.

Although it came out in 2004, some of the action scenes in Spiderman 2 are still breathtaking 15 years later. This fight scene between Spiderman and Dr Octopus, which takes place on top of a fast-moving train, is particularly spectacular. The storyboard sample shows what's moving in each shot, and in which direction, so that the production team is crystal clear on the desired end result – which is exactly what a professional storyboard should do.

spiderman 2 storyboard

Sparks fly when Carl and Ellie first meet in Up, and it's all thanks to a rigorous storyboard that highlights all the necessary details. Notice the way Carl looks down at his badge after Ellie pins it on, and his little smile as he looks back up. Not to mention the way he turns red with embarrassment after Ellie grabs his hand – which is the only bit of colour we can see on the storyboard. We give this storyboard 9 cute points out of 10.


3. Batman: The Animated Series

Flicking from video to storyboard, you can see how this scene was mapped out in painstaking detail by the storyboard artist. The storyboard shows exactly where Batman flies into the scene, how each punch connects with (or misses) its target, and where lighting – like the moon, or various spotlights – is used throughout the scene. All of which helps the team to speed up video production. Kablam!


Batman: The Animated Series

4. Adventure Time

Adventure Time is certainly on the quirkier end of the cartoon spectrum. But you wouldn’t sense that from its orderly, highly-detailed storyboards, which break the scene down into its core elements: dialogue, action, and timing. It’s super-specific, freeing things up for the fun to continue.

Adventure time

5. Summer Camp Island

The world of Summer Camp Island is a fantastical place, with costume changes happening as if they’re… well, magic. The storyboard here shows how a hat miraculously grows, sleeves appear and change colour, and stars fly out of the character’s body as their arms move up. Magic!

Summer Camp Island

Summer Camp Island

6. Super Mario Odyssey

Plot twist: this example is from a game, not a film. While the images here can be a little tough to follow at first glance, due to their sketchy style and minimal colouring, you can see how the storyboard informs the in-game result.

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

7. Tom and Jerry

The clipped, minimal wording that accompanies this storyboard has a unique charm. While the final result is light and humorous, the storyboard text is purely functional. However, the images give the director everything they need to make the scene sing.

Tom & Jerry

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Action Storyboards

8. tomorrow never dies.

In his line of work, James Bond is no stranger to a dramatic escape. Although this scene from Tomorrow Never Dies might be the first time an escape's involved a huge banner. Like all the best storyboards, this one pinpoints the key shots to capture: Bond cutting the rope with a massive knife, a zoomed-out shot of the banner mid-tear, the two lovebirds swinging many metres from the ground.

Tomorrow never dies

Tomorrow Never Dies

9. Edge of Tomorrow

In a macabre twist on Groundhog Day, Tom Cruise finds himself killed again and again (and again), as he attempts to defeat some nasty aliens. The repeated sight of Cage and his comrades careering towards the ground on flimsy lines never ceases to amaze. It's made especially dramatic by the choice of camera angles, as set out in the film's storyboard.

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

10. Transformers

Like skinning a cat, there are many ways for a Transformer to burst into a building and wreak havoc. This beautiful storyboard shows exactly how the carnage should happen, and how the crew should capture it. Note the small details like the soldier getting flung back into the room, surrounded by shattering glass.



11. Apocalypse Now

What this storyboard lacks in precise detail, it makes up for in sheer beauty. The storyboard doesn't give granular direction, but it does highlight some key shots, and what the colours should look like in the scene. It also shows how to capture the magnitude of all those helicopters blazing across the sky.

Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

Vintage Storyboards

12. west side story.

This movie storyboard looks a little different. Probably because it's the handiwork of renowned designer, Saul Bass. As well as designing myriad company logos and movie posters, Bass also put his design skills to work as a storyboard artist for movies like West Side Story. This storyboard is a prime example of his ability to, in his words, “symbolize and summarize”.

West Side Story

West Side Story

13. The Sound of Music

If you plan on making an all-singing, all-dancing box office smash, you'll find that a good storyboard goes a long way. It's amazing to watch this clip and see just how closely the onscreen action mimics the sketched storyboard scenes. We doff our caps to storyboard artist, Maurice Zuberano.

The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music

14. Gone with the Wind

Although it was made back in 1939, this fiery scene from Gone With the Wind is still just as visceral eighty years later. The orangey, smoky hues make the whole scene feel apocalyptic – like the world is on fire – and it's clear to see how much those colours are inspired by the accompanying movie storyboard.

Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind

15. Spartacus

When you’ve lined up 8,000 extras to shoot the final scene in your movie, making mistakes is pretty costly. Which is why Stanley Kubrick roped in our pal Saul Bass to knock up these exceptional storyboards for the iconic closing fight in Spartacus. It shows all the key camera angles and close-ups that Kubrick needs to get the job done.


Blockbuster Storyboards

16. jurassic park.

In this particularly terrifying scene from Jurassic Park, the storyboard artist details how a velociraptor pokes his head up through an air duct, sandwiching Lex to the ceiling. Thankfully, Grant is on hand to kick this hungry dino in the chops before he can do any damage. Things get a little spicier when Lex falls through the duct, inching closer to the velociraptor. But, as we see in the storyboard, Grant’s able to drag her to safety in the nick of time.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

17. No Country for Old Men

Villains don't come much more villainous than the sublime Anton Chigurh of No Country for Old Men. The movie storyboard for this scene details the wide camera angle for Chigurh's entry, how the camera should pull as Chigurh walks towards the car, and the wide shot and low angle that's needed for the moment Chigurh dives behind a car to avoid Llewelyn's bullets.

No Country for Old Men

18. Forrest Gump

There's so much to love about Forrest Gump, not least the moment where he moons the President while showing him a gunshot wound in his buttock. It's all laid out in the accompanying video storyboard, including specifics like the close-up shot of the President placing the medal around Gump's neck, right before he drops his trousers in front of a shocked audience.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump

19. Gladiator

Poor Maximus already has his work cut out in this fight, without throwing a tiger into the mix. But it does make for great viewing. The storyboard sets out exactly how the camera should capture the tiger from behind as it races towards our intrepid warrior, capturing its claws as it swipes at Maximus’ body.


20. Moulin Rouge

Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 film is a riotous romp of dancing, singing, and pure flamboyance. Like this scene, where Satine swings through the Moulin Rouge and tantalises her adoring fans. All the key shots are laid out in the accompanying storyboard, including close-ups on Satine’s face, and wider shots that show the sheer scale of the production.

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

Sci-fi and fantasy storyboards

21. game of thrones.

In one of Game of Thrones' trippier moments, Daenerys gives birth to three dragons. Of course she does. The storyboard captures exactly how the action should come across onscreen, including a close-up on the beating of the dragon's wings as it sits on Daenerys' shoulder. Not to mention the looks of awe (or is that terror?) from people witnessing one of the more bizarre births in cinematic history.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Speaking of bizarre births, Ridley Scott got there first with this peach of an arrival in the 1979 sci-fi classic, Alien. The movie storyboard shows the crew merrily eating around the table, before Kane starts writhing in agony, much to the confusion of his dining companions. Then, just as the storyboard dictates, a strange creature pops out – covering Kane's gleaming white shirt in blood. Delicious.


