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Essay on An Ideal House (450 Words)

East is East and West is West But the home is the best

Everyone likes his own house most dearly whether it is big or small, grand or ordinary, new or old. It is so because one is emotionally attached to it, where perhaps one was born and brought up. The same way I have great love and attachment to my own house that stands outside the city surrounded by a few small and big parks. It is my dear home.

It is a two-story house, built some thirty years ago by my father who was then in government service. It has three bedrooms downstairs and one bedroom upstairs. These are quite big rooms and each can accommodate three or four people. My parents stay in the upper bedroom while my two sisters, one brother and I stay in the lower bedrooms. My parents’ bedroom is carpeted, wall to wall, and has some wonderfully beautiful pictures of hills, forests, and seas. In a corner is my father’s own painting of my younger sister and mine. My mother’s contribution to the room is in the form of artistically designed and finely sewn curtains across three windows that open on two-side grassy lawns.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The house is, in fact, surrounded by three grassy fields with flowerbeds on all sides. Father and mother have grown some mountain fruit trees like walnut and chestnut besides mulberry and mango. With flowers all around, these trees present a paradisical picture. The drawing room is the least visited room in our house. It has fine sofa sets and carpets, mahogany tables (of hard dark brown wood) and excellent wall paintings. The dining room is rather small but has the best kind of almirahs and dining table and chairs. Mother has taken care to place some juicers and toasters at convenient places for ready use. The kitchen, attached to the dining room, has an excellent cooking-range with several Sui-gas burners. It has a washbasin and a washing stand. Mother has placed a table and a few chairs in a corner, which we use to our convenience.

Each bedroom has an attached bathroom that is fitted with rather ordinary basins, water closets, taps, showers, and hangers. It is a pleasure to take a bath in the bathrooms, which are tiled tastefully, with hot or cold water available all the time.

The area of our house in around 400 square meters, quite large by the present (current) standards. A raised path connects the rooms to the gate that we keep shut most of the time.

“My house shines brightly in sunlight At night it is a moonlit bride.”

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Selected Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson

By robert louis stevenson, "the ideal house".

  • Year Published: 1911
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: Scotland
  • Source: Stevenson, R. L. (1911). Essays of Travel. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons.
  • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 9.0
  • Word Count: 2,192
  • Genre: Essay
  • Keywords: personal experience, travel
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Stevenson, R. (1911). "The Ideal House". Selected Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson (Lit2Go Edition). Retrieved October 04, 2023, from

Stevenson, Robert Louis. ""The Ideal House"." Selected Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson . Lit2Go Edition. 1911. Web. >. October 04, 2023.

Robert Louis Stevenson, ""The Ideal House"," Selected Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson , Lit2Go Edition, (1911), accessed October 04, 2023, .

Two things are necessary in any neighbourhood where we propose to spend a life: a desert and some living water.

There are many parts of the earth’s face which offer the necessary combination of a certain wildness with a kindly variety.  A great prospect is desirable, but the want may be otherwise supplied; even greatness can be found on the small scale; for the mind and the eye measure differently.  Bold rocks near hand are more inspiriting than distant Alps, and the thick fern upon a Surrey heath makes a fine forest for the imagination, and the dotted yew trees noble mountains.  A Scottish moor with birches and firs grouped here and there upon a knoll, or one of those rocky seaside deserts of Provence overgrown with rosemary and thyme and smoking with aroma, are places where the mind is never weary.  Forests, being more enclosed, are not at first sight so attractive, but they exercise a spell; they must, however, be diversified with either heath or rock, and are hardly to be considered perfect without conifers.  Even sand–hills, with their intricate plan, and their gulls and rabbits, will stand well for the necessary desert.

The house must be within hail of either a little river or the sea.  A great river is more fit for poetry than to adorn a neighbourhood; its sweep of waters increases the scale of the scenery and the distance of one notable object from another; and a lively burn gives us, in the space of a few yards, a greater variety of promontory and islet, of cascade, shallow goil, and boiling pool, with answerable changes both of song and colour, than a navigable stream in many hundred miles.  The fish, too, make a more considerable feature of the brookside, and the trout plumping in the shadow takes the ear.  A stream should, besides, be narrow enough to cross, or the burn hard by a bridge, or we are at once shut out of Eden.  The quantity of water need be of no concern, for the mind sets the scale, and can enjoy a Niagara Fall of thirty inches.  Let us approve the singer of

‘Shallow rivers, by whose falls Melodious birds sing madrigals.’

