48 Philosophy and Ethics Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some interesting philosophy paper topics and ethics essay topics for you. These topics are rather general and are not meant for students majoring in philosophy. Philosophy paper topics may be also created by choosing a theory or a philosopher and asking how justified the proposed ideas are.

Likewise, you may investigate the ethical aspects surrounding any human practice to create an ethics essay topic.  You can also take the historical perspective and claim that particular philosophical or ethical beliefs or convictions had a rather positive or negative effect on its time.

1. Are people good or evil by nature?

2. Does free will exist? Should the notion of free will be reconsidered?  Review of credible sources on the topic. 

3. Does the belief in God change a person?

4. Is science compatible/incompatible with religion? (Consider creation and evolution in particular)

5. Argue for or against utilitarianism.

6. Argue for or against psychological/ethical egoism.

7. Are morals relative to culture or  society ?

8. Do moral facts exist?

9. Should philosophers be invited to consider the future of technological development?

10. Do moral rules enslave people? Can people violate moral rules to achieve a common good? Critically evaluate Machiavelli’s ideas.

11. What theory explaining the drivers of human behavior is the most convincing?

12. Is morality related to the level of education of a person?

13. The research shows people have inborn capacities, which largely determine educational attainment. Should this affect the educational system? Does this justify a class system?

14. Should genetic engineering humans be legal?  Review of credible sources on the topic .

15. Should euthanasia be legal?

16.  Is abortion morally wrong?

Ethical Argument Topics

17. Can capital punishment be legal? Should a convict be allowed to decide whether to serve a life sentence or accept the death penalty?

18. Should the personal use of drugs be legal?

19. Can mass surveillance be justified?  Review of credible sources on the topic. 

20. Is cloning ethically permissible?

21. Is there a moral obligation to be honest?

22. Is it ethical to use drugs to enhance cognition? Is it compatible with the use of steroids in sports?

23. Can charity be considered a moral obligation? Should it be considered an obligation of the wealthy people?

24. Do developed countries have a moral responsibility to address the issue of hunger in the world?

25. Do democratic states have a moral right/moral obligation to overthrow/help overthrow dictatorship/eliminate oppression in some states?

26. Who should decide whether to place an elderly in the elderly center: an elderly person himself/herself, children, healthcare specialist?

27. Can a person be denied a place in the hall of fame, etc. for demonstrating low moral standards?

28. Should the wealthy countries assume responsibility for organ trafficking business in developing states?  Review of credible sources on the topic. 

29. Should products manufactured with the use of child labor/in conditions detrimental to people’s health bear a special notification?

30. Is there a moral duty to care for the environment? Should environment awareness be treated as a virtue?

31. Is it ethical to have zoos and circuses?

32. Is it ethical to use animals’ fur and skin? Should the fur industry be regulated/banned overall? Should free relationships be considered immoral?

33. Is it ethical to invest in operations for pets if people in developing countries lack basic health care?

34. Is it ethical to use embryos in genetic engineering research?  Review of credible sources on the topic. 

35. Is it ethical to produce “designer babies”?  Review of credible sources on the topic. 

36. Should the state consider moral aspects of the  policy  when implementing it? What should overweight: morality or economic benefits?

37. Should people face legal responsibility for failing on the moral rules? (Consider if it is normal that people are punished for treason but not for cheating, what consequences the refusal to help can have).

38. Should patriotism be considered a virtue? (see other  patriotism essay topics and ideas )

39. Should violent and offensive content be removed from the Internet? Who should decide what content is offensive?

40. Has feminism as a movement achieved all its goals? Is there currently equality between the sexes?

41. The ethics of feminism. Consider both the equality and freedom issues and the traditional virtues of women. Is feminism somehow opposed to religion?

42. Should white Americans hold responsibility for the disadvantaged position of black Americans?

43. Is ageism a real thing? How should it be tackled?

44. Are the existing policies adequately protecting people from discrimination?

45. Should hate speech on the Internet and  social media sites  be censored? Should there be a legal responsibility for hate speech?

46. Should the state be allowed to censor the creative work of the artists: films, exhibitions, books, etc.?

47. What is the ethics behind Bitcoin: lower costs to end-users or money laundering?

48.  Ethical questions that surround Covid-19  and the response to the pandemic.

essay topics in philosophy

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essay topics in philosophy

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essay topics in philosophy

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essay topics in philosophy

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essay topics in philosophy

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essay topics in philosophy


215 Awesome Philosophy Essay Topics That Will Help You Earn an A+ Grade

Table of Contents

Writing a philosophy essay is a daunting task. It requires critical analysis, extensive reading, massive research, and strong knowledge of the subject. Particularly, for writing an excellent philosophy essay, a powerful philosophy essay topic is what you need the most. As philosophy is a vast academic field that tackles every aspect of human life, it contains a wide range of essay topics to focus on.

Do you want to write an engaging philosophy essay? Are you searching for the best philosophy essay topics and ideas? Continue reading this blog post and get important tips on how to choose a good philosophy topic and craft an engaging philosophy paper. Also, you can make use of the list of awesome philosophy essay topic ideas suggested here.

How to Write an Impressive Philosophy Essay?

In general, philosophy is an interesting academic discipline that focuses on the fundamental nature of reality, knowledge, and existence. Most importantly, the subject deals with a wide range of theories that are related to primary occurrences in nature and daily life, and also revolve around the concept of reality, truth, and goodness.

Philosophy Essay Topics

As mentioned above, philosophy essay writing is not a piece of cake. For writing a philosophy essay, you must have a great philosophy essay topic and also know how to critically analyze, identify the hidden arguments and then persuade your readers with logical arguments that are relevant to your essay topic.

If you are asked to write a comprehensive philosophy essay, then this is what you should follow.

  • First, identify an outstanding philosophy essay topic.
  • Next, sketch a detailed essay outline by highlighting the key arguments.
  • Create a strong thesis statement.
  • Structure the essay by including the essential components such as introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Add a hook sentence to your introductory paragraph and close the section with the thesis statement that you have prepared.
  • Present all the major points or arguments on your topic with supporting evidence or other credible information in the body section.
  • Wrap up the essay with a thesis restatement and a call-to-action in the conclusion paragraph.
  • In the end, create a references list or a bibliography.
  • Finally, proofread the entire essay and edit it, if there are any errors.

Tips for Choosing a Good Philosophy Essay Topic

The first step in philosophy essay writing is identifying a good topic to deal with. Generally, people will think that it is easy to search and find an essay topic. But, actually, it is not true. For choosing an essay topic, you must put a lot of effort and time into it.

Usually, the professors will either propose essay topic ideas for you to choose from, or they will ask you to write a brilliant essay by choosing a philosophy essay topic on your own. If you are asked to select a topic on your own, then you should keep the following things in mind while selecting the philosophy essay topic.

When it comes to choosing a philosophy essay topic, always remember to pick a topic that

  • Interests you and your readers.
  • Allows you to fill the areas that are lacking.
  • Addresses a specific problem in society.
  • Is not too broad or too narrow.
  • Provides solutions to life problems.
  • Contains an arguable question or a topic that is argumentative.
  • Consist of different views and opinions.
  • Matches the research methodology of your choice.
  • Contains a wide range of sources references.
  • Have enough facts and data to support the major points or arguments.

Read More – Philosophy Research Topics for Every College Student You Know

Top Philosophy Essay Topic Ideas

Till now, we saw how to choose a good philosophy essay topic and write an informative essay. Next, let us move on to the philosophy essay topic ideas.

To make your topic searching process easier, here we have compiled a list of awesome philosophy essay topic ideas for you to consider. Go through the entire list and identify a topic that suits you perfectly.

Simple Philosophy Essay Topics

  • Does wisdom increase with age?
  • What happens when people die?
  • What would happen if humans lived forever?
  • How complex is a human life from conception to adulthood?
  • Is it worth keeping memories of past events if we can’t go back to them?
  • The origins of racial prejudice.
  • Is religious education necessary?
  • Our perception of disabled people.
  • The definition of anger.
  • Politics versus moral values.
  • Analyse the four pillars of philosophy
  • Why the philosophy of Socrates differs from the philosophy of Plato?
  • Is it logical to believe that only God can restrict people from doing sin
  • Explain the philosophy of statesmanship
  • Should the notion of free will be reconsidered?

Simple Philosophy Essay Topics for University

  • Eastern moral values versus Western moral values
  • Philosophy of love in Christianity and Jainism
  • Philosophy of Hinduism
  • Personality formation and environmental science
  • God versus Evil
  • Are morals relative to society and culture?
  • Concept of Meaning in My Life: Reflective Essay.
  • Analysis of the Significance of Our Existence: Concept of Meaning of Life.
  • Concept of Meaning of Life: Critical Analysis.
  • Concept of Meaning and Its Role in Our Life: Analytical Essay

Argumentative Philosophy Essay Topics

  • Explain the purpose behind good and evil.
  • Elaborate the main attributes of Skepticism
  • Explain whether or not morality should be subjective.
  • Investigate whether knowledge is a result of experience and learning.
  • Explain why governments should conceal the evidence of extraterrestrial
  • The causes of religious wars.
  • What are the reasons and solutions to mass panic and hysteria?
  • Utilitarianism has roots in violence and social rejection.
  • What is the relationship between the spirit and the natural world?
  • What are critical moral issues around genetically modified products?
  • Legality of genetic engineering
  • Is there any moral obligation to be honest?
  • Is it ethical to have pets?
  • Individualism versus idealism
  • John Locke Versus Socrates in Ideas Concerning Just Society: Analytical Essay.
  • Violence and Nonviolence Movements: Critical Analysis. Critical Review of Interview with Adams: Issues of War and Pacifism.
  • Analytical Essay on Ethical Relativism.
  • How the modern feminist philosophy differs from previous years?
  • Analyze the difference between logic and mathematics
  • Describe the differences between a posterior and a priori in probability

Also, Read – Thought-Provoking Argumentative Essay Topics for You to Explore

Interesting Philosophy Essay Topics

  • What are the main aspects of Stoicism?
  • The world of cinema: objective versus subjective.
  • Is there an end to technology’s development?
  • Do we learn based on the legacy provided by the family?
  • What are our modern perception of anti-utopia and the link of technology?
  • Are single-family children more caring?
  • What is the human link to Mother Nature?
  • Is love only based on chemical reactions?
  • Would people commit crimes if we did not have punishment?
  • Does religion change the way people approach science?

Interesting Philosophy Essay Topics for Writing

  • Is it important to promote the concept of nuclear family?
  • Discuss the things that are truly subjective in life
  • Human rights and their significance
  • Ethical issues arise in abortion
  • Discuss the philosophy behind religious practices
  • Utilitarianism versus Deontology
  • Discuss the philosophy of Nihilism
  • The Importance of Respect for Others.
  • The Future of Pacifism. Connection of Morality with Function of a Human Being.
  • Building a Just Society Through God’s Love.