23. Inception

Many called Christopher Nolan's film a masterpiece. Others were just... confused. And its ending doesn't do much to help. This storyboard by artist Gabriel Hardman shows how the camera should zoom in on the spinning top, before cutting for the end of the film. That's exactly what Nolan does – leaving the audience to wonder whether we're in a dream, or whether this is reality. The mystery continues...


24. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

Creating a hit motion picture series doesn't just happen overnight. It takes time – and a few good storyboards along the way. Like this one for the original Star Wars, which illustrates exactly how some of the movie's most iconic shots should look onscreen. Those are some finely-drawn explosions, right there.

Star wars

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

25. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The storyboard for this scene perfectly shows the darkness and fear that’s needed to make the final result as scary as possible. Every image feels ominous, with a look of pure terror on poor Potter’s face. Don’t worry, though. Harry and his pals make it out alive in the end. Phew!

Harry Potter - The Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Scary Storyboards

26. the birds.

Alfred Hitchcock is the master of scenes that are packed with suspense, and this classic from The Birds is no exception. The storyboard shows how Melanie should be moving back and forth on a swing, as an army of crows gathers behind her – much to her surprise. Meanwhile, the schoolchildren watch as the scene unfolds. They'll be scarred for life, no doubt.

The Birds

Bass also dipped his toes into the horror world as the storyboard artist for the infamous shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. While the scene was directed by Hitchcock, it was heavily styled by Bass. The way he depicts an unsuspecting victim, the extreme close-up on her mouth as she screams, the iconic silhouette of her attacker. It's all there, right in Bass' storyboard. And it definitely gives you the willies.


28. Interview with the Vampire

While some storyboards show everything in pictures, others lean more heavily on text to get the point across. Take this example from Interview with the Vampire: 'Lestat's bony hand rises up from the rear seat well [...] Lestat suddenly attacks!' A few words go a long way in helping the production team to capture the vision for a particular scene.

Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire

The Power of Storyboarding

This collection of 28 example storyboards serves as a valuable resource for inspiration and learning. These storyboards, sourced from popular films, demonstrate the art of visual storytelling and provide insights into various techniques, shot compositions, and narrative structures.

By studying these examples, you can gain a deeper understanding of how effective storyboarding can enhance your own projects. With Boords as your creative companion, you have a powerful tool to bring your unique ideas to life and create visually captivating storyboards.

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Blog Graphic Design

8 Storyboard Examples For Your Next Big Idea

By Tobi Ojenike , Sep 18, 2023

Storyboard Examples

Before making a video for your business, be it a short video, presentation, documentary or a commercial, it is very important to plan your idea and one of the steps in this planning process is to  create a storyboard . 

A storyboard is a visual tool used to plan and define the visual components of a narrative or project in a variety of creative industries. It is made up of a number of graphic panels or frames that sequentially depict various scenes, shots or sequences. 

In this piece, I will be taking you through the process of storyboarding, what should be included in one, how to create one and  storyboard templates  that you can use to ignite your next big idea.

Click to jump ahead:

Why using storyboards is important

8 storyboard examples for your next big idea, key elements to include in a storyboard, how storyboards fuel creativity across multiple fields .

  • 7 Digital storyboarding software to visualize ideas

Storyboard examples FAQs

Create a storyboard in 7 easy steps using venngage.

Using a storyboard is great for so many reasons. You can convey and explain the vision for your video to others with the help of a visual assistance, think of it as a  visual communication  medium. A storyboard also makes production easier and saves time for everyone involved in the project. 

A storyboard is great for streamlining the creative process of your visual project. You can know which shots to make and how to create them when filming. Also, rather than making significant changes while filming, you can collect feedback early on and make straightforward revisions to your storyboard. 

Like a script, a storyboard is a visual guide that takes you through the production process of your video. For the purpose of this article, I have put together some storyboard examples beautifully crafted by the amazing designers at Venngage. I am sure they will be useful in fuelling your next big idea. Ready? Let’s go! 

Storyboard examples for students

Storyboarding is a flexible tool that students can use to realize their original ideas; it’s not just for filmmakers and animators. Creating a storyboard can help you organize and picture your ideas more clearly when working on a project for class, an art assignment or even a digital presentation. 

Students can use them to enhance their storytelling and communication skills, as well as elevate their academic projects and creative minds. Teachers can also use storyboards to  create an online course  for their students. Here are some simple examples of storyboard examples for students:

Butterfly life cycle storyboard

Storyboard examples for advertising

Advertising is all about getting people’s attention, conveying an engaging story and motivating them to take action. Some of the most recognizable and successful advertising campaigns you’ve seen use storyboards as their hidden weapon. 

Before the cameras start rolling, advertisers can prepare, conceptualize and explain their ideas with the aid of these visual roadmaps. 

Storyboards therefore can be used to develop narratives, design images and produce advertising that is memorable and has a lasting impression. Take a look at some examples of advertising storyboards below:

storyboard example

Storyboard examples for short films

Short films are a unique art form. Every frame in it counts in telling a concise and impactful story. The role of storyboards in the production process of a short story cannot be overlooked as they play a pivotal role in the creation of these cinematic gems. 

Storyboards help filmmakers in the planning of shots, communication of concepts and realization of their artistic ambitions. Look through some examples below:

storyboard example

Storyboard examples for novels

Have you ever wondered how authors lay out their elaborate plots and characters? Novels immerse us in rich narratives and take us to new realms. 

Examples of storyboards for books can be useful in this situation. Authors can organize their literary works using visual narrative strategies, just how filmmakers use storyboards to plot their shots.

Storyboards can enhance storytelling visuals, the writing process and ignite your creative journey, see how below:

storyboard example

All storyboards contain the same information, regardless of whether they are hand-drawn or computer-generated. To give a better idea of what a video should look like, here are the essential elements that should be found in a storyboard:

  • Title:  The title of the project, the date it was made and other pertinent project details should all be included in the storyboard.
  • Panel number:  To ensure that the story progresses logically, each page of the storyboard needs to be numbered and the panels need to be placed in the appropriate order.
  • Images/drawings:  A storyboard’s primary function is to visually represent the action or scenario. Sketches, drawings, photos or any other visual representation that expresses what will appear on screen or in the finished product can be used for this.
  • Shot description:  Each panel is accompanied by captions or descriptions that give crucial information about the scene’s events. Characters, actions, camera angles and other pertinent visual components are all covered.
  • Camera directions:  Camera directions may be included for projects in cinema, television or video to help the camera operator. This may entail defining the camera’s movement, framing and angles.
  • Dialogue and sound:  If the project includes spoken or written text, dialogue or text identifying the speaker and what they are saying or writing should be included in or close to the panels.
  • Transitions:  Transitions between shots or scenes are frequently noted in the storyboard during the creation of movies and videos. Cuts, fades, dissolves and other visual transitions are examples of this.
  • Notes and comments:  To give context, explanations or instructions to the production crew, additional notes or comments may occasionally be included. To draw attention to certain requirements or details, utilize these.
  • Timing and duration:  The length of each shot or scene can sometimes be specified, which aids in determining the project’s pacing and timing.
  • Props and wardrobe:  The production team will be more likely to understand the precise visual elements needed for each scene if objects and clothing are included in the storyboard. To ensure a coherent and aesthetically pleasing final product, it also helps with collaboration between the costume department and the art department.
  • Special effects and VFX:  If necessary, special visual effects instructions for CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) or real-world effects can be added.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll already know that storyboards aren’t just for the big screen or TV shows. That being said, let’s talk about all the different places where you can put those storyboarding skills to work.


