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Essays for Class 3

Here, we are providing you with the most important and frequently asked Essay for Class 3. Essays are very important for enhancing writing skills. Writing skills form a major part of communication. Sound writing skills are important to communicate your ideas to the audience with clarity.

One of the best ways to enhance your writing skills is to write! Yes, of course. The more you write, the better you get at it.

You might wonder why English essay writing is taught to kids, and it is important for them. However, essay writing in English is, in fact, more important for young kids than for anyone else. In their formative years, kids learn how to frame sentences. If they practise writing essays, it will definitely enhance their writing skills.

Here is a list of common essays for Class 3 students. You can click and have a look at the respective essay topics for Grade 3:

English essays for Class 3 are based on simple themes. The essay topics are selected on the basis of the mental ability of kids.

What’s Special about the Essays We Are Offering?

  • The essays are jotted down in 10 lines, which can be easily written as paragraphs if required.
  • The language used in the essays is quite simple and attractive.
  • Essays have been structured in a way that they cover every important aspect of the topic at hand.
  • These have been written and checked by subject-matter experts who understand the world of kids’ education.

For third-grader students, the most common essay topics for Class 3 are My School, My Family, My Best Friend, etc. Practising English essay for Class 3 will definitely let your kid’s thoughts and imagination pour onto the paper. Eventually, you will see exponential growth in the writing skills of your kid.

Writing a short paragraph for Class 3 gives kids a chance to hone their communication skills, letting them explore their own thoughts and opinions on the respective topics.

You can find lots of exciting resources on other subjects as well for your kid. All you need to do is explore our Kids Learning section and let your kid take a dive into the world where learning is fun!

essay writing in english for class 3

Good essay for children

essay writing in english for class 3

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My School Essay For Class 3

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Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on My School for Class 3

10-line essay on my school for class 3 kids, short paragraph on my school for class 3, long essay on my school in english for grade 3, what your 3rd grader will learn from my school essay.

Class 3 students get plenty of benefits from writing essays on topics like ‘My School’. It improves their thought process as they write on the given topic. They try to put their thoughts down on paper in a structured way, and they think of words to express their thoughts. This slowly widens their vocabulary. Writing essays improves kids’ observation skills, and they learn to frame simple sentences, thus improving their language skills and grammar. Essay writing also builds memory and enhances imagination. Here are some key points and examples of essays on this topic that can help your child express their thoughts and write the perfect essay.

While writing an essay on ‘My School’ for Class 3, the following tips need to be kept in mind:

  • Start by mentioning the name and location of your school.
  • Talk about the structure of the school premises.
  • Mention the activities you engage in at your school.
  • Maybe talk about your friends and teachers.
  • Remember to maintain a positive tone that’s consistent.
  • Conclude on a positive note.

Your school will be the most important place besides your home and will have such a huge impact on your life. Let’s talk about your school in ten points.

  • My school makes me happy.
  • My school is big, and it has a big playground behind the school building.
  • There is a beautiful garden with so many colourful flowers in my school.
  • Every morning, all of us gather in the auditorium for morning prayers.
  • The classrooms in my school are so beautiful, and we can see mountains through the windows.
  • The teachers in my school are very helpful. They are very polite, and they love us.
  • I have a lot of friends at school. I love them all.
  • We share our food during the tiffin breaks and have a very nice time.
  • We keep all our washrooms very clean.
  • We have an extracurricular activities class where we sing, dance, and do different things other than studying.

School plays a very important role in a child’s life. Besides studies, a school also helps a child build up personality and character. A child spends a large amount of time in their formative years at school. Here’s a short paragraph on the topic:

My school is one of the most well-known schools in town. The name of my school is ABC , located in XYZ . We have a big white school building. Every time our bus enters the school, I see colourful flowers in the long gardens on both sides. The sight makes me happy every day. We have big classrooms. We can see mountains through the windows of our classrooms. We gather in the school auditorium and have a prayer assembly every morning. Our teachers are very helpful and polite, and they take care of us. We have two short breaks and one lunch break. We have a big playground where we have a lot of fun. Our school also has a park where we have a see-saw, swings, slides, climbers, and tubes. We also have a separate games class where we only play games. I love that class. During tiffin breaks, I love sharing my tiffin with my friends. I love the fact that I get to go to school every day. 