Plato Essay Topics

  • An ideal world through the prism of Plato.
  • The similarities between Plato and Aristotle.
  • A comparison of Plato’s philosophy versus Christian metaphysics.
  • The role of literary devices in Plato’s philosophy.
  • The central beliefs of Socrates versus Plato’s analytical approach.
  • Plato’s Republic: moral and subjective views.
  • Analysis of Plato’s Theory of Forms.
  • Explain different forms of the good according to Plato’s Republic
  • Examine the role of Plato and Aristotle in classical German philosophy.
  • What was the influence of other philosophers on the ideas of Plato?
  • Discuss the role of God in the philosophy of Plato
  • Plato and the Allegory of the Caves
  • Lessons one can learn from the Plato’s book ‘The Apology’
  • Natural laws versus moral laws in contemporary society
  • Compare and contrast the philosophy of science and feminist epistemology

Captivating Philosophy Essay Topics

  • The philosophy of love in Buddhism.
  • The philosophy of Marxism.
  • How does payment affect satisfaction based on what a person does?
  • Can happiness be approached without a social group?
  • Personality formation and environmental science.
  • A definition of true friendship on social media.
  • Why do people participate in volunteering?
  • The sources of determinism.
  • A genetic aspect of moral perception.
  • Love and affection: do we learn from it?

Captivating Philosophy Essay Topics for Assignments

  • The phenomenon of eternity.
  • Emotional aspect in legislation.
  • The challenges of free will.
  • The philosophy of Apartheid.
  • Spiritual medical practices.
  • Why do people start wars?
  • What forces children to lie?
  • Do we truly have a right to free speech?
  • Are moral choices objective?
  • The role of digital platforms and their negative effect on human philosophy.

Philosophy Essay Topics on Worldview

  • The role of a cultural mindset and globalization.
  • Are we alone in the universe?
  • The origins of consumerism in American society.
  • Communism versus Capitalism.
  • The value of knowledge and reading of books.
  • The role of Platonic realism.
  • Feminism and idealism through the lens of behavioral
  • Future perspectives and technology.
  • An average perception of the world by the middle school child.
  • The role of the grandparents in our outlook on life.

Practical Philosophy Essay Topics

  • The definition of truth online.
  • The philosophy of peaceful protests.
  • An application of medieval philosophy in literature.
  • The anti-vaccination philosophy.
  • The philosophy of eco-friendliness and the controversies.
  • The definition of modern romance.
  • The Black Lives Matter social movement philosophy.
  • Why are people afraid of changes in the times of technology?
  • How can a person remain objective with the plethora of information we process today?
  • The role of Twitter in political processes.

Transcendentalism Essay Topics

  • The most famous Transcendentalists of the 21st century.
  • Feminism and the lack of changes to women’s rights.
  • Is there such a thing as American Transcendentalism?
  • How did social protest change since the 1920s?
  • The attitude to people with autism and other learning difficulties.
  • How do people in different cultures perceive nurturing of children?
  • The role and effect of remote education for children.
  • The philosophy that impacted the elimination of slavery.
  • Henry David Thoreau: how do his ideas apply to the 2021’s state of things?

Also read: American History Topics To Consider For Academic Writing

Enlightenment Essay Topics

  • How did political songs affect education?
  • Voltaire and censorship.
  • The understanding of the Universe.
  • The pros and cons of individualism.
  • The reflection of skepticism in the literature of the 18th century.
  • How did people approach happiness in the Age of Enlightenment?
  • The access to information and the burned books.
  • The role of reason and intellectual development in the late 17th century.
  • Freedom through the lens of love and prosperity.
  • The role of power in the Age of Enlightenment.

Amazing Philosophy Essay Topics

  • How can life be without news and information?
  • Can someone love and hate at the same time?
  • The impacts of the Western philosophical tradition
  • What fosters good judgment in the life of a man?
  • Should boys and girls learn distinctively?
  • Does the weather affect the mood of women?
  • Do controversies indeed exist?
  • The role of education in fostering rationality and logic
  • Discuss the relationship between humanity, divinity, and creativity.
  • Is it reasonable to be proud after accomplishing something?

Incredible Philosophy Essay Topics

  • What is the link between genetics and human personalities?
  • Examine the freedom teenagers should have.
  • Examine the importance of preserving cultural heritage.
  • Determine if thoughts can exist without language.
  • Explain if it is possible to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich in society.
  • What are the issues and principles of ethics in psychotherapy?
  • Explain the definition and problems related to informed consent.
  • Examine conscience and its key features.
  • Point out the difference between unethical and ethical marketing.
  • Explain the link between ethics and aesthetics in axiology.

Philosophy Essay Topics for Exam

  • Highlight the main features of empiricism.
  • Explain the critical attributes of Pietism.
  • Explain how Martin Luther’s theology impacted Europe.
  • Define the concept of “logos” in different philosophies.
  • Explain the concepts of divine providence and sin.
  • Define the idea of “becoming” in atomism.
  • What is the relationship between the doctrine of Pythagoreans and Mathematics?
  • Discuss the ethics behind the application of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.
  • Discuss ethical issues surrounding organ transplant
  • Define patriotism and explain why it should be a virtue.

Excellent Philosophy Essay Topics

  • Define the term mentally conscious and how it applies to human life.
  • What is the most crucial attribute to gain human knowledge?
  • Is it possible to provide help to a stranger without doubting their intentions?
  • Which is more important, to be loved by someone or to love someone?
  • Investigate why our superstitions and cultural myths about life and death are important.
  • Explain whether achieving self-development has anything to do with self-esteem.
  • A case study of the psychology behind cheap products and their quality.
  • Elaborate if philosophy is the ultimate answer to all questions in life.
  • Discuss how the feminine gender was in ancient Greece.
  • Examine whether getting information out of the outer world is real.
  • Explain the key differences between Freudism and Marxism.
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of committing suicide.
  • What are the ethical issues around using embryos in genetic engineering research?
  • Is feminism opposed to religion?
  • Explain why some individuals live life without feeling alive.
  • Define a perfect life and explain what keeps people from living it.
  • What impact does the belief in God have on humans?
  • How are war and peace interrelated to each other?
  • Is death the beginning of something new or the final point of human life?
  • Define the concept of Supernatural and highlight any proof of its existence.
  • Find a source of genuine inspiration. Your lack of motivation for the subject will always be apparent.
  • Select a particular philosophical school as your methodology.
  • Continue to read the writings of many philosophers and study them.
  • The social movement’s “Black Lives Matter” ethos.
  • With the volume of information we now process, how is it possible for someone to maintain objectivity?
  • The macho idea as it relates to the ideology of feminine dress.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of sporting competition: a philosophical perspective.
  • Should people have the ability to self-govern in legal matters?
  • The function of digital platforms and how they affect human philosophy negatively.
  • What compels kids to lie?

Latest Philosophy Essay Topics

  • Do we learn first through experience or through the ongoing processing of information?
  • What kind of ideology encourages individuals to gamble?
  • The masculine idea as it relates to the ideology of feminine dress.
  • A type of nurturing is being cruel to younger siblings.
  • An ordinary middle schooler’s perspective on the world.
  • The importance of education and book reading.
  • Behavioral science seen through the prism of feminism and idealism.
  • How did the Enlightenment-era thinking contribute to Napoleon coming to power?
  • Discuss the impact of enlightenment on the French Revolution
  • Which period is called the Enlightenment period and why?
  • Enlightenment and Freemasonry activity in Germany
  • Discuss about some Enlightenment philosophers and their doctrine

Final Words

By choosing any topic from the list of philosophy essay topic ideas suggested in this blog post, you can write a top-scoring essay or research. Also, when writing your philosophy essay, make sure to follow the essential writing tips mentioned above. Remember, you can effortlessly score top grades if you choose a unique philosophy essay topic and write an effective paper by presenting all the major points with supporting evidence.

Do you still struggle to find the right philosophy essay topic? Are you confused about how to craft a detailed philosophy essay? No worries! Reach out to us and take philosophy assignment help immediately from our team of professional writers who are masters in writing academic research papers and essays on the top philosophy topics.

Philosophy Essay Topics

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100+ Philosophy Research Paper Topics

philosophy paper topics

One of the most difficult tasks philosophy students faces each year is in having to come up with a philosophy topic to write a paper on. Students can get notifications of big projects months ahead of time and then spend weeks trying to figure out whether their philosophy essay topics are good enough to earn a good grade.

We get it. It’s hard to pull this task together with schedules and responsibilities. This is why we work to find philosophical topics that are current and relatable. We stick to important issues that are at the forefront of the discipline and bring them to you in one convenient philosophical topic for the essay list.

Finding the right philosophy topics can turn regular assignments into A+-winning assignments and we’ve done the work to help you and hundreds of other students get started with these philosophy paper topics. Here are our top 100 philosophy topics for the current school year:

Argumentative Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  • Do people naturally have good and bad qualities?
  • Do we need family support to find happiness?
  • How humans can be happy without reproduction?
  • What is the definitive explanation of happiness?
  • Do most people feel they aren’t living their full lives?
  • Would you marry for money if it meant you could never be happy?
  • Would you like to live your life more than once?
  • Would you rather work vocationalation job or a high-paying job?
  • Are personalities unique or are they just template?
  • Do you think that it is moral to follow all the rules?

Good Philosophy Paper Topics for All Levels

  • Does one need to lead a moral life to achieve happiness?
  • Why do people find life harder than expected?
  • Which is the better teacher? Experience or learning?
  • Do people always do what they want at that moment?
  • Is truth universal or does it change because of perspective?
  • Do animals have a better sense of morals than humans?
  • Can people gain an education without proper schooling?
  • Does one need to be literate to understand philosophy?
  • Which ie preferable? Determinism or Free Will?
  • Is capital punishment ethical in today’s world?

Controversial Topics in Philosophy

  • How does society shape a person’s life and beliefs?
  • Do you need a lot of money to live a rich life?
  • Why are some people living without actually experiencing things?
  • Is spiritual power more important than free will?
  • Do genetics play a bigger role in the way people behave?
  • What impact does the word “love” have on positivity?
  • What is the real reason we live our lives?
  • Is it possible to form a perfect world?
  • Do religion and philosophy contradict one another?
  • Can a world exist without laws or regulations?

Fun Philosophy Paper Topics for High School

  • What would be your form ideal government?
  • What are the different ways in which humans understand each other?
  • How is the concept of happiness defined by different philosophers?
  • Is existence simply a dream experienced by a larger being?
  • If you can spend a week in any period, which would it be?
  • Are we alone in our galaxy or are there other intelligent life forms?
  • What does it mean to have free will versus determinism?
  • If you can change one thing from your past, what would it be?
  • Does religion limit our abilities to explore the meaning of life?
  • What does it mean to be loved or to love others?

Topics for Philosophy Paper on the Classics

  • What does it mean to understand our universe?
  • Does happiness come from our actions toward others?
  • Are our thoughts evidence that we exist?
  • What is the definition of evil as it relates to the modern world?
  • Could societies exist without laws and regulations?
  • Are people born good or evil or are they raised to be one or the other?
  • Is torture a justifiable form of punishment?
  • How can past leaders influence today’s youth positively?
  • Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder?
  • Can we refocus our minds to think more positively?

Easy Philosophy Paper Topics for High School

  • What does it mean to be moral in today’s world?
  • Can wars be justified if it supports the greater population?
  • What does it mean to be a postmodern philosopher?
  • What are today’s most important life values?
  • What is the current perspective on the definition of loneliness?
  • How does one prepare for life after death?
  • Would you like to repeat your life with full knowledge of the prior?
  • Does something better than nothing always lead to benefits?
  • Do people choose to suffer or is it a feeling beyond our control?
  • Should people have to right to die by suicide?