Storyboards are frequently used in advertising to plan and visualize TV commercials, print advertisements and online  marketing videos . They help convey the concept and message to clients and production teams.

Storyboards inspire advertisers to create engaging narratives for their advertising. To make advertising more interesting and memorable, they can play around with storylines, character development and visual metaphors.

Video games

Storyboards can help plan the visual and interactive elements of a game. Game designers often use storyboards to map out gameplay sequences, level designs and cutscenes. This visual planning encourages innovation in narrative and game creation within the gaming industry.

Graphic novels and comics

Comic book artists and graphic novelists use storyboards to outline the narrative flow, panel layouts and visual style of their work. Storyboarding enables artists to test out various artistic approaches, color schemes and visual components. It serves as a testing ground for inventive visual storytelling.

Architecture and interior design

Architects and interior designers can use storyboards to visualize and present design concepts to clients. This can include floor plans, room layouts and material choices. Storyboards make it easier to collaborate with clients by providing design concepts in a visual manner and enabling in-the-moment feedback and innovative brainstorming.

User experience (UX) design

UX designers create storyboards to illustrate user journeys and interactions with digital products and websites. These storyboards help identify usability issues and design improvements. With the aid of storyboards, designers may test various design concepts and receive user input for ongoing improvement.

Instructional design 

In the field of education and training, storyboards can be used to plan out the content and layout of educational videos, eLearning modules and training materials. Interactive learning tools like digital presentations or instructional games can incorporate storyboarding to increase learning enjoyment. For example, several tutors use storyboards in their  YouTube videos , to present their knowledge and simplify the learning process.

Theater and stage productions:

Directors and set designers in theater use storyboards to plan scenes, lighting and stage setups. These visual aids assist in the production process. 

Marketing and content creation: 

Content creators and marketers often use storyboards to plan video content, social media campaigns and marketing materials. They help ensure that the intended message is effectively conveyed.

Product design: 

Industrial designers and product developers may use storyboards to illustrate how a product is used, highlighting its features and benefits. Storyboards can be used to refine product prototypes and collect stakeholder feedback. The iterative method encourages original problem-solving and the improvement of the final result.

Event planning: 

Event planners can create storyboards to visualize the setup, decor and flow of events such as weddings, conferences and trade shows. Event planners can think creatively about logistics and flow by using storyboarding. It promotes creative responses to problems like crowd control and visitor engagement.

Storyboarding for presentations: 

In business presentations, a simplified form of storyboarding can be used to plan the flow of slides, ensuring that the message is clear and engaging. Using storyboards, presenters can organize their presentations as storylines. The audience is drawn in by this strategy, which also engages them as it leads them through the content.

7 digital storyboarding software to visualize ideas

You can get the most out of a storyboarding app whether you’re a teacher, businessperson, ad creator, animator or social media enthusiast. 

One question remains, however — what are the options and how do you decide which is best for you? Well, I’m here to help you with that. Let’s take a look at my top 7 favorite digital storyboarding software that can help visualize your ideas. 

1. Adobe Storyboard CC

storyboard example

Adobe Storyboard CC is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, making it a popular choice for many professionals. It offers a range of tools to create storyboards, including customizable templates, drawing tools and integration with other Adobe software like Photoshop and Premiere Pro. This makes it an ideal choice for filmmakers and animators who want seamless integration with their post-production workflow.

Price:  While a free plan is available, you can also subscribe to the Premium plan for $9.99 per month. 

2. Storyboard That

storyboard example

Storyboard That is a user-friendly online tool suitable for a wide range of applications, from education to marketing. It offers a vast library of pre-made characters, scenes and props, allowing users to create visually appealing storyboards quickly. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it accessible to beginners and professionals alike. 

Pricing:  Free; $9.99/month (For Fun); $8.99/month (For Teachers); $14.99/month (For Work)

3. FrameForge

storyboard example

FrameForge is tailored specifically for filmmakers and is known for its robust 3D previsualization features. It allows users to create storyboards with 3D characters and props, plan camera movements and even simulate lighting conditions. This software is ideal for filmmakers looking to plan every detail of their shots.

Price : $500 for Core Edition (or subscribe for $12.99/month); Pro starts at $799 (annual subscription is $25.99/month)

4. Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

storyboard example

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro is a go-to choice for animators and illustrators. It offers powerful drawing and animation tools that enable users to create detailed storyboards and animatics. The software’s seamless integration with other animation software makes it a favorite in the animation industry.

Price:  Harmony essentials at $41 a year, Harmony advanced at $61.50 a year and Harmony premium at $127.50

storyboard example

Celtx is a versatile pre-production tool that caters to both filmmakers and writers. It includes features for scriptwriting, storyboarding and scheduling, making it an all-in-one solution for creative projects. The software allows for collaborative work, making it suitable for teams.

Price : 7 day free trial followed by paid plans at a very affordable $22.49 a month. 

storyboard example

Boords is an online storyboarding tool that focuses on simplicity and collaboration. It offers a user-friendly interface, pre-made templates and the ability to share storyboards with team members for feedback and collaboration. It’s an excellent choice for projects that require teamwork and feedback.

Price : Starting $36/month for three users; 50 users will run you $120/month

storyboard example

ShotPro is designed for filmmakers and videographers who need detailed shot planning. It offers a wide range of camera angles and lens options to help users create precise storyboards. The 3D environment allows for realistic previsualization, aiding in the planning of complex shots.

Price:  $9.99 monthly, $44.99 for 6 months and $79.99 for a year.

If you’re just looking for a quick and easy solution for simple project ideas — Venngage’s storyboard templates are for you. Be it for a short video, documentary, animation, product ad or business presentation, Venngage has a variety of templates and ready-to-use features that you can use to create the perfect storyboard to bring your idea to life.

How to create an effective storyboard?

To create an effective storyboard, start by defining your project’s objectives and developing a clear script or narrative. Choose the appropriate storyboard format, such as digital or traditional and sketch each frame, paying attention to composition and annotations. Review and revise your storyboard based on feedback to ensure it effectively conveys your story and visual elements. 

For more tips on how to ace your storyboard, check out our detailed guide on how to make a storyboard. 

What is the best format for a storyboard?

The project at hand and your personal preference will determine the ideal format for a storyboard. Traditional panels, template sheets, computer software, cards and more are examples of common formats. Whether it’s for a video, a design or other creative activity, pick the format that best meets your project’s requirements.