Besides their home, it is in the school where kids spend a huge amount of their day. The school is where a child’s foundation is set up. Read this long essay to get some tips to write your own essay on the topic.

My school is one of the most famous schools in town. The name of my school is ABC , located in XYZ city . It is a big school with a big playground. When we go to school by bus, we can see our building, even though it’s quite far. Our school is painted white. Every morning, we gather inside the auditorium, offer prayers, and sing hymns.

Our school uniform is white and blue. We wear tunics while the seniors wear skirts and tops. We also wear a badge with a motto. Every day, I try to become a very good human being and follow the motto. I try to be truthful and loving, and  I am ready to serve and help the poor, the needy, and animals with all my heart.

When our school bus pulls inside the school campus, there are beautiful flowers in the school garden on both sides. The garden has marigolds, jasmine, roses, and sunflowers that look very colourful and pretty. Rohan uncle takes care of the gardens in our school. We also have big classrooms with big windows, and through the windows, we love seeing the mountains far away. On a sunny day, we can see the snow-capped mountain top.

Our teachers are very loving, polite, and caring. We have a separate class for extracurricular activities like singing, dancing, and crafts. I enjoy those classes very much. We also have a games period. We go to the playground and play different games during the games period. We also play in the park, which is made for small children like us. I also have many good friends in school with whom I play and share my pencils and erasers. I also share my tiffin with them. We have a school canteen where we get yummy dumplings, dosas, idlis, sandwiches, chips, and so much more. Once a week, my mother gives me money to go and buy food from the canteen. I share the food I buy with my friends. I love my friends and my teachers.

Your child will learn to think about different aspects of the school they study in. It will develop their observation and thought process, especially physical aspects like the colour of the school building, the ground, etc. They will also learn the important role of teachers. Besides respecting the teachers, your child will also learn to appreciate people’s work, like the gardener or the janitor. The child will learn the importance of their friends with whom they share things, along with discipline and honesty. They will also learn the value of serving others and the value of truthfulness and love.

When kids in Class 3 write essays, it plays a major role in developing their mental ability. Their observation skills improve as they think about everything they see and pen their thoughts down on paper. Their thought process improves along with their vocabulary and creative thinking. Writing such essays also often leave an impact on building kids’ characters and personalities. Therefore, kids must always be encouraged to write essays.

My Best Friend Essay for Grade 3 Kids  Essay On My Family for Class 3 Children How to Write An Essay On ‘My Parents’ for Grade 1, 2 and 3 Kids

  • Essays for Class 3
  • My School Essay

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essay writing in english for class 3

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My Favourite Subject Essay in English for Class 3 Students

Essay on my favourite subject for class 3 students.

Writing an essay on My Favorite Subject in English helps students from class 3 to express why the subject is close to them and what makes it interesting for them. Here, Vedantu has provided a Short Essay on My Favorite Subject for Class 3 Students so that it becomes easier for them to understand the importance of the subject and compose an essay on a topic of My Favorite Subject. 

All students have one favorite subject out of all the different subjects they study at school. For most of the students, English is their favorite subject. English is one of the most interesting subjects. Students from class 3 can learn new words and read so many wonderful stories with English subjects. English not only helps students from class 3 to write better but also teaches them many new lessons.

Essay writing tasks are introduced in the syllabus of junior school so as to improve the English writing skills of young kids. It also helps the kids learn to put their ideas into meaningful sentences and paragraphs. While writing an essay on ‘My Favorite Subject’, kids will be able to communicate what exactly they are interested in when it comes to academics. We at Vedantu have come up with two essays on ‘My Favorite Subject’ that are easy to understand for the kids of class 3.

My Favorite Subject: Mathematics

My favorite subject is Mathematics and Miss Olivera teaches us this subject in school. Our school has given us three books on this subject. One book is for mental math, another book is full of worksheets and the third book has all the chapters explained with example sums.

Of all the subjects, I like doing math homework the most. I like solving the sums on double-digit addition and carry over subtraction. Whenever my mother takes me to the market along with her, I try to add up all the money spent before the shopkeeper makes the bill. Sometimes I can add it faster than the shopkeeper does.  