Philosophy Topics to Write About Quickly

  • Do we exist in some form after death?
  • Do supernatural entities exist in the world?
  • Are video games negatively impacting people’s moral values?
  • How does one boost his or her ability to be creative?
  • Is it important to spend your entire life learning?
  • What does it mean to be mentally conscious?
  • What is the definition of loneliness and have you experienced it?
  • What are the most important character traits for leaders to have?
  • Does one need a lot of money to be considered rich?
  • Are we alone in the universe or is there another life?

Philosophical Topics for Essays on Current Issues

  • Are parents responsible for how their children behave?
  • Are the U.S. and U.K. meritocratic societies?
  • Has social media had an impact on people’s morals?
  • Do you agree with the notion that love only exists for 3 years?
  • Are humans more likely to cause trouble because of boredom?
  • Is capital punishment morally justified in modern society?
  • Do humans have the same ideas about what is right and what is wrong?
  • How does death affect how humans view life?
  • Is it complicated to live a life of happiness?
  • Should teenagers be given the responsibility to make their own choices?

Philosophy Thesis Topics for a Big Project

  • Do religion and the belief in God change a person’s behavior?
  • Are Machiavellian ideals still relevant in today’s government?
  • Is animal experimentation ever justified to protect humans?
  • What are the pros and cons of a utilitarian society?
  • What are the pros and cons of a communist government?
  • Why are humans the only species to be violent?
  • Is economic justice more important than legal justice?
  • Should women have univerabortion rightstion?
  • What impact did the 20th-century wave of philosophy have on the U.S.?
  • How do you know that you are different from other people?

Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  • What are the tendencies we see most in humans?
  • Are our morals connected to or influenced by culture?
  • Would you live your life a second time?
  • Should religion have a voice in a nation’s government?
  • What do you think makes for an ideal society?
  • Are truths relative to specific situations or circumstances?
  • What is the most important aspect to gain human knowledge?
  • What is something that veritably upsets you?
  • What is something in your life that you would like to change?
  • What is the most effective way to increase one’s IQ?

Getting a good grade on a philosophy research paper requires you to consider several different options and narrow down those options to a topic you feel you can conduct complete philosophy research on. The topic should also be something that interests you and verges into new areas in the discipline and area of study. This can be a difficult task for many students, so we create custom philosophy research topics to suit every situation. If you can’t find a topic you like from this list, just give us a call, email us, or send us a message via chat. We can direct you to a qualified philosophy expert writer to create a custom list of philosophical ideas to fit your assignment needs.

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100 Philosophy Essay Topics For Students

This article will consider what a philosophical essay is and what philosophy essay topics are. We will consider how one type of paper differs from another. In addition, we will tell you by what criteria and how to choose a topic for your essay and give some ideas and examples of philosophy essay topics (created with our professional) to practice.

What Is a Philosophy Essay?

Philosophy is one of the oldest sciences that arose with the first intelligent thought of man. The concept of “philosophy” is translated as “search for truth.”

How much do we want to know about this world and its order or disorder if we succeed? How necessary is this knowledge for us? Any academic writing that defends a claim that can be proven valid can be considered a philosophy essay.

Argumentative philosophy essay topics follow a strictly basic format that must always be considered. When you write, you present your statement or fact as a reality throughout the essay.

Throughout the article, the writer seeks to defend his statement and provide a wide range of facts that support it.

How to Come Up With a Topic For the Philosophy Essay?

The first challenge of writing a philosophy essay is choosing a philosophy paper topic. The first step in selecting good philosophy paper topics is choosing the most appropriate field of study within philosophy. It is necessary to apply critical thinking in knowledge, which concerns the five branches of philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics, and aesthetics.

When it comes to writing a philosophy essay, it can be difficult to come up with topics. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources available to help students brainstorm and come up with topics for their essays. For instance, a quick search online can lead to a wealth of resources such as articles, books, and websites that discuss a variety of philosophy topics. Additionally, it is possible to buy college essay papers specifically tailored to cover a range of philosophical topics.

Good Philosophy Essay Topics

These ideas are classic but, at the same time, well-suited to modern philosophical questions. By choosing one of these philosophy topics for essays, you can reveal one or another relevant philosophical question that is relevant nowadays.

  • Being, substance, and matter: What is movement? What is space for you? What is the time?
  • The problem of “dialogue” between a person and computer systems.
  • Consciousness is a necessary condition for the restoration of culture.
  • Is it possible to know the world altogether?
  • Man and woman: equal or unequal?
  • Death penalty: to be or not to be?
  • Under what conditions do you consider euthanasia acceptable?
  • Nonviolence is a categorical moral prohibition.
  • The problem of human death and immortality.
  • Modern civilization and childbirth. Your attitude to abortion.
  • Childfree and large families.
  • Artificial insemination, surrogate motherhood, adoption, or loneliness?
  • Your mindset to monogamy and polygamy.
  • Religion and atheism in the 21st century.
  • Unequal marriage: pros and cons.
  • Love and love. Do we know how to love?
  • Man and nature: unity or opposition?
  • Gender diversity in the 21st century.
  • Parents in the life of an adult.
  • Nationalism or cosmopolitanism: Which ideology is relevant in today’s world?

Easy Philosophy Essay Topics

The philosophy topics ideas below are suitable for beginners or people for whom philosophy is not the science they study at the university. These easy philosophy paper topics can lead you to specific philosophical thoughts, but creating a unique essay on one of them will not be difficult.

  • How does music affect the way we live?
  • Big money in sports is the essence of competition.
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – is it relevant in the 21st century?
  • Personality tests – help you find yourself or drive you to limits.
  • Traumatic events should be openly discussed, not hidden.
  • Are people who love animals generally kinder and more optimistic?
  • Is it true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
  • For or against keeping animals in zoos?
  • How can technology be used to preserve the environment?
  • Describe how you made the decision about which career to choose.
  • Should modern education eliminate evaluation systems – yes or no?
  • A phrase that changed my life.
  • What is the difference between courage and fear?
  • What internal prisons have you already built from your fears?
  • Are people inherently more good or bad?

Political Philosophy Essay Topics

Politics is an integral part of our life. These essay topics will help you look at ethical issues of the critical social components from a philosophical point of view. By writing philosophy paper topics from this list, you will be able to understand better what politics is. So check these expository essay ideas .

  • Reasons for high unemployment.
  • Is money a tool or the goal of life?
  • Why do athletes become more socially active and proactive?
  • My ambitions are how I see my life in 10 years.
  • What does it take to become a politician?
  • In the world, everyone in it will do their own thing.
  • The development of the world is a chain of transformations of possibility into reality.
  • Social ontology. Image of flat ontologies.
  • We don’t have time to be ourselves.
  • The concept of fact in modern politic
  • Concept of person, individual in politics.
  • The concept of experiment in politics.
  • Humans as the main subject of political analysis
  • The concept of equilibrium in modern political philosophy.
  • The concept of risk in politics.

Ancient Greek Philosophical Topics for Essays

Mentioned below are philosophy topics to write a paper on your own for those who want to know more about the most magnificent world’s philosophy period. So, check these narrative essay topics , which can help better grasp that period.

  • Rational knowledge is supplemented by wisdom as an understanding of people’s life experiences.
  • The thoughts of the sophists (Protagoras, Gorgias, Antiphon, etc.).
  • Man is the measure of all things.
  • Is everything wrong in cognition?
  • Nothing exists, and if it does exist, it is incomprehensible.
  • A person should take care of himself first of all.
  • Is self-knowledge a requirement of reason?
  • Goodness begins with presentation and knowledge of it.
  • The sense organs give us information only about unrealities.
  • Being exists, and non-being does not have the unity of matter and form.

Philosophy Of Mind Essay Topics

These interesting philosophy paper topics often relate to the human mind, the study of the depths of human understanding of specific issues. Writing an essay on one of these topics will enable you to comprehend how the mind works from a philosophical perspective. If you feel you have little experience with such topics, you can get help from custom essay writing services .

  • The nature and essence of man: Freedom, choice, and responsibility
  • Man in biological and social dimensions
  • Meaning of life. Death and immortality.
  • The concept of risk in classical science.
  • The idea of risk in non-classical science.
  • The concept of sustainability in modern science.
  • The idea of the soul in European science.
  • The concept of the mind in Eastern science.
  • How does Eastern science understand “internal” knowledge?
  • “Everything was old; everything will happen again.” O. Mandelstam

Modern Philosophy Paper Topics

While studying the phenomenon of modernism in philosophy, it is possible to single out several questions that need explanation: this is the problem of the chronological status of modernism, the relationship between modernism and the modern, the prerequisites for the emergence of modernism, the connotations of modernism and its essential features. Also, you can ask some professionals to help you with writing a philosophy paper . Examining our suggested essay topics will allow you better understand these questions.

  • The transition of philosophy to other principles of self-determination. Concepts of marginality and liminality
  • The philosophy of cinema. The theory of photography by S. Sontag, R. Barth, and V. Fluser
  • Linguistic turn – the transition of philosophy to a concept value.
  • Iconic, visual turn / from the power of ideologues to the power of hieroglyphs.
  • The speech factor of polarization of modern philosophical science.
  • Problems and concepts of analytical philosophical science.
  • The main directions and problematic field of continental philosophical science.
  • Postpostmodernism: conditions of emergence and approaches to classification.
  • Postmodernism as pure proceduralism and postmodernism as reflection

Argumentative Philosophy Essay Topics

These essay topics require specific skills and a certain level of knowledge from the author. If the topics presented in the previous sections seem too easy for you, we advise you to choose one of these. Also, you can ask for some assistance from an argumentative essay writer .

Philosophy of Science Essay Topics

The topics we gathered for you will help you gain a deeper understanding of the science of philosophy . Writing philosophy papers on one of these topics requires some scientific knowledge, so we advise you to think carefully before you start to write your philosophy paper .

  • Social conditions of formation of philosophical science.
  • Spiritual sources of philosophical science.
  • Correlation between philosophical and generally scientific methods.
  • The subject of philosophical science and its historical evolution.
  • How does worldview determine worldview?
  • Philosophy is a unique form of social consciousness.
  • Forms and methods of philosophical science.
  • Prove that philosophy is a methodology of scientific knowledge.
  • How the “main question of philosophical science” is transformed within the limits of the theory of knowledge.
  • The relationship between ideology and politics.

Every essay topic in this article can help students better understand philosophy as a science, proving that interesting philosophy exists. So look at our lists of philosophy essay topics and choose the one or a few you like the most.

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190 Top-Notch Philosophy Essay Topics For All

philosophy Topics

Philosophy is a vast academic field that tackles every aspect of human life. Contrary to how most college and university students believe, philosophy essays are not walking in the park. Like writing essays in technical fields, philosophy papers demand a little critical analysis alongside extensive reading and massive research. There is a broad spectrum of philosophy topics you can choose to handle.

Nonetheless, it is hard to come by a case that compliments your interest besides being easy to write about in college. We have compiled exceptional philosophy essay topics that will quickly get you to the top of your class. Check them out below.

