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  • Loss of RMS Titanic (1912): Significant Events of the 20th Century The loss occurred while the ship was on its Maiden voyage from Southampton, United Kingdom to the New York City in the United States causing one of the deadliest maritime disasters of the 20th century.
  • My Opinion on the Movie Titanic Upon the knowledge of the portray, Dawson Calvert contacted Lovett, she was asked if she knew about the necklace and she said that indeed she was the one Rose DeWittone of the passengers deemed to […] We will write a custom essay specifically for you by our professional experts 808 writers online Learn More
  • “Titanic” by James Cameron: The Design of the American Epic Romance Film The custom building of the ship was meant to validate the historical detail of the movie. The detailed design of the ship was meant to support the narrative such that the occurrences could be as […]
  • Rhetorical Criticism of the Titanic Jack and Rose develop a friendship They walk round the ship and explore all the hidden areas The people of the high class treat and see the employees and people from the lower societies There […]
  • “Titanic” by James Cameron Movie Analysis Therefore, there is indeed a good reason in referring to Cameron’s film, as such that promotes a thoroughly humanistic idea that the measure of people’s actual worth has very little to do with what happened […]
  • “Titanic” by James Cameron: Storyline, Language & Characters Analysis The head of the excursion is Brock Lovett and is just exploring to find valuables, which might have been carried to the ship. With the story developing, the ship, on the other hand, is pushed […]
  • Technological Catastrophe: Titanic in 1912 The events leading to the sinking of the ship and the finding of its wreckage in the Atlantic Ocean led to in-depth analysis of technology with a clear line between advantages and disadvantages of technological […]
  • Gender Propagation in Titanic Miniseries In spite of the film indicating that the people travelling in the Titanic are divided based on their social status, the film goes ahead to show a high level of interaction among the different classes […]
  • The Significance and the Esteem of the Film “Titanic” It is hard to believe that James Cameron envisaged the love narrative involving the two characters and ultimately decided the ideal backdrop would be the sinking of the Titanic.
  • “My Best Friend’s Girl” and “Titanic” Film Analysis As a result, it can be argued that the time difference between these two films is significant in terms of understanding the changes in the depiction of the theme of love by the producers of […]
  • Social Inequality in the Titanic Movie Even when she rejects the privileges that her class offers in order to be with the one she loves, she is eventually separated from him because of the consequences of social inequality.
  • The Role of Music in the Film “Titanic” Also, it will discuss the content and themes of the movie and explain the role played by music in the movie.
  • Black Vernaculars in “Sinking of the Titanic” by Hughes and “Shine and the Titanic” by Abraham In both poems, the main character is a black man named Shine who works in the boiler room of the Titanic and attempts to inform the captain of the impending disaster.
  • Would 1997 Movie Titanic Be Considered a Great Epic? Griffith, the “father of film technique”, “the man who invented Hollywood” and “the Shakespeare of the screen,” “a film is a cooperative effort between the director and the audience.
  • Titanic Sinking in Poetic and Oral History Genres In the opening he takes aim at the claim that the ship was unsinkable, calling that an example of “human vanity” and the “Pride of life” from which the ship now lies far removed.
  • The Role of the Social Institution in the Cameron’s “Titanic” Most of the movie is about the encounter and relationships of this boy with the members of the aristocratic family mentioned above.
  • The Titanic: Risk Management The vehicle’s high speed at the time of the collision and delayed evacuation can be explained by the captain’s attempt to save the prestige of the ship.
  • Historical Romance: “An Affair to Remember” and “Titanic” The primary aspect of the two films’ social environment is the characters’ ability to get involved in romantic antics and affairs. Love is the central theme in the movie and is signified by the Heart […]
  • The Titanic: Preconditions, the Trigger, the Crisis, Post-Crisis The sinking of the RMS Titanic is the subject of this report and seeks to analyze the tragedy through the lens of risk and crisis management.
  • Similarities and Differences Between the Movies “Titanic” and “Romeo and Juliet”
  • The Night That Changed Everything for the “Titanic”
  • Analysis of the Use of Mise-En-Scène to Convey Narrative in “Titanic”
  • Acting and Emotions in “Titanic” Movie
  • Elegant Production Design and Surprising Visual Outcomes: “Titanic”
  • The History and Sinking of the “Titanic”
  • “Titanic”: The Most Fascinating and Well-Known Ship in History
  • Archetypal and Mythic Patterns in the “Titanic”
  • “Titanic”: The Birth of a New Generation and Its Terrible Destruction
  • The Events That Led to the Sinking of the “Titanic” in 1912
  • Flaws, Failures, and Fractures of the “Titanic”
  • Human Neglect as a Reason Behind the Sinking of the “Titanic”
  • A Tragic Love Story in “Titanic” Movie
  • “Titanic” and “Lusitania”: The Ships That Have Changed History
  • Historical Decision: The Incident of the “Titanic”
  • “Titanic”: Standout Ship and Legendary Fail
  • Comparative Analysis of American Independent Films: “Clerks” and “Titanic”
  • “Titanic” and Its Poetics Elements
  • Structural Weakness and the Hull of the “Titanic”
  • Factors of Success of the Film “Titanic” by James Cameron
  • Hollywood Elite and “Titanic” Film by Director James Cameron
  • The Size, Shape, and Design of the “Titanic”
  • The Theme of Social Classes and Inequalities in the Movie “Titanic”
  • The Age-Old Mystery Surrounding the Sinking of the Maiden Ship “Titanic”
  • Regarding the “Titanic” and What Should Be Done With the Remains
  • Themes and Motives in James Cameron’s “Titanic”
  • Impact of Sinking of the “Titanic” on the U.S. Capital Markets
  • The Life and Works of Thomas Andrews, the Designer of “Titanic”
  • The Wild Conspiracy Theory That the “Titanic” Never Sank
  • Various Social Classes and How They Were Treated on the “Titanic”
  • Captain Edward J. Smith on Trail for Sinking of the “Titanic”
  • The Most Famous Survivor Passenger on “Titanic”
  • How the Movie “Titanic” Relates to Suffering and Death
  • Engineering and Construction Factors That Caused the “Titanic” to Fail
  • James Cameron’s Presentation and Adaptation of “Titanic” for the Cinema
  • Comparison of the Movies “Titanic” and “Pearl Harbor”
  • The Real Story Behind the Discovery of “Titanic’s” Watery Grave
  • Survival Prediction for “Titanic” Data Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Comparing the “Titanic” Movie and the Real “Titanic” Story
  • What Engineering and Construction Factors Caused the Sinking of the “Titanic”?
  • Could Such an Accident as “Titanic” Happen Again?
  • Why Were the “Titanic” and “Lusitania” Ships That Changed History?
  • How Were Different Social Classes Treated on the “Titanic”?
  • How Can the Film “Titanic” Be Considered From a Formalist Point of View?
  • What Would Be the Survival Prediction of “Titanic” Data Using Machine Learning Algorithms?
  • Who Was the Most Famous “Titanic” Survivor?
  • How Has James Cameron Presented and Adapted the True Story of “Titanic” for the Cinema?
  • Could Anything Have Saved the “Titanic”?
  • What Critical Approach Is Used in the Movie “Titanic”?
  • How Does James Cameron Represent the “Old World” and the “New World” in His Film “Titanic”?
  • Why Did They Say That God Couldn’t Even Sink the “Titanic”?
  • Did Any of the 3rd Class Passengers Survive on the “Titanic”?
  • What Could Have Prevented the “Titanic” From Sinking?
  • How Does Thomas Hardy Present the Tragedy of the Sinking of the “Titanic” in the Poem “The Convergence of the Twain”?
  • Was Captain Smith Responsible for the Sinking of the “Titanic”?
  • Has the Real “Titanic” Been Found?
  • What Changed as a Result of the Sinking of the “Titanic”?
  • Is There a Difference Between the Movie “Titanic” and the Real Story of the “Titanic”?
  • Why Was the “Titanic” One of the Greatest Shipping Disasters of All Time?
  • Is the Story of the “Titanic” a True Story of Life?
  • What Events Led to the Sinking of the “Titanic” in 1912?
  • What Is the Essence of the Inequality of Different Social Classes in the Story “Titanic”?
  • How Much Was a First-Class Ticket on the “Titanic”?
  • Was the “Titanic” the Most Fascinating and Well-Known Ship in History?
  • Are There Similarities Between the Films “Titanic” and “Pearl Harbor”?
  • What Events Led to the Discovery of the “Titanic”?
  • How Accurately Does the Movie “A Night to Remember” Depict the Actual Sinking of the Ship “Titanic”?
  • Why Will the “Titanic” Always Hold Significance?
  • What Were the Causes and Consequences of the “Titanic” Disaster?
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Titanic Essay Examples