How do you write a storyboard script?

Writing a storyboard script involves creating concise descriptions and dialogue for each panel or frame in the storyboard. Identify scenes, add descriptions, include dialogue, maintain clarity, organize sequence panels and include notes. Ensure to review and revise all that you have.

Do storyboard examples replace scripts?

Storyboard examples do not take the role of scripts. By giving a visual depiction of the events and actions outlined in the script, they support scripts. Storyboards help designers, creators and filmmakers in visualizing how the story of the script will appear on the screen or in their creation. 

While storyboards improve the planning and visualization process, the script still serves as the basis for language, character interactions and storytelling.

Are there any industry standards for creating storyboards?

Storyboard creation is not subject to any rigid industry guidelines. However, there are standard procedures and directives that experts in many different industries, like design, advertising and filmmaking follow. 

These techniques include employing panels that are clear and in order, including captions or descriptions and making sure the storyboard conveys the intended visual narrative. Depending on the requirements of the project and the preferences of the creator, the precise format and specifics may change.

How detailed should a storyboard be?

Depending on the requirements of the project and the preferences of the creator or team, a storyboard’s level of depth may change. Storyboards can often be very explicit, with specific camera angles, shot compositions and visual components. 

In other cases, they might be simpler, emphasizing the main characters’ actions and narrative arcs. To successfully communicate the required visuals while allowing for creative flexibility, a balance must be struck.

Can I use storyboard examples for my personal projects?

Whether you’re constructing a website, producing a commercial, making a video game or writing a tale, you may utilize storyboard examples to organize and visualize your creative ideas. They aid in the organization and expression of your ideas.

Creating a storyboard doesn’t have to be a complex process. Whether you’re planning a video, presentation or any visual storytelling project, Venngage simplifies the journey from concept to completion. So, bring your ideas to life and start crafting compelling stories with Venngage’s user-friendly platform and ready-to-use templates, in just 7 easy steps.

  • Sign up or log in to Venngage : If you haven’t already, log into your Venngage account or register a new one. You’ll have access to the platform’s features and templates after doing this.
  • Choose a template and customize it : Look through Venngage’s storyboard template collection and pick a template that works for your project. Start modifying the template you’ve chosen so that it fits your particular project once you’ve done so. Change the headings, sections, color scheme, font and layout to reflect your visual style and narrative voice.
  • Add frames or panels : Add frames or panels to each part of your storyboard template where you’ll portray various scenarios or shots from your tale. Your tale is visually represented by these frames.
  • Insert images or drawings : Insert pictures or sketches that represent the visual components of each scene into each frame or panel. To add your graphics or make drawings right in the site, use Venngage’s image upload option.
  • Organize and sequence : Put the panels or frames in the order that corresponds to your story’s chronological flow. This makes it more likely that your story will be coherent and cohesive.
  • Review and finalize : Check your storyboard for accuracy, completeness and clarity before putting the finishing touches on it. Make sure your story is successfully communicated. When you’re finished, save your project and distribute it to your team or other collaborators.
  • Share : You may export your storyboard from Venngage in a number of file types, including PDFs and images. To receive feedback from others, you can also create a link that can be shared.

As you embark on your next big idea, remember that storyboards not only help you plan and organize your project but also facilitate effective communication with your team and stakeholders. 

By choosing the right storyboard style and technique for your specific needs, you can streamline your workflow, save time and resources and ultimately create more impactful and engaging projects. Think about design guidelines that will improve the effectiveness of your storyboard. Referred to as design thinking , it promotes a user-centered approach, emphasizing empathy, creativity, and iterative problem-solving.

So, whether you’re crafting an advertising campaign, designing a video game or teaching a complex concept, consider the power of storyboards as your visual roadmap to success. 

Download FREE Storyboard Templates Pack  or   Make a Storyboard Online

We have two free options for you! Make a story board online with StudioBinder's Storyboard Creator, or download a free storyboard template pack below.

Free Video Storyboard Template

What is a Storyboard?

A  storyboard  is a graphic layout that sequences illustrations and images with the purpose of visually telling a story. A story board is used to communicate how a scene will play out shot by shot and is often used for motion pictures, television, animation, commercials, pre-visualizations or interactive media.

Storyboard panels can be comprised of custom drawings, screenshots from comparable videos, or photos taken on location.

A storyboard template or storyboarding software is designed to make the process of assembling and sharing professional story boards much easier. 

Preview and download  60+ free storyboard templates , ideal for video, film, TV, animation or simply pitching a story. The story board templates are available as PDF, PSD, Word or PPT.

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How to Make a Storyboard Online

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storyboard example

Tired of templates? With a storyboard creator you can create a professional storyboard in the cloud, collaborate, and share storyboards, like the one below:

How to Make a Storyboard - The Pen Storyboard Example - StudioBinder

Story boards Supported:   Animation Storyboard  •  Video Storyboard  •  Movie Storyboard  • Short Film Storyboard •  Powerpoint Story board  •  Digital Storyboard  •  Comic Story board  •  Commercial Storyboard

Printable PDF Storyboard Template

Ideal if you want to print your storyboard template PDF or sketch by hand. Comes bundled with portrait and landscape versions with up to 16 panels per page.

2-Frame Vertical PDF Storyboard Template

3-frame vertical pdf storyboard template, 3-frame vertical with checkboxes  , 6-frame vertical pdf storyboard template.

Download storyboard templates as layered PSDs, compatible with all recent versions of Adobe Photoshop.

2-Frame Vertical Storyboard Template

3-frame vertical storyboard template, 3-frame vertical with checkboxes, 6-frame vertical storyboard template.

If you're looking for a powerpoint storyboard to incorporate into a presentation, this is the storyboard pack for you.

storyboard example

"StudioBinder has  the best storyboard templates I’ve found online."

Gabriel Hardman, Storyboard Artist for Interstellar and Inception

These storyboard templates for Microsoft Word (docx) make it easy to create a storyboard without leaving your word processor. Could also be imported into Google Docs.

Comic or Animation Storyboard Templates

Storyboarding is a critical part of the animation or comic process, so start yourself off on the right foot. Also brush up on the storyboarding process by reading our guide on how to make a storyboard .

2-Frame Vertical Animation Storyboard  Template

3-frame vertical animation storyboard template, 6-frame vertical animation storyboard template, film and video storyboard templates.

Whether shooting a movie, online video or commercial, a good film and video storyboard template will make it easy to communicate your vision with clarity. Need shot inspiration? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Camera Shots & Angles

Or Use Storyboard Creator Software

Storyboard templates are nice and all, but messing with margins takes a toll. By using online storyboard software, the grunt work is done so you can focus on the creative.

Collaborate in the cloud. Click-and-select shot details. Customize columns and aspect ratios. View and share slideshows with collaborators and clients.

More Storyboarding Resources

There's more to a good storyboard template than how it's laid out. Explore these essential articles to take your work to the next level.