Interesting Philosophy Topics

  • Examine the freedom teenagers should have
  • Explain why success is so vital to people’s lives
  • Evaluate whether people can free themselves from all material thoughts
  • Discuss whether coma patients should be on life support
  • Examine the importance of preserving cultural heritage
  • What is the link between genetics and human personalities?
  • Evaluate whether there will be an end to technological progress
  • Examine whether democracy is an effective way of government
  • Explain if it is possible to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich in society
  • Elaborate how the development of AI will affect the world
  • What is the association between beauty and morality in today’s world
  • Determine if thoughts can exist without language
  • Investigate if it is possible to find all questions about the universe
  • Explain the role of religion in the modern world

Top Topics In Philosophy

  • Outline the constituents of a good life
  • Elaborate the likely ethical questions regarding postmortem autopsies
  • Point out the difference between unethical and ethical marketing
  • Discuss the role of ethics in higher education
  • Examine conscience and its key features
  • What are the issues and principles of ethics in psychotherapy?
  • Discuss the difference between hedonism and utilitarianism
  • What are the possible moral barriers if parent-child relationships
  • Explain the definition and problems related to informed consent
  • Examine whether humans and animals should have the same rights
  • Discuss the significant moral advantages and disadvantages of human enhancements

Great Philosophy Essay Topics

  • Elaborate the link between moral agency and neutrality in ethics of technology
  • Explain the link between ethics and aesthetics in axiology
  • Outline the main issues associated with manifest destiny
  • What are the central moral issues related to euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide
  • Investigate the concept of responsibility and freedom as it relates to metaethics
  • Explain the distinctive critical attributes of morality
  • Take a look at the specifics of feminist ethics
  • Discuss the ethics of religious beliefs as it relates to Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity
  • Elaborate the critical challenges related to deontological ethics
  • Define virtue ethics and highlight its key concepts
  • Define utilitarian ethics and explain its fundamental principles

Top-Grade Philosophy Thesis Topics

  • Explain the role of classical pragmatism in the development of feminist theories
  • Highlight the main features of empiricism
  • Point out the influence of Russian cosmism on space exploration
  • Explain the prominent contributions of Edmund Husserl’s to the field of phenomenology
  • Define the concept of the Other and elaborate how it is in film, psychology, and philosophy
  • Discuss the influence of globalization and war on the late 20 th -century anarchism
  • Examine critical figures associated with existentialism in France after WWII
  • What are the basic concepts of existentialism
  • Explain how the theory of quantum mechanics and relativity affected the 20 th century
  • Examine the role of Plato and Aristotle in classical German philosophy
  • Elaborate the Schleiermacher’s influence on knowledge and psychology
  • Highlight Karl Marx’s concepts of capital, class, and labor
  • Investigate the contributions of Johanna Charlotte Unzer towards feminism

Easy Philosophy Paper Topics

  • Explain the critical attributes of Pietism
  • Point out Christian Thomasius’ thoughts on prejudice and reason
  • Discuss moral philosophy and ethics in Nietzsche, Kant, and others
  • Discuss the political, intellectual, and philosophical conditions that led to the reformation
  • Explain how Martin Luther’s theology impacted Europe
  • Elaborate the problem of theodicy in medieval philosophy
  • Discuss what characterized Albert of Saxony’s metaphysics and logic
  • Explain the concepts of divine providence and sin
  • Highlight the problem of free will from a theological point of view
  • Compare the theological approached of Saint Augustine and Thomas of Aquinas
  • Explain what characterized the problem of universals in medieval philosophy
  • Investigate medieval theology as a philosophy of religion
  • What is the link between faith and reason in medieval philosophies

A-Grade Philosophical Questions

  • Evaluate how to integrate secular learning and sacred doctrine in medieval philosophy
  • Discuss metempsychosis as the concept of reincarnation
  • Explain different forms of the good according to Plato’s Republic
  • Define the idea of “becoming” in atomism
  • Explain the concept of moral intention as detailed in philosophy
  • Examine Homer’s influence on Greek philosophy
  • Discuss the constantly changing nature of reality in ancient philosophy
  • Define the concept of “logos” in different philosophies
  • Discuss the ideas of principal substances in Greek philosophy
  • What is the relationship between the doctrine of Pythagoreans and Mathematics

Argumentative Philosophy Essay Topics

  • Elaborate the main attributes of Skepticism
  • What influence do movies and video games have on our morals
  • Explain the impact of social media on our moral values
  • Explain the purpose behind evil and good
  • Discuss whether it is possible to live without regulations and laws in the world
  • Define death and explain its purpose
  • Investigate whether knowledge is a result f experience and learning
  • Explain whether or not morality should be subjective
  • Discuss the future of humans and humankind
  • What are critical moral issues around genetically modified products
  • What are the reasons and solutions to mass panic and hysteria
  • Explain why governments should conceal the evidence of extraterrestrial life

College Topic For Philosophy Paper

  • Examine why modern celebrities should be positive models for modern teenagers
  • Define the American dream and explain if it exists
  • Highlight postmodernism ideas in philosophy
  • Discuss the idea that there is life after death
  • Investigate the concept of happiness through the eye of modern youths
  • Explain the basic principles and ideas that a family file should have
  • Discuss the ethics behind the application of Bitcoin and other digital currencies

Excellent Topics For Philosophy Paper

  • Evaluate why violent and offensive content should not be on the internet
  • Define patriotism and explain why it should be a virtue
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of child-free families
  • Assess whether it is ethical to have zoos and circuses
  • Is death the beginning of something new or the final point of human life
  • Discuss ethical issues surrounding organ transplant
  • Explain why it is essential to lie sometimes
  • Evaluate whether governments should legalize abortion
  • What is the connection between culture and morals
  • Define communism and explain its pros and cons

General Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  • What is the essence of religious sects, and should they be legalized?
  • What impact does the belief in God have on humans
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of committing suicide
  • Define the concept of Supernatural and highlight any proof of its existence
  • What are the best methods to solve issues between children and their parents
  • How are war and peace interrelated to each other?
  • What impact has the church had on US politics in the past ten years?
  • Define free will and determinism and point out which one you support
  • Define a perfect life and explain what keeps people from living it
  • Discuss why folks need education and how its significance has changed over the years

World-Class Philosophy Topics For Essays

  • Elaborate five key character traits that determine who you are and state whether you would change any of them
  • Explain why some individuals may live life without feeling alive
  • Elaborate the role society plays in the formation of one’s personality
  • Discuss ethical questions that revolve around Covid-19 and examine the response to the pandemic
  • Outline the reasons for banning hate speech on social media and the internet
  • Define ageism and explain how we can tackle it
  • Explain why white Americans should be held responsible for the disadvantaged position of black Americans
  • Is feminism opposed to religion?
  • Examine the goals that feminism as a movement has achieved so far
  • Investigate if gender parity is attainable

Brilliant Philosophical Topics For Essays

  • What should come first; economic benefits or morality
  • What are the ethical issues around using embryos in genetic engineering research
  • Is it ethical to invest in pet operations when people in developing countries still lack primary health care?
  • Explain why it is our moral duty to take care of the environment
  • Discuss whether environmental awareness should be a virtue
  • Investigate the moral responsibility that developed countries hold in tackling hunger issues in the world
  • Determine if charity should be a moral obligation
  • What ethical questions surround the use of drugs enhancing cognition?
  • Explain why cloning is ethically admissible
  • Elaborate ethical reasons behind mass surveillance

Philosophy Term Paper Topics

  • Discuss if a convict should have the freedom to accept the death penalty or serve a life sentence
  • Explain why abortion is wrong on moral grounds
  • Evaluate moral rules that enslave people
  • Assess if people can violate moral rules to achieve a common good
  • Examine whether science is compatible or incompatible with religion
  • Discuss the impact of colonialism on the behavior of modern-day colonists
  • Explain the key differences between Freudism and Marxism
  • Highlight how modernism reflects societal changes
  • What are the effect of quantum mechanics and relativity on idealism

Fun Philosophy Paper Topics

  • Examine whether getting information out of the outer world is real
  • Investigate the synthetic propositions of the Kantian modes of thinking
  • Define probability and explain why it might be a construct of the mind
  • Assess if magic draws inspiration from science
  • Discuss the effects of divination and alchemy on modern society
  • Outline how the biological and spiritual aspects of life coexist

Good Philosophy Paper Topics

  • Explain the potential limitations of the concept of Utopia
  • Analyze the impacts of influences and legacy
  • Discuss the free will in man from a theological point of view
  • Evaluate how doctrines shape a group’s belief system
  • Define atomism and outline its principal characteristics
  • What is the impact of Augustine’s ethics in the context of Christianity?
  • Compare and contrast between Epicureanism and Stoicism
  • Explain if Platonic realism affects modern realism

Philosophy Topics To Write A Paper On

  • Discuss how the feminine gender was in ancient Greece
  • Investigate how natural philosophy impacts science
  • Detail the contrast between mythology and philosophy in explaining natural phenomena
  • Show whether there exists a unity of opposites within the universal flux?
  • Elaborate if philosophy is the ultimate answer to all questions in life
  • Explain what attracts short ladies to tall boyfriends and vice versa
  • Discuss what matters between the lives of citizens and the economy in the event of a pandemic
  • Explain why anxiety may be an indication that you are not well prepared
  • A case study of the psychology behind cheap products and their quality
  • Examine if someone can mentally offend another without necessarily inflicting any physical damage

Amazing Philosophical Essay Topics

  • What is the truth of the statement that critics are mean people who only want their ideas to prevail?
  • Is it possible to provide help to a stranger without doubting their intentions?
  • Explain whether achieving self-development has anything to do with self-esteem
  • Discuss the attributes that define beautiful and excellent among women and men
  • Explain whether endorsement has anything to do with acceptance of a particular cause
  • A case study of how community-guided practices impact the lives of its inhabitants
  • Elaborate the role of interests and abilities in shaping a person’s decisions in life
  • Investigate why conceptual rigor and argumentative rigor are necessary when handling life issues

World-Class Philosophy Essay Questions

  • Explain the link between the natural world and the spirit
  • Discuss who should determine the ethics and morals of a community
  • Explain whether it is worth preserving memories of past events even though we cannot relive them
  • Investigate why our superstitions and cultural myths about life and death are important
  • What are the philosophical effects of staying up too late at night?
  • Explain the essence of matter, space, and time in the study of philosophy
  • Discuss whether everyone has a choice or obligation towards a particular responsibility
  • Which is more important, to be loved by someone or to love someone?

Additional Philosophy Paper Ideas

  • Explain if there are any situations in particular where it is better to lie than tell the truth
  • Discuss whether capital punishment is morally justified in today’s world
  • Explain the effect of the philosophical wave of the 20 th century
  • What is the most crucial attribute to gain human knowledge?
  • Investigate whether our morals are influenced by or connected to culture
  • Would you please explain the difference between economic justice and legal justice and show which of them is most important
  • Examine if Machiavellian ideals are still applicable in today’s government
  • Elaborate whether teenagers should have the responsibility to make their own choices
  • Examine if humans have the same perception about what is wrong and what is right
  • A case study of the main character traits that an ideal leader possesses
  • Define the term mentally conscious and how it applies to human life
  • Examine how to get ready for life after death

Now that we have simplified your work, completing a comprehensive philosophy essay should be a breeze. Nevertheless, you may still have a hard time if you do not know how to write a philosophy essay, start a philosophy essay, or start a philosophy paper. You can get a quality online essay writing service that offers dependable writing help on the bright side.