If the sea is to be our ornamental water, choose an open seaboard with a heavy beat of surf; one much broken in outline, with small havens and dwarf headlands; if possible a few islets; and as a first necessity, rocks reaching out into deep water.  Such a rock on a calm day is a better station than the top of Teneriffe or Chimborazo.  In short, both for the desert and the water, the conjunction of many near and bold details is bold scenery for the imagination and keeps the mind alive.

Given these two prime luxuries, the nature of the country where we are to live is, I had almost said, indifferent; after that inside the garden, we can construct a country of our own.  Several old trees, a considerable variety of level, several well–grown hedges to divide our garden into provinces, a good extent of old well–set turf, and thickets of shrubs and ever–greens to be cut into and cleared at the new owner’s pleasure, are the qualities to be sought for in your chosen land.  Nothing is more delightful than a succession of small lawns, opening one out of the other through tall hedges; these have all the charm of the old bowling–green repeated, do not require the labour of many trimmers, and afford a series of changes.  You must have much lawn against the early summer, so as to have a great field of daisies, the year’s morning frost; as you must have a wood of lilacs, to enjoy to the full the period of their blossoming.  Hawthorn is another of the Spring’s ingredients; but it is even best to have a rough public lane at one side of your enclosure which, at the right season, shall become an avenue of bloom and odour.  The old flowers are the best and should grow carelessly in corners.  Indeed, the ideal fortune is to find an old garden, once very richly cared for, since sunk into neglect, and to tend, not repair, that neglect; it will thus have a smack of nature and wildness which skilful dispositions cannot overtake.  The gardener should be an idler, and have a gross partiality to the kitchen plots: an eager or toilful gardener misbecomes the garden landscape; a tasteful gardener will be ever meddling, will keep the borders raw, and take the bloom off nature.  Close adjoining, if you are in the south, an olive–yard, if in the north, a swarded apple–orchard reaching to the stream, completes your miniature domain; but this is perhaps best entered through a door in the high fruit–wall; so that you close the door behind you on your sunny plots, your hedges and evergreen jungle, when you go down to watch the apples falling in the pool.  It is a golden maxim to cultivate the garden for the nose, and the eyes will take care of themselves.  Nor must the ear be forgotten: without birds a garden is a prison–yard.  There is a garden near Marseilles on a steep hill–side, walking by which, upon a sunny morning, your ear will suddenly be ravished with a burst of small and very cheerful singing: some score of cages being set out there to sun their occupants.  This is a heavenly surprise to any passer–by; but the price paid, to keep so many ardent and winged creatures from their liberty, will make the luxury too dear for any thoughtful pleasure–lover.  There is only one sort of bird that I can tolerate caged, though even then I think it hard, and that is what is called in France the Bec–d’Argent.  I once had two of these pigmies in captivity; and in the quiet, hire house upon a silent street where I was then living, their song, which was not much louder than a bee’s, but airily musical, kept me in a perpetual good humour.  I put the cage upon my table when I worked, carried it with me when I went for meals, and kept it by my head at night: the first thing in the morning, these maestrini would pipe up.  But these, even if you can pardon their imprisonment, are for the house.  In the garden the wild birds must plant a colony, a chorus of the lesser warblers that should be almost deafening, a blackbird in the lilacs, a nightingale down the lane, so that you must stroll to hear it, and yet a little farther, tree–tops populous with rooks.