How to Make a Storyboard - Video Storyboard Template - sm

The Definitive Guide to Storyboarding

A step-by-step guide to creating a storyboard. Includes plenty of storyboard examples to get you started.

storyboard example

Inspiring Film & TV Storyboard Examples

A collection of DGA-released professional storyboard examples from world-renowned storyboard artists working in entertainment.

Best Storyboard Software - StudioBinder - sm

List of the Best Storyboard Software

Design, upload, share and collaborate better using storyboard software. Here's a list of the best storyboard apps in the market right now.

Online Storyboard Creator and Maker - StudioBinder - sm

A step-by-step guide to creating storyboards with an online storyboard creator . You'll never go back.

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12 free storyboard templates that bring creative visions to life

Storyboards are a powerful way to visually organize your projects and collect feedback. This versatile technique can be applied to a variety of creative pursuits, from novel writing, fashion design, filmmaking, podcast production, website design, game development and more. Bring your creative project to life with one of these free storyboard templates.

Film Storyboard Template

Communicate how a scene will play out with the Film Storyboard Template. It will help you map out the visuals, narration and sequence of each scene in a fun and flexible way.

Film Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

Motion Design Storyboard Template

The Motion Design Storyboard Template allows you to visually plan your project, helping you to organize your ideas and sequence of scenes. Drag and drop illustrations, screenshots, 3D renders or animated GIF files to convey the overall visual narrative.

Motion Design Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

Game Storyboard Template

Structure and communicate the flow of your next game with the Game Design Storyboard Template. You can use it to plan the layout and progression of levels, animations for a character or sequence of challenges.

Game Design Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

Animation Storyboard Template

The Animation Storyboard Template allows you to visually map out your ideas, scenes, and transitions. It helps you see the big picture of your project and ensure your vision is effectively communicated.

Animation Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

App Storyboard Template

The App Storyboard Template allows you to visually map out the flow and navigation of your app. It helps you (and your team) understand how users will interact with your app so you can build a smooth and intuitive user experience.

App Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

Event Storyboard Template

The Event Storyboard Template helps you visually map out the flow and sequence of your event so you don't miss a thing. Drag and drop images, add notes, video, maps and more to plan your next unforgettable occasion.

Event Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

Fashion Storyboard Template

A Fashion Storyboard Template allows you to visually present your design concepts and ideas. It helps you see how garments, accessories, and styling elements come together, so you can create something amazing.

Fashion Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

Photography Storyboard Template

A Photography Storyboard Template can help you visualize and plan the shot list for your project. It allows you to map out the order, composition, and desired visuals for each shot, ensuring a cohesive and well-planned photography session.

Photography Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

Podcast Storyboard Template

The Podcast Storyboard Template helps you visually plan the format of each episode—including the introduction, transitions, interviews, music breaks, and conclusion. It lets to see how different elements come together so you can create a more engaging podcast.

Podcast Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

TVC Advertising Storyboard Template

Whether you're pitching an idea, coordinating with a product team or just visualizing your story, the TVC Advertising Storyboard Template will help you plan it out in minutes. Drag and drop the narrative, sequence, and visuals of your commercial to see everything in one place.

TVC Advertising Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

UX Storyboard Template

Visually map out user journeys and interactions with the UX Storyboard Template. It's perfect for digital product or website and can help you understand the flow and identify pain points, ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive experience.

UX Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

Video Storyboard Template

The Video Storyboard is a crucial step in pre-production that helps you plan your video scene-by-scene. It allows you to capture key details about characters, props, dialogue, camera angles, special effects and much more.

Video Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

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4 of the Best UI Storyboard Examples for 2023

Storyboards are an excellent option for UI designers who need to pre-visualize the creating process or user experiences.

With storyboards, you can also chronologically convey each element, stage, or shot to visualize your project ideas. 

Storyboards can help you visualize different projects, like sales pitches, animations, and movie storyboards. In this article, we’ll discuss UI storyboards, particularly, and give some storyboard examples from which you can take inspiration. 

If you’re looking to get stuck into creating your first one already, we’ve made a step-by-step guide to storyboarding for that.

Use this menu to explore specific sections of the article:

  • What is a UI storyboard?
  • Types of UI storyboard
  • How do you make a UI storyboard?
  • Some tips for making a great storyboard
  • Four UI storyboard examples

Let’s start with the basics.

1. What is a UI storyboard?

A UI storyboard is a visual representation of the user interface of your website or product. The storyboards make it easy to visualize user interaction with your product. 

This simplifies your work as a UI designer because your visual user story gives you a clear idea of how to create your product. It also saves you time because you avoid the trial-and-error cycle in the product creation process.

If you want to learn more about them, we’ve created a full beginner’s guide to storyboards .

Besides this, there are other benefits of storyboarding, which include:

Identifying key design elements

By visualizing your user’s experience, you can overcome personal biases and prioritize the critical design elements that will solve the user’s pain points.

Helping you pay more attention to your product

With your design on paper or a digital storyboard, it is easy to note mistakes, problem areas, or gaps in your user story. It is also easy to note different scenes that make your storyboard clearer. 

Boosting your creativity

Visual representation has also been proven to encourage creativity, especially since humans process visual art or data 60,000 times faster than we do text. As a result, you are more likely to develop a better product. 

Ensuring a good presentation

Explaining your digital product ideas to your clients is easy, since they can see them on the storyboard. Again, this is way easier to comprehend than the text-only script.

2. Types of UI storyboard

You can use different storyboard styles to visualize your UI storyboard. Here are the three popular methods you should familiarize yourself with, as well as some storyboard examples to go with it:

Traditional storyboarding style

This is the most popular storyboarding method. 

It was the storyboard style used for animated films like Mickey Mouse and other Walt Disney productions in the past, but it is used to date. The method consists of the drawing of rough sketches, as shown in this example:

Source: StoryboardThat

As you can see in this storyboard example, the creator uses stick-figure sketches. You can also see the character’s emotions. The captions make the design easy to understand.

Digital storyboarding style

This style of storyboarding is more modern and uses special storyboarding tools. 

Digital storyboarding software allows you to start from a basic design, but you can also use pre-designed templates. 

Then you can add more modern elements like a voiceover or motion, which is very common in UI storyboard examples. 

Here’s one of these at work: 

Source: Sara Eldebissy on Behance

This is a storyboard of the off-bucket app project.

The storyboard follows the main character, who gets a challenge idea and sends it to a friend. The friend receives the challenge, accepts it, and they both meet up to do the challenge. The whole thing is a great example of flat design at work.

Thumbnail storyboarding style

Much more old-school, these storyboards are done on paper. 

However, unlike the traditional ones, these are not hyper-detailed storyboards. Here’s an excellent thumbnail storyboard example:

Source: Cheryl Platz on Medium

This specific storyboard is a rough sketch representing a multi-environment, connected-device scenario for Windows Automotive.

Most thumbnail UI storyboard examples are rougher sketches of traditional storyboards drawn in small sizes. They only take a maximum of two sheets of paper. You can use a thumbnail storyboard as a draft before you make a refined traditional storyboard.

Your choice of UI storyboard style is determined by your personal preference, a project’s need, or the client’s requirements. 