When you need help writing a good philosophy paper, you can get an expert who can deliver the necessary assistance in a cheap and fast fashion. Paid help is the best solution for tight deadlines and challenging assignments. Try it today and watch your graduation dreams come true.

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309 Philosophy Topics for Essays & Term Papers

Different philosophy domains can be singled out by the questions they pose. We have collected the best philosophy topics for essays in our selection based on this method. You will also find a list of easy philosophy essay topics, get bonus tips on writing them, and learn the answers to the most popular questions regarding the issue.

  • 🔝 Top-10 Philosophy Topics
  • ⛪ Philosophy of Religion
  • 🗳️ Political Philosophy
  • ⚖️ Philosophy of Law
  • 🔬 Philosophy of Science
  • 😊 Easy Philosophy Topics
  • 😀 Fun Philosophy Topics
  • ✍️ Bonus: 17 Writing Tips

There is a joke that in successful relationships, one becomes happy, and in unsuccessful, one becomes a philosopher. Unfortunately, that could be true only if the person read philosophical books on philosophy or developed their philosophical research theories in the latter case.

Philosophy is a Greek word meaning “love for wisdom”.

Philosophy is a Greek word meaning “love for wisdom.” It analyzes how we perceive the outside and inner world using logic and reason. This discipline teaches us close reading, clear writing, critical thinking, and logical analysis. These methods try to formulate the appropriate language to describe reality and our place in it.

🔝 Top-10 Philosophy Essay Topics

  • How does death shape the meaning of life?
  • Do our senses reflect the accurate picture of the world?
  • Why do we consider some actions to be morally incorrect?
  • Is there a correct way to live a life?
  • What makes humans different from other mammals?
  • If art is subjective, how can we tell whether a given artist is talented or not?
  • Knowledge can hurt. Why do we strive for it?
  • Idealism: A way to perfection or fantasy?
  • Does love have a meaning beyond itself?
  • Should happiness be the ultimate purpose in life?

⛪ Philosophy of Religion Topics

  • Do religious beliefs contradict scientific thinking ?
  • Does religion improve or degrade humanity?
  • Religion and Politics in Durkheim’s Theories .
  • The belief system of each person limits their faith.
  • How do different faiths envision the ultimate reality?
  • Islam and Its Influence on the World Society .
  • Can God’s existence be justified on rational grounds?
  • If God exists, does it mean that only one religion is genuine?
  • Same-sex Marriage as a Religious Issue .
  • Omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent: Is that true?
  • What is the source of any religious belief?
  • Descartes’ proof of the existence of God.
  • Philosophy and religion: theory and practice.
  • Differences between religion and philosophy of religion.
  • Does philosophy admit that god exists?
  • Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
  • Harmonization of god’s purposes with human goods in Kant’s philosophy.
  • Reason and religious belief. An introduction to The Philosophy of Religion’ by M. Peterson.
  • Religious Studies and Theology .
  • Aristotle’s god: the universal source of change in the universe.
  • Human rights from the perspective of Islam .
  • Christian Religious Fundamentalism and Family Role Identities .
  • Do you think the five philosophical proofs of god’s existence are trustworthy?
  • Evangelical theology: Jesus Christ.
  • Does Hegel’s doctrine of god match Christian theology ?
  • Religion and public life in “American Grace” by Putnam.
  • Pragmatic views in “The Will to Believe” by William James.
  • God in Descartes and Nietzsche.
  • Which model of faith do you prefer?
  • Sociology of religion: purpose and concept.
  • Describe the constant conflict of creationism.
  • Relation between god, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Can religious experiences confirm the existence of ultimate reality?
  • Islamic civilization: religious practices.
  • How could one distinguish the genuine experience of god from the ungenuine?
  • What is the highest good in Buddhism ?
  • Descartes and God’s existence.
  • Is morality possible without religion?
  • Buddhism: teachings of Buddha.
  • Can there be free will if god is omniscient?
  • Afterlife in different world cultures.
  • Miracle: A transgression of the natural law or a transgression of our understanding of it?
  • Which side of the mind-body debate would you take?
  • Religious beliefs and political decisions.
  • Establish the relationship between a person’s belief in the afterlife and their theistic position.
  • Karma, dharma, and samsara in Indian religions.
  • How to make sense of religious diversity ?
  • Conceptions of Christ.
  • Can the language of god be understood from the human position?
  • Judaism concepts.
  • The nature of miracles in the philosophy of religion.
  • Moses in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
  • The difference in the conceptions of god in monotheist and pantheist religions.
  • World religions studies and key concepts.
  • Does the doctrine of the trinity relate Christianism to pantheism?
  • What is the logical problem of evil?

🗳️ Topics in Political Philosophy

  • Why is the term “political” a problem in philosophy?
  • The Research of Morality in Politics .
  • Why is climate change an issue for political philosophy?
  • Political Science, Philosophy & Social Criticism .
  • Is it possible to establish global justice?
  • What does it take to be a free citizen ?
  • Political Ideologies From the Philosophic Point of View .
  • Does a fair way to distribute wealth exist?
  • Does a nation owe anything to another country?
  • Utopia: ideal state basic principles.
  • What are the limits of the legal obligations of a citizen?
  • The destructive nature of capitalism.
  • Civil liberties in the supreme court.
  • Nationalism vs. Cosmopolitanism: A comparative study.
  • Political justice: Muslims discrimination.
  • The equality in opportunity for racial justice .
  • Marxism and realism in international relationships.
  • What are an individual’s rights against the state?
  • Karl Marx’s ideas: society alienation and conflict theory.
  • Alternative theories in international relations.
  • Is democracy another unattainable ideal?
  • International relations theories: realism & green politics.
  • To which degree should the state force its people to do something for their own good?
  • Democracy: pluralist theory and elite theory.
  • Realist versus liberal international relations theory.
  • Democracy vs. Epistocracy: which one do you support and why?
  • Realism and idealism in modern international relations.
  • Does the government have the moral right to ban unhealthy behavior?
  • Liberal international relations theories and global security.
  • Explain the importance of political philosophy in the education of future citizens.
  • Italian fascism and German nazism contrast analysis.
  • What could Aristotle tell us about the world of globalization : A critical study of ancient philosophy.
  • Political realism is the theory of international relations.
  • Why are there no permanent answers in political philosophy?
  • The role of the state: ideologies and policies.
  • What are the principal goals of a decent society?
  • Marxism philosophy, a constitutional republic, and American criminal justice.
  • Why should a person obey the law?
  • The Idea of Republican Theory
  • What is the basis of human dignity: freedom, virtue, friendship, and love?
  • Neoliberalism: history and modern perception.
  • What are the meeting points between the philosophy of religion and political philosophy?
  • “The german ideology” by Karl Marx and materialism.
  • Is there a single best political regime ?
  • Karl Marx’s theory of exploitation: a critical analysis.
  • Can humanity exist without wars?
  • Tocqueville and the idea of America moving toward communism.
  • The mechanism of redirecting conflict to the common good in politics.
  • The essential concepts and principles of democracy.
  • Is international politics a sum of the regimes of the member countries?
  • Concept and the significance of soft power.
  • What is the standard character type of a democratic society
  • Democratic society and the capitalist system.
  • What is the most praiseworthy thing for a community?
  • “Civil disobedience” essay by Henry David Thoreau.
  • Do you believe that humanity will find something better than democracy in the future?
  • Bureaucracy and its role in society.
  • Are people capable of establishing a government based on reflection and choice?
  • Federalism: challenges and debates.
  • What are the qualities of successful and wise statesmanship ?
  • Neoliberalism and human suffering.

⚖️ Philosophy of Law Topics

  • Should we obey the law because of fear of punishment or because it is good?
  • Capital Punishment: The Philosophical Perspective .
  • Why cannot humanity adopt single legislation for all countries?
  • Individual and Social Theories in Explaining a Crime .
  • The difference between consequential and categorical moral reasoning of crimes.
  • The theory of rational choice in criminology.
  • Are the institutions of punishment morally justifiable?
  • Stanford Prison Experiment and Its Consequences .
  • Wrongful conviction in the criminal court system.
  • A Utilitarian Approach to Capital Punishment .
  • What distinguishes law from ethical norms?
  • Crime theories and countermeasures.
  • How did the principal legal issues transform through the ages?
  • Assisted suicide: euthanasia and self-determination.
  • Do the changes in morality entail changes in the legal systems?
  • The common law background of the Fourth Amendment.
  • Is morality objective or subjective?
  • Is healthcare a civil or human right?
  • Can the empowerment of a certain population group limit the opportunities for another?
  • Rights protected by the Second Amendment.
  • Where is the line between the right to free speech and discrimination?
  • Poverty or low income as a cause of crime.
  • Can we say that law has conventional nature?
  • Constitution and system of separation of powers.
  • A legal system requires a sanction for non-compliance.
  • Rights and freedoms in the US.
  • Legal realism: the law is the product of court decisions.
  • The financial cost of crime to society.
  • The law of human interpretation in law.
  • Is the Bill of Rights necessary or not ?
  • Deontology : preserving the autonomy of other people.
  • Importance of drug legalization in the USA.
  • The abortion debate – understanding the issues.
  • Life in prison and death penalty comparison.
  • Capital punishment and the concept of redemption.
  • Death penalty for and against.

👼 Philosophy & Ethics Topics

  • Moral right and wrong vs. moral good and evil: A personal experience.
  • Capital Punishment and Its Ethics .
  • Any society has its specific moral outlook.
  • Positive Psychology and Philosophical Concepts .
  • Ethics and morality: Interchangeable terms?
  • Ethical Decision-Making & Counseling on Abortion .
  • Will humanity ever find a correct way to live?
  • Philosophical Ethical Theories: Kantianism and Utilitarianism .
  • Should secondary education comprise ethics?
  • What is the current theory of ethics prevailing in philosophy?
  • Death Penalty: Crime and Morality .
  • Ethics in Descartes and Nietzsche .
  • Does the level of schooling define a person’s morality?
  • “The Allegory of the Cave” – The philosophy of Plato and Socrates.
  • Is there a moral justification for the class system?
  • Is there anything morally wrong with abortions ?
  • Moral Philosophy and Peter Singer .
  • Lawyers and ethics: the attorney-client privilege .
  • Mass surveillance as an anti-crime measure: An ethical perspective.
  • Equal consideration of interests to non-human animals.
  • Is honesty a must for a moral person?
  • Police ethics and misconduct.
  • Wealth: A prerequisite for charitable actions?
  • Do we have a moral responsibility over developing countries ?
  • The ethics of cloning: morality and issues.
  • The ethical side of human cloning.
  • Should governments consider the ethical aspects of new laws?
  • Morality, ethics, and ethical integrity.
  • The ethics of discrimination : is there any?
  • Censorship: should we ban morally harmful content?
  • Lifestyles in Don Giovanni and Dangerous Liaisons.
  • Are criminals evil by nature?
  • Animal experiments: benefits, ethics, and defenders.
  • Do you support or discard utilitarianism ?
  • Do you think there is such a thing as a moral fact?
  • Animal research, its ineffectiveness, and amorality.
  • Can ethical rules limit free will?
  • Ethical life issues in works by Cicero and C.S. Lewis.
  • Write a dissertation on the drivers of human behavior.
  • The problem of moral superiority.
  • Socrates and Thrasymachus’ views on justice in Plato’s Republic.
  • Do we have the right to restrict the immigrant inflow?
  • Does every action presuppose an intent?
  • Plato and Kant’s understanding of justice.
  • Does the current state of morality make us civilized?
  • Case study on models of making ethical decisions.
  • Is a good death possible?
  • Al-Ghazali philosophy.
  • Deontological ethics vs. value ethics: Research project.
  • Does there exist a bad motivation for procreation?
  • Euthyphro’s definition of “Holiness” or “Piety.”
  • Ethics in the institutions of global governance.
  • Nihilism in Nietzsche’s, Kierkegaard’s, and Heidegger’s views.