I also like to solve the sums on Time and Calendar. My friends and I make teams and play games on time sums, at school. Another Math chapter that I find very interesting is Metric Measures. I do not like to learn all the conversions in this chapter, but I love to measure the lengths of my play tent and my teddy bear with a ruler. My father asks me to convert the length of my play tent into the other units of length that are given in my Math book. He keeps giving me a new task every day to calculate something.

My father helps me with my mathematics homework on the weekends. He always sets a timer on his mobile phone and asks me to finish all the sums within that time. He takes me out for an ice-cream treat whenever I am able to finish all the sums before the timer goes off. He keeps on telling me that I will be able to do good in Math if I practice more. 

My Favorite Subject: English

My favorite subject is English and I love to read the stories in my English book. Miss Stephen is our English teacher at school. Our school follows two textbooks for English of which one is for English Grammar and another is for English Literature. Most of the stories and poems in my English book have interesting pictures illustrating the main plot. These pictures help me to understand the stories even better. 

I get to learn many new words from each chapter in my English book. The meanings of the new words in every chapter are always given at the end of it. I find it very interesting to make sentences with every new English word that I learn. Also, our English teacher gives us five new vocabulary words to learn at home, every week. We have to write a spelling test on these vocabulary words, at the beginning of every week. I like to use these new vocabulary words when I write or speak to others in English. 

In our school, inter-house competitions are held every month and I always participate in the activity of creative writing. All the stories and poems that I get to learn in the English classes help me perform better in this inter-house activity. My mother always tells me to write simple sentences in English so that the reader can understand my message. I love creative writing tasks as I get an opportunity to explore my imaginations more and to express my thoughts into words.

English is not only a regular subject but it also has a creative side. I like to write and express myself with these writings. English being my favorite subject, I love to read books and write poems and poetries too. This helps me with exploring my skills to write and communicate by learning new words every day through various lessons from the textbook.

One of the main reasons why English is my favorite subject out of all the subjects is because our English teacher is very kind and she teaches us very well. English is a subject that I want to learn more and more about in future.

In English, I not only study grammar but also get to read many different interesting stories and poems. The lessons contained in the English subject have interesting stories and poems that help me improve my reading skills as well as writing skills. When I read these stories and poems from English, I can relate to the characters and love to learn more about them.

10 Lines on English Is My Favorite Subject

English is my favorite subject out of all the subjects that I study in school.

English also helps me express myself and write on different topics by myself.

I like studying English and learning the grammatical rules that help me write better.

Our English teacher is very kind and teaches us very well, which helps me to learn better.

My vocabulary improves as I learn each lesson of the English subject.

I love English as a subject. It gives me an opportunity to explore my writing skills and reading skills.

English is more interesting for me than all the other subjects I learn in school.

I like reading stories and poems from my English textbook. It helps me to improve my English language and also experience many different new stories.

English is a very nice language, and it is a pleasure to learn more about it.

The stories from English also teach me various lessons and morals that help me become a better person.

FAQs on My Favourite Subject Essay in English for Class 3 Students

1. How to Write an Essay on ‘My Favourite Subject’ for Class 3?

The essays for class 3 kids should contain at least three paragraphs. The first paragraph of the essay on ‘My Favorite Subject’ will be an introduction stating why the kid is fond of the subject. They may also write basic information about the books they have for the subject. In the next two paragraphs, a little detail has to be given, as to how the kid understands the subject and the things that make it more interesting for the kid. They may also write how they like the tasks they get to do on the subject and how these tasks are helpful in enhancing their knowledge.

2. What are the Important Points to be Covered in the Essay on ‘My Favorite Subject’ for Class 3?

The following points will help the kids of class 3 to frame the essay on ‘My Favorite Subject’.

Which is your favorite subject?

Who teaches you this subject?

What books do you like to read on this subject?

What new things do you like to learn on this subject?

How do you like to perform various new tasks on this subject?

How do you apply the new things you learn in this subject in your day-to-day life?

3. Where can students from class 3 get My Favorite Subject Essay in English?

Students from class 3 can get My Favorite Subject Essay in English from Vedantu. With the help of My Favorite Subject Essay in English, students from class 3 can express their views about their favorite subject. Short Essay on My Favorite Subject provided on Vedantu gives students from class 3 to express what captivates their interest towards it and write their thoughts in class and exams. For browsing an exciting collection of interesting worksheets and study materials, students from class 3 can visit Vedantu’s official website and discover more.