3. How do you make a UI storyboard?

Before making your storyboard, ensure you have a project script and understand the user scenario you want to create. 

That defines your entire storyboarding process and makes it easy to decide the type of storyboard to use.

Once you have that, you can get down to making your storyboard, which you can do by following these steps:

Segment your script

First, divide your story into different stages. That makes it easy to develop sequence ideas.

Use your script to get this step right, and add notes and scene ideas. The notes and ideas should be details that help you create a quality storyboard and product later. For instance, you could note website design best practices if you’re working on a website.

Create panels

Then for each stage, create panels that represent an individual shot or scene on a blank storyboard. They can either be rectangular or square. Here’s an excellent example of panels: 

Source: G A R R on Behance

The specific panel style shown in the storyboard example above is rectangular. Also, note that the panels are separated by white spaces. This differentiates the panels and also makes the panels look neat.

The next step is sketching your panels. How you do this depends on the UI storyboarding style you chose. 

You don’t need to create complex sketches. As long as they represent your idea, you should be fine. 

Also, remember the notes you made on your script earlier on? You can refer to them whenever you get stuck in this stage.

Arrange panels and add scene details

The final step is arranging your panels in chronological storyboard format and filling in the details for each scene. If you use the digital storyboard style, you can arrange panels on the storyboarding software, like in the following example:

Source: GraphicMama

But for the hand-drawn storyboard, you will have to pin your panels to a poster board. 

Once you’ve arranged your scenes, you can add descriptive captions, titles, numbers, or other guiding details. If you are the design project lead, you could develop a style guide to help your team members master each project’s voice and tone.

Second opinions

When you’re done with your storyboard, share it with at least one other person and request feedback. 

It could be a production team member or other colleagues. Then, you can modify your sketches or panels to match the input. If you were pitching to a client, you can present it to them afterward. 

A good storyboard will result from the excellent execution of every step. That’s because, with storyboards, each step determines how well the next works out.

4. Some tips for making a great storyboard

Storyboarding is an engaging and rewarding process, but only if you do it right. To help you get it right, here are some of our best tips borrowed from various UI storyboard examples:

Fully understand and consider your user focus. Be clear on who your audience is, and adjust your tone, setting, and storyboard outlook to match this. That will make it easier to create good user scenarios.

Ensure your scenes are arranged chronologically. That prevents disjointed scenes and smooth transitions between shots and scenes. For instance, if you’re working on a storyboard with multiple characters, have scenes that explain how and why they need to be together. 

This Heartline app storyboard is a great example. It explains how the characters are related through descriptive scenes and captions. There are also multiple close-up sketches that show more product details, making the story easy to follow.

Source: Chelsea Hostetter, Austin Center for Design on Miro

Next, ensure your storyboard is easy to understand. The best way to do this is by ensuring your sketches outline the problem and the solution your product is solving. For instance, say you are designing a plane booking platform.

You need to show the problem users are having with booking planes and how your product solves that. Also, use simple language for your scene details to make your storyboard more comprehensible.

Finally, invest in storyboarding software to streamline your process. You are also more likely to create a beautiful storyboard with the help of software because you have ready-made UI storyboard templates .

5. Four UI storyboard examples

So far, you already understand the UI storyboarding concept and what makes a good storyboard.

Now let’s look at some fantastic UI storyboard examples I created that you can emulate:

The UI storyboard example is an online food ordering and delivery product. You can tell this by following the order of the panels. This is one of the best UI storyboard examples, because it has every element that a storyboard requires. 

As you can see, it has a title and captions in each scene. It is also numbered chronologically. These elements make it easily understandable despite it being a rough sketch. 

Next is this wireframe storyboard. Although this storyboard is not as detailed as most UI storyboard examples, the scenes are easily understandable. You can also easily follow the product’s user journey. 

Template source: Template.net

This wireframe is a snippet of a website storyboard. This storyboard example is pretty easy to follow. You can tell that this is a website project from a glance, which is the best feature of the design. 

Also, it is very easy for wireframe storyboards to appear cluttered, but this one is done neatly with enough space between each element. 

Template source: Storyboard That

This snippet is one of the best digital UI storyboard examples, as it’s more detailed and appealing than the other sketches. 

The captions are also detailed enough to show how the user interacts with the product from one scene to the next. The graphics in the sketches also make it easy to follow the whole design.

There are multiple UI storyboard examples you could get inspiration from. But remember, the goal is to create a storyboard that brings your UI design storyline to life. 

Storyboarding is a visual storytelling concept popular in different creative processes in the entertainment industry. However, it has also proved to be crucial to the UI designing process.

As discussed above, there are many benefits to creating a UI storyboard before jumping into the creation process. UI designers enjoy efficiency, a boost in creativity, and even save time that they can use instead to improve a product. 

Besides a storyboard’s importance, we have also discussed storyboarding tips to help you create an excellent one. We also gave UI storyboard examples that we hope will inspire you.

Learning how these things work and the thinking behind them is a crucial part of being an effective UI designer. If you’d like to learn more about creating wireframes , color theory , and typography , then take our free, five-day UI design short course .

If you are looking to learn more about the world of UI design and grow your skills, here are some of the articles you should check out:

  • Do You Need a Degree To Become a UI Designer?
  • What is Fitts’s Law?
  • The Complete Guide to UI Development

20 Storyboard Examples For Different Uses of Storyboarding [Apps, UX, Animation, Commercials]

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By Al Boicheva

in Insights , Inspiration

3 years ago

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storyboard example

In our previous article, we explored the concept of storyboards , why you need one, how to make it, and of course, added some amazing examples to visualize the theory. Today we’ll go a step further and handpick 20 amazing storyboard examples for your inspiration. You’ll be able to see how a rough sketch translates into the final product and it’s going to be awesome. With this in mind, let’s jump right into it and see what the talented creators are up to again.

Storyboard Examples: Overview 1. Concept Video Storyboard Example: Virgin Orbit – Space Exploration 2. Animation Storyboard Example: Bat Nan (She-Kings) 3. Awareness Campaign Storyboard Example: Ahl Masr Hospital 4. Explainer Video Storyboard Example: AZA 5. App Trailer Video Storyboard Example: Salon Life 6. Short Story Video Storyboard Example: Château Noir 7. Story In Pictures Storyboard Example: Little Things We Can’t Do During a Quarantine 8. Commercial Video Storyboard Example: Porsche Taycan Official Commercial 9. App Video Storyboard Example: Interconnect 10. Music Festival Commercial Storyboard Example: Red Bull Music Academy 11. Art Concept Video Storyboard Example: Fold- The Beginning 12. TV Commercial Photography Storyboard Example: Barilla Bio TV 13. Advertising Storyboard Example: Nike Vapormask 14. Comicbook Storyboard Example: Pizza Hut Marvel 15. UX Explainer Video Storyboard Example: The Sales Matrix 16. Example of Conceptual Storyboard 17. 3D Action Animation Storyboard Example: Detained 18. App UX Storyboard Example: Off Bucket App 19. Historical TV Series Storyboard Example: MBC TV 20. Hair Product Commercial Storyboard Example: Hairburst

1. Concept Video Storyboard Example: Virgin Orbit – Space Exploration

The first project is related to Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne system that aims to connect rural communities to monitor global climate change. In short, the company within a company plans to provide launch services for small satellites. Clémence Thune is the art director and illustrator for the concept video and we can see how beautifully crafted illustrations transition into a well-planned final video.