🔬 Philosophy of Science Essay Topics

  • The future of technology : The responsibility of philosophers?
  • Human Being in the Modern Science .
  • Time travel: Should we learn to do that?
  • Thinking and Intelligence in Psychological Science .
  • Is artificial intelligence our only hope for unparalleled technological development?
  • Explain the distinction between science and non-science.
  • Einstein and his Contribution to Science .
  • What are the ultimate aims of science?
  • Is there a universal way to interpret scientific findings ?
  • St. Thomas Aquinas’ cosmological argument analysis.
  • A scientific theory and antirealism: Useful but not trustworthy.
  • Is the philosophy of science useful for scientists?
  • Debates of Using Animals in Scientific Analysis .
  • Theory vs. empirical data: What comes first?
  • Hobbes and Locke in the state of nature.
  • What is a measurement in science?
  • The Vienna Circle of Positivism: A historical outlook.
  • Legal Positivism and Natural Theory .
  • How and why did the science of ecology emerge?
  • Popper’s philosophy of science and falsification.
  • Describe the difference between a semantic view and a model-based approach.
  • Which research problems compose the evolutionary theory ?
  • Philosophical views and cultural influences.
  • What does it take to obtain authoritative knowledge ?
  • Analyze the social nature of any scientific knowledge.
  • Clifford’s and James’ knowledge theories.
  • Does gender define trust in science?
  • What does it mean to be an objective scientist?
  • Feminist Approaches to Gender and Science Issues .
  • Mind plus computer: Homunculus theory.
  • Compare Aristotle’s and Plato’s approaches to knowledge.

😊 Easy Philosophy Paper Topics

  • Do you believe in the extra-sensory powers of some people?
  • In which ways does God speak to people?
  • Death as the Final Destination .
  • Describe the future of humanity in 200 years.
  • Aristotle and relationships at work.
  • The way we treat nature is worse than ever before.
  • Describe the ideal society.
  • The Role of the Belief System in Projecting the Future .
  • Analyze the most famous words of your favorite philosopher.
  • Dreams : A parallel world or our fears and wishes?
  • A fallacy: term definition and examples.
  • Heaven and hell are our visions of good and evil.
  • What is the nature of intuition?
  • Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill’s Moral Theories .
  • Why do people lie?
  • Mind-body relationship.
  • Onlooker’s responsibility: When should you not interfere?
  • When do children become adults?
  • Skepticism Theory of Knowledge .
  • Each death is a tiny end of the world.
  • People and the meaning of life.
  • Can international relations be moral?
  • Happiness or success: What is our purpose?
  • The Concept of Justice According to Socrates and Augustine .
  • Are human virtues so good for everyone?
  • Plato’s allegory of the cave.
  • What would happen if animals spoke?
  • Luck is a form of optimism.
  • The relationship between money and happiness.
  • Where does responsibility come from?
  • Virtue and Human Good by Aristotle and Socrates .
  • Tolerance : A gateway to discrimination?

😀 Fun Philosophy Paper Topics

  • Why are clowns scary and fun at the same time?
  • How do our names define our personalities?
  • Why Do We Make Bad Decisions ?
  • Light meal vs. large snack: How do we form our eating habits?
  • How do you know you are not sleeping now?
  • Why Do People Behave the Way They Do?
  • Why don’t passengers get a parachute on a plane?
  • How do you think your pet calls you?
  • What Justifies My Existence?
  • What makes you “elderly?”
  • Why Do Adolescents Engage in Risk-Taking Behaviors ?
  • Embalming the dead: The pointless attempt to stop decomposition.
  • What is the gap between living and existing?
  • Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized?
  • Is it moral for a vegetarian to eat animal-shaped cookies?
  • Most time-saving devices are a total waste of time.
  • Why Does Crime Require Punishment?
  • Does a white painting on white paper exist?
  • If you plan to fail, do you succeed when it happens?
  • Why Should We Pay for Music?
  • Everyone can be replaced.
  • What would happen if you told only the truth?
  • Why Are Reality Shows So Popular ?
  • Knowing the date of your death: The best motivator?
  • Who do we owe for our success?
  • Courage and Fear: What Do You Know About Them?
  • How do you know that something has a meaning?
  • What does it mean to control your life?
  • What Is Consciousness and How Does It Work ?
  • What comes first: the ends or the means?

✍️ Bonus: 17 Tips on Writing a Philosophy Paper

When you’re assigned a philosophy paper, it can be a perfect moment to obtain a philosophical attitude: “This too shall pass.” However, while working on it, it’s better to concentrate and make maximum effort to do it right. Here are 17 quick tips that can help you a lot.

  • Scholar.google.com
  • The OALster database
  • Internet Public Library
  • Biblioscape
  • Brainstorm your topic. This simple method can save you plenty of time and bring surprising results. Set a timer and try to generate as many ideas as possible within a chosen time period. Make it a rule to write down every idea crossing your mind (even if it seems crazy). You’ll have time to sort out your ideas later.
  • Create an outline. After you choose all major arguments, work on the logical structure of your paper. As an option, draw a mind map for your would-be paper.
  • Create a thesis statement. Just like any other academic paper, your Philosophy term paper will require a strong thesis statement, the last sentence in the introduction part, and briefly summarizing the main idea of your paper.
  • Write a stunning introduction. Start with an attention hook – a quote, a rhetorical question, striking stats, or an interesting fact.
  • Explain why you chose this topic.
  • Write an effective literature review. Divide your sources into groups according to the authors’ conclusions. Point out the gap in the literature.
  • Make transitions between sections. Make your Philosophy term papers flow. Just a couple of words connecting sections can improve the logical structure of your paper.
  • Use hamburger paragraph structure. Start every paragraph with a topic sentence – a brief summary of what you’re going to discuss in the paragraph. Complete every paragraph with a concluding sentence – a brief repetition of what you’ve just said. It’s a great way to make your writing more logical and convincing.
  • Spend 70% of word count on your own ideas. One of the best things about Philosophy writing is that you should include your own vision of the problem. Instead of jumping from one quote to another one, balance the quotes you use by adding your own ideas.
  • Align your ideas with your course readings. Include a couple of terms you discussed in class or heard in lectures in your Philosophy term papers to impress your teachers.
  • Discuss counterarguments. Show your deep understanding of the topic, shedding light on the conflicting points of view.
  • Point out the limitations. Show your analytical thinking. Make it obvious that you understand that any research can have certain flaws, such as sampling or research method.
  • Use spell, grammar, style, and plagiarism checkers. The software can help you improve the quality of your writing and help you avoid trouble.
  • Cite all sources. Make sure that you give credit to the authors whose writing you used.
  • Write a logical conclusion. Briefly repeat what you have said in your paper and add a new perspective – ideas for further research. Avoid including any new information in the conclusion of your Philosophy term paper.

We hope that our examples of philosophy topics for essays have inspired your philosophical thinking. Still, if you haven’t found what you are looking for, try out the topic generator . Enter the related keyword and check dozens of philosophy of science essay topics, philosophy of law topics, and many more.

❓ Philosophy Essay FAQ

What topics are in philosophy.

Philosophy topics for essays are subdivided into topics on law, politics, science, ethics, existential issues, and philosophy of religion topics. You can also research feminism, logical argumentation, human rationality, empiricism, stoicism, metaphysics, and epistemology. The broadest and the most exciting title could be: What is the world we live in really like?

How to Come up With a Topic in Philosophy?

  • Select the domain. Would you like to discuss ethics, metaphysics, or epistemology? These are the three pillars of philosophy.
  • If you prefer something more practical, choose topics on political philosophy.
  • Read through your notes over the last semester. You will find an interesting research question.

What Is a Good Philosophy Essay Topic?

A good philosophy topic for an essay does not reveal your position but instead suggests an argumentative question. Does life have a superior meaning? Does an individual have the right to suicide? Can we build a happy society without international conflicts? Such questions allow you to develop arguments and explain your opinion.

What Are Easy Topics to Write About on Philosophy?

Philosophy ethics topics are probably the easiest papers to write because each person has their moral code, which could serve as a reference point. Consider the following:

  • Why do all societies have different moral standards?
  • Is there a universal paradigm of ethics?
  • Is it ethical to apply euthanasia?

🔗 References

  • Why Study Philosophy? | University of Washington
  • Research Areas | Department of Philosophy
  • How death shapes life | The Harvard Gazette
  • Reflections on Death in Philosophical/Existential Context
  • Research Overview | Department of Philosophy
  • Philosophy of art | Britannica
  • Research Clusters – Philosophy – Columbia University
  • Political philosophy | Britannica

IELTS Preparation Tips & Resources [How to Study IELTS by Myself?]

How to prepare for pte academic test: study guide & tips.

  • Research Paper Guides
  • Research Paper Topics

Philosophy Research Paper Topics: 200+ Best Ideas

Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Table of contents

Are you searching for ideas for a philosophical paper? Then you are in luck to have found our page. Our compilations of standardized research themes are sure to inspire you to write a grade A+ essay. You ought to know that the contents of your research must meet academic standards set for sciences, and our suggestions are meant to steer you in the right trajectory. The first step of the writing process begins by looking for research topics in philosophy. This post helps in providing you with lists of philosophy research topics for your paper. Check title ideas prepared by our papers writing service and get ready to write your own paper. 

What Are Philosophy Research Topics?

Most philosophy paper topics require a good amount of devotion to writing. Philosophy involves the study of axiology, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, logic, philosophy of science, philosophy of the mind, and aesthetics, to name just a few. Each of these branches can seem broad and complex, which is why most students find selecting a handful of philosophical research topics to be hectic.  In fact, some people make the mistake of picking very intricate social science research topics of discussion in an attempt to impress their professors. The best approach, however, requires one to choose a simple but researchable subject matter. Identifying appropriate philosophy topics for a research paper is crucial in writing. Doing so narrows down your search significantly.

Characteristics of Good Philosophy Research Topics

Writers who earn high grades begin their research journey by choosing good research topics for philosophy. Doing so carries benefits, such as being able to write on a theme you like and understand well, which makes the process enjoyable. These merits later reflect in your final score on your philosophy paper. Looking out for these traits given below will allow you to find a unique subject matter for your essay easily. You should:

  • Select a fascinating topic because it activates your imagination.
  • If your theme is original, then you stand a higher chance of earning extra points compared to students who recycled from a list of overused philosophy research topics.
  • Your preferred research issue ought to have plenty of information available in published resources, including books and the Internet.
Read more: What Is a Research Paper & How to Write It?

How to Choose a Philosophy Research Paper Topic?