4. How to write an essay for My Favorite Subject Essay in English for Class 3 Students?

Writing an essay on my favorite subject English is a delightful moment for students from class 3 to convey what fascinates them about their most-liked subject. Vedantu has provided a Short Essay on My Favorite Subject to help students write an essay on My Favorite Subject in the most appropriate manner. Vedantu also contains essays of various subjects in English for students from class 3. Students can visit Vedantu’s official website to browse Essays in English for Class 3 and improve their writing skills.

5. What are the benefits of referring to My Favorite Subject Essay in English for Class 3 Students?

Referring to My Favorite Subject Essay in English for Class 3 Students helps students express their thoughts and views in simple words. With the help of Vedantu’s My Favorite Subject Essay in English for Class 3, students can learn writing tone as well as new words to write an essay for My Favorite Subject in English. It also enables students to write sentences correctly and appropriately. Vedantu’s My Favorite Subject Essay is presented in simple words so that students from class 3 can use this content while writing a short essay or in a speech in class or at any school competition.

Kids-learning • Class 3


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Mon, 10 May, 2021

7 Steps To Writing A Perfect Essay for a Class 3 student!

Linked table of contents:, introduction, steps to writing a perfect essay.

A school is a place where the focus is on a child's all-around development. Be it sports, literature, or social development, a school conducts different activities for the child, focusing on other areas of development.

Of all the areas, language development is essential, especially for children in class 3 who are just forming their language skills. At these stages, various activities that boost language development in kids and hone their skills are significant.

Essay writing has been used as a tool to enhance writing skills for ages. When students are asked to write essays on various topics, it gives them the ability to understand and comprehend the topic given to them. They then use their problem-solving skills and language skills to complete the given task.

essay writing in english for class 3

Essay writing has been encouraged in kids in their formative years to improve and enhance their vocabulary as well as help them frame sentences. All these skills are extremely essential when they move up the academic ladder and provide the right foundation to handle more complex tasks in the higher classes.

Have you been assigned an essay topic as part of your homework? Then, you are in the right place. Here, you will find some amazing tips to help you write that perfect essay that will surely get you an 'A' from your teacher. BOOK a FREE Class with our Creative Writing Expert and learn the art of writing essays in 60 days!

A perfect essay should have three parts- An introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Apart from this, proper research and good language should be given importance when writing an essay. Try to include new words in your writing. This will not only help increase your vocabulary but make a good impression on your teacher as well. You can also follow the below steps to write a perfect essay.

Think about the topic given

Outline some primary ideas for your essay

Research on the given topic

Write an introduction to the topic

Start writing the main body of your essay, keeping your outline in mind

Write a perfect conclusion

Check for spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors.

essay writing in english for class 3

How To Write An Essay On The Topic- My Best Friend

My best friend is a very easy topic to write an essay on. You can try to incorporate certain points about your best friend to make the essay realistic and interesting. Here are a few things to keep in mind while writing an essay about your best friend.

Start the essay by keeping your best friend in mind. You can either write their real name or a fictional name.

Write a few things about qualities that you like in your friend

Things or activities that you like to do together can be included as well

Try to include a few negative qualities of your friend as well, but not too many

You can conclude the essay by mentioning how you would like to be their friend for a long time.

Allow PlanetSpark to improve your child's writing skills. So, give confidence to your children to be creative, and use their imaginative minds for framing sentences. And don't forget to reward them generously.

Learn more about us, by Booking a FREE Class with our Expert!.

What are some things to include while writing an essay on 'My best friend'?

You can include things such as your best friend's name, their hobbies, and interests. To make the essay interesting, you can also include instances where you both have had arguments or disagreements. Anything that can make the article interesting and worth reading can be included.

What are the basic steps to writing an essay?

An essay should include three essential parts- The introduction, the body, and the conclusion. You can use this as a reference to build an article on any given topic.

Can I write an essay on my real best friend?

Yes, you can indeed write an essay based on your best friend. This will make the essay realistic and interesting to read.

How should I start the introduction to the essay?

The introduction to any essay should give a brief idea about the essay's contents. Though a title does the same job, an introduction will provide the tone and the direction of the essay.

How many words should an essay contain?

Typically, an essay for class 3 should have about 300-500 words, divided into three basic parts, the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

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