Amazing Storyboard by Virgin Orbit - Space Exploration

Virgin Orbit – Space Exploration by Clémence Thune

2. Animation Storyboard Example: Bat Nan (She-Kings)

Bat Nan is a 2D animated short film by DeeDee animation studio as part of the project She-Kings that has 6 short films and one live-action movie in total.  Below, the storyboard features an entire fighting scene made in amazing details by the 2D animator and character designer Huy Hoang Ha. Most of the thumbnails make it into the final product and look mesmerizing.

Storyboard from Bat Nan (She-Kings)

BAT NAN (SHE-KINGS) – 2D Animated Short Film by DeeDee Animation Studio and Huy Hoang Ha

3.  Awareness Campaign Storyboard Example: Ahl Masr Hospital

The next concept is a campaign aiming to engage the adult audience and spread awareness of how serious burns victims need care as fast as possible. This highlights the first 6 hours as the most important in saving the lives of burn victims. The series collaborate with AHL MASR, the 1st hospital of its kind in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa that offers free treatment to trauma and burn victims. Many artists have worked on the vision to create a campaign and emotionally engaging video series.

For example, here we can see the storyboards from the copy that is telling the story of a father who forgets to turn off the heather and falls asleep. Unfortunately, the apartment catches on fire and endangers the life of his son. Even the rough sketches from the storyboard hold pretty strong emotions from the very start.

Great storyboard from Ahl Masr Hospital

Ahl Masr Hospital Campaign by Ahmad Nady and Octopus studio

4. Explainer Video Storyboard Example: AZA

The creator Dinos&Teacups has a very rich gallery of storyboards and entire concepts for explainer videos. However, this one we enjoyed the most so we instantly handpicked it as a great storyboard example. Unlike most of the examples, the sketches here aren’t that detailed and painted and they don’t need to be. Consequently, despite their simplicity, the panels are clear in what they want to indicate and accurately translate into the final video, as you can see in the gifs.

The project itself, AZA (A-Z Atlas) is a concept for a two-way matching system for sellers and buyers.

Linear style storyboard from AZA

AZA Explainer Video by Dinos & Teacups

5. App Trailer Video Storyboard Example: Salon Life

Meanwhile, Salon Life is an app for beauty salon owners to focus on generating more repeat business and saving time with their daily routine. Benoit Drigny is the illustrator, thanks to whom we have this exemplary storyboard that later translates into illustrations and still frames before making it to the final trailer video.

Great storyboard example with movements from Salon Life

Salon Life by Niu Valentin Nouvel and Benoit Drigny

6. Short Story Video Storyboard Example: Château Noir

The author explains Chateau Noir as the transposition of a fairy tale and a metaphor for something else: an intense quest accompanied by fear, joy, death, and the unknown. Indeed, the still shots form this journey and tell a story within a dream.

Realistic Storyboard example with images

Château Noir by Thomas Dubois

Unfortunately, as much as we want to see the final video and enjoy the beautiful story, the project hasn’t be completed yet. All we currently have is this atmospheric teaser.

7. Story In Picture Storyboard Example: Little Things We Can’t Do During a Quarantine

Next, this a personal project of the illustrator and picture book maker Marc Majewski who had found a way to give color to his daily routine during the quarantine through a series of illustrations. The pictures tell the story of little things we all love doing but can’t do during a quarantine. On a positive note, these are also the things we will all enjoy doing once it’s all over.

Accordingly, the rough pencil sketches later become a beautifully crafted story in pictures.

Little Things We Can't Do During a Quarantine - Great inspirational example

Sketches by Marc Majewski 

Little Things We Can't Do During a Quarantine Backgrounds for storyboard

Illustrations by   Marc Majewski

8. Commercial Video Storyboard Example: Porsche Taycan Official Commercial

Adonis Alcici created around 100 scenes for the entire storyboard for the Porsche Taycan Launch (Brazil) commercial you’ll see below.

Amazing storyboard vs final result comparison - Porsche comercial

Storyboard by Adonis Alcici

Porsche Taycan Official Commercial - Storyboard

Concept by Adonis Alcici

The illustrator has shared some of the sequence artworks that made it to the commercial, and he also compares them to the final still shots. A perfect example of the creation of a commercial with the use of storyboarding in pre-production.

9. App Video Storyboard Example: Interconnect

Another example of app-video planning comes from the Ukrainian concept artist GARRA with his thumbnail storyboard. Interconnect is an app that helps you find a route from point A to point B and set a departure and arrival date and time. As a result, the final video shows the stories of friends always find a way to each other as time and distance don’t really matter.

storyboard example - Interconnect

App Illustration by G A R R A

10. Music Festival Commercial Storyboard Example: Red Bull Music Academy

Red Bull Music Academy - A really nice storyboard

Storyboard Red Bull Music Academy by Bruno Mangyoku

Red Bull is famous for its fun highly-visual commercials that tell stories without dialogues. In this case, we have a short announcement film for the Red Bull Music Academy festival from September 2016, Paris. Bruno Mangyoku creates the storyboards, script, and overall design and direction of the movie.

11. Art Concept Video Storyboard Example: Fold- The Beginning

Fold: The Begining is a short movie that shows the creation of the world according to Norse Mythology. Gosia Tekieniewska created this art video as a complementary part of a Master’s Diploma project in the style of moving illustration. Moreover, she also shares that during the making of the storyboard for the film, she treated each keyframe as a book spread.

storyboard examples

Fold- The Beginning by Gosia Tekieniewska

12. TV Commercial Photography Storyboard Example: Barilla Bio TV

Concept for TV Ad - Storyboard example

Storyboard Barilla Bio TV by Simone Bramante and Cinzia Bolognesi

Some storyboards consist of photos instead of drawings. In this case, with the Barilla pasta commercial for TV in Italy, the photographer Simone Bramante and the illustrator Cinzia Bolognesi face the challenge to create a short story about organic pasta and tomato sauce. 10 seconds of pure appetite- boosting bliss.

13. Advertising Storyboard Example: Nike Vapormask

Inspirational Nike Vapormask Storyboard

Storyboard Nike Advertising by Laura Martinez and Giulia Tornello

Also, we see how sketches and drawing on storyboards plan the exact photoshoots for a commercial, shot by shot. In fact, they predict the sequence, composition, and even color schemes. The Nike Vapormask project was planned and executed by Laura Martinez and Giulia Tornello. The two creators also feature inspirational mood boards fr the neon colors and overall vibe of the commercial.

14. Comicbook Storyboard Example: Pizza Hut Marvel

Pizza Hut promotional comic books have been around for decades. In the same way, this cool project by Léo Chiola and James Swift is a nice throwback with a more modern looking style.