Titanic movie: a cinematic retelling of tragedy and love.

The Titanic was a story narrated by Rose the main character and a survival of the tragedy who provided the people details of her experience on the ship. In Titanic movie summary essay the plot of the aforementioned film will be briefly discussed.  Rose, the...

Titanic: a Dream that Turned into a Nightmare

One of the most sought after trips during the 1900s took a sharp turn when it was on its maiden voyage. On April 14,1912, a giant ship weighing 52,310 tons, hit an iceberg at 11:40 p. m. leaving the part of the ship, or the...

The Theories of the Titanic Disaster

People have been fascinated with the Titanic disaster since it happened in 1912. There have been many theories about the cause throughout the years however they never found out who was really to blame. Our first theory is that captain Smith of the Titanic might...

Titanic: What Made the Unsinkable Ship to Sink

Picture relaxing just before bed, getting ready for the next morning. Then all of a sudden you feel this big push against the ship. Everyone is saying it is nothing because the Titanic cannot sink, but the next thing you know you are floating in...

Exploring Gender Roles and Stereotypes in the Film Titanic

With more than 130 million viewers worldwide, and eleven Oscars one of the most famous films in history was James Cameron`s 1997 film Titanic. Titanic is the love story of Jack and Rose, portrayed by the actors Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet told against the...

Advanced Project Planning and Control Case Study: the Sinking of Rms Tayleur

Governance refers to the set of policies, regulations, functions, processes, procedures and responsibilities that define the establishment, management and control of projects, programmes and portfolios. The administration of portfolios, projects and undertakings is a vital piece of hierarchical administration. It gives an association the required...

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