Your house should not command much outlook; it should be set deep and green, though upon rising ground, or, if possible, crowning a knoll, for the sake of drainage.  Yet it must be open to the east, or you will miss the sunrise; sunset occurring so much later, you can go up a few steps and look the other way.  A house of more than two stories is a mere barrack; indeed the ideal is of one story, raised upon cellars.  If the rooms are large, the house may be small: a single room, lofty, spacious, and lightsome, is more palatial than a castleful of cabinets and cupboards.  Yet size in a house, and some extent and intricacy of corridor, is certainly delightful to the flesh.  The reception room should be, if possible, a place of many recesses, which are ‘petty retiring places for conference’; but it must have one long wall with a divan: for a day spent upon a divan, among a world of cushions, is as full of diversion as to travel.  The eating–room, in the French mode, should be ad hoc: unfurnished, but with a buffet, the table, necessary chairs, one or two of Canaletto’s etchings, and a tile fire–place for the winter.  In neither of these public places should there be anything beyond a shelf or two of books; but the passages may be one library from end to end, and the stair, if there be one, lined with volumes in old leather, very brightly carpeted, and leading half–way up, and by way of landing, to a windowed recess with a fire–place; this window, almost alone in the house, should command a handsome prospect.  Husband and wife must each possess a studio; on the woman’s sanctuary I hesitate to dwell, and turn to the man’s.  The walls are shelved waist–high for books, and the top thus forms a continuous table running round the wall.  Above are prints, a large map of the neighbourhood, a Corot and a Claude or two.  The room is very spacious, and the five tables and two chairs are but as islands.  One table is for actual work, one close by for references in use; one, very large, for MSS. or proofs that wait their turn; one kept clear for an occasion; and the fifth is the map table, groaning under a collection of large–scale maps and charts.  Of all books these are the least wearisome to read and the richest in matter; the course of roads and rivers, the contour lines and the forests in the maps—the reefs, soundings, anchors, sailing marks and little pilot–pictures in the charts—and, in both, the bead–roll of names, make them of all printed matter the most fit to stimulate and satisfy the fancy.  The chair in which you write is very low and easy, and backed into a corner; at one elbow the fire twinkles; close at the other, if you are a little inhumane, your cage of silver–bills are twittering into song.

Joined along by a passage, you may reach the great, sunny, glass–roofed, and tiled gymnasium, at the far end of which, lined with bright marble, is your plunge and swimming bath, fitted with a capacious boiler.

The whole loft of the house from end to end makes one undivided chamber; here are set forth tables on which to model imaginary or actual countries in putty or plaster, with tools and hardy pigments; a carpenter’s bench; and a spared corner for photography, while at the far end a space is kept clear for playing soldiers.  Two boxes contain the two armies of some five hundred horse and foot; two others the ammunition of each side, and a fifth the foot–rules and the three colours of chalk, with which you lay down, or, after a day’s play, refresh the outlines of the country; red or white for the two kinds of road (according as they are suitable or not for the passage of ordnance), and blue for the course of the obstructing rivers.  Here I foresee that you may pass much happy time; against a good adversary a game may well continue for a month; for with armies so considerable three moves will occupy an hour.  It will be found to set an excellent edge on this diversion if one of the players shall, every day or so, write a report of the operations in the character of army correspondent.

I have left to the last the little room for winter evenings.  This should be furnished in warm positive colours, and sofas and floor thick with rich furs.  The hearth, where you burn wood of aromatic quality on silver dogs, tiled round about with Bible pictures; the seats deep and easy; a single Titian in a gold frame; a white bust or so upon a bracket; a rack for the journals of the week; a table for the books of the year; and close in a corner the three shelves full of eternal books that never weary: Shakespeare, Molière, Montaigne, Lamb, Sterne, De Musset’s comedies (the one volume open at Carmosine and the other at Fantasio); the Arabian Nights, and kindred stories, in Weber’s solemn volumes; Borrow’s Bible in Spain, the Pilgrim’s Progress, Guy Mannering and Rob Roy, Monte Cristo and the Vicomte de Bragelonne, immortal Boswell sole among biographers, Chaucer, Herrick, and the State Trials.

The bedrooms are large, airy, with almost no furniture, floors of varnished wood, and at the bed–head, in case of insomnia, one shelf of books of a particular and dippable order, such as Pepys, the Paston Letters, Burt’s Letters from the Highlands, or the Newgate Calendar. . . .

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the ideal house essay summary

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The makers of the well-meaning queer-themed dramatic-comedy "Ideal Home" are smart enough to treat their middle-aged gay characters—desperate-to-please celebrity chef Erasmus ( Steve Coogan ) and his crabby producer/partner Paul ( Paul Rudd )—with enough sensitivity to make you want to root for them. Unfortunately, it's hard not to be disappointed by writer/director Andrew Fleming's tepid jokes about Erasmus and Paul's clueless attempts at maintaining their by-now strained relationship, and also adopting Erasmus's estranged grand-son Bill ( Jack Gore ), who was abandoned by his biological father/Erasmus's son. 

Coogan and Rudd's generally charming performances both give weight to their otherwise wisp-thin characters, but their swishy mannerisms also speak to the superficial nature of Fleming's presentation of Erasmus and Paul. All we know about these guys is that they drink, bicker, and are sad about how out of touch they feel. Also, they’re seriously loaded, which presumably explains how clueless they are. In that sense, the most radical and ostensibly funny thing about Erasmus and Paul is that they get to be openly gay and  cartoonishly out-of-touch. That’s not necessarily a good look, but some may consequently find the protagonists of “Ideal Home” to be adequate in an overly precious "Will & Grace" meets " Mrs. Doubtfire " kind of way.