Colorless Storyboard for Pizza Hut Marvel

Storyboard Pizza Hut Marvel by Léo Chiola and James Swift

15. UX Explainer Video Storyboard Example: The Sales Matrix

Explanation videos are really hard to make as they need to compress huge amounts of data and present it in a short and in an interesting and visually-appealing way. Therefore, the next example is an infographic video that explains a sales Matrix concept through motion graphics animation. The Explainer Geeks offer their storyboard essential for the final video.

Detailed Storyboard for The Sales Matrix Video

Storyboard The Sales Matrix by Explainer Geeks

16. Example of Conceptual Storyboard

This storyboard design isn’t for a specific project, but it shows the beauty and creativity that the pre-production process offers. It’s a well-crafted story in detail with atmosphere, motion, lots of emotion, and depth and it can become everything from a comic book to a short movie. In other words, it’s an idea by Vipul Mali that he wants to share with the world.

Black and white Storyboard by Vipul Mali

Storyboard Design by Vipul Mali

17. 3D Action Animation Storyboard Example: Detained

Detained is a 3D animation project that the author Orfenn Schuller shares via a very detailed storyboard frame by frame. Also, when we scroll through the panels, it feels as if we’re watching the entire scene animated.

The perfect storyboard - Detained

Storyboard Detained by Orfenn Schuller

In this example, we also see the focus of each frame alongside the motions of the camera, indicated by red arrows.

Amazing storyboard example for Detained

by Orfenn Schuller

18. App UX Storyboard Example: Off Bucket App

The Off Bucket app project by Sara Eldebissy offers users personas, user stories, key user flows, and wireframes, but we’ll focus on the UX storyboard as it’s a good example of how you can explain user interaction with a certain product. Therefore, the panels follow the character who gets an idea for a challenge and adds his friends, who accept and do the challenge.

Storyboard example with illustrations - Off Bucket App

Storyboard UX design Off Bucket App by Sara Eldebissy

19. Historical TV Series Storyboard Example: MBC TV

These detailed illustrated panels spread through a storyboard dedicated to an episode from tv-series for a channel MBC TV. In addition, the studio Xpanse CGI works with Warner brothers, Dark Horse, and Microsoft.

Retro style storyboard - MBC TV

Storyboards by Xpanse CGI

Storyboard without colors plus shades - MBC TV

by Xpanse CGI

20. Hair Product Commercial Storyboard Example: Hairburst

Last, a very creative concept for a hair product commercial by Nikki Wong. The panels reveal the story of two characters that try to steal a bag of gold, however, they meet a gang of thieves and have to use their secret weapon to prevail: hair. Of course, the commercial makes sure to reveal the reason behind the character’s strong hair in the end.

Hairburst - Final concept storyboard

by Nikki Wong

Final Words

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed our handpicked storyboard examples and all the different uses of storyboarding. If you feel inspired, don’t hesitate to grab a pen and paper or open your favorite storyboard tool and start planning your next project.

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storyboard example

Al Boicheva

Al is an illustrator at GraphicMama with out-of-the-box thinking and a passion for anything creative. In her free time, you will see her drooling over tattoo art, Manga, and horror movies.

storyboard example

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storyboard example

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storyboard example


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storyboard example

storyboard example

Storyboard Templates with Unique Designs, Download for Free

Updated on: 5 January 2023

Students love lessons with graphic organizers , and when the graphic organizer in question is a storyboard, they love it even more! They are naturally attracted to storyboards  because they love drawing things. But they also help students organize their ideas and present them in an orderly manner. We added some colorful and eye-catching storyboard examples for students and kids to help you along the way.

  • A completed storyboard template
  • Storyboard Templates (PDF download)
  • Colorful storyboard templates
  • Storyboard template with graphics
  • Storyboard template with a unique layout

SpongeBob Squarepants Missing Identity Storyboard

Storyboard template to translate an idea into a visual story, storyboard template for students, woodcutter and his axe storyboard template, a completed storyboard template.

Below is an already completed storyboard for kids. You can use it as a template and change the images and text. With our import features and integrated Google images search, creating a graphic rich storyboard is very easy and won’t take a long time.

Mickey the Mouse Storyboard

Storyboard Templates as PDF Downloads

We added some beautifully designed graphics rich storyboard examples for students here. But we understand that sometimes you just want to download a blank template and get it printed. That is why we have added two print-ready storyboard templates as PDF downloads. They are in A4 portrait and A4 landscape formats so no need of adjustments from your end. Right click on the link and choose “Save Link as..” to save it in your preferred location.

Storyboard Template ( A4 Landscape ) – PDF

Storyboard Template (A4 Portrait) – PDF

Colorful Storyboard Templates

Colors and fancy arrows make your storyboard attractive and encourage kids to contribute more. Below is a blank storyboard template that will help the kids start instantly. Prefer another color for your storyboard? With our 2-click styling function, it takes only seconds to change the colors.

Colorful Storyboard Templates

Storyboard Templates with Attractive Images

A storyboard has two basic things; an area for visuals and some text lines to explain the visuals. A word document with boxes and lines will do the trick, but what it won’t do is, delight and excite students. That’s one reason why we added graphics to some of our storyboard templates. Also, the visual aids are in different sizes and shapes. No two visuals carry the same details, with Creately you can change the sizes to exactly fit your visual.

Storyboard template with graphics and different size visual boxes

Storyboard Template With a Difference

Storyboards are about organizing ideas and presenting them in an orderly manner. It doesn’t always have to be arrows pointing to boxes. So we came up with some unique storyboard layouts of our own. We sincerely hope you would love them.

Storyboard template with a unique layout

Who doesn’t love SpongeBob SquarePants? This SpongeBob SquarePants’ storyboard template gives a brief summary of the episode where SpongeBob almost loses his mind over losing his identity tag. A storyboard like this is great to have by your side when you are relating a story to your students. It will help them follow the sequence of the story easily while enjoying it at the same time.

SpongeBob Squarepants Missing Identity Storyboard

The best way to make sure that your students understood the lesson you just taught them is to get them to express the ideas they have about the topic. What better way to encourage them to express their ideas than to get the kids to translate the ideas into a visual story in a sequence .  A storyboard template like this is a great way to get them to be more excited about being expressive.

Storyboard templates to translate an idea

Here is a simple storyboard template that you can use with your students. You can use this to test their knowledge on the lessons you taught them by getting them to visually express their ideas. Or you can also simply incorporate this in a little fun activity where you can encourage your students to tell a story. They all love telling stories!

Storyboard template for students

Kids love to listen to stories just as much as they love to tell them. This storyboard for kids relates the story of the woodcutter and his axe. Using the Creately editor you can quickly change the images and the text and use the template to relate any other story you or your students like.

Woodcutter and His Axe Storyboard Template

Shown above are some of the storyboard templates available at Creately . Visit our diagram community to check out more Storyboard examples .

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storyboard example

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storyboard example

I stumbled on your site and i’m so happy! your storyboad templates are terrific. i have 3 projects that i can use them for immediately. Thanks.

I love your website and thanks for the free storyboard templates.

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