Successful formulation of your research topic, to a great extent, determines your final grade. You want to avoid the mistake of picking a philosophy paper topic that exceeds your grasp of knowledge. For example, if you are in your first year of college, you cannot tackle a philosophy research paper topic in the Ph.D. category. When picking your preferred theme, you should:

  • Consider the relevance of philosophy paper ideas to your specific area of study.
  • Refer to your class assignments as a source of inspiration for developing your interests.
  • Pick a topic that interests you, as this will allow you to research quickly in a fun and rewarding process.
  • Ensure that your preferred research issue aligns with your professor's instructions.
  • You need to discuss your selection with your instructor.

Top List of Philosophy Research Topics

In your search for writing ideas, you may consider top-tier philosophy topics to write a paper on. These themes, at times, prove to be a challenge. However, they are relatively popular, allowing you the chance to work with a vast amount of already existing resources. A wide variety of materials that are available and published make it easy to defend one's thesis with peer-reviewed findings. Here is a top-tier philosophy topics list.

  • Free will from a philosophical perspective.
  • An exploration of low moral standards.
  • Irony through a philosophical lens.
  • Are people morally obligated to be honest?
  • Beauty standards from a philosophical stance.
  • Aristotle's life and his influence on society.
  • Philosophical role in the globalization process.
  • The truth's relativity.
  • Philosophical implications of the love-happiness dynamic.
  • Race and justice in America.

Have a term paper due? Reach out to professional term paper writing service by StudyCrumb and get expert assistance with your project.

Interesting Philosophy Research Topics

There are numerous options within the interesting philosophy paper topics category. You need to have a good eye when picking from this collection because what you may consider attention-grabbing at times seems mundane to some people. Remember that your choice of essay topic should impress your professor. We have narrowed down the most thought-provoking themes and prepared a list of excellent philosophical paper topics that will captivate your instructor.

  • Supernatural claims: real or myth?
  • Can an individual find happiness despite them not having a family?
  • Truth as a virtue and its value in society.
  • Can one be rich without owning monetary wealth?
  • Why do people kill for religious reasons?
  • The psychology surrounding rules and obedience.
  • Can the main characteristics that make a person be changed?
  • Is it ethical to force people to observe science-backed traditions?
  • Notable modern life values.
  • Personal definition of happiness.
  • Three approaches to the substance of thinking: monistic, dualistic, and populistic.
  • French philosophies of the XIX-XX centuries.
  • The essence of man is reflected in ancient philosophy.
  • Comparing Plato's, Socrates', and Aristotle's philosophies.
  • Common notion regarding life after death.

Easy Philosophy Research Topics

If you want to write your paper faster, it makes sense to look for easy research topics in philosophy. Such themes are not hard to come by as they address commonly encountered philosophical questions in people's daily lives. You may decide to note down two or three philosophy topics to talk about from the list below and discuss them with your instructor.

  • What makes love last?
  • Society's role in your personal life.
  • The benefits of human emotions.
  • What constitutes an ideal world?
  • Good versus bad traits.
  • The role education plays in your personal life.
  • What are the principles of democracy?
  • What would you choose between pursuing your passions and landing a well-paying job?
  • Living without feeling alive.
  • Strengths associated with the Determinist theory.
  • In what ways does fear influence your everyday life?
  • Does faith change human nature?
  • Should abortion be made legal?
  • Why do most countries not allow human cloning?
  • What is harmony?

Fun Philosophy Paper Topics

Philosophical research topics can be fun and enjoyable, depending on the subject of discussion. Writing such themes is very engaging. Philosophy research paper topics in this category can be academic, informative, or for entertainment purposes.

  • Morality as a virtue.
  • Philosophical views in relation to space exploration.
  • What your cat thinks of you.
  • Why do people get irritated?
  • The irony in poverty and its philosophical perspectives.
  • Philosophical thoughts on what determines people's moods.
  • Humor and mental health : Is laughter the best medicine?
  • The irony of dying to live versus living to die.
  • Video games and how they affect our perception of the comedy of tragedy.
  • Machiavelli's ideas: Negatives and positives.
  • Analyzing humanity in contrast to divinity.
  • False beliefs about causes of death.
  • Have you ever felt like a minority in any aspect of your life?
  • Controversial aspect of modern life.
  • Is joy the same as happiness?

Good Philosophy Research Topics

To assist you in succeeding in writing philosophical essays, we have availed a list of good philosophy research paper ideas to inspire your writing. Also, if you are a teacher in need of topics for a philosophy paper for each student, you can pick from the following list.

  • Distinctions between humans and animals.
  • Would you prefer to love or be loved?
  • What does feminism mean to the world?
  • The essence of time as it relates to philosophy.
  • The age and wisdom.
  • Have you faced any ethical dilemmas in the last decade of your life?
  • Myths and the truth behind them.
  • Science from a philosophical standpoint.
  • Distinctions between ancient and modern life.
  • Honor as a concept applied in medieval Europe.
  • Top philosophers who lived in the 20th century.
  • Examining the connection between power and reason.
  • Possible rights of sentient robotics in the future.
  • Science's significance in humanity's daily living.
  • Is torture justifiable in any context?

We also have great ideas for psychology research topics and education research topics , to name a few. Browse our Blog for more title suggestions. 

Intriguing Philosophy Research Topics

If you are looking for adequately formulated philosophy paper ideas, you are in luck, as we have a collection of topics that you may find very intriguing. You can share this resource with others who might be having a hard time acquiring topics for philosophy research paper for their writing assignments.

  • Is the subconscious mind physiological or abstract?
  • Similarities associated with ethics and behavior.
  • Maturity age and marriage age as defined by the social realm.
  • Pros and cons of total control over society's behavior by totalitarian regimes.
  • Beauty's effects on an individual's self-esteem.
  • The two sides of suicide: For and against it.
  • How are parents, in general, responsible for the actions of a child?
  • Ethical Issues surrounding the topic of experimentation on animal subjects.
  • Pros and cons associated with artificial intelligence.
  • Do animals have souls?
  • Do animals perceive human emotional states?
  • The ethics associated with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.
  • What is a "necessary evil?"
  • Pros and cons associated with marriage.
  • Is morality objective or subjective?

Philosophy Research Paper Topics for Students

Philosophy research topics are distinctively academic in nature. When presented with the task of delivering a philosophical essay, the best option for students is to read guides and examples of essays similar to the task at hand. Then they present proposed research topics in philosophy to their professor. The search can be odious, but we have made it easy for you to quickly settle on a topic and begin writing. Here is a list of philosophy topics for a research paper in high school or college.

Philosophy Research Topics for High School

Many high school students are searching for their next philosophy project ideas. If you are in such a situation, our philosophical paper topics resource below should at least help narrow your search.

  • Voting age dilemma: 16 or 18-year-olds.
  • The abstract nature of the subconscious.
  • Abortion as a question in life and death cycle.
  • Philosophical views on the subject of taxing the super-rich.
  • What lessons can younger people learn from your generation?
  • The philosophical view on forgiveness.
  • Positive thinking techniques.
  • Egg versus hen: Which came first?
  • Ethics and euthanasia.
  • Are social protests a practical approach to demand change?
  • Your greatest possession or treasure in life.
  • Utopia as critically reviewed through a philosopher's lens.
  • Missing ethical values in immortality.
  • What created the concept known as the " American dream ?"
  • Importance associated with philosophical studies.

Philosophy Research Topics for College Students

If you have been stressing thinking about philosophy term paper topics and you are lost on where to start, you are in luck, as you have landed on the right page. Here you will get a free list containing unique philosophical paper topics that you can use for your essay and impress your professor.

  • "Beauty of the Heart": is the concept probable?
  • Balancing law and ethics.
  • A philosophical view on reincarnation.
  • Does the truth always win an argument?
  • Philosophical thoughts on the epic of Gilgamesh and how it changed approaches to human conflict resolution.
  • What it means to "be proud of something."
  • Art's impact on children's creative thinking.
  • Is excessive knowledge dangerous?
  • Will technological advancements reach an end?
  • Inside a lying person's mind.
  • Do humans owe anything to robots?
  • The cycle of life and death.
  • Is "the bottom line" an American cultural phenomenon?
  • Is predatory capitalism in American healthcare ethical?
  • Celebrities as role models for the youth.

Extra Philosophy Research Paper Topics & Ideas

Philosophy is a broad discipline with numerous applications. It explores areas such as law, history, politics, art, ethics, and human life, among others. We have tried as much as possible to cover common philosophy research paper topics in our lists. You can navigate to any section in this post that relates to your current project and borrow philosophy paper ideas for free.

Ancient Philosophy Research Topics

Ancient philosophy research paper topics cover historical aspects. It is interesting to learn about early theories and developmental stages of philosophical notions. The advantage of selecting a theme from the category of ancient research topics in philosophy is that there are enough materials to base your paper on in numerous publications.

  • An ideal world as dreamt by Plato.
  • An in-depth look at Immanuel Kant.
  • Beliefs in ancient Greece.
  • Reality as conceptualized by Aristotle.
  • The life and death of Socrates.
  • Unique elements associated with Roman philosophy.
  • Philosophy and mythology.
  • Philosophy's role as a theoretical doctrine in ancient times.
  • Philosophical aspects in anthropology that are no longer relevant today.
  • Cosmological nature of early Greek philosophy .
  • "Know Thyself": Socrates.
  • Roman stoicism and the rise of Christianity.
  • Positive social changes as a result of Seneca's stoicism.
  • The concept of honor in medieval culture.
  • The evolution of ancient philosophy.
Read more: History Research Paper Topics  

Political Philosophy Research Topics

This section contains a list of political and philosophical research topics and ideas. Philosophy has a keen focus on politics in all aspects, including political science. This relationship allows for a variety of research areas that you can explore. Here are 15 philosophy topics for a research paper that you should consider.

  • Enlightenment: political and philosophical ideas.
  • Do political lies amount to abusing freedom of speech?
  • Political revolution in Africa: Robert Mugabe.
  • What drives people to engage in civil disobedience?
  • Freedom and justice as political capital.
  • How the synthesis of Freudianism and Marxism in Fromm's literature is reflected in the national policies of some countries.
  • Political history as seen from a philosophical and ideological perspective.
  • Human freedom and responsibility as reflected in the policies of certain countries.
  • How politicians perceive the concept of superman in Nietzsche.
  • Changes to the political foundations with respect to the challenge of unity and diversity.
  • When does the truth become an epistemological and political problem?
  • Pessimism and optimism as approaches to the development of society when considered political Strategies.
  • Exploring the cultural and political self-determination of a human.
  • National idea and its role in the formation of civil society.
  • Roles of correctional institutions in punishment and criminal justice administration in America.

>> More ideas: Political Science Research Topics

Philosophy Paper Ideas on Ethics

Ethics and morality in philosophy is a branch that specializes in the idea of right and wrong. See our list of philosophy paper ideas. Checking through the compilation allows you to select a suitable philosophy research paper topic that makes you a candidate for a passing grade in your ethics essay .