Others may be disappointed that “Ideal Home” is not more like " The Birdcage " or any of Blake Edwards's more inclusive comedies, particularly " Victor/Victoria ." "Ideal Home" lacks those earlier comedies' fearless willingness to undercut gay stereotypes with sight gags, pithy one-liners, and dramatic asides that reveal how hard it is to be proud when society’s normalizing standard-bearers don’t see yourself like you do. "Ideal Home" is, in that sense, held back by writer/director Andrew Fleming's seeming lack of imaginative empathy. He doesn't get far enough into his characters heads to consider the underlying social pressures that motivate Erasmus and Paul's rocky relationship, and therefore never delivers any meaningfully funny jokes about what it’s like to be a pair of highly visible outsiders. 

Instead, Fleming focuses on how rich and clueless Erasmus is, and how frustrated and tired that makes Paul. Erasmus swans around his palatial ranch while filming a program about in-authentic Mexican and Indian food, including kitschy-sounding fusion platters like "Tandoori lobster." Erasmus also drinks too much, and makes big displays of emotion that are—as Paul correctly intuits—essentially insincere. This leaves Paul to do most of the day-to-day work of caring for Bill, a withdrawn kid who grew up in cheap motels and impersonal fast food restaurants thanks to his deadbeat dad. Bill—born "Angel," though he hates that name—starts off by sneering at Paul and Erasmus for being gay. He then makes Erasmus and Paul’s lives difficult by refusing to tell them his real name (thereby preventing them from enrolling him in school). Also, he won't eat anything but Taco Bell. He is poor, sad, and angry, which is apparently amusing?

Anyway, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this all sounds less like an underwhelming range of mountain-shaped mole hills. Erasmus wears a raccoon fur coat and demands the wine list and a better table when he visits Taco Bell. Then Paul tries to bribe Bill into eating Lunchables or Sour Patch Kids, just so Paul doesn't have to be seen going to Taco Bell. There’s also a couple of uncomfortable, but never really embarassing encounters with concerned social worker Melissa ( Alison Pill ). So what? What do these mild conflicts say about Erasmus and Paul other than "Our creators don't really understand us beyond a point?"

"Ideal Home" may not be a total dud, but it is a huge waste of both Rudd and Coogan's talent. Most of the film’s jokes are so shameless and uninspired that even the hackiest improv troupes would be ashamed of them, like when Paul and Erasmus take Bill to the "Dootsh-Baag Art Gallery,” or when Melissa discovers their gay porn stash, featuring titles like "Butt Pluggerz" and "Brokeback Mountin." The only thing that’s notably funny about these bland routines are the appropriately embarrassed looks on Coogan and Rudd’s faces. Fleming's jokes are rarely as funny as Coogan and Rudd are, though the bit where Erasmus and Paul have sex on a bear skin rug has an exceptionally hilarious climax.

Simon Abrams

Simon Abrams

Simon Abrams is a native New Yorker and freelance film critic whose work has been featured in  The New York Times ,  Vanity Fair ,  The Village Voice,  and elsewhere.

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the ideal house essay summary

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Ideal Home (2018)

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    "The Ideal House" Additional Information Year Published: 1911 Language: English Country of Origin: Scotland Source: Stevenson, R. L. (1911). Essays of Travel. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. Readability: Flesch-Kincaid Level: 9.0 Word Count: 2,192 Genre: Essay Keywords: personal experience, travel Cite This Share | Downloads Audio Back Next

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    Erasmus swans around his palatial ranch while filming a program about in-authentic Mexican and Indian food, including kitschy-sounding fusion platters like "Tandoori lobster." Erasmus also drinks too much, and makes big displays of emotion that are—as Paul correctly intuits—essentially insincere. This leaves Paul to do most of the day-to ...

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    Ideal Home is a British home decorating magazine, published monthly (12 times a year) by Future plc. Published since 1920, the magazine focuses on home interior decoration articles; reader homes; high-street shopping news and consumer advice. Every issue includes a 20-page section dedicated to kitchen and bathroom makeovers.

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    Task: Describe an ideal house. The ideal house is for me such a place where I will always get comfort, peace and rest. What will my house be like? I close my eyes and see it in front of me at once. First of all, it is overlooking the sea. The sea is my passion. I want every day to breathe and feel the smell of it and hear the black-headed gulls.