  • A philosophical review of standardized tests.
  • Is evil naturally present in people?
  • Ethical egoism: good or bad?
  • Philosophical thoughts on the use of nuclear weapons.
  • Philosophical metaethics in the context of experimental science.
  • Same-sex marriages as seen through a philosopher's mind.
  • Alcoholism in the modern age.
  • Colonization in Africa and its moral implications.
  • American corporate greed as the main drive for neoliberalism.
  • Is venture capitalism evil?
  • Neoliberalism's effects on global labor markets.
  • An ethical and philosophical discussion of death sentence punishment.
  • Political manipulation and its effects on social trust.
  • Racism and gender discrimination's role in interstellar society.
  • What is the most effective way to discipline your children?

Philosophy Research Topics on Human Life

Human life philosophy is concerned with the study of the status of human beings in the universe, and it also investigates the purpose and meaning of life. In an attempt to answer these critical questions, students may be asked to write essays that are based on research topics for philosophy. If you find yourself in need of assistance with ideas for your essay, our suggestions list for philosophical paper topics is an excellent place to start looking.

  • Why happiness is such a complex life goal.
  • Things that cause human life to seem senseless.
  • Law and order as a recipe for peace.
  • What qualifies human life as meaningful?
  • What is a "perfect life" like?
  • Why do Africans, especially children, have a high happiness index despite impoverished states?
  • Would you desire to reincarnate?
  • Role of culture in human life.
  • Is there human-like life on other planets?
  • Mental health and its effect on living standards.
  • How AI will impact life in the next century.
  • What modern life custom is likely to fade over time?
  • What trajectory would life have followed without the Internet?
  • Distrust in long-distance relationships.
  • Do clones have souls?

Philosophy Research Topics About Art

Art is a testament to the creative human spirit, which links art to philosophy. If you are a student of art, you may be given a list of philosophy topics to talk about. Check out the art philosophy paper topics provided below.

  • Philosophical Ideas in Poetry and Architecture.
  • Leonardo da Vinci's painting is the true philosophy of the Renaissance.
  • Is photography an art?
  • Literature and philosophy as applied in political criticism.
  • Ideality in creativity as a manifestation of consciousness.
  • Creativity and art as a window to a person's inner spiritual world.
  • Artistic value vs aesthetic value.
  • Relationship between knowledge and creativity.
  • Philosophical aspects and art.
  • How will NFT (non-fungible tokens) usage change the future of art?
  • Is art simply a human spiritual activity or ritual?
  • Thoughts on art's lack of rational reproducibility and its bias towards symbolism and figurative forms of expression and cognition.
  • Philosophical exploration: The intersection between art, religion, and science.
  • Historical evolution involving the relationships between philosophy and history.
  • Existentialism as noted by A. Camus, G. Marcel, and J.P. Sartre.

Philosophy Research Topics From Experts

If you are interested in conducting research in your area of expertise, the following are current philosophical research topics that you can consider depending on your specialty. Looking through our compilation of expert philosophy topics can help you identify a research gap in your field to gain several philosophy paper ideas for your project.

  • An ideal world consisting of liberalism and fascism in political ideas.
  • Philosophy and mediation, according to Rene.
  • A summary: Charles Pierce's fixation on belief.
  • A summary of Buddhist philosophical ideals.
  • The ethics involving free will.
  • Post-Colonial and feminist philosophy.
  • Aristotle's friendship conditions.
  • Is there evidence for God's existence?
  • John McTaggart's unreality of time.
  • Apology by Crito and Plato.
  • A well-paid task versus a passion.
  • Life after death: What is the popular African viewpoint?
  • Modern life values that foster peace.
  • The most prominent bother that comes with loneliness.
  • How do religions die?

Philosophy Thesis Topics

Formulating proper thesis topics in philosophical subjects can prove challenging. Get started on any one of the philosophy topics for a research paper or thesis presented to you in this post. Our expert writers keenly formulated every proposition in the listing containing topics in philosophy for your thesis.

  • The robotics industry as seen from a philosophical angle.
  • A situation where humans have considered things as facts without evidence.
  • Views on artificial intelligence in philosophy.
  • The American dream's implications.
  • The classical Socratic method.
  • Hate crimes and how to combat them.
  • The remarkable life and death of Plato .
  • Honor was a social concept in ancient Rome.
  • What thoughts does the term "a life based on reason" invoke in your mind?
  • What is the ideal education in the 21st century?
  • Intuition is a human trait.
  • The power associated with slogans.
  • The flaws of fixation of belief.
  • Family values and how they influence personal character development.
  • Implications of time's relativity.

Bottom Line on Philosophy Research Paper Topics

This post is meant to provide both students and professionals with a resource where they can look up philosophy topics for a research paper. The importance of topic selection as a critical step in the writing process is evident. It influences the process that follows after leading up to your final grade or the quality of your final essay. As long as you pick an interesting and researchable topic, you are not likely to encounter extreme difficulties in your writing process. We hope that you have found the research topics in philosophy in this post helpful.

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Top 75 Philosophy Essay Topics

Philosophy Essay Topics

Writing a philosophy essay is not going to be easy. Although writing a research paper associated with science requires careful analysis, it is much the same as writing a philosophy paper. It requires a lot of reading and following every rule. There are so many philosophy essay topics out there. If you want to write an impressive topic, then choose a topic that interests you the most. This can motivate you to do a lot of research. Here, we will give you some philosophy essay topic ideas to make your life a bit easier.

Table of Contents

What makes philosophy paper topics so special, how to construct your topic for philosophy paper, tips in finding excellent philosophy research paper topics, best philosophy paper ideas.

Topics for philosophy paper are entirely different from other writing assignments. Professional assignment writers will prove that. It is a fact that most essays are somewhat the same. They have the same structure and contains a thesis statement. However, you might notice that your philosophy paper is not the same as the other essays that you have written.

Before you start writing your research paper, ensure that you have a clear idea of what you will be discussing. In this way, you will have a consistent philosophy paper. If you have limited knowledge of the philosophy term paper topics that you want to write, then you won’t be able to express your thoughts convincingly. If you want to make a superb philosophical paper, then here is an excellent structure that you can use. This is useful for those who have not written any philosophy paper yet.  

  • Create a powerful thesis statement.
  • Express this clearly to your audience and support it with some evidence.
  • To make it more convincing, provide them with reliable information.
  • Arrange your topics and be sure that they are in a coherent order.
  • When choosing philosophy topics to write a paper on, your sentence flow must be consistent.

Sometimes if your instructor assigns you to write a philosophical essay, you will immediately get dismayed. However, you should keep in mind that there are a lot of ways of exploring good philosophy paper topics. Hence, there is no right or wrong answer about the philosophy of mind essay topics. This means that you can make your own decision. There are a lot of resources that you can explore to get more information about philosophy essay topics ethics. Here are some tips that can help you in choosing the best topics for philosophy paper:

  • It is very important to select a topic that interests you and your readers.
  • Pick a topic that has an arguable question. It is best to choose argumentative essay topics .
  • Your easy philosophy paper topics must consist of different views and opinions.
  • The philosophy essay ideas must be related to current issues.

Whether you are looking for philosophy of religion essay topics, fun philosophy paper topics, philosophy of science essay topics, my philosophy in life essay topics or philosophy argumentative essay topics, you can choose any of the following:

  • Is Their Conflict Between Philosophy and Religion?
  • Can Knowledge Be Acquired Through Learning or Experience?
  • Do You Agree That Life Is Hard?
  • What Is Your Purpose for Living?
  • Does a Perfect World Exist?
  • Is It Possible to Achieve Peace in a Society?
  • Do People Have the Same Concept About What is Right or Wrong?
  • Can Social Media Affect Our Morals?
  • Is There A Way That A Person Can Increase His IQ?
  • Is There Truly A Beauty Within?
  • Do You Agree That A Person Must Be Given the Right to Die by Suicide?
  • Do You Believe in Supernatural?
  • Are Parents Responsible for The Behavior of Their Children?
  • Can the Present Leaders Affect the Youth in a Positive or Negative Way?
  • What Are the Reasons Why People Tend To Lie?
  • Do You Consider Morality as Subjective or Objective?
  • Do You Agree That the Simplest Explanation is the Best?
  • Does A Person Suffer by Choice?
  • Is It Possible to Live in This World Without Laws and Regulations?
  • Why Is Their Death?
  • Can Happiness Be Only Achieved If You Act Morally?
  • Do People Always Do What They Want the Most?
  • Why Are There Some People Who Are Not Happy?
  • Are People Naturally Good or Evil?
  • Is Morality Associated with The Person’s Level of Education?
  • Do You Agree That Euthanasia Should be Legalized?
  • Should Abortion Be Legalized
  • Should We Allow the Convict to Decide Whether He Wants A Death Penalty or A Life Sentence?
  • Is Cloning Morally Acceptable?
  • Is It Moral to Have Zoos and Circuses?
  • How Would You Define Love?
  • Is It Possible to Achieve Happiness If You Don’t Have A Family?
  • Does Everyone Have Both Good and Bad Traits?
  • What Does Loneliness Mean to You?
  • What Is Your Definition of Happiness?
  • Do You Believe in Life After Death?
  • Is It Possible That We Can Live Our Life More Than Once?
  • If You Say That A Person Is Rich, Does It Mean That He Has A Lot of Money?
  • How Can A Person Boost His Creativity?
  • If There Is A Time Machine, Which Part of Your Life Would You Change?
  • What Is the Role of The Society in Formulating One’s Behavior?
  • Should People Be Allowed to Break the Rules for The Greater Good?
  • Are There Any Other Living Organisms in The Universe?
  • What Are the Situations That Can Make You Feel Upset and How Are You Going to Deal with It?
  • Is Education A Necessity for All People?
  • How Do People Differ from Animals?
  • Are There Some People Who Live Without Feeling Alive?
  • What Are the Major Character Traits That Will Define Who You Are?
  • What Is the Best and The Worst Decision That You Have Made in Your Life?
  • Can A Person Be Considered Educated Even Without Going to School?
  • How Would You Describe A Perfect Life?
  • Do You Believe That There Is Democracy?
  • Do You Think That You Have A Unique Personality?
  • What Do You Consider as The Greatest Treasure in Your Life?
  • Which is More Significant to You, To Love Someone or To Be Loved by Someone?
  • Are There Any Particular Situations Wherein It Is Better to Lie Than Tell the Truth?
  • Why Is It Difficult to Have A Happy Life?
  • What Are the Things That Can Make A Person’s Life Meaningful or Senseless?
  • What Does Power Mean to You?
  • How Can Harmony Be Achieved?
  • How Would You Design an Ideal World?
  • How Would You Define Eternity?
  • Should People Live Based on The Established Laws?
  • What Is the Significance of Good and Evil?
  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Having Total Control?
  • Does Genetics Play A Significant Role in One’s Behavior?
  • Is It Possible to Justify A Murder?
  • What Can You Do If You Want to Always Think Positively?
  • What Is the Difference Between Consciousness and Sub Consciousness?
  • What Do You Think Will Be the Future of Humankind?
  • Is There A Way to Justify Tortures?
  • What Are the Reasons Why People Commit Suicide?
  • Why Are Their Evil People?
  • What Are the Effects of Video Games on One’s Behavior?
  • Should Experiments on Animals Be Allowed?

After you have chosen a topic from our list of interesting philosophy paper topics, you need to understand what you want to impart to your audience. This is not merely expressing your opinion since your main objective is to convince your audience that your argument is believable. There are chances that they will believe you to the point that they will acknowledge your stance and treat it as their own. That is why it is important to pull out your ideas from these interesting philosophy paper topics.

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